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First Official Anonymous Poster




This is the First Official Anonymous Poster which is Sanctioned under #OpNAMFS It is rolling in 94 countries as I type. We created a blank template and are going to do just a wee bit of tweaking. Each NAMFS Member whom ISTAR Clear Base has a file on will have their own, personal super duper Pin Up D0xing Poster soon … very, very soon.

If anyone has a special request, send it ASAP! You may contact me for a blank template, but we need to have a phone call to walk you through the legality of language and how the photos must be done.
Feel free to spread this around PROLIFICALLY!
Please tune in regularly to receive up to date wanted information on the industry’s thieves. liars and the professional Crime Observers!!!
Until Next Time
Happy Gardening

So the DOL has Begun Investigations….

Little Man shares thoughts…well sorta…

Little Man

Little Man



As I walked around the yard admiring this Spring’s wonderful sights while letting the sun warm my face, couldn’t help but to reflect on what a great weekend it had been. Home-comings have a way of doing that, and this weekend was definitely a home-coming of sorts. As the sun warmed by bones I couldn’t help but hear that all too familiar pitter-patter-thump-d-thump-thump of Little Man’s feet as if something were on fire…

Just where have you been???

Well it’s very nice to see you too Little Man..

OK…Hi…How are ya???…..Now what’s up???

Well as you know our company is in the middle of a fund raising campaign to expand the farming operation and well this weekend was my brother’s anniversary….What’s so important it’s got you freaking out???

Well you know…that guy…

Not again…

Oh so you know???

Not sure Little Man…I was more referring to your….you know…that guy…part of what you said.


Yes Little Man everytime you go about a subject like that there is something behind it that you need explained…


No, no, no Little Man, however, you do have this little quirk of premature going places.

Oh you mean like the emmmmmmmbezzzzzzzzzzzzzlllllLLLLLLLLEEEEEERRRRRRRR?!!? Hummmmmmmmmmmm??????

Ok…ok…ok but you do know what I’m talking about…So who is on the list today????

Those SEAS guys they sure fooled people…right to the last minute, HUH???

Well, Little Man, I’m not sure fooled is the correct term. I believe Fraud is the correct term. They were attempting to conduct business while they knowingly were insolvent.

So that is fraud?

Well it is common knowledge throughout the industry they had no intentions of paying anyone they got to assist them…Remember there were complaints starting back in 2012 about them…

I sat for a minute Little man thinking, which can always be dangerous…finally..

So what was with the religious thing????

Well you know sometimes you just don’t know how else to explain things…

Oh…this isn’t one of those foot in mouth things???

No Little man I meant to say what I said…Perhaps a more tactful approach would have been…You can’t be a Democrat and a Republican…You can’t sit on both side of the isle at the same time or do I need to point out you only have one ass????

Ya but you multi-task all the time…

Well I do not believe Multi Tasking is the solution to what troubles the industry, and I’m not sure I really care anymore…


You heard me…

They don’t get it do they????

Well why don’t you tell me what IT is they don’t get…you know just so we’re clear…

Yeah….Yeah…the Business thing…

You mean about me?

No the company and the industry.

Are you referring to the fact that when we got involved with the Property Preservation Industry we were already a viable business???

Yeah that the Mumbo-Jumbo. What will it take so they figure it out???

Going broke a time or two??? I’m not sure. I just know that when I see the trains starting to roll towards each other it can be…..

Loud when they meet!!!!

Yeah Little Man you got that. But the fact that it’s a perpetual cycle that….well when they get pissed at me they question character, while sacrificing their integrity…that’s the part I just don’t understand.

That does seem a little strange…why do you think that is???

Not really sure, I do know the Social Media plays into things. The fact that there is a small amount of anonymity…especially where avatar’s are involved…and then there’s the false sense of “knowing” someone because information is so readily available…but I think people the people of this industry truly do not understand the difference between an employee situation and a business situation.

Now who’s being smug???

What on earth are you talking about Little Man???

You darn tootin’ know mister…the D-O-ELLLLLLL????

Oh mean the investigation???
Yeah that and don’t be coy about it

Well here’s the thing Little Man. For years I have been preaching pay yourself. I still have people telling me they don’t do this. All the Labor for the past five six years is about to come under the microscope. With those who paid themselves having thee records…those that do not and did not…well they have absolutely NO TAX records of such…so how will they be able to provide the information????

Are you gonna say it???

Say what????

You know come on say it say it say it say it…you know ya wanna…

Say W-H-A-T Little Man???

You know…neener-neener-neener I told ya so…

No that’s what I have you for Little Man. Everyone knows I’m not responsible for your madness!!!!

But You have been saying for like how long???

About five years.

No seriously…how long???

About five maybe even six years but at least for five…

Wow…they didn’t listen then??/

They’re not listening now… Little Man…

Yeah….Perhaps they never will.

Well you do know that sometimes there is really no solace in being right. This is a sad day I believe…

Why do you say that???

Well let us see how this plays out.

You still gonna help for free???

Well Little Man… Let us just wait and see how this plays out.

So what about the people in Florida???

They are moving in the right direction…again some things you just gotta be patient and see how they play out…kinda in a small holding pattern if you will…

Oh you mean like playing poker or something???

Not really, I wasn’t bluffing when I called and RAISED 5 years ago. You ask anyone that has followed. I’ve said the same thing and never wavered from it.

Is that brass cahonies or something like that???

I think you mean conviction Little Man

Yeah OK…you’re just waiting for me to leave so no one sees you dancing all giddy around the camp fire tonight huh???

I shall neither deny nor confirm your obscene question Little Man…

Oh come on….


Well then perhaps it’s time to be off…

As Little Man started to blend back to the recesses of the canyons of my mind he paused over his shoulder…You better be careful I’ll be peeking…



Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs Couresy Led Zeplin 4th album cover, and Google images…some screen saver advertisment…cool screen saver site though.

10 Water Saving Tips

With the West Coast in a serious Drought…

Earth Day is April 22, 2015. So as a let’s be nice to our earth it is time to start thinking about ways to conserve water. Remember we have locally produced trees and plants that are acclimated to our local weather conditions. We have some excellent specimens for your zero scape gardensor if you’re looking for drought tolerant ground covers.

Earth Day is a special day to give back.  What are you doing to celebrate this amazing place we call earth?  Planting a Seed?  Planting a Tree?  This weekend we hosted another Seed Planting Party.

Today we’re talking Water.  There are so many ways to conserve and save water.

Here are our top 10 Water Saving Tips

1.  Growing in raised beds and/or installing a drip system to water your veggies garden is a great water-saving option.  Just remember to turn off your drip system after your garden is watered. Adding Coconut Coir will further increase your garden’s ability to retain moisture, actaully any sort of compost or even grass clippings can be used for this purpose.

2.  Collect water from the shower.  Not everyone is able to install a “grey water system” to collect and re-use water.  We timed it and it takes about 65-70 seconds for our shower faucet to run until it gets hot.  We use a 5 gallon bucket and collect that water and use it to flush the toilet at a later time.  That’s almost 10 gallons a day for 2 people showering.

3.  Limit the length of showers or baths. Get in Get out…pretend you have a hot date and you’re late!!!!!! We have actually had times when water was so short that we got wet turned the water off soaped up then turned the water back on to rinse….

3. Install water-saving faucets and appliances.  This can save hundreds of gallons a year. We have “low-flow” systems in our home. This allows for 0.6 GPM. That’s 6/10 of a gallon per minute versus the 2-3 gallons per minute that the older water systems. Some areas have even incorporated into the building codes..

4.  Turn Off the Water when not is Use…yes I know a common sense entry…

5. COMPOST!  Instead of using the garbage disposal, throw that old food into the compost bin.  Then, use that compost to provide nutrients to your veggie garden. This is something that folks with septic tanks already do as the waste from a garbage disposal have a tendency to clog the Leach Lines. Especially the two most productive composting items…egg shells and coffee grounds!!!

6.  Collect Rainwater using gutters and downspouts.  Collect rainwater in 55 gallon barrels or even 5 gallon buckets.  We re-use 5 gallon buckets to save hundreds of gallons of water per year. This can be done by adjust the length of your downspouts.

7.  Layer Organic Mulch around plants to helps them retain moisture.  We use dead leaves collected from the property to use as organic (and free) mulch. Again adding Coconut Coir  will further increase your garden’s ability to retain moisture, or even grass clippings, the clippings will also break down. Remember Grass is the ffirst stage of Horse Manure!!!!

8. Re-Use water from cooked or steamed vegetables to make a yummy soup OR use it to water your plants. When you cook veggies minerals and vitamins leave the veggies and rest in the water, they came out of the ground no sense in wasting them down the drain.

9. In most cases, Using a dishwasher saves water versus hand-washing.  Make sure you wash a full load to optimize water use.  If you do not have a dishwasher, turn off the faucet between washing and rinsing.  Better yet, fill the sink half-way and re-use water. Remember dish water is for cleaning so you do not have to limit the sink to just dishes!!!!

10.  Grow Food and Not Lawns.  Growing your own organic food, if done properly, saves money and water.  Grow organic and you take it one step further, avoiding harmful, cancer-causing pesticides that further damage our fragile eco-system. My father was big on removing the lawn and creating a garden the not only was extremely aesthetic and productive.

Hey I hope some of these tips help you as we start to get into bikini weather and water will become a serious premium and use will become an issue as our reservoirs start to empty… REMEMBER your watering days and water smart. If you do have a lawn water in 15-20 minute spurts. If you see water running off your lawn move the sprinkler to a new location if you water in short intervals the water saoks into the ground and does not end up down the gutter…..
OK…Thanks to Mary’s Heirloom Seeds for the idea and while I have modified this article to fit our business model and add some of the things that we do here at Aladay LLC…but the basic article is from Mary’s Heirloom Seeds…Thanks Mary!!! Should you need NON GMO seeds contact Mary today!!!
Written by: Mary and Aaron A.
PHoto from Mary’s site….

Family and Friends…Celebrating 30 Years of Marriage…

An Aveiro Clan gathering….Good time for All!!!!!

The Wedding....

The Wedding….


Sometimes we really do get caught up in the crap life deals and we forget what truly is important. After spending the day celebrating my Brother’s and his Wife’s 30th wedding anniversary with family and friends the Property Preservation Industry seems like green and yellow drivel that seeps out of your nose when you have that cold you got when your friend comes over and leaves her child’s friend’s cold with you. Well actually it is nothing but a bunch of idiots justifying why another company steals from them thinking they are conducting business. Trust fund babies wanting to boast about the millions they’ve made, or elite members of some screwed up organization that contains liars and thieves that have no honor as they steal and lie to each other and justify things as the cost of doing business. I know of no other industry that contains this type of business activity. I was already to write this scathing article about the discussion I was participating in when I just decided enough is enough. Labor in the PPI is a joke and until Labor hold the thieves and liars like Eric Miller, well I can’t say that he has stolen just supervised the thefts, but Miller has lied to the industry and even members of the Exclusive Club he supervises. Sorry but it’s all has become unworthy of my time.

Even Wilson stopped by to extend congrats...

Even Wilson stopped by to extend congrats…

No yesterday was a Family day. A day that brought us all back to another time. I remember back in 1985, it was the first part of April and when I got home that day there were about 25 messages for me. They were all asking if they could hitch a ride with me to my brother’s wedding. No I had not received an invitation to this glorious event, just everyone else we knew. My brother asked our Father to be his Best Man, not that my brother and I are not close. I just happened to be a guest of Gov’na Brown over in California. I was in the middle of my appeal and the fact of the matter was that no one knew what the outcome on the appeal was going to be, even though we all felt my grounds for my appeal were solid…physical impossibility…well the courts agreed with me and I won. However, one of those goofy things happened when I got out…Ya that girl thing and my brother was right in the middle of things so we ended up not speaking…then the phone started ringing!!!

Well I still did not get an invitation, and my brothers reply was, You’re my brother I knew you’d show up if everyone else was invited!!! The nervy little pr….. But that what’s they call brotherly love! Yes I made it to the wedding and true to the times everyone was elevated from intoxication from those Peruvian products that Pablo made so readily accessible and popular.


Prior to my shortened stay with the Gov’na I used to work with Bill Graham Presents. One of the perks of that job was I could bring my camera to work and take photographs. So upon arrival to this event I was immediately put work photographing everyone. In addition I got stuck behind the bar and instantly became the Bartended/DJ. Now there wasn’t a band or even a dance floor. My Brother never was the dancing kind of guy, but we did have a lot of good stuff to play that day. I still remember the look on his face when his new bride asked to drive his 64 ½ Mustang, a vehicle she has not driven to this day!!! I also remember the look on his face when he saw all the just married writing on his beloved Fast-Back. What’s the commercial say??? PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To commemorate this event Friends and Family converged for two day on Stagecoach Nevada until the host of this event…well let’s just say that my Brother’s Son’s yard looked like a mini Burning Man!!!! Yes, 75% of the guests are “Burners”.

One of the issues I have with our generation is the fact that for whatever reason our generation has developed this “disposable” type of society. When I was young it was nothing to see couple that had been together 30-40-even 50 years. Our Grandparents on our mother’s side of the family were together for 63 years before they passed away. However, for some reason our generation somewhere along the way became a throw away generation of convenience. Couple’s will get into a squabble and divorce and move on, forgetting all about the vows they made to each other.

And what would a party be without the wearing of the cake????

And what would a party be without the wearing of the cake????

One of the things our Father always taught us was to stand behind our word, again something that is no longer done these days…(just look at the Property Preservation Industry, everyone lies and steals from each other and it’s all good). Standing behind your word, that’s what integrity is based upon. That is what builds character; helps define you as an individual. So when I see a marriage of 30 years I have to stop a collect myself as I have had 47,896 relationships since the wedding day. (Maybe a little exaggerated…but that number sure makes me feel good!!!).

Back in 1986 my brother and his wife decided to shed Carson City and the BS that was associated in living in a political city that happened to be the Capital of Nevada and bought their home in Stagecoach, or as I say…they homesteaded Stagecoach.

And wear it Vickie did...all the way into the britches!!!!!

And wear it Vickie did…all the way into the britches!!!!!

Well over the years as most people do they have had issues. For some reason they always end up at a fishing-hole. Not sure why a fishing-hole can have the answers to some of life’s mystery’s but hey sure is a lot less painful than a shrink…cheaper too!!!

Through it all Warren and Vickie have found a way to honor their vows to each other. They have found a way to be the aberration of our disposable generation. So that said today we tip our hats to Mr. and Mrs. Warren Aveiro…Yes today is their 30th Anniversary.

Now I know what everyone is thinking…did they????

Well I posed the question to them. You see me and my brother spent time in the San Rafael area and knew about the 420 thing long before many others. So I asked the burning question….

Did you guys chose this day because you knew that one day it would be legal to smoke marijuana on your anniversary?

Well They neither confirmed nor denied this…but my brother did get the funny little smirk like dad used to get when he got one over on us kids…and this funny little smirk definitely said…Gotcha ya Big Brother!!!!

Hey Congratulations to Warren and Vickie of Stagecoach Nevada on 30 years of matrimony. Oh and what the hey…Thanks for another GREAT Party!!!!!!

Seriously folks. Next time you are thinking about throwing everything away, ( yes this is where you’ll get your issue of cliché’s for the next week) in life nothing is easy, there are no guarantees in life especially since there is no free lunch. When the reckoning comes and you realize that life is not the bowls of cherries you thought it was going to be, think about having some patience to get to the end of the line.

Today we all look forward to the next 30 years for my Brother Warren and oh I guess I can say..My sister Vickie…


Happy Anniversary Warren and Vickie…


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photograohs Aaron Aveirp




NEW Networking and Public Relations Director for Team Ironclad and FAST


FAST and Ironclad Preservation, Inc. wish to extend our sincerest appreciation to everyone that was able to attend our FAST Conference on April 10-13, 2015 at Deland, Florida. We appreciate your participation at what we know to be the beginning of grass cut season, and for many of us, the busiest part of our year.
We do apologize that the renovation and construction of the Ironclad facility was not fully complete. As often happens with ambitious projects like the construction of the training room and meeting areas, Ironclad has experienced permitting delays that prevented installation of the drop ceilings and HVAC systems. Those permit issues have been resolved, and the facility will be 100% ready for FAST October.

For those that were not able to attend, we encourage you to mark your calendar now for the next FAST on October 9 & 10, 2015. Tentative schedule is for a Meet & Greet Mixer the evening of October 9, with the presentations and discussion panels scheduled for Saturday.

Attendance for Friday night’s Meet & Greet mixer was very good, with a crowd of about 50 enjoying our buffet of finger foods and refreshments. Many new introductions were made between vendors and management, and some lively industry conversations.
On Saturday, Gene O’Neil of For What It’s Worth gave a good presentation on bidding best practices, and Kathy Tyner of Inspect LLC led a discussion regarding contractor pain points like pricing, turn times, training, and compliance requirements. The Industry Panel, made up of representatives from regional and national companies, software providers, and industry associations presented information and answered questions about compliance, fee matrices, regulation, data security, processing, and education.

The raffle drawing on Saturday is a new addition to the FAST Conference agenda, and the lucky winners got some very useful prizes, including an ArmorAll Car Care kit, Dewalt Drill and Bit kits, a Safety Harness system, a Ryobi Drill, a Stanley socket and tool set, and two digital cameras. A special FAST thanks goes out to ZVN for donating two digital cameras for the event raffle.
Congratulations to our raffle winners: Gene and Brenda O’Neil of For What It’s Worth, Anitra Eiland of K & K Enterprise, Jared Poling of PTC, Brian Michutka of Field Services of Florida, PJ McDonald and TJ McDonald of New Edge Properties, and Scott Degeberg of Team Ironclad.

We also wish to thank the event sponsors that provided support and items for our goody bags, and those that provided items for the raffle prizes that were given out Saturday afternoon. Contributions were received from MFS Supply, Countrywide HR, Granite Creek Cabinetry, and Inspect LLC. Team Ironclad was the main sponsor, hosting the event, as well as providing the t-shirts and tote bags for the conference.

We hope that each of the attendees found something to take away from the conference, whether it was a new contact leading to more work, services that would make your own operations more efficient, ideas on how to diversify your business, or information that helps you in the performance of services for your clients.

As we move forward, we ask that you make suggestions and submit your ideas about what FAST can do to benefit the boots on the ground vendors in the mortgage field servicing industry. One of the FAST goals is to improve communication between vendors and management. This organization will primarily be shaped using your input and suggestions, to make it a strong support service for both vendors and management. Please send your suggestions to fast@teamironclad.com.

If you would like to do a presentation or training, contribute prizes, or volunteer to assist with preparations for the conference, please let us know.

Again, we thank the attendees and encourage everyone to attend FAST October. Your participation and support of the FAST movement makes all the difference as we move forward with development of the association.

Florida Association of Servicing Technicians – 386-774-0800 – fast@teamironclad.com

Speaking with Ms Tyner she stated…

Kathy Tyner. Presenting at FAST 2

Kathy Tyner. Presenting at FAST 2


I am pleased to announce that I will be joining forces as Networking and Public Relations Director for Team Ironclad and FAST solutions.  I am excited to be a part of such positive organizations, and welcome your suggestions as we move forward with development of FAST programs to assist those providing services in the property preservation industry.

This a very good fit for all. Ms Tyner will most definitely be a great asset to Team Ironclad and FAST!!!!



Until Next Time

Happy Gardening


Organic Farming News….Great news for the consumers…Not so Good for Monsanto….

Organic Sales, Farm Growth Soar in 2014

This article is courtesy the Organic Farming Research Foundation. In light of the farmers Market season which is getting ready to start up in our area next month. Here is some great news from the Organic Framing/gardening sector of our farming community. I have a very funny feeling in my gut about this news…Monsanto does not like this news????

What do you think????

April 15, 2015 – The U.S. organic industry enjoyed robust growth in 2014, with the number of certified organic farms increasing by more than 5 percent over 2013, and domestic sales of all organic products soaring 11 percent to more than $39 billion.

Organic food sales accounted for $35.9 billion of that total, with organic fruits and vegetables now accounting for 12 percent of all produce sold in the U.S. And while organic exports are growing, they are dwarfed by organic imports, reflecting U.S. farmers’ inability to keep pace with demand.

The statistics were released today to coincide with this week’s Organic Policy Conference and Hill Days in Washington DC, an annual gathering of organic stakeholders sponsored by the Organic Trade Association. Speaking to a sold-out crowd at Washington’s Newseum, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that the number of certified organic farms in the U.S. increased to 19,474 last year, out of a global total of 27,814. Read the USDA press release here.

“As demand for organic products continues to soar, more and more producers are entering the organic market,” Vilsack said. “The more diverse type of operations and the more growing market sectors we have in American agriculture, the better off our country’s rural economy will be.”

U.S. organic sales statistics for 2014 were released by the OTA, a sampling of data from the organization’s comprehensive annual survey of the organic industry. Among the tidbits in the OTA release: non-food organic sales rose nearly 14 percent last year, and organic dairy sales jumped nearly 11 percent, despite persistent shortages in organic feed.

A majority of American households now make organic at least part of their retail purchases, according to the OTA, with nearly 80 percent of households in southern states and nearly 90 percent on the West Coast and in New England buying organic groceries and other products last year. Read the OTA release here.

The OTA also released highlights from a benchmark study setting the value of U.S. organic exports at $550 million in 2014, compared to nearly $1.3 billion in organic imports. While much of the import total encompasses items not commonly grown in the U.S., such as coffee and bananas, the second-largest component of organic imports is soybeans, though the U.S. is the world’s largest producer of soybeans. Read the OTA release here.

OFRF Executive Director Brise Tencer attended the Vilsack event, and applauded the good news, but pointed out that U.S. organic farmers are seeing far less growth than the organic industry overall. The U.S. still imports a significant portion of its organic food supply, a clear sign that U.S. farmers are not fully benefiting from industry trends.

Sen. Jon Tester, D-Montana also addressed the policy conference, and urged meaningful increases in organic farming research to help expand the use of organic practices.

“Our core message to lawmakers and policymakers this week is that we need to rally behind our organic farmers,” Tencer said. “Consumers around the world are demanding organic, and our farmers should be at the forefront of this global market.”

To view a list of certified organic operations in the U.S., go to http://apps.ams.usda.gov/nop/

Image courtesy GrowGainesville.wordpress.com

Maria Gaura – OFRF

In related USDA Organic Farming News…..

WASHINGTON, April 15, 2015 – The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced today that the organic industry continues to show remarkable growth domestically and globally, with 19,474 certified organic operations in the United States and a total of 27,814 certified organic operations around the world.

According to data released by the Agricultural Marketing Service’s (AMS) National Organic Program (NOP), the number of domestic certified organic operations increased by more than 5 percent over the last year. Since the count began in 2002, the number of domestic organic operations has increased by over 250 percent. The certified operations list is available at apps.ams.usda.gov/nop.

“As demand for organic products continues to soar, more and more producers are entering the organic market,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. “USDA tools and resources have created opportunities for organic farmers and more options for organic consumers. Growing demand for organic goods can be especially helpful to smaller family operations. The more diverse type of operations and the more growing market sectors we have in American agriculture, the better off our country’s rural economy will be.”

USDA is committed to connecting organic farmers and businesses with resources to ensure the continued growth of the organic industry. Along with programs to support conservation, provide access to loans and grants, fund organic research and education, and integrated pest management, USDA administers organic certification cost share programs to offset the costs of organic certification for U.S. producers and handlers nationwide.

Now, USDA is using funding from the 2014 Farm Bill to develop the Organic Integrity Database, a modernized certified organic operations database that will provide accurate information about all certified operations that is updated on a regular basis. The modernized system will allow anyone to confirm organic certification status using the online tool, support market research and supply chain connections, allow international verification of operator status to streamline import and export certificates, and establish technology connections with certifiers to provide more accurate and timely data. The initial launch is planned for September 2015.

Additional information about USDA resources and support for the organic sector is available on the USDA Organics Resource page at www.usda.gov/organic.


Get the latest Agricultural Marketing Service news at http://www.ams.usda.gov/news or follow us on Twitter @USDA_AMS. You can also read about us on the USDA blog.

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. To file a complaint of discrimination, write: USDA, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, Office of Adjudication, 1400 Independence Ave., SW, Washington, DC 20250-9410 or call (866) 632-9992 (Toll-free Customer Service), (800) 877-8339 (Local or Federal relay), (866) 377-8642 (Relay voice users).


Don’t forget our Where’s Wilson Contest for your free Bakers Dozen of our bare root Quinalt Eversweet Strawberry Plants


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FAST Commentary…

Under Miller’s watchful eye…FAST has second successful event…



I apologize for how long this has taken to publish. I have been extremely busy with a new project. Fund Raising for Aladay LLC.. That happens sometimes when you’re diversified. Currently Aladay LLC is raising funds to push our company in a new direction…I will still provide consultations for the “newbies” or the more professional term the New Entrepreneur in the Property Preservation Industry, in addition I will still write and do my best to bring light to ILLS of the PPI and advocate for Labor.

I was asked about our company’s position in regards to Property Preservation. Aladay LLC will always have preservation in our portfolio, we just chose our clients. Our choices are based upon the following factors.

#1 Are they Lender or Broker?

#2 Are we able to bill our fees?

#3 Do they pay in a reasonable amount of time?

As they say…That’s Business….

Now for the commentary in the latest FAST Event in Florida;

Information from the FAST gathering this past week down in Florida has been slow to come in.

While the gathering was successful and there were some promising and at the same disturbing conversations and presentations at the event, for the most part the event should and has to be considered a success for Labor.

Let me discuss the candid presentation the Representative from America’s Info Mart…AIM Your Way…Anthony Golden. For the most part everyone from Labor appreciated his candor. However, the subject matter is the most disturbing subject matter I’ve heard in a while.

According to Anthony fees WILL drop even more BEFORE going back up. FIVE YEARS he predicted before fees go back up. Now this is where I have a serious issue with everyone in the industry especially LABOR.

Let’s us look at the BIG picture as they say…

#1 Labor is never included in the negotiation (bidding) process the Nationals conduct when setting pricing. But yet the demands that Labor assist in honoring THEIR contract…I’m sorry but if you do not ask me if I can do something before you make an agreement….I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO OBLIGATION TO ASSIST YOU IN HONORING YOUR CONTRACTUAL AGREEMENTS….PERIOD

#2 Labor lies down and accepts this…EXTREMELY STUPID on their part. This is done as those whom do accept this crap are not true Business Oriented individuals. They are in fact folks with an Employee Mindset…or as I have come to refer to them…an Emplactor.

#3 The numbers don’t work as they do not consider Licensing, Insurances, local laws, costs for dumping, costs to dispose of hazards, costs of materials, OH AND LABOR COSTS!!!!! The bottom line is that the current pricing barely covers the initial costs of doing business, let alone labor costs.

#4 Being told how much you will be paid, given a spec list on procedures, being told if you do not know you have to participate in a company’s training, makes you an employee…PERIOD. The courts have already made this decision and it was NEVER appealed by the offenders (NAMFS Members) of the Independent Contractor rules.

#5 Labor as a collective group does not understand basic business concepts, therefore they allow this BS pricing to continue.

That is just off the top of my head this morning. This list could go well into three digit categories…The issue of pricing has become a serious issue for Labor to have to deal with. This how Aladay LLC has dealt with the pricing…WE STOPPED ACCEPTING WORK FROM ORDER MILLS.

The reality is this. Labor has to stand up and quit the scared Emplactor routine. No if’s… and’s …or butt’s…

When materials and labor costs more than the completed service pays, then you are STUPID for accepting the work. There is no nice way to say this. For the 6 years now I have been beating the drum for labor to stand up, yet all they can do is cry when they become involved with the Thieves Of The Industry, (TOTI).

Now that I have chastised Labor for their collective stupidity in the PPI, let us move on the some of the encouraging elements of this event.

In attendance forming the panel was, Eric Miller the Executive Director of NAMFS, Bob Whalen, from Property Preservation Wizard, Tyler Daniels, from PFS, Jeff from ZVN and Shin from NAPA, and as mentioned Anthony from AIM.

This is the second event that BOD members of NAMFS have been in attendance. Mr. Miller specifically has been at both events. Which begs the question? Does NAMFS membership have concerns that labor has the ability and gumption to come together and become a force to be reckoned with?

Not trying to be a jerk here but the reality is that Labor MUST come together or they will continue to be miss-classified employees.

Now I have a theory about events like this. Those representing Labor that attend are more business oriented than the scared Emplactors that do not attend. In speaking with some of the presenters this theory was confirmed as they felt the questions asked were business oriented versus the confused questions you see all the time in social media. That my friends, is very encouraging.

Encouraging, as most movements start out with something small and build momentum. For the most part this is a movement. Labor versus management; the issue that has been around for 200 years.

Let’s keep in mind that members of NAMFS, like Wells Fargo who absolutely DOES NOT want any form of regulation entering into the Mortgage Field Service sector of the Real Estate Industry, as then the scam on another front for the Too Big To Fail crowd has going on would be exposed….These are the people that have made demands on Labor in a desperate attempt to prevent REGULATION entering the industry so they can continue to beat Labor like a rag doll…think for one minute why members like Wells Fargo do not want Regulation in the Property Preservation Industry. Could it be because the industry is demanding you use their personal background checking company??? The Too Big to Fail mentality that created the mess that Labor is asked to foot the bill and clean up. This is their mess not Labor’s. Yet labor is expected to foot the bill no matter the cost.

Make no mistake about this folks…no matter how much Labor loses, those providing the work PROFIT…Period. Under those circumstances Labor MUST have a seat at the table or the industry has to return to Line Item Invoicing and allow Labor to act as a BUSINESS and bill according to their cost of doing business.

Over two years ago Brian Mingham of Pacific Preservation, in addition to a litany of other businesses covering the Mortgage Field Industry), stated in an interview that the Property Preservation Industry is a viable industry and needs to be treated as such.

That is where Labor has to educate themselves in basic business principals. In addition Labor has to understand Dood-Frank, The Prompt Payment Act, Fair Labor Wage, Prevailing wage on government contracts…HUD…We chose not to work with PK Management,(PKMG) when they were awarded the HUD Contract in this area because their Vendor Recruiter Les Sternberg…LIED TO EVERYONE IN THE COUNTRY ABOUT PRICING…however, the key element of that decision was the contract had a clause about Prevailing Wage…there is a $2500.00 threshold for government contracts and the PKMG contract stated the clause. This is important for Labor to understand…this is why 3 years ago I broke the contract down by sections for the idiots over on Facebook, and got thanked by the Mutt & Jeff team by having them report me and make false accusations about myself and the owner of our company and the group owners just sat by and allowed the illegal activity of these two to continue in the group for another 18 months.

That is how I was thanked by Labor…You see the $2500.00 clause in the PKMG contract was correct…however, the contract pricing did not allow for our company to pay Labor prevailing wage. And according to the law PKMG has to allow for that wage payment. No one but myself spoke up about that and everyone involved just laid down and licked their collective buttholes. I know three companies in the Reno area that ended up filing Bankruptcy over the PKMG contract.

So while the event in Florida is very promising, the reality is that Labor has a long way to go. As stated earlier, the fact that this is the second Labor gathering that has been under the watchful eye of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services Executive Director Eric Miller who refuses to address the corruption factor of the members bares the question.

Does management have concerns that Labor is going to come together and cause a serious issue for the thieves? The fact of the matter is this…Labor has the ability to say no to the pricing and should the pricing go down even more…IF YOU EVEN THINK OF AGREEING TO THE PRICING YOU ARE STUPID. I’m sorry but there is just not a nice way to say what needs to be said about this subject.

The next article will be on the presenters subject matter. Oh yeah…and as that will not be commentary I promise not to beat anyone too awfully bad…

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening


Written By: Aaron Aveiro
Photograph Bret Douglas

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership

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With Spring in the Air it is Definitely Cherries Jubilee Time!!!!

Whether fruit producing or ornamental…Cherry Trees are always a welcome and colorful addition to any landscaping motif…

Washington-Cherry-Blossoms-COPYRIGHT-HAVECAMERAWILLTRAVEL.COM-2-513x250  For a spring time burst of color in your yards you cannot go wrong with a cherry tree. They add a warm wonderful color that has wowed fans for hundreds of years. One of the most famous site in America are the Cherry Trees in Washington DC. Every spring, nearly 1,700 Cherry Blossom trees lining Washington DC’s Tidal Basin burst into color in a beautiful display of floral fireworks. But the peak bloom period lasts only a few days, and precisely when it happens varies each year. This site brings together information about visiting the cherry blossoms and Washington DC, peak bloom forecasts, and up-to-date photos so that you can plan your own visit or follow along from afar.

This spectacular Event sponsored by Mother Nature commemoraes the March 27, 1912, gift of Japanese Cherry Trees from Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo City to the city of Washington. Mayor Ozaki donated the trees in an effort to enhance the growing friendship between the United States and Japan and also celebrate the continued close relationship between the two nation.

Crowds are an integral part of Washington DC’s cherry blossom season. But there are ways you can avoid them and still see flowers. Todays update from Have Camera Will Travel…

Cherry Blossom Watch Update: April 10, 2015

The cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin are still looking wonderful and are in full bloom, laying the foundation of a beautiful and busy weekend.


With this in mind…here is information you can use…


Look to the genus Prunus for cherry trees (and plum and even apricot) that delight the senses year-round, from stunning blossoms in spring to dramatic leaves in fall.
Prunus x incam ‘Okame’

When you think of your favorite dazzling spring flowers, what comes to mind? Tulips? Azaleas? Lilacs? They’re gorgeous, to be sure, but if you really want a spectacular show in your garden, look to the sky instead of the earth—into the canopy of your very own ornamental cherry, plum or even apricot tree. From the genus Prunus, these fruit trees delight with amazing flower clusters, beautiful bark and intense fragrance.

You’re probably familiar with ‘Yoshino’ and ‘Kwanzan’ cherry trees and purple-leafed ‘Thundercloud’ plums, stunning standards made famous with mass plantings in cities like Washington, DC, and Tokyo. But the genus has much more to offer. If you have full sun and well-drained, reasonably fertile soil, you can choose from a wide variety of show-stopping Prunus to grow in your garden. And they don’t fizzle out come summer; they provide year-round enjoyment with interesting bark, colorful fruit and dramatic fall color.


early flowering
If you want a jump on spring, plant ‘Okame’ (Prunus x incam, Zones 6 to 8). It’s one of the earliest flowering cherries. This hybrid offers the deep pink color of its subtropical parent (Prunus campanulata) plus the hardiness, stunning yellow, orange or red fall color of Fuji cherry (Prunus incisa). It’s a great fit for small landscapes because it rarely reaches taller or wider than 25 feet at maturity. ‘First Lady’ (Zones 6 to 8, possibly 9) is similar, but it has flowers that are deeper pink and foliage that is remarkably resistant to pests and diseases.
Left: Chokecherry (Prunus virginiana). Right: Ornamental cherry (Prunus ‘First Lady’). Below: Ornamental Japanese apricot fruit.

Got summer heat? Consider Prunus campanulata, or Taiwan flowering cherry. It tolerates heat better than any other cherry, though it’s not as cold-hardy. It blooms even earlier than ‘Okame’ and can be grown in Zones 8 and 9. Its spectacular rose-carmine flowers have petals that don’t open flat like other cherries; instead, bell-shaped blossoms dangle gracefully from its branches.


Ornamental Japanese apricot (Prunus mume).


Looking for fragrance? The most spicily scented species in the genus is Japanese apricot, Prunus mume. Its flowers often start to appear in January in warm locations, and it can be in full bloom in late February or early March. The tree’s large flowers lack the long stem of flowering cherries, and they appear to huddle tightly against the branches as if to escape late-winter chills. Japanese apricots are hardy in Zones 6 to 9, and grow well in Zone 10 in parts of California. They reach 20 feet tall and wide and develop low, rounded crowns with age.

‘Peggy Clarke’, the cultivar most commonly found in nurseries, has large, deep pink, double flowers and a spicy, permeating clove scent that’s remindful of dianthus or rugosa rose. Its branches are stunning in an Asian-themed vase, and the flowers may last for a week or more if the branches are cut just as the flowers are opening.

Open flowers may shrivel if temperatures dip to 20°F or lower, but many of the flowers recover when higher temperatures return. Even if bitter cold kills open flowers, there are often enough unopened buds to create a performance later.


If pollinated, Japanese apricots will set fruit. The lovely, deliciously scented fruits appear in June or early July. While they’re beautiful and fragrant, they lack the flavor of true apricots and are slightly sweet and insipid. In Japan, they’re pickled and transformed into a daily staple, sour and salty umeboshi.



Prunus sargentii



If you live in a cold region, plant Sargent flowering cherry (P. sargentii, Zones 4 to 7). It’s an asset to the landscape throughout the year with fragrant, clear-pink flowers; reddish emerging leaves; clean, green summer foliage; shiny, reddish-brown bark; and spectacular yellow, orange or red fall color. ‘Hokkaido Normandale’, sold under the trade name Spring Wonder, is widely available. It can grow up to 25 feet tall.




 1505690Prunus mexicana

1505690Prunus mexicana

Native members of Prunus are adapted to some of the harshest climates in the country. American plum (P. americana, Zones 3 to 8) features white flowers that emerge before the leaves appear and release a strong, sweet fragrance. Its yellow-to-red fruits are smaller than commercial plums, but they’re packed with flavor. American plum is also remarkably drought-tolerant. With careful pruning to remove suckers, this species can be grown as a small tree to 20 feet, or you can allow it to grow as it wishes into a large shrub.

For an abundance of fruit, plant one of the many plums resulting from hybridization with the Asian plum, P. salicina, such as ‘Alderman’ or ‘Toka’ (often marketed under the trade name Bubblegum Plum). Closely related P. mexicana (Zones 6 through 8) grows well further south, coping well with the searing heat and drought of Texas summers. It’s truly a small tree, reaching 20 feet tall, and doesn’t sucker like P. americana.

Chokecherry (Prunus virginian, Zones 2 through 6) is another very adaptable native. It’s normally a large shrub bearing clusters of sweetly scented, tiny white flowers in May. Look for single-trunk selections to avoid suckering: ‘Schubert’, the first tree-form chokecherry, and ‘Canada Red’, a chance mutation of ‘Schubert’ but with better growth habit. Both grow to about 20 feet tall, and, because they have attractive purple summer foliage, they’re good alternatives to ‘Thundercloud’ plums. Shrubby types are more likely to produce fruit than tree types. Their shiny, astringent fruits make good jam and syrup.

Search out varieties of Prunus that will thrive in your climate, and you’ll be rewarded with many years of blossoms and beauty in your garden.

Shrub Varieties
Western sand cherry (P. pumila var. besseyi, Zones 3 to 6) is a wonderful drought-tolerant shrub with attractive foliage, beautiful and fragrant white spring flowers and attractive fruits that can be used for jams and jellies. Pawnee Buttes, another Western sand cherry, has a low, spreading growth habit, making it an excellent ground cover. Its foliage turns mahogany purple in the fall before the leaves are shed.






Until Next Time

Happy gardening.

Written and prepared By; Aaron Aveiro

Sources: National Cherry Blossom Festival/Wikipedia; Have Camera Will travel; Gardening Club.

Photos Courtesy Have Camera Will travel and Gardening Club.