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This week Guest Writer…Derek Weathers

Swept Under the Rug: Trade Worker Abuse…0c4cb4b

Derek Weathers is the Field Operations manager at IronHorse Property Preservation. Derek is also one of this country’s military Vets and a college student. For one of Derek’s business classes he wrote a paper with the title above…Keep this in mind when reading this article folks. Derek’s numbers are for the great state of Texas and Texas alone…Texas being the second largest state in the union and obviously having a larger population than most the numbers for other states are probably going to be smaller.

Derek Weathers is a business major currently enrolled at Hill College in Cleburne, Texas, and plans to transfer to UT Arlington once he finishes his core classes. Derek is in the Army Reserve. He is a Sergeant (E5) with 8 years total experience, 5 years active duty and 3 years reserve. He completed a 12 month tour in Central and Southern Iraq in September 2009. For the past 3 years, he has worked at Iron Horse Property Preservation in D/FW, Texas, as the operations director. He is responsible for the day to day routing of crews and the quality control and assurance program, along with many other duties.

That Said… the numbers if all fifty states were added together would and will be staggering. Do you have a story to tell??? Contact us today and we’ll assist…Here is Derek’s paper..

The state of Texas lost $1.06 billion in tax revenue in 2011 due to employee misclassification. Misclassification of trade workers is an abusive and illegal tactic used by businesses to reduce their payroll taxes and operating expenses. By classifying trade workers, or any worker, as an independent contractor, businesses escape the responsibility of having to provide medical benefits, retirement accounts, and worker’s compensation. By using this illegal tactic, businesses save millions of dollars a year in payroll taxes. The United States and Texas governments must regulate tax cheating companies more closely to stop trade worker abuse.
To understand the problem, and how to better regulate it, the definitions of “employee” and “independent contractor” must be defined. An employee is told what task to do, when to do the task, and how the task should be completed. Independent contractors execute tasks according to their own schedule, and choose how and when the task they are paid to execute is performed. An independent contractor receives Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 1099 from an employer, and is responsible for paying all income taxes. An employee receives an IRS Form W2 at the end of the calendar year. Employees receive this form because the employer withholds income taxes and pays them directly to the federal government for the employee. That is the first part of the payroll tax. The second part of the payroll tax is the funds taken directly from the employer based on a percentage of all the salaries of the employees working for the employer. The more employees an employer has on their payroll, the higher the payroll tax. Employers avoid paying payroll taxes by classifying trade workers as independent contractors instead of employees.
Although trade worker abuse may seem to concern only a small group of trade worker advocates in the United States, it should, in fact, concern everyone who cares about the health, safety, and rights of trade workers. In 2011, according to the Newspaper McClatchy, over 316,000 trade workers, or thirty-seven percent of the total number of trade workers in Texas, were misclassified as independent contractors. These numbers pose an enormous problem. A vast majority of misclassified workers do not have medical insurance, and none of them are provided workman’s compensation. This places a massive burden on the Texas government. Without these protections, payment for medical services and unemployment benefits falls on the taxpayers.
The discussion of trade worker abuse is in fact addressing the larger matter of today’s concern over minimum wage implementation. According to Nicholas Woodfield of the Baltimore Sun, without extra safeguards, wage hikes give employers a huge incentive to break the law by “misclassifying” workers in order to stay competitive (Woodfield 1). Many groups are clamoring for the minimum wage in the United States to be raised to fifteen dollars an hour. Raising the minimum wage will lead to higher payroll taxes for employers, which will encourage employers to misclassify trade workers more than they already are.
The reason trade worker abuse will continue to occur is competition and bidding in the construction industry. Yamil Berard of the Fort Worth Star -Telegram said companies that cheated on classifications have been able to take off up to twenty percent from their bid, giving them an edge over competitors who play by the rules (Berard 1). Construction companies are rewarded contracts based on bids. Labor cost account for a large percentage of an employers’ cost when calculating bids. If payroll taxes and labor cost can be kept low, then an employer can outbid his competition. In most cases, whether it is government or private contracting, the lowest bidder for a job wins the right to complete the job. The drive to win contracts is a big incentive for employers to misclassify trade workers.
Despite the fact that trade worker abuse continues to rise, many worker advocates, trade associations, and companies affected by the practice of misclassifying trade workers are working on viable solutions to the problem at hand. Trade associations and coalitions formed by companies are beginning to report companies violating IRS rules. A quote by Matt Capece from Berards’ McClatchy article “Texas Business, Labor Interest Team to Push for Reforms” explains why companies are doing this:

“Texas has a group of contractors in it that have not gone over to the dark side yet,” said Matt Capece, a lawyer with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, based in Washington. “There seem to be more people in the construction industry in Texas that want to police the industry”

(Berard 1). The trade association mentioned has endorsed a new law that fines employers two hundred dollars per identified misclassified employee. New laws are only the first step in solving the problem of regulating cheating companies.
Consequently, the best solution is a multistage operation with three objectives: identification of offenders, punishment of identified offenders, and better oversight of companies likely to misclassify trade workers. The solution will begin with a coordinated, interagency effort by the Texas Workforce Commission, United States Department of Labor, and the IRS to identify companies misclassifying trade workers. This solution can be realized by establishing a combined center of operations in Dallas. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport services most cities in Texas, which allows for easy transportation for the combined operations center. The next stage of the operation will be prosecution and punishment of the offenders that are identified. This will be accomplished with the existing resources of the IRS and federal courts. The final stage of the solution is oversight after the initial two phases. This final stage will be implemented by using the resources established in phase one. A sustained campaign against offenders and better oversight will result in the number of misclassified trade workers dropping significantly.
In light of this problem, one conclusion is inevitable: The governments of Texas and the United States must take a more active role in regulating companies that abuse trade workers. Ultimately, workers rights, and taxpayer dollars, are at stake in this situation. The abuses of trade workers by companies that misclassify them place an enormous burden on the taxpayer and government. The United States and Texas governments must regulate tax cheating companies more closely to stop trade worker abuse. Tax cheating companies must be held accountable for their illegal, immoral actions.


Tip of the hat to this young man for such an enterprising idea to bring light to the convoluted property Preservation Industry. Remember folks that the industry has become in such a state of dysfunction due to the multiple layering of work order assignments by the members of the national Association of Mortgage Field Services. The fact that Eric Miller and the Board of Directors see absolutely nothing wrong with violating laws while asking you to foot the bill for a background check should speak volumes on how you approach your business model and whom you conduct business with.

Again check you local Secretary of State’s website to see if a company is properly licensed in your state. If they are not properly licensed do not conduct business with them as you are facilitating crime against your state and depriving your local school districts and children of valuable tax revenues that would be used to improve that education systems in your communities.


Highlighted Article written by Derek Weathers

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photograph courtesy Linkedin

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership

IMPORTANT NOTE: Links in this article have been created by Aaron Aveiro and not Derek Weathers

Business 101….Evaluating Yourself

Not as easy as it sounds…so here’s…

Contact us today for your consultation.

Contact us today for your consultation.


I speak a lot against “subbing” work that isn’t necessary to sub in the Property Preservation Industry. As one whom oversees “employees” and advocates for labor at the same time I did me some shopping around…I have to admit with no “PPI Industry Standards” it suddenly dawned on me that there probably isn’t any such thing as “ Best Practices” when it comes to the PPI. Well I found that there really isn’t, however, as in many other areas of business there are “Best Business Practices”.

In today’s challenging business environment a successful company needs to be highly focused throughout the organization on maximizing profits. Employees should be empowered to do their jobs, but they must also be held accountable for the results. A management system needs to be in place to drive sales and profits! This one-page self-evaluation checklist will determine how your company compares to the industry’s “Best Business Practices” that are required for success at the highest level.

Here are a few that have helped us…


Industry “Best Business Practices” Self-Evaluation

Check only what is fully implemented at your company. Please be 100% candid….Sometimes it is hard to be honest when it comes to ourselves as it is not easy to say you’re wrong or made a mistake. But in order for you to truly understand your business the sooner you’ll be able to make the adjustments that are necessary for maximizing your potential an accomplishing your goals.

  • Every employee knows and understands the top priorities of the company and their job activities are focused accordingly.
  • Every employee understands how their role fits with the priorities of the company.
  • Employees are empowered to do their jobs and understand the need to link empowerment with accountability.
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the company are known and being acted upon accordingly.
  • All employees are accountable by specific, measurable and time framed individual objectives contributing to the success of the company.
  • Priorities, objectives and accomplishments are periodically reviewed and, as appropriate, adjustments are implemented.
  • The employee appraisal process and salary administration are linked to what makes the company succeed.
  • All employees know what salary increases are based upon.
  • Incentive compensation plans are linked to what makes the company succeed.
  • A formal annual planning process is in place involving management and staff.
  • Managers and staff embrace a management system that enhances the company culture, promotes teamwork and makes everyone more productive and effective.
  • A current and easy-to-update Strategic Business Plan is in place that inherently drives sales and profits.
  • Sales and profits are maximized in all phases of the economy taking into consideration industry “Best Business Practices”.
  • The company has happy customers, happy employees and happy owners.

If only one to seven criteria for success are checked, you need to make significant changes to maximize profits. We would be happy to help you make the changes. If eight to 11 are checked, you may need to “fine tune” your management system. If you checked 12 to 14, congratulations on a great management system that drives profitability…

As always I will stress again for those involved or if you’re considering becoming involved in the PPI section of the Real Estate Industry, if you’re going to hold business licenses, carry insurance then conduct business with those that have fee structures that support your business model.

During a recent conversation with a client she asked;

How do you get around these companies that are second or third in the line of subbing out the work orders?…

My response…We just tell them their pricing is not conducive to our business model…

I just love how quiet the 20-something’s with the cheat sheet get when I say that…The point I make here is if you are assuming all the risk, and make no mistake about it, when you accept a work order in the PPI YOU ACCEPT ALL THE RISK., why not start acting as a responsible business owner that accepts risk…and learn how to properly bill for your services…

Have a question??? Look to the right and send us a voicemail…have a great day!!


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photograph Aaron Aveiro

Business 101 is a course offered through Aladay LLC. We also have NAARPI International Courses available.

PPI WATCHLIST….This Week a true Family Affaire…

This week…Betehl Property Services and Nortsite Management….


No Matter Where You Are...We'll be Watching

No Matter Where You Are…We’ll be Watching


Well the PPI watch list has been quiet for a while but since we have and some information provided to us…only fair we share it with the industry…

Seems that Jen Bethel is back in the news with her crew of misguided hooligans. Yes that would be correct. Bethel Property Services, a property inspection company and yet another member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, (NAMFS),  has gone “undercover” and now it appears they have Deanna Sanchez of Northsite Management ( now keep in mind that Deanna has not referenced her work experience with Bethel Property Services on her professional profile) down in AZ pushing work out. Although the Business is listed in Sacramento Ca. Very interesting since neither business carries a business license in the state they are currently recruiting in.

I recently spoke with someone, (anonymity has been given at this time as there is a court case pending in regards to some of the players to be mentioned) very close to this situation. Some of the names that have been provided that everyone in the industry needs to be cognizant of as they are all working in some capacity with Jen Bethel of Bethel Property Services.

Seems that Jen is in the middle of a divorce and owes the IRS 100k in back taxes, mind you she is not paying the folks that conduct and complete the inspections.

Bethel Property Services was located in California and has several Ripoff Report complaints against them. Here are some of the players you need to be aware of should you be approached by any of them…

Rhonda Klemme,(Who may be in Wisconsin or Iowa) Steve Saxon, Shirley Sites, Tonya Klemme, Dave Klemme, Gary Lopez, Anna Knudson (not sure on the spelling of Anna’s last name.), Deanna Sanchez, and here’s a name that has surfaced several times over on Foreclosurepedia over the past year…Chris Dorpat

Now keep in mind that Bethel Property Services subs work/inspections for the following members of The NAMFS Regime, Safeguard Properties, NVMS, LPS, Altisource, 24 Hour, Corelogic, 5 Brothers, Spectrum, and had about 50 independent contractors scattered over the west coast and now they are moving into Wisconsin to start defrauding contractors there.

This week’s Property Preservation Watch List…A true Family Affaire headed up by Jen Bethel and her con-artist gang of scoundrels and miscreant cast of characters…Should anyone have contact information for these people please contact us.

Once again we have the Silence of Eric Miller and company when it comes to THEFT by the membership of NAMFS of the monies that rightfully belong to those financing the Property Preservation Industry. Your mother must be so proud!!!

Accessory after the fact…Fraud in the Inducement…Criminal NAMFS Members…Criminal Acts committed by NAMFS Members…

Why must this organization make me sound like a broken record???????

Let’s all have a GREAT Day…and let’s all be safe out there!!!

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photograph courtesy Google Images

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership

Business 101…Customer Service

Providing Great Customer Service should be woven into the fabric of your business…


I thought since many in the Property Preservation Industry rely on providing “Service” as a product I might talk about Customer Service for a bit.

Customer Service is a critical element to a successful business. Whether you sell a tangible product or your product is service how your administrative and field workers handle public interaction will go a long way towards how your potential customers approach you, or… complain about you.

It’s hardly surprising that half of small businesses fail within the first 1-5 years. It’s not easy to launch a new product, single-handedly manage everything from IT to accounting, fend off the competition, and grow a customer base — all at the same time. A great concept, capital, passionate employees, and a private chef can only get you so far. Offering awesome customer service can make the difference between a startup that flies and a startup that dies. Here are a few ways customer support can help you beat the competition and grow your business faster.

Many successful businesses with more than 6 employees usually stress unity and working together with “teamwork”. No matter how large you get with employees, everyone has to feel like an extension of management so your company’s “Customer Service” is all teamwork all the time. Every company I have worked with that was a success had scheduled company meetings where all employees participated in addition, safety issues were always addressed at the meetings. Before we leave that…just because you do not leave the building does not mean you’re immune to “safety issues”…

One should always remember that when you start speaking “Teamwork” you, the Chief Bottle Washer and Crapper Cleaner, will need to demonstrate that you not only know how to perform services in the field but be prepared to get your hands dirty when the time comes.

Currently there are so many products on the market that will handle your specific needs when it comes to technology needs, there is software somewhere for everything!! However, when it comes to Customer Service interaction is required, very similar to the fact labor is required to complete a service.

One of the biggest obstacles as has been for many years are time zones when dealing with clients. Always keep this in mind as an upstart. Sometimes there will be 22 hour days. Something you will want to analyze is what will be the best way to schedule certain Administrative Personal to handle clients in other time zones, for some reason the head ching-a-dera is always the one talking to someone at 4:30 AM while the steam of the hot coffee is slowly prying their eyes open so you can focus on the computer screen that just blistered your eyes the day before…Remember scheduling…this should be a major consideration when you start developing your Company Brand and Business Model…

 In these never ending days of rapid techninological change…boy sometimes just to talk to a person…Some of the biggest complaints I hear from clients is the “Automation” when you really do need a person to speak with. Customer Service is very “sterile” when there is no human interaction. Think about various social websites…there is no one to call everything is done via email addresses. That is not to say the websites themselves do not lead to human interaction, but the “Customer Service” you receive from one of the social media sites leaves you seriously wondering if that is how things would be handled face to face?

The second biggest thing is a wait time. When Customer Service is needed, it is usually something you want right now. Face it there will always be times when a customer has to wait. How you and your company shows autonomy will go a long way in keeping the client. If you absolutely have to keep a client or customer waiting be prepared to atone, little Humble Pie just taste’s funny, it won’t kill ya…

Regardless of how you make amends you should always remember that every customer and client is your ambassador. People have a tendency to forgive when one shows contrition and when an issue is rectified that becomes a plus as that becomes that last line in the conversation…

Well there was this one time…and when it was said and done not only did they fix this issue but they assisted by providing service over here…I give you, your Ambassador…

Personalizing your service will go a long way to establishing you in your local communities. At the same time your Customer Service becomes interwoven with your brand. You reinforce your brand with every aspect of your business. You want every customer or client feel like they are heard and feel like they are valued.

Remember that with Customer Service your goal is the end game…satisfaction, not timeliness, you “amount resolved”…Satisfied Customers, Customer Service is all about satisfaction. Learn to identify and learn from your rare failures and celebrate the successes. Customer feedback is definitely one of the biggest drivers for your product roadmap. Your product has features that are used and you need to be very methodical about how you plan upcoming changes and additions. Customer service is key to helping you see how your product is being used, what could be better, and where to invest your development time so that you’re always working on the things that will do the most to move production the direction you want.

So listen to your customers and clients, they use your products and their ears are closest to the ground for information you need to plan.

Technology allows us to connect everywhere right now and so should your Customer Service if applicable. From start to finish your clients and customers should have a great experience with your company, and that should be your focus with your Customer Service operation of your business.

No matter what medium your customers use to contact you, they want to be heard. Staying connected to your customers gives you a social media presence. This presence is vital to the health of your company. Make sure you provide the avenues for your customers to travel to your company. Whether contact is via FaceBook or the Phone, your customers want to be heard. It’s very effective to shout out to other companies that you like and that have similar missions. When you align with the brands you want to be associated with, you can reach more people together. And, don’t forget how valuable this medium is for having a casual conversation with your customers, more like a friend. We regularly share photos and information about our employees at work – that helps you build a connected stream of emotion with customers and makes them feel like they are part of your team.

The most important thing is to keep your content fresh. You want to give your followers new content regularly; otherwise they will start to look away. A good tip is to keep a collection of great images so you always have something ready. The other thing that a lot of companies could do better is to respond more quickly. No matter what medium customers are contacting you on, they want to be heard. They may not be calling you on the phone but if they are trying to get service, you need to respond right away.

In this day of technology driven business providing great Customer Service can sometimes be overlooked as part of the process you set up with said technology. Never forget your customers are people…something I stress with our employees.

How would you want your Grandmother treated as a customer? Your Mother. How would you want them treated? When you answer that you’ll have GREAT Customer Service…

Something to consider as you look at shifting Business Models or even if you’re starting up and getting ready to hang your shingle, Customer Service is something you want to address in the beginning and develop sound policies for your company. As always we’re here to help.

Questions?? You may send us an email or leave us a voice mail using the Speak Pipe feature in the Right side bar…


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening.

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photograph Courtesy Google Images



naarpi logo 001





Property Preservation and Field Inspection (FREE NES CONFERENCE for Those wanting to break into this Exciting Career) Bring two copies of your resume.

Networking, Education & Sharing
This free event is open to all, however seating is VERY limited and you must RSVP to info @ narrpiinternational. org ; if seating is still available you will receive a confirmation email. For access to the event you must print and bring with you a copy of the confirmation email; no one will be admitted without the confirmation email. NO EXCEPTION.

Why Should You Attend?
 To learn what others are doing in the Industry to not only survive but GROW.
 Explore opportunities for diversification that will allow you to take your business to the next level.
 To learn from industry leaders.
 To connect with friends and colleagues to share ideas and to discover solutions to the many challenges we face in our industry today.
 To explore new marketing trends.
**Again Seating is limited an every year we have to turn someone away at the door so RSVP for your confirmation email.
NAARPI International is holding it’s Annual NES conference October 16th and 17th in Dallas, Tx. Event will be held in NAARPI Int. Headquarters in Dallas TX. This is a unique time for Texas BOTG to get together and share ideas and knowledge about the industry we love.

Sponsors for this event will be BRINKO Multi- Services and Total Home Service.
Make this conference a success by being represented. Register Early as seating in the training room is limited.

October 16th is a FREE Conference and Training Event:
9:00 to 10:00 Meet & Greet, take time to get to know each other.
10:00 to 10:05 Opening Pray (Bret Douglas)
10:05 to 11:00 John Allen (Consultant Owner of THS, Texas) — Client and Service Diversification
11:00 to 12:00 – Bret Douglas (Owner of Team Ironclad, Florida) — His Business Model and Surviving in the industry today.
12:00 to 13:00 Complementary Lunch.
13:00 to 14:00 Aaron Aveiro Member NAARPI International Education Committee & owner of Aladay LLC Nevada — Need for Standards and Education
14:00 to 14:15 Break
14:15 to 15:00 Dr. Marie Beauvoir Owner Brinko Multi-Services Moving from Trashing Out Foreclosures to Maid Services and Inspections.
15:00 to 16:00 John Allen — Marketing Your Company
16:00 to 16:00 Closing Group Discussion (Sharing Ideas)
To register for the Conference on the 16th send an email to info @ naarpiinternational. org/
Seating is VERY limited and you must RSVP to info @ narrpiinternational. org ; if seating is still available you will receive a confirmation email. For access to the event you must print and bring with you a copy of the confirmation email; no one will be admitted without the confirmation email. NO EXCEPTION.
When: October 17th 2014
Time: 09:00 until 16:30
Where: 9995 Monroe Drive Suite 101
Dallas, TX. 75220

October 17th 2014 CFI Certification Course (LIMITED SEATING)
Cost of certification is $325.00 // Use the following to receive a 15% discount and save $48.00+
To registered for the CFI course go to www visit the store and purchase the CFI course using the coupon above. If seating is still available you will receive a confirmation email of your purchase, if the class is book up your order will fail to process. All attending the class will receive a confirmation email and phone call.
The purpose of this course is to provide education in the form of information for performing an inspection of the exterior and Interior of residential and commercial properties. Course covers components and materials that are found on the exterior and that NAARPI International Certified Inspectors will encounter when performing residential inspection, including siding, windows and doors, flashing, grading, garage, and on the interior including walls, ceilings, floors, cabinets, doors, windows, stairs, handrails, plumbing and electrical. This course covers the NAARPI International inspection process.

When: October 17th 2014
Time: 09:00 until 16:30
Where: 9995 Monroe Drive Suite 101
Dallas, TX. 75220

Breaking News…..Retraction….If you wish to be a reliable source…

Provide reliable information…


On September 17, 2014 we reported a story as Breaking News in the Property Preservation Industry. We published an article in regards to JJ Batts walkinfg away from National Field Network LLC. This rumor has proven to be untrue.

We have been informed that Mr. Batts is still in the employ of National Filed Network LLC.

Humble apologies to NFN and Mr. Batts for the confusion…

Written By: Aaron Aveiro


I Can’t Pay You Because….Homestar’s Pay for Play Program Falls Apart

How about cuz you’re broke…




I marvel at Irony…Once again we have Irony being provided by the members of the national Association of Mortgage Field Services providing a triple dose of stupidity..

Below is a copy …Verbatimof an email that Homestar has been sending to Contractors when they inquire about their monies….Many of you will remember we reported on Homestar’s “Pay to Play” program. An Illegal program set up so Homestar could raise capital to pay debts…specifically the vendors they were not paying. You have to wonder if they didn’t consult the AMS crew about how to bilk the contractors…

Dear Vendor:

We are continuing to make progress in our efforts to collect $6,800,000 of receivables and have started to receive

partial payments. These payments are in turn used to pay you, our vendors. We cannot pay everyone at once and ask for your continued patience.

Your understanding in this matter is greatly appreciated. We apologize for the inconvenience.

HomeStar Property Solutions

Allow me to play Devil’s Advocate for a minute:


Am I to understand you cannot fulfill your contractual fiduciary obligations because you have not been paid 6.8 million dollars?


That is correct your honor.


So you entered into a multi-million dollar agreement with individuals relying on paying them when you get paid?


That is correct your Honor.


Am I also to understand you’re using the internet to conduct this type of business?


That is correct your Honor.


Am I also to understand you have not commenced any legal action against the debt of 6.8 million dollars?


That is correct your honor.




Well the company is a fellow member of NAMFS and we don’t  sue each other.

Judge: Yet you operate an insolvent company relying on someone else to pay you so you can pay those financing the work?


That is correct your Honor.

Member of the audience.

Excuse me your Honor. If I may ask the courts indulgence for a moment.


And you would be?

Mr. Lawyer of Lawyers R Us representing NAMFS may we request a short recess and approach?


By all means Please DO…

Judge after Side Bar:

This court stands in recess.

20 minutes later…

Court will come to order.

In the case of Homestar and Bla-Blah a settlement has been reached under seal and will not be published.  Furthermore, All Parties are to refrain from commenting on said agreement or be found in Contempt of Court.

Court is Adjourned….

That is my take on things…course I have a pretty good imagination…I also have a pretty decent understanding when something is quasi illegal. Ladies and Gentlemen…That is a pyramid scheme. Remember those folks??? Yes you do…get me two people to give me a dollar. I’ll give you 50 cents for everyone you get to give me a dollar and we have them do the same thing so they can keep giving me a dollar and…..Ladies and gentlemen when someone tells you to wait until they get paid then they are not solvent. Let us be real for a minute…Safeguard to NFN…NFN to Homestar…to you???? or was it Buczek???? It’s a little difficult to keep up with the Three Card Monte that is going on in the PPI.

But hey, according to Jeffry up in New Hampshire where $4O wints are the in vogue service in his neck of the woods. Of course, Jeffry is thrifty and recycles to assist and offset the cost of conducting business.  Jeffry finds batteries and cashes or barters would be a better word as he “exchanges” them for a store credit to get “free” antifreeze for these $40 dollar wints he brags about. Now that’s using your head Jeffry…I sure wish I’d have thought of “salvaging” a job site to offset my overhead because my operating costs are higher than I am charging for our services…mmmmmmmmmmmmm Yeah That’s the ticket EHEHEHEHEHEHEH…I’m gonna have to call myself Snidley and grow me one of them Handle Bar Mustaches just to twirl while I’m counting all the profits!!!!!

Now I really don’t mean to pick on Jeffry here, I do not know Jeffry. However Jeffry, as many in the Property Preservation Industry, they are not diversified and rely strictly on the PPI for income. Thus Jerry can be manipulated by those with the purse strings…

What Jeffry has done by accepting the fee of $40 then considering everything he has done to get the anti-freeze for “free” devaluates Jerry as a person as there is nothing accounting for his time…oh yeah or the gas, or maybe the $5 for the battery he is told he will be paid in 30 days versus the $12 that is an industry standard for billing purposes…Jeffry has not only told his “client puppeteers”  he will work for less the three bucks an hour he announces it all over social media and brags…again someone that doesn’t understand bad business and how their poor business decisions and actions affect an entire industry.

Ladies and Gentlemen..just because you have a business license and do not punch a time clock does not necessarily mean you’re not an EMPLOYEE…I take that back…it makes you an Emplactor…Jeffery justifying performing a service for less than the costs of completing the service not only is unconscionable but it shows just how desperately the industry needs a specific license to be a Property Preservation Specialist in addition to needing Accredited Education and Training.

Folks if Homestar has sent this email to you…I’m pretty sure that the 37 people that have forwarded this to me are not the only ones being stiffed because some secret hand-shake crap at a NAMFS Fraud Fest convention. Eric Miller, you sir, could very well be  bordering on criminal conspiracy by virtue of silence on the subject matter of Fraud in the Inducement, not to mention the RICO violations that members commit by not being properly licensed where they are conducting business…

I’m just not really understanding why everyone is so excited about working 60-70 hour weeks with no benefits and they’re barely surviving…that is a direct indication of the condition of our Job Market and the state of our economy…I’m sorry folks but not filing a complaint…bet if you were punching a time clock and didn’t get a check at the end of the week you’d do something about getting your money…people have been offering to assist for the past two years…you really need to start taking advantage of peoples generosity…

Do you have a story??? Contact us today we’ll help you tell it…

Need help with the CFPB complaint??? Contact us we can help.


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photograph courtesy Google Images

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership

Business 101…Structure and Starting a Successful Business….

If you are setting up a new enterprise there are a number of factors to consider and choices to make. One of the most important decisions is the structure of the business.

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Choosing the right business structure depends on many things such as:

  • The kind of business you are planning to set up.
  • The number of people you will have working with you.
  • Whether you would be working with a partner or as a sole businessman.

However, choosing a structure doesn’t bind a business to carry on with the same structure throughout its existence. As the business grows or expands, the business owner can change the structure as needed. Depending on the type of structure, this can be easy or very difficult.

Here are the 4 types of business structures you can choose, as well as the pros and cons of each type.

Sole Proprietor

A Sole Proprietor is one of the most simple and inexpensive forms of business structures, where the business owner works independently. In this kind of business structure, traders can work under their own name or choose a suitable name for their business.


This business structure is a partnership between two or more people to run the business together as partners.


This type of business structure is a legal entity with shareholders investing and holding partial ownership, while the company is run by directors.


This business structure is set up for the benefit of others. Often family businesses go for this structure so other family members are made beneficiaries without any direct involvement with the business.

A business owner needs to be very careful when choosing a business structure as each business structures may affect the business in different ways. Such as:

  • The tax you’re entitled to pay.
  • Protection of your assets.
  • Business costs.
  • Your value in the market.

Pros and Cons of a Sole Proprietor Business Structure


  • Easy and inexpensive to set up.
  • Minimal legal paperwork and reporting.
  • Easy to change the business structure at a later stage.
  • Complete control over the business and earns income and profit.
  • A Sole Proprietor pays income tax at personal tax rates.
  • The income earned by the business is treated as Sole Trader’s own money.


  • Business assets and personal assets are both at risk if the business fails.
  • No support and the business may fail easily if you are unable to perform alone.
  • Fewer options for financing.

Pros and Cons of Partnership Business Structure


  • Partners work together and share profit and loss as a team.
  • Simple setup, paperwork, and reporting.
  • Partners pay individual taxes based on their own partnership earning and profit.
  • Multiple partners can raise capital.
  • More collaboration and support for business.
  • Easy to cease or depart from the business if needed.
  • Partners are not treated as employees and are entitled to their share of profit.


  • Each partner is equally responsible for any loss incurred by a partner or employee.
  • Potential disconnects in terms of profit, power, control and business plan.
  • Each partner is liable for business debts and loans.

Pros and Cons of Company Business Structure


  • Generally positive acceptance in the market.
  • Owners and shareholders are not directly responsible or liable for any loss, the company is.
  • Better chance of raising funds in case of financial requisite.
  • Ownership can be transferred effortlessly.
  • Profits can be reinvested in the company.


  • Takes significant amount of time and capital to set up.
  • Shareholders can’t be held responsible for any loss of the company.
  • High-maintenance record keeping, paperwork, and legal formalities.
  • Increased risk of legal issues.

Pros and Cons of Trust Business Structure


  • Easier to distribute income.
  • Acts more privately than a company structure.
  • Assets are protected and secure.


  • Set up and maintentance is expensive and time consuming.
  • Many legal liabilities to consider.
  • Difficult to make changes to the company once it’s set up.
  • Tax implications for reinvesting profits into the company.

Consider the pros and cons of all the types of business structures before you make a final decision. It is also advised to consult an expert to get more information on which structure would best suit your business needs.

The following is from my Business Law Book from about 20 some-odd years ago. However, the structures have not changed even though many of the rules have….Should we be able to assist with your business plans needs please contact us today…
We can also assist if you need a Registered Agent for you Business Licensing needs in Nevada.
Written/copied from Business Law 101 and Aaron Aveiro
Photograph: Aaron Aveiro

BREAKING NEWS….Reports of False Imprisonment by Altisource Employee

 Altisource Employee holds two Florida companies employees with intimdation and violenc acts…




So now that Asset Management Specialists (AMS) find themselves out of the spotlight with their infield training that makes people their employees with no benefits and hazardous waste disposal issues. Apparently Altisource wants to be the new despicable disgrace company in the Property Preservation industry and has pushed AMS out of the way with not only infield training, something that only employees participation is mandatory, in addition to being forced against their will the employees of Ironclad were also provided with a heavy dose of verbal abuse and apparently intimidation tactics are in vogue with Shane Hilde.

Altisource employee Shane "Mr. Bully pants" Hilde

Altisource employee Shane “Mr. Bully pants” Hilde


Meet Shane Hilde, Mr. Bully Pants,   a field inspector for Altisource.  Must I mention that once again Ocwen the parent company of  Altisource  both  members of National Association Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS)…you knew that already huh???…

What is so atrocious here is the fact that this character is in America and has not been fired. Does Altisource’s parent company Ocwen  a financial corporation, have that much juice in places we know nothing about that any employee under the umbrella has immunity to anything they do? When I heard of this event down in Florida and put some feelers out…What I’m hearing described ladies and gentlemen is …False Imprisonment…a Felony crime related to kidnapping.

Let us examine the story that Paul Williams broke on Foreclosurepedia.  Altisource is the asset management company for Ocwen…Now I’m not sure what paradigm this company feels they operate in but Mr Bully Pants, Shane Hilde would have been fired and charged with a crime.

Now here we have Mr. Bully Pants, Shane Hilde, a Growling Looming Authoritative Figure barking orders to employees that are used to following directions. Said employees have nerve to question motives and they are belittled and threatened with a contract cancelation. Said employees terrified they would be a disappointment to their boss, stay under threat and belief Mr. Bully Pants has enough power to cancel the contract of the employees employer.

When Employees have had finally taken as much verbal abuse they could possibly stand they say, enough and they call office personal and to inquire within the hierarchy of the company and once again Mr. Bully pants belittles everyone with condescending language and again with threat of termination…Please notice the word termination…that is what a company does with their EMPLOYEES, not an Independent Contractor. You have to ask if this violent scoundrel and Altisource have some sort of diplomatic immunity?????

At the very least Shane Hilde overstepped his authority with the demands on the employees, combined with the threats to be released form employment and ordered not to leave as there would be negative repercussions adverse to the company, this highly indicates an employer/employee relationship…

However, an employer cannot make threats to hold one against their will and…well the fact is any employer worth their salt would let the situation go and address things another day and time rather than allow this to escalate.

But NO-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-O-_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o_o__OO-O-O-O-O-O

Not Mr. Bully Pants. No sirrie Bob, Mr. Bully Pants has to go even further with the next company’s employees. The employees of Four Brother Property Management, (we currently have a call in to speak with someone from Four Brothers about the incident.), Mr Bully Pants addresses the next unsuspecting employees with unprovoked violence…That’s UNPROVOKED violence!!! I’m sorry isn’t there laws in regards to someone grabbing your clipboard and hitting you with it???Not a lawyer here but that does sound like some sort of assault now doesn’t it???

This is acceptable behavior to the administrative personal at Altisourse? In what rhealm???

What say Yee????????????????

This Ladies and Gentlemen is why Labor MUST come together. Labor must come together not only to stop behavior from National Asset Management Companies that allow Mr. Bully Pants from Altisource who had absolutely no authority to make the demands on these companies. The companies are Florida based and receiving the Altisource work from Indiana???? What is wrong with that picture folks???

Mind you folks that the person supplying the work from Indiana is under fire for illegally disposing of wazardous waste…something else that Asset Management Services another member of NAMFS did…the difference here is that Altisource was defrauded…then again they are sending work to Indiana that has to be completed in Florida…OH BTW… did I mention the office sending the work to Indiana to be sent to Florida to be completed is in Florida???

I spoke with Bret Douglas founder of Ironclad Preservation. Ironclad Preservation is one of the victims of the False Imprisonment of employees in regards to the incident.

Recently an Altisource  employee held you and other Ironclad employees hostage with the threat ofcanceling your company’s contract…Did he mention what his reasoning for this was….

My crews were told that if they left the property then he would be pulling two books of our business. Everything was a bid on this property and no work should have been performed we were issued a work order and tried to complete but it was not up to his standards. My tech was called the day the work was completed wrong and told that he was to pull off that the property had been bid out and that there was no since and damaging equipment. The poor quality that was supposedly shown was not because of Ironclad’s performance but it was of a property that was in poor condition.

So Shane Hilde the Alticsource employee, basically be-littled everyone and ordered the employees of Ironclad to work for free??? and this was done without an Ironclad administrative personal present?

He walked my guys around the property commenting on who of them needed a job because work like this is how you lose your job. How he knew our financials and that we needed those two books of business. My financials is not something that needs to be brought up to my employees that receive a pay check. My worries and the stress that my business goes through is kept away from them I always pay my people before I pay anything else. My administrative personal actually called and asked to speak to him about the bids that were placed and why the work was not completed. Ironclad has no idea if they were going to be paid for this job but my crew did everything they could to try and make this man happy. We are a family that was being threatened with work being removed and my crews stepped up to the plate and did yet another amazing job for this man. He then spoke so disrespectfully to the administrative personal that they felt attacked and their authority was questioned. This was mental abuse at its finest to attack a person who was out working in the field and was not able to be there is unfair. I was injured from working the day before and was not able to attend.

Do you feel that this behavior is appropriate behavior for one claiming to be a professional in his field?

I do not feel that this behavior is acceptable for any professional no matter the level. A man who claims to have so much power should try and do good with that power not mentally abuse people or threaten them.

Would you ever want to work with or for this person in the future?

Absolutely not. If Alitsource came to me and asked if I could pick up work in my area I would gladly work for them under the condition that this man never step foot on one of the properties I maintain. He has been out to get Ironclad for months now and this is not the first property that he has threatened us with. We don’t even know if we have ever been paid for the other jobs he told us we had to complete and that we would be paid for the services delivered. Again those properties were bid on as well.

Do you feel that this Altisource personnel should be dismissed from the company or at the very least be disciplined by management at Altisource?

I feel like Altisource is a wonderful company and I have nothing against them I do feel like a representative from their firm should not be allowed to behave this way. I hope that this man gets removed out of power since he only knows how to abuse it. Vendors for Altisource need somebody that will call the vendors and ask what’s going on and not threaten to take work away.

What is it going to take before Labor realizes that they are currently employees with no benefits and that they are if fact being taken advantage of by the members of NAMFS unecessarilty subbing the work orders all over the county for completion? When will the Emplactors Listen…

The time has come when you can no longer say it’s OK. If we are going to be treated as employees then we need benefits. The work Labor completes CANNOT  be outsourced. They can outsource the work order 80,547 times but they cannot outsource the labor to complete the services.

We have an opportunity to have our voice heard with the offer of a radio show…it takes resources to develop…if you want to stay silent but yet have your voice heard hit the donate button below.

If you’re going to claim you’re a business then stand up a start filing complaints to claim the money you’re owed and rightfully belongs to you because you did things the old fashioned way…

You EARNED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs courtesy Foreclosurepedia and Google Images

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership

***Emplactor is an employee that as been incorrectly classified as an Independent Contractor with specificity to the Property Preservation industry

Good Food Good Life….Recipe of the Week…

Preparing for Gastro Gab with Kelly Rush…

Good life Good Food

As I will be a guest on the food show Gastro Gab with Kelly Rush tomorrow I thought I’d do a little shameless self promotion…as a consultant I would use the word “diversity”…However we dress the duck it’s all the same huh???

The show Gastro gab is from 9 to 10 AM PST and can be heard locally on radio KRNG 101.3 FM Renegade Radio…If you’re across the country and would like to listen you can tune in via internet…we will be discussing chilies…so if you’re a fan of the foods that will get your blood flowing , you’ll want to tune in.

However, after you taste this Pico de Gallo style salsa you’ll most definitely forgive me!!!

I have always maintained that I’m a walking testament that life can be sustained on Pico De Gallo and caffeine…Always remember when making Pico De Gallo style salsa it is eaten  more like a salad and not as one would eat a Picante style salsa…

Also remember  salsa’s of this nature do not necessarily have to be HOT!!!!.. the recipe below is a base as I will create 6 different salsa’s by placing the mix in separate bowls and I will use six different chilies…Now you can also make Pico De Gallo style salsa’s using fruit…the more “exotic”…or what I call the really juicy good stuff…Mangos, Papaya, fruits like that will also make a great complimentary addition to fish and chicken dishes..????????????????????


Recipe ingredients…
5 Pounds Roma Tomato…
2 Pounds Baby girl Tomato
2 LG Red Onion
2 LG White Onion
1 LG Clove Garlic
2 OZ Fresh Oregano Leaves
8 OZ Fresh Cilantro
1 Tsp Cumin
Juice from 1 Lemon and 2 Limes…

Chop all ingredients and mix well
Add juice from lemon and limes and mix thoroughly.
Allow to marry for two to three hours before adding chilies…

When creating a Great Salsa I like to think of a Tortilla Chip as Edible Silverware, as they definitely become a delivery device for exploding flavors with a Pico de Gallo style salsa’s…

Yes this is a Teaser…Will post the rest of the story later this evening!!!


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs By: Aaron Aveiro and Rachel Bacigalupi

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