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Keynote Speakers from The Farelo Group….This should be good…11 days and counting…..


The momentum is building folks. The current numbers for this event have ballooned to 50 commitments from BOTG Contractors Throughout the Southeast.

This is good on so many fronts. Many of us out here on the West Coast are watching and hoping that this is a huge success so we can plan an event out here of the same nature. While I’m not sure we have a company in a position as Team Ironclad with a facility to host we will find a suitable place to hold an event of this nature for the BOTG of the West coast.

Let’s keep the momentum going folks. This is the time to bridge the gaps and bring the industry together. I feel it is important that everyone that is planning on attending and those BOTG watching with baited breath…educated people make more money than uneducated. Let us make no mistake about this aspect of this event. This is for the education and training providers to showcase their products. People always want to bang the unions…however, look at the wages union workers make versus non union folks…why are the wages so different? Union workers are constantly being provided continuing education. They are always updating their education for their industry.

You may say what you want about education and that you can train a dog to pick u garbage and put it in the truck or train monkeys to clean the house and pay them bananas, however, you must remember the slick-willy attempt to force all BOTG Contractors by the National Association of Mortgage Field Services via their members into participating in their “Academy” placed the mandatory education issue on the table and it is here to stay.

So far so Good…Let’s KEEP IT UP!!!!!!! 11 days to go…….






Here is the schedule of events for the day.

Remember all education providers will be on hand to answer questions .




























If you have questions or wish to sign up and RSVP your organization for the FAST Conference RSVP 02 August 2014 Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Orange City…

Contact me or Team Ironclad or contact the Holiday Inn Express in Orange City Florida…


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photos courtesy Bret Douglas of Team Ironclad

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership


Buczek Berghorst Scuttlebutt…Mr. Miller to Attend the FAST Conference????

Altiscource to step to the Plate??? Mr. Miller to attend FAST????

Eric "you must have my permission to assemble" Miller, Executive Director and Master Puppetier of NAMFS

Eric Miller, Executive Director of NAMFS


There is a serious rumor circulating the Property Preservation Industry(PPI) in regards to The Buczek and Berghorst  the bankrupt and disgraced companies that did  not paying the Boots on the Ground.

Scuttlebutt has it that should the BOTG Contractors be able to provide detailed documentation and show they have not been paid by the Bankrupt Enterprises, that Atliscource, also a member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services Regime directed at the hands of Eric Miller, will reach out to BOTG’s for their documentation.

I will say this, and this is not going to be nice to the BOTG…you have an opportunity if you do not take advantage of this you are a weak, non business minded individual and you deserve to have your monies stolen from you. It is a long time overdue that the BOTB stand up and be counted. 

The foregoing statements are based on something that Foreclosurepedia reported a few days ago.

With respect to Altisource’s quiet support of Eric Miller and his Regime, Foreclosurepedia communicates to the highest levels that the pay offs to Contractors with respect to Berghorst and Buczek do not fix the underlying problems of their business-as-usual policies. Altisource, single handedly shoulders the largest responsibility in the atrocities committed to date. Had Altisource properly performed due diligence upon its Network, the atrocities committed wholesale against Contractors would have never happened. Even today, Altisource is doing business with the worst of the worst the Mortgage Field Services Industry has to offer in their continued support of NAMFS Regime Order Mills.

Read that paragraph a couple time if necessary…

Now I have to agree with Foreclosurepedia here. Even if Altiscource pays off every Contractor that the two Bankrupt  Enterprizes blatantly stole from the issues plaguing the PPI at the hands of NAMFS and the organizations membership, will in no way be resolved. 

Several of us have requests to speak with Mr. Miller. I would love to conduct an interview on his thoughts on how he feels the industry became so convoluted and why no one will step up and say something publicly. Here, I again ask for a conversation with Mr. Miller as many have done in the past. I also Call on Mr. Miller to attend the FAST convention in 12 days. As the face of the organization I, and many others feel that it is imperative that Mr. Millers presence happens at this conference.


This is a time to bring the industry together and end the dichotomy and atrophy the industry suffers at the hands of NAMFS and its membership.

Do your part today by encouraging Mr. Miller to attend in person and not send a flunky in his stead, use your twitter accounts and send a clear message to Mr. Miller.

Tweet him at NAMFS Exec Director @NAMFS or send an email tadmin@namfs.org

The current atrocities in the Mortgage Field Service Industry at the hands of the NAMFS Regime courtesy the membership has to stop.

Do you part and demand that Mr. Miller present himself at the FAST Conference August 2, 2014 in Orange City Florida.

This is the Tweet I will be sending…

@ NAMFS EX DIR> For the sake of the PPI Mr. Miller please attend the  Conference 8/2/14 in Orange City FL.

Do your part and Tweet him or send an email requesting his presence.

I would like to emphasize here that this is an olive branch and not in any way meant to oust Mr. Miller. All I would like is dialogue.. well an interview would be a serious coup de Ta…and most definitely welcome….

This is the time to take the steps necessary to fix things….


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photograph courtesy Google Images

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership.



A New Product Line at AOF??? A Vertical Farming System.

Farming is going Vertical; for many reasons…

Assembly...easy peasy...

Assembly…easy peasy…

Vertical farming is cultivating plant or animal life within a skyscraper greenhouse or on vertically inclined surfaces…

Vertical farming has become one of the biggest subjects for Agricultural and Architectural firms across the globe. As populations seem to be exploding and land and space become a premium, the only place left to go is up. There are numerous articles about this new type of construction. The ones I find with the best information are in a publication titled Architectural Record.

But what if you don’t live in one of these big Skyscrapers? What if you live in an apartment, “condo” or Townhouse and have limited space and you would like some sort of little garden on your patio or deck? Well here is a product line that you may want to seriously consider.

1.5 cubic yards of growing medium

1.5 cubic yards of growing medium

This particular growing system has been dubbed “Easy Grow System” You can see from the photographs that it relatively simple to assemble, The three tiered system took a total of 1.5 cubic yards of soil mixture for all three sections. This equates to about $5-$10 depending on the type of soil mixture you chose.

The product in the photos is courtesy Advanced Plastic Molding INC, (APM).

Currently pricing is being researched. So if you have a thought on a respectable pricing for this three tiered vertical garden please drop me a line with you input or say something in the comment section below. After all, how often do you get to participate in the development of a new product line? Hey!!! I and the folks at APM would love your input on this subject as this was serious subject matter of our discussions when Michael and Christen Bridges invited me and were tour guides of the facility in Sparks this past Thursday.

To give you an idea of how APM conducts business here is their Mission statement…

Mission Statement:
Advanced Plastics mission is to provide outstanding products and service by listening and communicating with our customers. Only by understanding our customer’s needs can we fully satisfy their requirements.

Constant communication in all aspects of production and delivery of your order. By doing this you will gain a diligent committed vendor partner. We invite you to tour our site to learn more about our company and services we provide.

Feeding the top so the bottom can eat...

Feeding the top so the bottom can eat…

I will be publishing later this week an interview with Michael and Christen where we discuss distribution and availability. You’ll definitely want to tune in for that.

I will say this about the Easy Grow System. The assembly and planting of the three tiered system took about 20 minutes, with most of the time used deciding what plants to place in the system. One of the things I really like about the system is the simplicity of the concept. Noting over the top, very basic, place you food in the top section and as you water the lower sections are feed also. This is so simple that you child of 4 or 5 can assist you in the assembly and planting.

The system can be used as an Herb Garden, something we are definitely excited about as Herbs both culinary and holistic are our specialty. However, you can also plant veggies in the sections. And Of course, Strawberries!!!! These are perfect for Strawberries should you be looking to have strawberries in your garden. Perhaps you love Strawberries and would like to have one of these system seven or eight high. If you have a section of you patio or balcony that is approximately 30”X30” you have enough room for that Strawberry Patch and if you have us fill them with Everbear Strawberries you’ll have fresh Strawberries for your deserts, breakfasts, beverages, or just as a healthy snack when you want all season. If you have this system in a area that will not freeze, such as a solarium, or sunroom you can have berries year round.

If this is something you may want to display and sell in you business contact us today and we’ll get you connected. Also, if you have questions about this product you can catch me on the radio America Matters, AM News, I usually do my spot between 7 and 7:30 am and on Thursday’s I’m in the studio so you can call in or text your questions in…

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening.

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs: Aaron Aveiro

Product donated for promotional services by Advanced Plastic Molding


Little Man and Fast….

Witnessing History…

Little Man

Little Man


This morning is one of those Savourez le moment, as the sweet aroma of the Sumatra Mandhaling swirls around and teases the senses. The sun cracks the horizon and as the morning fog starts lifting I hear the all too familiar pitter-patter of Little Man skipping down the channels he has carved out in the canyons of my mind and as the shadows clear Little Man excitedly announces…


What’s that Little Man?

The BOTG’s Dude…they’l gonna stand like you said…they gonna stand.

Well Little Man I certainly hope they do not attempt doing that thing you call a Jig…

No Serious the Lunatic in the Bunker said it. They gonna stand!!!

Ohhhhhhh You’re talking about the FAST Conference.

Yeah that thing Yeah…You know the BOTG Bret guy helping out and hosting. Looks like you finally got your wish…

Well Little Man, Let’s not go there quite yet.

Wow…I woulda thunked you’d be happier…

Well Make no mistake Little Man. This is a Property Preservation Industry first. This is History in the making we will be witnessing. However, this is just a section of the country. Not all the BOTG will be able to make it.

Well you can have more right???

Well as a matter of fact, Little Man, I believe that there is going to be another event concerning education and training in Dallas in October.

So that would cover half the country right?

Well at least the south east portion of the country…There is a lot of territory out there in the northeast, mid-west and west. But this is an excellent start for the BOTG to make a showing.

So the BOTG are going to be there?

Well Little Man this is an event for the BOTG sponsored by the BOTG. This changes the playing filed just a tinnie-wennie bit.

How’s that???

Well this is not some high priced golfing event to hobknob and rub elbows with the powers to be. This is for the BOTG’s so now whomever is there they will have to sell the BOTG, they will not be able to dictate here.

WOW…never thunked that….that is big. So Who’s gonna be there??? Is the duck people going to be there??

You Mean The QC University? Little Man…mmmmmmm. Yes I do believe so along with NAMFS, and I do believe that the folks at SIRS have been invited…

You seem delighted all this competition against that guy and the organization you like are going to be there…That’s a little weird Dude…

Well Little Man if there is one thing I earned many years ago it’s …..Without competition…you can’t be the best…you can only be the Only One…

aWWWE I get it…that bowling pin thing huh???

Well Little Man I wouldn’t go that far…But this is the perfect opportunity for the BOTG in the South-East to make a showing for themselves and the Industry. This would be the time to “stand”.

So How do you feel??? You have wanted this for a long time…

Like I said Little Man…there is a long way to go, it is kinda cool knowing you’re part of something that is history in the making. Any time Labor in an industry takes on the establishment for fair treatment and wages it is always history. Sort of nice things are moving this way and not the way the way other labor movements have in the past.

So what about the subbers and the people in that gang???

Now COME ON!!! Little Man, look there are actually some very fine people in NAMFS, and they’re not a gang…well that might be open for discussion in some circles huh??? But they’re not really a gang, Look Every Organization winds up with a bad apple now and then…this particular organization has had it’s share of issues…but they are in a position to clean it up and make amends…


Of Course, Little Man…they have the infra-structure no one else has at this time…They just gotta figure it out. Perhaps this event will help open a couple doors that should have never been closed.

Now who’s smokin’ them beers?????

No seriously. Look Little Man they have been around the industry a very long time, that places them in a position to have connections…how they use them is all together another matter. The end game is change, and that is starting to happen.

You mean like Bankruptcey’s?

No Little Man, well that is big, but everything has a purpose. Perhaps now the Lenders will see that they really can save money by going directly to their local BOTG’s…The outscourcing thing just does not work in the PPI…

Boy you can say that again…But someone gets paid…

Yes and someone gets robbed.

So you think that will stop?

Not sure but there is scuttlebutt that this element of the industry is getting a very close look-see. Every time you outsource something you create more logistical liabilities…Right now there are just too many hands between the lender and the BOTG, where there used to be one now there is five or six in many cases. That just cannot continue. You see Little Man, it’s like I’ve been saying for five years now, the outsource concept is a good business model…limited risk as you never place you resources in play. But someone eventually has to put the resources in play to and complete the services.

So what you think W-2’s????

Yes Little Man I do. I see companies like the IronClad folks and even like ours as 5 years ago with 27 employees. I think the day of Craigslist Hacks are behind us. I think you going to see lenders start looking at companies that can deliver not Order Mills type business models.

Hey quit bogarting that coffee…

OK Little man, here you go….

YA know I really thought you’d be a little happier…Hey I got a fishing appointment. You’re gonna talk about this on the radio right???

Of course Little Man Of course…

As Little Man skipped back into the channels he has carved out in the canyons of my mind recessing farther and farther until I could hear him no more.  I started thinking about what he had just said. It is nice knowing you had a part in something. This is history in the making As The Tennessee Bunker Guy has pointed out. The fact that Labor in the PPI is coming together in a manner that no one expected is exciting, knowing that the folks are coming together over something I and others have been saying is a must…that does make things a little sweater.

However, before they pats on the back start going around let us take a few minutes and be thankful for the folks that have made things possible for the BOTG’s….our Vets..they have kept our country free from draconian type tyranny and allowed people like myself and others the opportunity to bring to light the atrocities of the Property Preservation Industry. They have provided this vehicle because we are allowed to take advantage of an amendment of our Constitution that our fore-fathers felt was mandatory and therefore they made it the First Amendment of our Constitution. The rules of this country that are spelled out in our Constitution allow for redemption and corrections. And right now there is a lot of Redemption and Corrections needed in the Property Preservation Industry.

If you’re a BOTG company and you can make the pilgrimage to the Orange City Florida FAST event, you need to seriously consider placing the event in your budget right now…August 2 is already knocking at the door…


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photograph Coutesy Led Zepplin’s fourth Album.

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership.

Embrace Change or Get Left Behind…This weeks Guest Writer Austyn Korpi

Our Guest writer this week is Austyn Korpi. Austyn has had the opportunity to participate in the free sample education and training courses offered by QC University and NAARPI International.  Austyn is  at Team Ironclad in Orange City,Florida. Hired as an office assistant Austyn has advanced the ranks to become Director of Client Relations. Along the way she has had to address several issues between clients and employees. While some may wonder just how and why a company would want a “secretary” to have education and training for the PPI. My take is this. Your company is like a chain, and just like a cchain is as strong as the weakest link…so is your business. Having office personel have an indepth understanding of the services in the PPI only goes to providing your clients with the highest quality service possible.
Here is her article comparing the courses offered by both organizations;



I am sure most professionals who work in or on the fringe of the Property Preservation Industry. (PPI)  would agree that over the past few years we have seen an influx of mediocre if not downright incompetent contractors permeate “Our” industry.  The industry we have chosen to earn a living and support our families.  This trend will never change unless we the working professionals demand and implement change from within.  I personally believe that change driven from the bottom up is a good thing as the “change” is coming from those responsible for doing the yeomen’s work.
It is no secret there are those within our industry pushing for education (Certification/Education) standards designed not only to weed out the incompetence but bring respectability via a licensing or certification program.   Change is always met with resistance but if you plan to be working in this industry in the next couple of years you better adapt; “CHANGE” is here.  We need to embrace this change and we should also welcome the opportunity to be recognized as the true professionals we are. After all we are no less professional than realtors, brokers, insurance adjusters etc.  Right?

I have been afforded the opportunity to review “Parts” of courses offered by both NAARPI International and QC University.  With that said I want to make clear that both have educational value and knowledge is the key to success.  I am honored that both organizations approached me to review their course materials; a task that I did not take lightly.

I want to start off by saying NAARPI International has a lot of great courses as well as an overwhelming amount of information in the NAARPI International library which is extremely informative. Over the past couple of days I reviewed the content of the NAARPI library and parts of their course material; I actually took a couple of lesson plans one of which was  the  lesson labeled Materials Identification Windows.

After completion of this lesson plan my exact words were “My god I didn’t know there were so many different kinds of windows.” The course was broken down with a brief description/definition of each window supported by pictures for people like me who are visual learners.
Unlike other online courses I have taken / reviewed I can honestly say I was not bored at all during the lesson.  It was straight forward to the point and in your face the way I like it.   Absolutely no FLUFF!  I walked away knowing new window types that will help in my reporting and documentation process as well as the bidding process.    The Quiz at the end was very basic, like most people taking test  I was nerves because the windows was a new subject that I did not know much about.  The quiz was not designed to trick you but rather reinforce the learning process with lots of photos to go with the questions which proved very helpful for a visual learner.

After taking this straight forward course I found myself looking  at windows on homes as I drove past them; not only was I able to identify what type they were I could associate value to each which of course added higher value to the home itself.  Like many of you I look at a variety of houses throughout any given day and can honestly say that some are better than others and each style of home is generally based on the area. With that being said the homes that are in a historical district with have some of the windows discussed in this course that are not common to the newer style of homes being built.  Windows like the transom windows and the Garden windows are windows that are not common for most homes I look at. After taking this course I am able to identify the windows and create a plan to fix any damages that I may see on future homes.


I am really looking forward to taking more of the courses that NAARPI has to offer and see how I can use them in my everyday life. I am looking forward to Working with John Allen and seeing how I can help make their courses even better. This is just the start of many articles to come about the NAARPI Courses.

naarpi logo 001


Are you ready to join Austyn and  take the step to discover which education and training provider for the PPI offers the best value?

One thing to keep in mind about NAARPI International’s courses, they will transcend the Property Preservation Industry. If you’re looking to expand you current operations or just wish to find your niche and hang your shingle you should review what NAARPI has to offer.

Until Next Time Folks…

Happy Gardening…

Friday Afternoon….

Food for Thought…


So now it looks like we have a twofold “protect and collect” program going on in the Property Preservation Industry, (PPI).Yes you know the drill  “You continue to collect completed work orders for me I will protect you financially”… One has to seriously ask out-loud if this has been very carefully crafted in light of no oversight what so ever in the PPI. Is there a conspiracy in the PPI against the uneducated Boots on the Ground Contractors? (BOTG). You have to really step back for a minute and look at the “big picture” as they say. Especially, since the Spin Doctor 101 has been successfully applied to the PPI. All “rhetoric” calmed down for a bit all focused at singing Kumbaya around the campfire as twofaced backstabbing individuals with no guts to speak to people personally went on behind the scenes scamming only to get caught with their hands in the cookie jar. But I regress…

First let us look at recruiting in the PPI. I have NEVER seen an ad in the “Business Opportunities” unless you consider the lying scam artists like “Dream Street Investments” out of Las Vegas Nevada, with the promises of going from Rags to Riches. The reality of recruiting in the PPI is that the vast majority of people recruited to complete services for the unscrupulous members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, (NAMFS), is that they are/were folks looking for a job and responded to a posting in the “General Labor” sections of want ads for employment.

So pray tell, where is the conspiracy you ask? Well it is right there in front of you. If one answers an ad in the General Labor section, this person is and has an “employee mentality”. I have documented this for the past three plus years. The industry is nothing but employees that are being paid as Independent Contractors. Now I say conspiracy because I and others like Paul Williams of Foreclosurepedia have been beating a drum very loud about the Graft, Fraud, Theft, Kick-backs, improperly licensed businesses  that are members of NAMFS, and every other form of illegal activities the members of NAMFS under the direction of Eric Miller, for a long time now. Yet nothing has changed, we are starting to see some changes, but nothing in the form it should be. Why is that???

Well how about the PPI is a several TRILLION dollar industry, generating upwards of $5 Trillion* a year. That is just a little bit of serious scratch folks. HUD, CIA, MFS…all in bed??? While I’m not privy to that information I can only pontificate at the possibilities.

Now let us examine for a minute if you will….Michigan Realty Solutions…Altiscource, supplies the workloads. Altiscource offers letter of recommendation for Cheap Suit Jay to become a member, something they would and are denying they did, why they are not attacking NAMFS who published this fact I’m not really sure…you can conjure up any scenario for that you like. Now keep in mind that when this letter of recommendation that was never sent to NAMFS by Altiscource there was a serious issue of Cheap Suit Jay and non-payments to BOTG’s that were completing work and not being paid. 98 of them, 98 people on an email complaining about non-payments. Yet there was “no proof” that jay was not paying people. EXCUSE ME while I throw up in my mouth….So Cheap Suit Jay was awarded membership despite the fact that numerous complaints of unethical business and theft were being filed and submitted to NAMFS.**

We sure have a lot of “smokin’ guns” to make a case for conspiracy, but then there is the pesky “malice” thingy…gotta show malice to prove conspiracy. On that note, I’m sure there is something out there in cyber-land that can show just a little forethought to some of the shenanigans’ going on out there in the Wonderful World accordingly to Eric Millers Regime…I mean seriously now…Look how Miller set things up to pave the way for the illegal background checks by Aspen Grove. Set it up like a bowling pin folks…with a generous assist from Ben Hallman of the Huffington Post. The media personal that claims there is no documentation on any accusations from the BOTG’s…yet he refuses to reach out to the right people in the industry with the documentation. For a reporter, sure gotta wonder about his “impartiality” when covering a subject as every time the subject of wrong doing comes up he reports on sure seems like the BOTG folk are placed in an extremely bad light. Yet he made Eric Miller look like a saint when it came to the issue of background checks in the industry. Hey Ben ever thunk to ask this guy why he will not take a position against the members of his Association’s Regime that are violating the law????

IMHO…this Background check thing is supposed to be for the nationals…if you read that document nothing in there says anything about the BOTG…the companies actually completing the work in the field…Perhaps the Consumer Fraud Protection Bureau is the reason once again things are being pushed on the BOTG????? But if you read their memo it clearly spell out Asset Management Companies…Not service providers.

How many times in the past five years in the PPI have you seen something the National Order Mills created turn into an issue for the BOTG to deal with at their expense? What I have always wondered about, when everyone screams that the house was stolen from the people doing the stealing never are reported arrested…WHY?????

There is a reason the PPI has no oversight…money. There is a lot of money being generated in the PPI. Make no mistake here….

The Property Preservation Industry is part o the “Too Big To Fail” mentality the entire Mortgage Field Service Industry…after-all we would not have The PPI if there was no Mortgage Industry, and without the banks we have no Mortgage Industry, yes folks without “Too Big To Fail”…we would not be here today questioning why certain people in our society can blatantly violate Local, State and Federal Law while others spend half their lives in prison for the same thing…

But back to the conspiracy for a minute…Altiscource knew about Berghorst and Cheap Suit Jay and still continued to provide work orders for them to complete. When everyone in Nevada reported Bernadine Beafore to SafeguardPropertie for the same SGP representative stated…well as long as she accepts the work orders…That is what one of the representatives said to me…Same with 5 Brothers…

Ever get told by a desk jockey given the title “property manager” that if you want more work “Add Zip Codes”…why do you think these companies want someone to handle an entire state? Now I’m not saying that companies like SafeGuard Properties and Altiscource encourage a company to get the work done for nothing, by not paying the BOTG,  I don’t believe that they encourage fraud. However, at the same time it is not discouraged, the eyes go blind to the illegal activity. Not even by the NAMFS Board of Directors, the Executive Director, or any of the members. Just the opposite, the behavior of theft, graft and fraudulent behavior is rewarded by the continuation of work assignments to the crook.

Sorry but that points to the upper echelon of the PPI only worrying about their coffers. And the Coffers get thinner and thinner every time the industry gest a new company form former employees of another company that have committed some sort of unethical or illegal activity, such as the Brian Christy and Lee Mertins crew that placed Asset Management Services in a precarious situation having to fend off lawsuits while they run across the street and open an new company steal their former employers trade secrets etc…

WOW!!!…would that make the entire industry a Conflict of Interest???

Just a little food for thought for this Friday Afternoon…



Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Opinions Expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership

*based loosely on the numbers floating around cyber-land

**based on comments from MRS vendors in social media sites

Hump Day..Fodder…..Humor…WatchList Possibilities…

They would not listen, They did not know how….

Perhaps they’ll listen now???

Hump Day Hurrah

Don’t Worry…Be Happy…



For some time now many of those involved in the Mortgage Filed Services, the inspectors, preservation companies, the organizations providing construction services, in addition the Realty Brokers have all being saying there is something wrong with the current platform the  Mortgage Field Service, an arm of the Real Estate Industry. Many people forget that what they do, while falling into many categories of business, they actually work in the Real Estate Industry. Yes all of those performing services under the auspice of Property Preservation work in the Real Estate Industry.

This convoluted system created by the major players of the Property Preservation Industry, (PPI), and we don’t need to call them out here we all know they are members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Servicers (NAMFS). The only know association that I’m aware of that turns a blind to a company’s illegal activity as long as they pay their dues.

Now let us examine something for just a minute.

Asset Management Specialist former C-Level employees, Lee Mertins, Brian Christy & Gang have been accused of everything under the sun, well almost:

  • Ordering lower echelon employees to illegally dump hazards into storm drains
  • Verbally harassing a former rape victim
  • Creating an illegal “tier” system of grading you to receive or pay for your money or wait almost 90 days to get paid…

This, of course, is just the tip f the proverbial iceberg as they say. These are people with many years in the industry. People that ave become very adept to manipulating systems as they change by being able to predict the change before it happens. Of course that is only my humble opinion, well the time in the industry is fact which helps formulate the opinion….


Brian "Do It Or You're Fired" Christy crew making the news again

Brian “Do It Or You’re Fired” Christy’s crew making the news again


That said I really do not want to beat up on Lee or Brian, at least today. We can save that for one of these days when we need some comic relief and have nothing better to do. However, I do want to discuss the fact that this crew after some very egregious allegations that have NEVER been rebutted, refuted in any way shape of form by anyone, you really have to wonder how these folks could go start another company and secure any type of contract. Now add the fact this was the crew in place at the time the allegations of racial discrimination events took place?

I have always wondered how an industry, and let’s make no mistake here, the PPI is an industry within the Mortgage Field Service Industry. So how does an entire industry not have any regulations? Especially when said industry generates TRILLIONS of dollars a year? I’m not an economic expert but the word that Uncle Ronnie and Georgie Boy Senior made famous comes to mind…Dereg…yes deregulation comes to mind for some unapparent reason. However, let’s go down this road for a bit…

How does one that is handling BILLION dollar contracts be accused of serious crimes on every level of jurisprudence start another company handling BILLIONS of dollars in contracts, some of them government contracts, at this point in time one could make the argument that a vast majority of all mortgages might be considered “government”. How many loan agencies does our government back? Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, VA, FHA are just a few that immediately come to mind, the others are here.

Now please forgive me, but again I pose the question…

The Boots on the Ground are footing the bill for background checks on themselves why???

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Hey the proverbial light just went on…here’s a thought why don’t we just send all responses to Eric Miller the Exicutive Director of the NAMFS. I mean really know if anyone in the entire industry should have an answer for that question it would be Mr. Miller right? Perhaps I jest a little here, but hey for a minute….

All the folks accused of misdoings, if you will, they all worked for a NAMFS member. Something goes wrong they go start another company with the ponzi scheme they educated themselves with and  practiced to perfection courtesy their former place of employment. Yet a BOTG Contractor cannot discuss certain “trade secrets” like a common “key-code” for example, keep in mind what the “former employee’s” of a National Order Mill leave their employer with in the form of “trade secrets”…. Or could the argument be made…”Conflict of Interest”?

How about I put it this way…

You leaving my company with “trade secrets” you’ve learned at my company’s expense, not only is it a Conflict of Interest for me as you will somehow have to weasel into my clients pocket, IMHO…you have breached your contract and HEY!!!!! You may owe me some back fees from the contract you collected on as you boggied on down the road like Surfer Dude skipping rope on Santa Monica Pier.

But hey what do I know…

Here is some Humpday Humor for you…

I get contacted by “Amanda”: at Guardian Properties located in Las Vegas, Nevada. I returned her call and our conversation went like this;

Me: Hello Amanda, This is Aaron Aveiro with Aladay LLC, I’m following up with your voicemail. How are you today…

Amanda: I’m fine, Thank you for asking. You were asking about information for completing preservation services?

Me: Yes, can you give me some details please?

Amanda; certainly, We have 13 clients and we are looking for assistance in developing Northern Nevada. We are having difficulties finding people to cover the Northern Portion of the State.

Me; It is rather large.

Amanda: Well would be interested in assisting?

Me: Send me the numbers, if I can make them work I’ll get back to you…

Well golly gee willikers Gomer!!!! if the line didn’t go dead…mmmmm…I called back and asked to speak with Amanda, that was Monday…still waiting for the return call. No Website no return calls…Red Flags for the Watch List…

Another company recruiting with no website…ABS in Maryland I believe…I’ll reserve judgment here as they have been forthright in communications, perhaps they will do an interview????

Sometimes I’m not sure what to think. Why the bad guy always has to be the wrong guy…opps subliminal brain fart there folks…sorry…

The reality is what is going on in the PPI is all directly connected to absolutely no oversight what so ever. NONE, not any level. Now that the CFPB has become involved things on the landscaping will be changing.

I have started speaking to political candidates on this subject, we’ll see where it leads. Make no mistake about this folks the days of random licensing to do property preservation work are over. When I speak with candidates they are completely baffled how events occur that have been described. I spoke to one last week at the radio station, after a few minutes he just looked at me with his mouth hanging open not sure what to make of the back-charging issue and complete company records for all employees etc.. I’m hoping to conduct an interview with him so I will not use his name at this time.

This is the reality folks, soon there will be a test sure hope you’ve been paying attention…

MO can you say that????

So you have any update we should all know???

What are you doing to execute your thoughts on how to improve the Property Preservation Industry?

They did not listen…They’re not listening still…perhaps they never will….


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs Courtesy Google Images

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership

Prose Courtesy Don McCleans “Vincent”

HIPAA Compliance and Your Company…

Why You Should Ask Your Business Phone Service Provider about HIPAA Compliance

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The following is a White Paper that has been distrubuted by 8X8 INC. 8X8 Inc is a publicly traded company. SALES600/0314. We have received no compensation for reprinting this White Paper nor are we endorsing 8X8 at this time. However, we do feel that this is vital information to everyone this law may affect. This White Paper is authored by, Mike McAlpen. His credentials are listed below.
What is HIPAA, how does it relate to business phone systems, and why should you care? Federal regulations have changed, and your compliance burden might have increased without your knowledge. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) provides federal protections for Personal Health Information  (PHI).

As of January 2013, HIPAA covers not only the traditional “covered entities” such as medical providers and payers, but any of the entire chain of third parties that create, receive, maintain or transmit PHI, also known as “business associates.” In other words, the scope of the regulations are broader and now cover many more people and businesses than before. The law requires all of these entities to safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of this private information through a variety of means, such as encrypting patient record PHI or insurance information stored or transmitted by computers.
HIPAA compliance used to be something that mostly affected healthcare and directly related businesses. Now, any company that creates, receives, maintains or transmits PHI—which is turning out to be the majority of US companies—must comply. This includes business phone service providers, including VoIP services.
Enforcement is also being stepped up. In January 2013, the latest Omnibus Final Rulings update to HIPAA and the Health Information Technology for Economic and
Clinical Health (HITECH) Act expanded their regulatory scope and added more random audits, as well as stiffer penalties for noncompliance. The US government really does care that your phones comply. This brings us back to the question: As a user of business phone service, why should you care? After all, there has not been a great deal of discussion about HIPAA compliance and business communication systems in mainstream venues. Many of those who are now at risk from these new HIPAA regulatory requirements may not be aware that they are now considered a business associate under these new expanded HIPAA regulations.
But when it comes to phone systems, a lack of awareness about the need for compliance will not get you off the hook, as this is a law. If you are a covered                         entity or one of the thousands of new business associates, and your business communications system is not compliant with these latest HIPAA requirements, your
business may be at risk. If your business is involved in an investigation, there could be significant financial penalties and/or federal litigation for not meeting HIPAA privacy requirements.
Even less well known is the fact that these new HIPAA business associates could face regulatory problems due to the compliance violations of companies they do business with. It is now up to covered businesses to negotiate a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement with any of their third parties that create, receive, maintain or transmit PHI on their behalf. To be compliant, all organizations covered under HIPAA must have HIPAA Business Associate agreements in place with all of their partners that handle PHI on their behalf, ensuring that these partners are legally obligated to maintain compliant levels of PHI data confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Your business is responsible for reading the fine print

If you own your telephone switching equipment—like most users of on-premises PBXs—you’re responsible for making sure the service is compliant and protects any stored information. But if you subscribe to telecommunications services, then you must ensure that your
service provider is not only a HIPAA compliant business associate, but that all of your provider’s covered third parties are fully HIPAA compliant and have signed
Business Associate Agreements with the communications service provider. And communications services are decidedly not created equal. Some well-known communications solution providers are, in fact, not at all HIPAA compliant, let alone compliant with the latest HIPAA HITECH
Omnibus regulations.
This is particularly true with cloud VoIP providers. Many have admitted publicly when it comes to information covered by HIPAA, their business phone systems
“should not be used for these purposes.”

Due to the challenges involved in meeting these requirements, many providers have not even attempted it.
This means that someone at your organization needs to ask the question, “Do our phone, fax, and other communications solutions comply with the latest HIPAA

“Unfortunately, many of those who are now violating these regulatory requirements may not even be aware that they fall under these newly expanded HIPAA regulations.”
Mike McAlpen
Executive Director of Security and
Compliance at 8×8

How far will 8×8 go for your security? 

Achieving HIPAA compliance takes significant skill, knowledge, experience, resources, equipment and other financial
commitments. Many firms just do not have the resources or expertise necessary to attain compliance. For example, HIPAA mandates protectionof data. So, to ensure the security of stored data such as voicemails, faxes, and call recordings, the 8×8 service is housed in multiple redundant top tier state-ofthe- art, SSAE 16 certified data centers. Each is staffed 24/7 and equipped with high-grade security features, equipment and procedures. Multiple layers of physical security protect against unauthorized access. These layers include mantraps, biometric hand geometry readers, visual confirmation, and 24-hour video surveillance. 8×8 has gained some of
the highest possible levels of third-party compliance validations.
This investment in our customers’ protection is part of the reason why 8×8 services can be configured to be HIPAA compliant, with administrative controls and restrictions to protect stored faxes, recordings and voicemails. We also offer ourcustomers optional FIPS 140-2 (Level 2)
compliant data-in-motion and data-at-rest encryption.

Why choose a compliant cloud-based VoIP solution? 

You get two major benefits from choosing a cloud-based VoIP solution from a HIPAA HITECH Omnibus-compliant provider with HIPAA-compliant downstream business associates.
First, a “hosted” or “cloud-based” system is provided over the Internet by a service provider that maintains the solution, so you don’t have the overhead of upgrading,
managing or maintaining the system. And second, you shift significant aspects of the compliance and security burdens to the provider.
Get it in writing With steep fines—up to $1.5 million for each egregious violation—many businesspeople are left wondering how to make sure their communications provider is HIPAA/HITECH compliant.
Whether auditing your existing system or evaluating a new service, you should ask the question: Can your communications provider—of business phone service, fax
service, call center, web conferencing, etc.—offer a HIPAA Business Associate Agreement (BAA) that is compliant with the latest expanded HIPAA HITECH Omnibus

“If you use a cloud-based service, [its provider] should be your business associate.”
David Holtzman
U.S. Health and Human Services
Department’s Office for Civil Rights,
Privacy Division

The Champion For Business Communications BAAs: An important compliance feature;

Offering an updated business associate agreement means that a phone service provider is willing to stand behind its compliance and say in writing that it has the
proper privacy and security controls in place. Don’t settle for anything less, experts say. “If you use a cloud-based service, it should be your business associate,” says David Holtzman of the US Health and Human Services Department’s Office for Civil Rights, Privacy Division. “If your business is going to use a vendor that stores PHI
on your behalf, you must have a Business Associate Agreement in place. If they refuse to sign, don’t use the service.”
The rigor with which 8×8 has developed the several types of BAAs it offers is an important service feature. These agreements, based on nationally recognized
HIPAA legal expertise, cover all aspects of the downstream compliance issues involved with third-party associates.
The ability of 8×8 to stand behind these agreements—combined with extensive audit trail capabilities within the system—means that 8×8 customers get written
documentation that their business communications won’t jeopardize their own HIPAA compliance efforts.

Failure to comply is not an option 

Choosing a provider that cannot assure that its solution and back-end systems are HIPAA/HITECH compliant—and that can’t provide you with the correct version of a fully HIPAA compliant BAA—can put your business at significant risk of heavy fines from regulators. 8×8 cloud-based service doesn’t just eliminate the headaches of managing a premises-based phone system. It also addresses HIPAA HITECH Omnibus communications services compliance worries.

Peace of mind

These features offer the further benefit of ensuring the general security of your business communications, while offering you the peace of mind that the compliance
experts at 8×8 will keep their solutions updated with all the latest security capabilities and requirements. 8×8 offers the confidence of knowing that your communications are compliant. It also gives you a great answer to the question, “Are our communications HIPAA-compliant?”

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About the Author
Mike McAlpen, CISM, is the Executive Director of Privacy, Security and Compliance
at 8×8. Prior to that, he was a Senior Director of Global Information Security at Visa. He also works with the FBI and
Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Secret Service’s Cyber Crime Task Force. In addition, he is an active member
of the American Bar Association – SciTech Law – InfoSec. and Digital Evidence Committees, as well as the eDiscover and Data Governance Committees. A
frequent speaker at RSA and other Security Conferences, he serves as a senior member of the board of directors of the International Systems Security Association (ISSA), Silicon Valley, and is a certified member of the ISACA Information Systems Audit and Control Association
and a member of the International Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA). Finally, Mike is a senior member of Secureworld Silicon Valley CISO Advisory
Board and an original member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).
For more information, call 1-866-879-8647 or visit www.8×8.com.


I would like to thank

Jeff Miner
Account Executive
8×8, Inc. | 8×8.com
For all the information he has provided for this article and should you wish to use 8X8 Inc for your business needs I would highly recommend you contact Jeff . You can contact us and we will forward Jeff’s contact information over to you or you can call  408-775-8255.
For more information about 8X8 there are a couple YouTube Videos you can see here which is an overview of 8X8 and then there is the “set up” video you can watch here.
Written By: Aaron Aveiro and Mike McAlpen.
Photographs courtesy Google Imnages

BREAKING NEWS….SPECIAL REPORT…Asset Management Specialist…. Defending Racial Discrimination Lawsuits???

WARNING!!!! This is a teaser alert as I research this subject matter a little more.

Be Our Underpaid Employee

Be Our Underpaid Employee


There are reports coming out of Pennsylvania that National Association of Mortgage Field Services Regime member Asset Management Specialist (AMS) are currently fending off Racial Discrimination lawsuits.

Let me stress at this time RUMORS. I will be confirming things later today.

As many of you know I have profiled  AMS and Brian Christhy for ordering lower echelon employees to dump hazardous waste in the storm drains in California. This was reported to the EPA and at this time there has been no response from the CEPA and the Federal EPA Agency. In addition we reported on  John Wilton demanding the BOTG Contractors participate in his in field training essentially making them employees with no benefits and Lee Mertins illegal tier system that clipped monies from the BOTG so they could get paid in a timely manner.

As Many of you know many of the C-Level employees such as Lee “try my illegal tier system” Mertins have left AMS and started ASEREO with a new tier/scoring system. This id from the ASSERO website one of the “Frequently asked Questions” (FAQ).

Q:  How is my Rating determined each month?

A:  The Scorecards OR Ratings are determined each month by the vendors performance over a rolling 30 days period.  The majority of rating come from the initial service work orders, renovation work orders, and random QC on ongoing landscaping and cleaning.

In addition there is scuttlebutt that 24 Asset Management Corporation has some overflow and affiliation with ASSERO. I do have to wonder how this can be in play…


Eddie San Roman, President, is based out of the Miami location and has been in the REO industry for over 27 years. Mr. San Roman began his career as an REO broker at 18 years of age and opened his first real estate office two years later. In addition to being the President of 24 Asset Management Corp., Mr. San Roman also owns a 14 office, 400 agent real estate firm and has been a Fannie Mae Direct Broker for over 25 years.

Isn’t that a conflict of interest? How many out their have been forced to give up their real estate license to work in the Property Preservation Industry?

You’ll want to stay tuned as this story unfolds. In addition we will be looking at the licensing issue…Are these companies licensed to conduct business in your state?


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Written By Aaron Aveiro

Photograph courtesy AMS Web Site.

The Weekly Wrap…

The Property Preservation Industry at a Glimpse


Well now ain’t this a hoot…I mean all kinds of “shucky-darn” type of good ‘ol hoot-n-nanny type of entertainment!! Yes folks I’m referring to the never end unraveling saga of our beloved industry poster child for Business 101 Mismanagement…Yes folks you got the 2014 Property Preservation Industry BM Award goes to none other than the PPI Sweetheart Heather Berghorst…oh wait a minute there was a guy’s name in there somewhere…Douglas I believe…Pardon me for a moment while I snoop around…

02-09134-jrh Douglas Berghorst and Heather Berghorst 
Case type: bk Chapter: 7 Asset: No Vol: v Judge: Jeffrey R. Hughes 
Date filed: 08/16/2002 Date of last filing: 01/03/2003 Date discharged: 12/04/2002 
Date terminated: 01/03/2003

Well by golly-gee folks it sure is…Not real sure why a person owed money…someone please explain to me how one that is owed money not a creditor? Especially LARGE in some case GROTESQUELY LARGE amounts of money. If you me a million dollars and you’re filing bankruptcy…I am a creditor. Unless of course you’re A. Todd Almassian  now he says that you’re not a creditor  because there are so many invoices that add up to a million dollars they don’t count…NOW YOU ALL KNOW I DO A LITTLE TRANSLATING OF LEGAL EASE…HERE’S MY TAKE ON THAT STATEMENT…there are so many little ones that add up to a million dollars you’ll be giving me a paperwork nightmare if the judge allows you to be attached to this process, so allow me to discourage you now….That’s rich…Now Sir Almassian is a “bankruptcy” attorney..well specializes…so wonder if he knows the Answer to this question….

If the Berghorst Enterprise Company was paid for services that one of the BOTG Contractors provided the resources to place back on the market for the lender to sell, is the embezzlement, graft, stealing…I guess the question is…Is there a legal term for that?

Combine that with the fact that the year 2002 shows a well organized and extremely experienced  executive level group of people that truly understands Bankruptcy. What is unfortunate…The BOTG’s..If you haven’t made you call or a claim you need to move yesterday.

Motus Operandi   can you say that???


FAST UpDate:

SIRS has been invited to attend, Mimi Norris has not committed at this time.

However, this could turn out to be a very good thing. After-all this is supposed to be the platform for everyone to present their format to the Boots on the Ground Contractors…

There is some scuttlebutt that information may be able to be streamed live…

Be Good Little Emplactors for Klien....

Be Good Little Emplactors for Klien….



SEAS LLC and a Fatica no compete clause???? Now don’t that beat all. Just when we all thought the big COUP D’ETAT of the decade was a success here comes those pesky “employment no compete” clauses….I do believe we covered that but perhaps it’s time to break those contract videos out and start a new Youtube campaign…Should be interesting to see what the Spin Doctor will prescribe for this particular ailment…Funny how that egg on the face kinda makes things move in slow motion…oh to be a fly on the wall…

A couple of National Association of Mortgage Field Servicers are recruiting right now, South Pacific Field Services and ASONS. As I reported and Foreclospedia has been reporting for a year now. ASONS is one company that is a bright spot for NAMFS. Well IMHO you can add SPFS to that list.

When Tamie Mason, Recruiting Manager at South Pacific Field Services, at about 4:30 Pm PST this past Thursday; my phone immediately started to ring. The questions were all the same…Who is this Company and the ever nagging…Do they pay???

Well first let me say this…When you can be in business in the Property Preservation Industry for the past seven years and no one knows your name…Magnify that a little more and add NAMFS member and no one has heard of you. Gotta be doing something right folks…

Naturally I did make a call and actually and got to speak with owner Johanna Granados, while declining an interview for all the obvious reasons. Ms Granados did enter the discussion board to provide this about her company:

Johanna Granados

Owner at South Pacific Field Services

Here’s a little bit about us. Started in the field services industry 18 years ago doing occupancy check inspections. Added commercial inspections about 16 years ago and then became HUD REAC Certified in 2000. In order to better service the needs of our clients we added property preservation services about 7 years ago.

We pride ourselves on having quality and long term relationships with both our clients and our inspectors and contractors.

Canned PR statement maybe but give Ms Granados credit for stepping into the discussion thread to provide information about her company. Now I certainly hope this does not upset…however, Ms Granados did exchange a  couple emails and although she declined an interview Johanna did say that she does support education and training, and that the formats needs to be focused on the states as well as the industry…

So today I bring you another company that you should consider should they come knocking in your neighborhood…

Oh and Johanna…invitation for an interview is a standing one should you ever change your mind…

Boy not sure if Eric Miller will ever get a break. Not sure he should but damn every now and then…60k behind for sponsorship’s   for what has become dubbed the 2014 NAMFS Fraud Fest.

But then again people have been saying for some time this day would come…something about the sewing and reaping thingy not sure how that works but got a feeling someone is going to find out real quick.

Truly is sad when the “Industry Leader” can no longer raise funds for the golf tournaments and other excursions that the “Fraud Fests” of the past have become known for…

Well as a dear dear friend of mine says… c’est la vie

I see photos have made the news again, this time in respect to Safeguard Properties Nazi style memo 1427 and the creation of SQUAT??? Cut it out…well the bottom line is this crews sole purpose is to discredit a photo, and we all know what happens with discredited photos…The resolutions never seems to be good or one that everyone needs to hear. I see the McPhearson Article on fraud has been pulled…No reason given but one would have to think the McPhearsons have been exonerated for any wrong doing or the article would not have been pulled…wonder if there is a follow up story coming on that???? I reached out to the McPhearsons for a statement and at this time they have “No Comment”…

Hey don’t forget to tune in to America Matters AM News Thursdays and call in and say hello. I’m in the studio on Thursdays and field questions on the Education and other Issues in the Property Preservation Industry, and farming questions..we do have fun…Call In and say hello to Eddie Floyd and Dennis Romero, you can also tune in for my segment every other day between 7 and 7:30 AM PST…If you have a question you’d like asked or subject discussed, you can always text 775-384-4444 and they will ask me when I call in.


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening.

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs courtesy Google Images.

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership