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CONTRACTOR ALERT JOE HUMMEL, ILLEGAL APPOINTEE TO NAMFS BOARD, DEFRAUDS PA CONTRACTOR RON STALEY, VERDE BUILDING SOLUTIONS, REFUSES TO PAY CONTRACTORS Also Jay Goscinski...Not for what he is doing wrong...but for what he is doing RIGHT!!! Tip 'o the hat to Jay!!!! If you have non-payment issues contact iafst.org and make a complaint...


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Facts….NAMFS, Jay, Hummel…..What a MESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.

No Matter Where You Are...We'll be Watching

No Matter Where You Are…We’ll be Watching


Well now…as things start to pile up in the Property Preservation Industry one has to wonder why everyone is still playing the loosing game…It seems like folks just want to be taken advantage of. Some where there must be a sign for the “E” ticket ride to the poor house via the membership of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS).

The latest company to step to the plate and endorse fraud appears to be A2Z. How this company has gone from the top of the industry to the bottom puzzles me. We worked with A2Z years ago then they lost work in Nevada. This was a company that was good to work with and paid very well oh and the most important part…on time. Now they apparently do not care if their business associates are on the level or not. This is disturbing in so many ways.

Now I’m not sure if we can hold responsible a company that has no idea the companies they hire actually pay Labor. However, I believe that when there is a question about this, the company in question (the company behind the non-payment issues) needs to be audited by the companies providing the work. IMEDIATELY. Not in 90 days, not when you get around to it…(I do have some round toit’s available for $19.95 if anyone needs them). Perhaps the International Association of Field Service Technicians (IAFST)can develop a program or industry policy that would assist in this matter????

Here is something I do not understand. I’ll use Mr Goscinski up in Michigan as an example along with A2Z today. The companies Jay receives work from were notified that there were payment issues and the work order providers did nothing but continue to provide a means for Jay to continue to reap benefits by committing fraud.

Jonathon "Jay Look at me taking your money so I can become a NAMFS member" Goscinski

Jonathon “Jay Look at me taking your money so I can become a NAMFS member” Goscinski

This is the same situation with Keystone Property Services and Joseph Hummel. This is yet another Offender Member of NAMFS that is currently practicing…IMHO…illegal back charges. Allow me to expand on that for a minute.

Reports have been coming in and I have reviewed email exchanges from members of Labor. Now this is just a little different than a non-payment. In the cases and email exchanges that I have reviewed it appears that KPS and the illegally appointed Joseph Hummel are issuing back charges “in case” they are back charged when a member of Labor decides that they can no longer make the numbers work and have not been paid by KPS.

Now let’s us go back to Jay for a minute…It is now appearing as if “Jay” OKEY-Doked everyone in the industry into believing he had Multi-Million dollar contracts ready to be signed. Something you cannot do when insolvent.

So here is what we have…

Jonathan “Jay” Goscinski, a serious Offender Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, the Fraud organization of the Mortgage Field Service Industry, led by Supervising Fraudster and Court Jester Eric Miller.

Eric "you must have my permission to assemble" Miller, Executive Director and Master Puppetier of NAMFS

Eric “you must have my permission to assemble” Miller, Executive Director and Master Puppetier of NAMFS

As everyone knows the International Association of Field Service Technicians, has allowed Aladay LLC to be the official press release agent for their activities, well it was Good ‘Ol Jay an NAMFS member,that went outside the organization for relief, something that Miller pitched a fit about. It was Jay Goscinski that approached IAFST and acknowledged the problem of non-payment by management throughout the industry at the hands of the NAMFS Membership….Why is this so important to labor?

Well very simply put now Labor has something concrete to hang their hat on. Just as when  Nakia Agnew, President of Operations, Agnew Field Services LLC, stated that the multiple layering and “subbing” of work from member was inherently wrong, Labor is now able to start gathering information and FACTS.

Yes Facts…Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence….

So what Labor has now is a proceeding involving a NAMFS member that was made a member illegally, for the purposes…IMHO …of generating revenues for NAMFS, sort of like the Hummel fiasco. One has to stop and ask is there ANYTHING Legal about NAMFS???

So now what Labor has is documented proof for the courts that there is financial improprieties within and involving NAMFS Members. While it appears that “Jay” has returned to his “Cheap Suit” status, Labor can thank Good ‘Ol Cheap Suit Jay for acknowledging there is a problem within and with NAMFS and the and the multiple layering structure they have contrived to scam and defraud Labor at every step of the way.

 I found a comment on an article concerning Jay and MRS:

… Hey There, I have been reading your site, and you seem like my last hope to get my hard worked money from Michigan Realty Solutions! I keep getting the same answer “we are waiting for funds to come in” and “we hope we’ll have a answer soon”. My last check was in the end of Oct. Which was only $4k when I was owed $27,000.00 at the time. Most of the work orders that haven’t been paid are from June-August. I’m currently owed just shy of $23,000.00! I will be sending you my spreadsheet shortly. I have been many, many attempts to contact Jay with no answer and even asked to work a payment plan. Please let me know what I need to do next….

As I have outlined on more than one occasion it is very easy to scam your way into a couple million dollars within 90 days in the PPI. Just set yourself up like Cheap Suit Jay has done. Then be savvy enough to continue your scam CON job for 180 days or so and hey…you have some serious scratch for a nice vacation….

Now, you have to wonder what strategy Miller has for Damage Control. Unlike Hurst v Buczek, there is no disclosure on this matter now. The disclosure was in place as long as the settlement was honored. By Goscinski not honoring his agreement,(not like he doesn’t have a truckload of experience with not honoring HIS WORD), the documents, the documents that have been set up in a manner to become legal and binding court documents, well…I get to write about him and the process!!!

You see folks, the people over at IAFST set things up to be binding in the courts. Whether there was a settlement or a decision from the Mediators. The process, at least my interpretation after reviewing the events and information provided to me for writing purposes…the process has been set up to assist Labor and at the same time; the process is fair to both management and labor.

So as the first month of 2015 comes to a close, while nothing has changed there is a very optimistic air for Labor. Labor should sit back and savor this small victory and seriously consider looking into the IAFST organization and becoming a member.

As Labor continues to come together we will see more and more issues like this start to unravel for NAMFS members. We will start to see more legal actions being brought forth against management and the Offender Members of the Miller Regime.

Hey it’s cold out…20 degrees this morning and the Sumatra Mandheling and biscuits and gravy is calling.


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening


Written by: Aaron Aveiro

Photos courtesy Google Images and public profiles….

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership


This a republication of the article published on USRTK website. I would like to know if you agree or disagree with the 15 facts that are stated in the article. A simple Fact or Fiction comment will suffice as I would actually like to see the percentage of people that feel this is fact or fiction.
I will then analyze the information and categorize it according to education levels, company affiliations, age, location, and field of expertise according to the self made profiles that everyone completes…

Appreciate your participation…

Here is the piece from USRTK

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, January 20, 2015
For More Information Contact: Gary Ruskin (415) 944-7350

Download report at http://usrtk.org/seedybusiness.pdf

U.S. Right to Know – a new nonprofit organization — released a new report today on Big Food’s PR campaign to defend GMOs: how it manipulated the media, public opinion and politics with sleazy tactics, bought science and PR spin.

Since 2012, the agrichemical and food industries have mounted a complex, multifaceted public relations, advertising, lobbying and political campaign in the United States, costing more than $100 million, to defend genetically engineered food and crops and the pesticides that accompany them. The purpose of this campaign is to deceive the public, to deflect efforts to win the right to know what is in our food via labeling that is already required in 64 countries, and ultimately, to extend their profit stream for as long as possible.

This campaign has greatly influenced how U.S. media covers GMOs. The industry’s PR firm, Ketchum, even boasted that “positive media coverage has doubled” on GMOs.

The report outlines fifteen things that Big Food is hiding with its artful PR campaign on GMOs.

#1: The agrichemical companies have a history of concealing health risks from the public. Time and again, the companies that produce GMOs have hidden from consumers and workers the truth about the dangers of their products and operations. So how can we trust them to tell us the truth about their GMOs?

#2: The FDA does not test whether GMOs are safe. It merely reviews information submitted by the agrichemical companies.

#3: Our nation’s lax policy on GMOs is the work of former Vice President Dan Quayle’s anti-regulatory crusade. It was designed and delivered as a political favor to Monsanto.

#4: What the agrichemical and tobacco industries have in common: PR firms, operatives, tactics. The agrichemical industry’s recent PR campaign is similar in some ways to the most infamous industry PR campaign ever – the tobacco industry’s effort to evade responsibility for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans each year.

#5: Russia’s PR firm runs the agrichemical industry’s big PR salvo on GMOs. We don’t trust the PR firm Ketchum when it spins for Russia and President Putin. Why should we trust its spin on GMOs?

#6: The agrichemical industry’s key front groups and shills aren’t trustworthy. Many of the industry’s leading advocates have records of defending the indefensible, or other scandals and conduct that inspires no confidence.

#7: The agrichemical companies have employed repugnant PR tactics. These tactics include attacks on scientists and journalists, and brainwashing children.

#8: The agrichemical companies have a potent, sleazy political machine. They have allies in high places, and employ their power vigorously – and sometimes corruptly — to protect and expand their markets and their profits from GMOs.

#9: Half of the Big Six agrichemical firms can’t even grow their GMOs in their own home countries.Because of the health and environmental risks of GMOs, citizens of Germany and Switzerland won’t allow farming of BASF, Bayer and Syngenta’s GMO seeds.

#10: Monsanto supported GMO labeling in the UK but opposes it in the USA. Although Monsanto is based in St. Louis, Missouri, Monsanto believes that British citizens deserve stronger consumer rights than Americans do.

#11: The pesticide treadmill breeds profits, so it will likely intensify. It is in the financial interest of the agrichemical companies to promote the evolution and spread of the most pestilential superweeds and superpests, because these will spur the sale of the greatest quantities of the most expensive pesticides.

#12: GMO science is for sale. Science can be swayed, bought or biased by the agrichemical industry in many ways, such as suppressing adverse findings, harming the careers of scientists who produce such findings, controlling the funding that shapes what research is conducted, the lack of independent U.S.-based testing of health and environmental risks of GMOs, and tainting scientific reviews of GMOs by conflicts of interest.

#13: There are nearly no consumer benefits of GMOs. The GMOs that Americans eat are not healthier, safer or more nutritious than conventional foods. They do not look better, nor do they taste better. By any measure that consumers actually care about, they are not in any way an improvement. Profits from GMOs accrue to the agrichemical companies, while health risks are borne by consumers.

#14: The FDA and food companies have been wrong before: they have assured us of the safety of products that were not safe. Many drugs and food additives that the FDA allowed on the market have subsequently been banned because they were toxic or dangerous.

#15: A few other things the agrichemical industry doesn’t want you to know about them: crimes, scandals and other wrongdoing. The agrichemical industry’s six major firms — Monsanto, Syngenta, Dow, DuPont, Bayer and BASF — have been involved in so many reprehensible activities that documenting them would require at least an entire book.

U.S. Right to Know is a new nonprofit food organization. We expose what food companies don’t want us to know about our food. We stand up for the right to know what’s in our food. We bring accountability to Big Food and its compliant politicians. For more information, please see our website at usrtk.org.


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening…

Article and Photograph from USRTK site.

SPECIAL REPORT!!!! News you can USE!!! from DS News…Jurisprudence…

This is a re-publication of an article running on DS News.

Your Local Laws???

Your Local Laws???


This is something that many of the Property Preservation Industry Contractors need to know. Normally I would just re-print a section and link the article. However, this is something that is going to affect a vast majority off you in the PPI. Make the proper adjustments you need to make because this is something that Foreclosurepedia reported on a few weeks ago…man that Lunatic in the Bunker sure does have some deep and very good sources!!!!

This is huge folks as the illegal activities of the PPI start to come under the microscope of investigating agencies. Look for more of this to come this year…

Here is the article…..the link...

California Agency Seeks to Suspend Servicer’s Mortgage License

Ocwen Financial Corp.’s already difficult regulatory situation grew worse this week after news broke that a California state agency is seeking to have the company’s mortgage license suspended.

The LA Times was the first to report Tuesday morning that California’s Department of Business Oversight is moving to halt Ocwen’s operations in the state after the company failed to provide documentation about its compliance with California’s Homeowner Bill of Rights. The bill, which went into law at the start of 2013, prohibits certain mortgage servicing practices—such as dual-tracking—and sets in place requirements for single points of contact and document verification, among other provisions.

Department spokesperson Tom Dresslar confirmed the report, saying that Ocwen’s lack of response comes despite repeated requests from the state.

“We’re the regulator, and we have a responsibility to consumers to ensure that our licensees are complying with laws,” Dresslar told DS News. “They’re not providing us the information we need to do our job.”

Dresslar explained that if Ocwen’s license is suspended, the company would be given a “reasonable transition period” to find alternative servicers for its existing portfolio. It would not be allowed to take on new loans.

If Ocwen turned over the information the department is seeking, “We’d have to determine at that point how to proceed,” he added. For the time being, the company has asked for a hearing, which is currently set for July.

Losing California would be a big blow to Ocwen, which serviced more than 378,000 home loans in the state valued at $95 billion in unpaid principal balance as of Q3 2014, according to Market Watch. Shares for the company plummeted in early trading Tuesday, falling off by more than 33 percent before ticking back up slightly.

With the latest news, Ocwen is off to a less than promising start to 2015 after concluding what was a rocky 2014. The firm’s most recent round of problems started early last year, when New York financial regulator Benjamin Lawsky announced a probe into the company’s practices in response to its explosive growth and customer complaints.

After months of concerns voiced by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the Office of Mortgage Settlement Oversight, and various state agencies, Ocwen finally reached an agreement with Lawsky’s office that saw the departure of founder Bill Erbey and a $150 million monetary settlement.

Throughout all the troubles of the last year, Ocwen continually pledged to work with regulators to dispel their concerns.

In a statement, Ocwen president and CEO Ron Faris said the company has dedicated “substantial resources” toward satisfying the state’s request and believes it has provided the necessary information. He also pointed to Ocwen’s efforts to help California’s homeowners, including the completion of 13,000 loan modifications and 3,500 short sales in 2014.

“We expect that we will receive follow up requests or clarifications and that further document and information exchanges may take place,” Faris said. “We expect our ongoing cooperation will result in a satisfactory outcome for all parties.”

PS:…Member of NAMFS.

Written BY: author: Tory Barringer January 13, 2015 & Aaron Aveiro

Photograph Courtesy Google Images.

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership…


From Illegal Back Charges to outright Theft…

What, you thought there was going to be something new??? Well a few days ago I wrote about how MSI is demanding that companies…Emplactors…give up their Constitutional Rights to conduct business with them. I just do not understand how anyone would sign up for this. How does someone sign into giving up their Constitutional rights??? I guess that is the norm for a company like MSI a member of the infamous National Association of Mortgage Field Services with their Offender Members.

I do not know about you but the only time I have given up any of my constitutional rights was when I broke the law and became a guest of the Gov’na…One should never have to give up their Constitutional Rights for anything other than their own indiscretions. Give them up for MONEY??? Especially the chicken feed that they are paying these days in the Property Preservation Industry.

Some of the comments have been very pointed.

From Industry and Military Veteran..Mike Wilson…

Wow, what an assault on our freedoms….hey, let`s stifle the contractors in the industry,let`s take their voice away, tell them whom they can and cannot associate with…I fought for my country for 7 years as well as Paul, Bret and others,in and out of the groups, against atrocities just like this, so others may enjoy the freedoms that we experience in this great Nation….Are YOU going to succumb to the communistic demands….all to make a measly dollar, that you probably will not get paid for / back-charged out of….sign the contract..give them YOUR rights….if they screw you, there is nothing you can do or say about it…I really though that this was a educated industry, other than a few stand outs…it is nothing more than jackass`s with cart`s strapped to their back chasing the carrot dangling in front of them.

When I spoke of this current event on the radio you could hear everyone in the studio gasp for air…I’m guessing that had something to do with the fact that 75% of the staff at the station are Military Vets and the placed their lives on the line so the citizens of the United States Of America can walk the streets and speak their piece without fear of reprisal…unless of course you’re a bunch of cute girls and you say something bad about a Bush in Texas. But that is neither here nor there.

There are other parts of the agreement that place you into an employee situation and Sorry but if you sign into this agreement then you deserve whatever hazards you’ll find down the road. (We will also be breaking the agreement down this week to show you exactly how the agreement makes you an employee)

This is just another reason in a long list of reasons why Labor must come together to protect themselves and the industry that matter.

Foreclosurepedia has also run a couple stories about MSI and their dealings…

I am cautiously optimistic and encouraged about MSI entering the Industry Landscape. The problem that I anticipate, as has been the problem all along, is that Management needs to begin to directly work with Members of Labor as opposed to running their Work Orders through the Regional and Otherwise Unspecified Order Mills.

So even though MSI has had the faux pas of the “Give up your Constitutional Rights” notification, Perhaps there may be something to salvage after all?????

In another matter involving Labor and Management…Michigan Realty Solutions is in the News again. Seems that Good’Ol Jay owes Robert Waters some revenues…Nothing surprising here since that is the MO of MRS…

In addition this week I have also received several complaints about Good Ol’ Joseph Hummel and what seems to be a very derelict way of stealing from Labor. We have received several complaints this past week about Keystone Property Solutions in regards to Non-Payment issues. You would think that someone that goes into social media in an official capacity would at least pay Labor and be conducting illegal activities using electronic means to do so. But typical of any gang of reckless houdlums, they never do anything wrong, it is always the other party that is the offender. I have been sent several email from KPS that indicate illegal back Charging. This is a story all by itself and you can expect to see something else later in the week about Joseph Hummel’s Company and his background issue. Funny how the thieves demand the Background Check yet they do not have to submit to one as prescribed in the IRS, Mortgage Filed Service Compliance and the CFPB rules. But hey what would one expect form someone that was illegally appointed to the Board of Directors of the infamous NAMFS under the direction of the Kingpin Tony Saprano look-alike Eric Miller. Has anyone actually sat down with Miller and explained to him that just because you look like a TV Mob Boss doesn’t make you one??? We’ll keep good thought out on that!!!

So where does Labor turn too? Well we all know that Labor will continue to contact myself and Fooreclosurepedia. However, as one whom has had the privilege of Inational Association of Field Service Technicians using Aladay LLC for official Press Releases…perhaps this may be a schouch on the bias side but Labor needs to seriously look IAFST. Just thinking out loud here..HEY Eric…Does IAFST sound better than the dreaded NPPG, or the Boots on the Ground phrases you  detest so much??? For you sir, the free range days of you and your compilation of criminal businesses that make up the membership with their illegal activities you supervise every day. Why you would not bring Labor to the table is beyond me. Labor is the backbone of this country. Labor completes services and builds the homes that provides the industry for NAMFS to lie to everyone calling themselves the “Industry Leader” what they have done is fail to add “In Criminality”. Which means you no longer have to go to Prison for a criminal education just become a member of NAMFS.

With the recent Mediation success over at IAFST, well I have to recommend that all parties in the PPI contact IAFST and ask to participate in the Mediation program they have established. A program, mind you, that Eric Miller has steadfastly refused to establish. So here I ask that Joseph Hummel, CEO, Business Development, Experienced Mortgage Field Service Advisor, (yes let us all sign up for this wet behind the ears 2.5 year industry veteran so he can spew his NAMFS theories of theft to us. He has since changed his profile and removed the CEO. mmmmm???) One of the biggest issues today is the fact that NAMFS members thinking  they are untouchable with their illegal contracts. (Please inquire about our Contract Review videos, a series of videos to help you understand the contracts in the PPI, yes this is a shameless self promotion here!!!)

Related Story 

So today I recommend that Joseph Hummel, “Jay” Goscinski, George Garner, Robert Waters, all contact IAFST  and fill out the paperwork and let’s start seeing some positive activities from these folks…What say Ye Property Preservation nation???

Related Story

Remember that there will be fees attached and hey IAFST members well as with most organizations have a fee for members to take advantage of so take a peek and start the process to have a court binding settlement on you monies. With the latest mediation, this very well may the solution to the PPI Non-Payment issues that Labor is forced to deal with on a daily basis.

Myself, and not because IAFST has chosen Aladay LLC for Press releases, but because the organization has done something the self proclaimed “Industry Leader” has done nothing but condone crime for the past 7 years that I have experienced. The reality is this folks…IAFST treaded into very dangerous water with the Mediation project. While the waters will be very choppy, to say the least, they have none-the-less had success in an area of the industry that Eric Miller wants to go away. The problem Miller has is the people doing the stealing and participating in the illegal activity on a daily basis with their “Business as Usual” Motus Operandi are the members that pony up the funds for his salary!!! OUCH. Makes it very difficult to step in and stop it as if he did he would have no salary. Maybe his former position at LPS/Blacknight is still available.

Just me, but if my company was owed monies I would see if the process of Mediation would be the avenue to go. Let’s be real for a minute. IAFST with the settlement, not only made history but saved the parties a DUMPTRUCKLOAD of legal fees. A $500 filing fee is nothing compared to what lawyers charge. For $500 you might get about an hours worth of time from a lawyer.

So as I have stated before, I cannot stress enough, if you are Labor, if you are a friend of Labor, look into the International Association of Field Service Technicians.

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening






MSI….Making you an Employee Today…AND

RESTRICTING your First Amendment Rights….

Tell Us What You Think. Fair or Unfair

Tell Us What You Think.
Fair or Unfair


I received this this morning…It is from one of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services members MSI, another Offender Member. Now it seems that your Constitutional Rights have to be sacrificed to scrub the commodes and pick up garbage for them… I will state here…if you agree to give up your Constitutional Rights you need to renounce your citizenship and move to a third world country. In addition you need to have your head examined…Did your Father, Uncle, Brother, Sister, Cousin, Grandfather, Great Grandfather…were any of them in the Military Service? They fought, they placed their life on the line, some of them may not have returned giving the ultimate for you to be able to exercise your Constitutional Rights known as your Civil Rights.

Agreeing to this will take you down a very dark road that you may not be able to return from…Be very Careful and as a consultant I highly recommend you have an attorney review this prior to making any uninformed decision.

Here are two excerpts from the document I received….

16. I and each of my employees or co-workers shall promptly comply with any directions, orders or

instructions given by federal, state or local law enforcement agencies or government officials while

performing the assigned service.

17. I and each of my employees or co-workers shall not solicit or participate in television, radio, print,

advertising or media interviews or respond to any inquiries related to the service or any service provided

by me or MSI, and we will not post to the Internet or the World Wide Web any information,

photographs, videos, comments, postings or statements relating to the service at the subject property.

Ladies and Gentlemen…


The First Amendment guarantees freedoms concerning religion, expression, assembly, and the right to petition.  It forbids Congress from both promoting one religion over others and also restricting an individual’s religious practices.  It guarantees freedom of expression by prohibiting Congress from restricting the press or the rights of individuals to speak freely.  It also guarantees the right of citizens to assemble peaceably and to petition their government.


Now I know the passage states “Forbids Congress”, however, individuals, business, or anyone for that matter cannot restrict your Constitutional Rights.

This is just the beginning. I will be going through the 24 point demand that MSI sent out to Contractors . As I have stated this IS EMPLOYEE STATUS folks….

I have advised several clients this morning not to sign and agree to the restrictions placed on your Civil Rights. The very rights that our nations Veterans fight for. Remember All gave some and some gave all so you can speak your peace without reprisals…

Code of Conduct Acknowledgment

Through acknowledgement by my signature below, I and each of my employees agree to the followingterms as a pre-requisite to performing any inspection work, property repairs, or preservation workorders for Mortgage Specialist International, Inc. (MSI)

DO NOT SIGN THIS….Unless of course you enjoy being an employee….

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Written by” Aaron Aveiro

Photograph courtesy Google Images

Opinions Expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership

Liars, thieves, bad-news-bear execs, drug addicts…PPI Watchlist Addition

You name it – Employers really don’t want to hire trouble….

Contact us today for your consultation.

Contact us today for your consultation.

And you thought I was going to…well I am. However, first I must ask. Would you conduct business if you knew the company and individuals were thieves???

With the recent re-emergence in an official capacity of Experienced Mortgage Field Service Advisor, Jospeh Hummel the CEO of Keystone Property Solutions located at 2345 Bernville Rd. Reading, PA 19605. Promoting the Aspen Grove…fellow member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS). This combined with the fact that I have been getting numerous complaints about the company performing Illegal Back Charges to Contractors they have trained for the PPI specifically to perform and complete services for KPS. See I have a problem, as all of you should have the same problem with Joseph Hummel and KPS…I actually have a problem with anyone stealing from people under the guise of the illegal contract you were forced to sign to make thing appear legal and above board, and then forcing you to pay an overpriced fee for a background check from a company that is not even a United States of America company….I have a big problem with that…In addition to the reports coming out of Foreclosurepedia in regards to fraud, well this just ain’t going to be Joe’s day…Say it ain’t so Joe!!!!

Joseph "Let me steal your money" Hummel

Joseph “Let me steal your money” Hummel

This is going to be a series of articles chronically reporting on the activities of KPS…

For all of you business folks out there that are not Emplactors here is some information you can use…for the rest of you, please pay attention and stop companies like KPS from robbing you. I have reviewed about $50,000.00 worth of back charges and looked at Pennsylvania Deceptive Trade Practices Laws, and I have to tell you, well let me say this Jo get your attorney’s ready you’re going to need them.

Background Checks and your business…

To cover their bases, many companies are hiring third-party screening firms to do a background check that goes well beyond checking your references and verifying your employment history.

Legally, they have to get your consent first. But once they start digging, they can find out everything from whether you have a penchant for drinking and driving to whether you have a hard time paying your bills on time.

Background reports may check for any number of items: criminal records, sex offenses, liens, judgments and bankruptcies, drug test results, as well as your education and income history.

And some items in a background check are very job-specific. For instance, if you’re applying to be a truck driver or a traveling salesman, they may check your driving record to see if you’ve had any serious violations, such as DUIs, or if your license has ever been revoked.

Want to work for the financial services industry? They may run your credit report. While credit report requests have been on the decline — and some states now prohibit employers from using them altogether — federal guidelines allow employers to access credit reports as long as they have a “compelling business rationale.”

If the job you’re seeking is in law enforcement, they will ask for your fingerprints because it’s required by law, said Angela Preston, vice president of compliance at Employee Screen IQ.Screeners and employment law experts both note, however, that the FBI fingerprint database used to check your criminal record is neither complete nor always accurate.

Employers may also check to see that you don’t appear on any terrorist watch lists. While publicly available, some private companies have compiled them in one place, kept them updated and made them searchable. So what happens if a prospective employer finds something bad in your background check?

First, they must send you a letter that says something in your background report is a red flag and they must attach a copy of the report from the third-party screener.

The employer must then give you time to correct the record or explain the issue. How long? The Fair Credit Reporting Act, which governs the treatment of consumer reports, doesn’t specify but typically the minimum is 5 days, unless an individual state requires longer, according to NAPBS.

In reality, though, that’s probably not enough time to correct any disputed information in your report And the employer may still decide it’s ultimately easier to move on to another candidate.

If it does, it must send you another letter – called an “adverse action” letter – indicating that the decision not to hire you was based on something in your background check, and it must furnish you with contact information for the firm that generated the report.

Want to get an idea of what employers might see about you? Stephen recommends requesting your own Lexis/Nexis Accurint Person Report, which is free.

There are other ways, of course, for an employer to get a beat on you: for instance, scanning social media. But employers are learning they can’t necessarily rely on that information since they can’t verify it.

At one point, companies were actually asking job applicants for their social media passwords. But then some states, such as Arkansas and New Mexico, prohibited the practice and other states have proposed legislation to do so, although it is not prohibited at the federal level.

Employers looking to hire a C-suite candidate, meanwhile, may do a deeper search in court records, social media and news reports to ensure that he or she isn’t embroiled in some nasty divorce, lawsuit or anything else that might attract negative publicity.

The good news in all this: if a company is conducting a background check on you it typically means you are a top contender for the job. Companies typically only screen the candidates that they really want.

So as I wade through the piles of documentation that pouring on KPS…well y’all have a great day as I will be very busy unearthing the illegal activities of another NAMFS member. You see for someone that was illegally appointed to a position and then has people coming out of the woodwork claiming theft, with documentation to back up their claims. Let’s add the illegal contract clauses thus making the contract null and void in the courts. Mr Hummel should really go find some more Twinkies and sit in the closet as they will be his only friend while traveling down the long dark road he has ventured to go down after the Kool-aid experience provided by NAMFS….OH YEAH….Keystone Property Services LLC…on the Watch List

No Matter Where You Are...We'll be Watching

No Matter Where You Are…We’ll be Watching

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs Aaron Aveiro, Mr. Hummel courtesy LinkedIn profile page, Google Images

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership






PPI Watch List…

Well perhaps not a full blown red flag but boy is it bright yellow

No Matter Where You Are...We'll be Watching

No Matter Where You Are…We’ll be Watching


I always love it when companies do their recruiting thing. Especially, when the 20-somethings behind the desk, have no knowledge of their predecessor’s actions. I received an email of just this today.

What I find disturbing about this company is the fact they have attempted to change their stripes. The company used to go by the name APEX, now they are calling themselves ACA, an acronym for APEX Construction Services LLC.

Now I do not know about you but when a company changes their name in any fashion in the Property Preservation Industry…red flags go up immediately!!!!Below is a section of an email about this company

Just received this email from APEX today, Now calling them selves ACS, LLC.. Funny thing is that I had to lien a property we worked on because we never received the payment of $2400.00 for 75 days. Once all the legal parties got the lien notice we got our money with in 48 hours. Recommend that all contractors know there lien laws in the states that they do business with. Also never let you receivables get over the legal lien period no matter what these people keep saying. Been in the game since 1989 and have only had to lien 3 properties. Aggressive collections is the name of the game.

Now here is a recruitment email from ACA, or APEX which ever you prefer…

You were referred to ACS, Inc. (Apex Construction Services, Inc) as a Licensed, Experienced and Motivated crew in your region. Please feel to reply back if you are interested in joining our team and our vendor recruiter will be in touch with you to explain our system and requirements. We have plenty of work. We just need reliable crews. We have pre-approved pricing geared to make you as much as possible during all of your visits. Although we prefer years of experience, we are willing to work with newly formed companies in order to help you gain that experience that is industry required.

Please note, you should have substantial financial backing to ensure that you are able to purchase the required materials, supplies and ability to ensure that your crews are paid as your 1st month with ACS, Inc. will be subject to a Net 30 day payment. If all is going well after 30 days, we may switch you to a biweekly payment cycle. We are not interested in recruiting crews who accept orders and then do not respond back. Every order has a due date, order and photos requirements which we require everyone to adhere to. 

SERIOUS RED FLAG HERE…just me but when I see this statement, while appropriate to state, this indicates a solvency issue. In addition everyone needs to understand something here… will be subject to a Net 30 day payment…should this company not pay you in 30 days, they have reneged on the contractual agreement thus voiding THEIR contract. As we move into another year I ask that everyone that is approached by these Order-mill companies to do some due diligence and research these companies. Do not just sign up with them because you need a job.

We encourage you to reply to Jessica@800Apex.com and she will be in touch with you to get you the docs required to get you in our system and orders issued. We also encourage Veteran owned crews to reply. Again, please reply to Jessica and she will get you going.

We utilize PPW and Pruvan for sending and receiving orders. So computer and smart phones are required.

Shadow P. Kingsley
Vice President of Preservation Operations
Apex Construction Services, Inc
3600 Ocean Ranch Blvd
Oceanside, CA 92056
Ph: (760) 634-6589
Fx: (760) 634-6599

Have also been inspecting some of their previous contractors work, WAY below Standards are a normal for their contractors. Pricing is based off Altisource.

So not only is this Mid-West company changing their name in public they are mandating what type of tools/equipment you need to accommodate their company needs. They use these types systems because they do not have the funds to properly equip their company to be a standalone company. In addition, APEX is a member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services. As you can see above they have had Non-Payment issues in the past.

While they rectified this situation of Non-Payment, only because they were forced to do so with a property lien. That should be a huge alarm going off for everyone. Our company has liened properties and as this individual indicated paid in 48 hours. If you have an issue of Non-Payment Lien the property IMEDIATELY!!!

Remember something here folks…the bank cannot sell the property until the lien is satisfied. Why do you think all the order mills place an illegal no lien clause on work orders and in the contracts??? They are banking on the fact that they hired an Emplactor*** and not an Independent Contractor. When they force this clause on you they are counting on their intimidation tactics to scare you so you fall in line like a good little emplactor and do as you’re told.

I cannot encourage Labor enough to start coming together. Start organizing in your local community and find out who your Fellow Comrades in the Convoluted Pecuniary Greed industry known as Property Preservation are.

Everyone needs to start looking at organizations that will unite and not divide. Organizations that is willing to go the extra mile to assist for labor and help unite the industry. Organizations that is not afraid to reach across the aisle and play nice in the sandbox if you will.

I do know this…we really do not need any more of the Order Mill mentality of…In order to make money in the Property Preservation Industry you have to sub the work out…That mantra has cost everyone dearly and made criminals out of many.

Unfortunately I must place ACA on the industry watch list since they are attempting to change their name and the fact they have a Non-Payment issue in the past…Proceed with caution..

Yes it’s a New Year with New Optimism…Keep good thoughts everyone….


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Written by: Aaron Aveiro

Photograph courtesy Google Images

Opinions expressed do not ref;ect those of Aladay LLC Ownership

***Emplactor is an employee incorrectly classified as an Independent Contractor with specificity to the Property Preservation Industry

Business 101…Marketing and Advertising….

Products that make your job easier….

naarpi logo 001


The Home Check books a series of Illustrated Guides to Inspecting Real Estate!

The Home Check Book now in its 2nd Edition, was written and designed to be used by the Professional  Home Inspector.  Constructed and printed on heavy duty MPM material with write on wipe off technology the Home Check book will provide years of service under the rigors of day to day use by home inspectors. We all know Texas has the toughest guidelines of all states when it comes to licensing requirements…that is why so many have chosen the Home Check Book as a Reference and Study Guide.

Designed to be used in the field, the Home Check book puts the inspection process in the palms of your hand; allowing you to systematically perform any property inspection without overlooking a single item.

Home Check was written by a Licensed Professional Home Inspector as well as a Licensed Catastrophic Claims Adjuster in an effort to speed up the inspection process while reducing errors and omissions thus
reducing possible litigation.

Unlike other home inspection check list/reports that can only be used once and also requires the user to memorize the Standards of Practice; (which could lead to missing or overlooking a critical part or sub-part
of a system) the Home Check book provides a comprehensive list of the Standards of Practice that cover both State and National Requirements along with a complete and easy to use check list.

The Check Book is easy to read and follow, laid out in such a way that it speeds up the inspection process and prevents errors and or omissions.

Best of all, with its MPM designed it can be used with both grease pencils and dry erase pens.  In short the book will become your most important tool when inspecting real estate.  

1. Saves you Time and Money!
2. Reduces Call Backs!
3. Avoid Accidentally missing items that are required by the Standards of Practice!
4. Avoid Potential Future Litigation! 

5. Allows for a Comprehensive Home Inspection Every Time!

6. Home Check is Green! Saves Money on Ink Cartridges and Paper as well as Wear and Tear on your Printer.

Professional Home Inspectors Students & Apprentices

The Home Check book will allow you to inspect any property with the same knowledge required to become a Licensed Home Inspector.  The Book is filled with interesting facts, codes, references, and recommendations that you are sure to see again on your State’s Exam.  It is a tremendous resource and should be used not only as a tool to inspect property but as a study guide to assist you with your State’s Exam. We all know Texas has the toughest guidelines of all states when it comes to licensing requirements…that is why so many have chosen the Home Check Book as a Reference and Study Guide.

Home Buyers, Sellers & Investors

Home Check will allow you to inspect each and every home you are considering purchasing with the same knowledge as a professional home inspector.  Designed to be user friendly, it will guide you through the inspection process.
It will give you that extra leverage you need when making a “Solid” offer on a property and it will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars on each property you purchase.  Comes with an extra check list designed just for the 1st time Home Purchaser.

Brokers and Agents

Can anything be done to minimize failed escrows?  YES!!!!!
Get a couple of copies of the Home Check book for your clients to use in their search for that perfect
home.  The Number one deal killer of all time is the Lack of pre-sale inspections.
The Home Check book eliminates/reduces surprises that could lead to re-negotiations and it also helps
screen disqualified buyers.
Gives you and your agents a tool to assess not only the house when it comes to fair market pricing but
also used as a tool to grade Professional Inspectors you might be depending on and recommending to
your clients.

Simply put, Home Check is the Best Home Inspection Guide on the Market! Don’t take our word for it, do your Homework to see what others are offering.  Not only is it the Best, it is the most affordable!

The Home Check book will allow you to do literally 100s if not 1000s of inspections for only $49.00 + $7.25 shipping and handling.  Compared to other companies that are charging  as much as $13.00 for a single inspection report or 100 inspection reports for a whopping  $1000.00+

The Home Check Book is a ® trade mark and protected by Copyright © John Allen owner of the Texas Inspection Firm LLC owns the copyrights in this work.  Unauthorized distribution, duplication, alteration of material contained in this book and associated web site, including without limitation any trademark image, drawing, text, likeness or photograph/photo imaging may constitute a violation of the laws of the copyright and trademark and may be prosecuted under criminal and or civil law.  


In addition to this wonderful product we also have all of NAARPI International’s books and products. Please inquire today for your copy…

PS: If you have a product or service you’d like promoted please contact us today for more information…

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening…


Researchers Develop Organic Disease Controls for Strawberry Growers


Fungi love strawberries for the same reasons humans do: they are sweet, juicy and delicious fruits. Verticillium wilt fungus is particularly fond of strawberries, and a persistent threat to California’s $2.6 billion strawberry industry. But a team of Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) research partners at the University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) have developed an effective, organic system for fighting this soil-borne threat.

The UCSC team’s findings are gaining attention even from conventional growers, as the toxic fumigant that the industry relies upon is being phased out, with few alternatives available.220px-Strawberry_flower

Growing strawberries without chemicals is a challenge, one reason that organic strawberries are sold for a premium price. Few rotational crops are as profitable as strawberries, creating a strong disincentive for conventional growers to rotate.  Conventional monocrop systems rely on chemical fumigants to rid the soil of pathogens and weed seeds that inevitably build up when a single crop species is grown year after year. Verticillium wilt poses a continual threat to strawberry production as it has a wide range of host crops, and can survive in the soil for more than five years even when no host crops are grown.

Because of pest and disease challenges, there was a time that organic strawberry production was thought to not be possible, but organic farmers have developed strawberry growing strategies that use border insectary plantings to attract beneficial insects and multi-year rotations to reduce weed and disease pressure. On the Central Coast of California, rotating strawberries with broccoli is common due to earlier research that showed rotation with mustard family crops helped reduce Verticillium wilt pressure on strawberries.


As part of an ongoing effort to improve organic strawberry production systems, researchers at UCSC received special fruit grant funding from OFRF in 2010 to study a management system that has been found to reduce strawberry disease levels in the soil for two years even when lettuce, a host crop for the disease, was planted after strawberries.

The system has a complicated name—anaerobic soil disinfestation (ASD)—but it is based on simple concepts.  A carbon source is added to the soil, which is then held in an anaerobic (no oxygen) state for a period of weeks by irrigating soil to saturation level and tarping the beds. The carbon (in this study, rice bran) stimulates a bloom of microorganism growth, but lack of oxygen in the soil kills off them off. When the tarps are removed, the system becomes aerobic again and beneficial microorganisms recolonize the soil, and reduce the incidence of disease for the next two seasons.

images (1)

This system was originally developed simultaneously in Japan and the Netherlands. In the U.S., UCSC researchers Carol Shennan and Joji Muramoto have been instrumental in studying how it works. Research on this system is also being done in Washington state and Florida. Hundreds of Japanese farmers use ASD with the result that fumigant use in Japan has decreased. Different feedstocks tested to stimulate soil microbial growth have included ethanol, molasses, grass clippings, and composted steer manure.

Because compounds found in mustard family plants have been found to suppress disease organisms in soils, the Santa Cruz team added the use of mustard cake as a disease suppressant and fertility source into the study. This work was done in collaboration with Farm Fuel, Inc., a local company that grows and harvests mustard seed as a biodiesel crop, then packages the leftover mustard cake as a fertility and disease-suppressing input.

The UCSC research, recently presented to the OFRF Board of Directors during their annual meeting, showed that ASD reduced levels of Verticillium in the soil for two years and increased strawberry yields compared to untreated controls. An economic analysis of the different treatments showed that a rotation of broccoli—ASD + mustard cake—strawberries—lettuce had the highest net returns due to good yields of strawberry and lettuce even with the highest treatment costs.

Dr. Muramoto told OFRF directors that the $28,000 grant from OFRF that initiated the soil disinfestation study in 2009 has since leveraged another $2.8 million in funding from government grants, allowing the study to expand and continue.

For more detail on this study, please refer to the full report online.

Net Returns Above Land Costs ($ per acre).

Cover crop Broccoli Cauliflower Treatment Strawberry Lettuce Total
Broccoli – ASD -331 2,075 0 -2,379 20,326 3,114 22,806
Cauliflower – ASD -331 0 326 -2,379 24,637 3,509 25,762
Fallow – ASD -331 0 0 -2,379 21,944 3,993 23,227
Broccoli – MC -331 2,492 0 -2,543 15,675 2,818 18,111
Cauliflower -MC -331 0 492 -2,543 20,894 3,127 21,640
Fallow – MC -331 0 0 -2,543 12,755 2,604 12,486
Broccoli – ASD+MC -331 2,492 0 -4,895 29,328 3,725 30,319
Cauliflower – ASD+MC -331 0 576 -4,895 20,658 2,963 18,971
Fallow – ASD+MC -331 0 0 -4,895 25,683 3,950 24,407
Broccoli – UTC -331 2,742 0 0 17,494 2,156 22,716
Cauliflower – UTC -331 0 910 0 14,893 2,781 18,253
Fallow – UTC -331 0 0 0 12,885 2,475 15,029

ASD = anaerobic soil disinfestation

MC = mustard cake

UTC = untreated control

. The media recently exposed the state of California’s pesticide regulatory program as allowing unsafe levels of toxic fumigant use for conventional strawberry production.

. It’s hard to argue against the economic clout of California’s strawberry industry: with sales of $2.6 billion per year, it is California’s 6th most valuable fruit crop. Conventional production’s reliance on deadly chemicals, however, may not pencil out in the long run.

- See more at:


Ready for Summer???? Well it is just around the corner and we will have Strawberries once again this spring…


ALL PHOTOGRAPHS courtesy Google Images.

Saturday Morning Fodder….

Courtesy…of course a NAMFS member… Thanks Joe…

Little Man

Little Man

It’s funny when someone in the Property Preservation Industry comes out touting a program they are attempting to develop. One like QC University comes to mind. This program comes to mind as this was Joe Hummel’s baby at the beginning of 2014. Then Joseph started touting the background issue. Then Joseph went to an event involving the National Association of Mortgage Services. Then Joseph, over several objections of the illegalities and improprieties of his APPOINTMENT to the board of directors, was appointed. Now for almost 90 days Joseph goes silent as if when he magically appears again we would all forget about him and his past indiscretions, such as operating in states other than the one your properly licensed to conduct business in and now there is scuttlebutt that good ‘ol Joe has not paid Labor!!!


Now Joseph has resurfaced in a very official capacity. He has resurfaced as an Experienced Mortgage Field Service Advisor…along with the CEO and business development thingy he claims to do.

For a minute I thought I was losing my mind this morning as the Sumatra Mandheling swirled around the office, then I realized that nagging tug at the canyons of my mind was just Little Man coming for his Sunday Morning conversation and a cup of coffee…and of course Little Man always comes with some very entertaining questions and logic when concerning the PPI.


So how is this guy suddenly an Experienced Advisor?


Well Little Man, I’m sure that Joseph has some qualifications to advise people.


Yeah but is the advice solid or is the advice geared to steer people to that goofy organization that illegally appointed him to the Board of Directors???


Now there is something to ponder isn’t it??


Here is my Question…How can someone that has been illegally appointed to a position go into social media and say this???

Joe Hummel

CEO, Business Development, Experienced Mortgage Field Service Advisor

I think background checks are important. Our industry needs more transparency, and a great place to start is with the ground level. Investors feel more secure when they know more about their asset- even if it is just the person who is working on it.

Criminal background checks are standard for the vast majority, and a specialized group of businesses have worked together to assist that need for transparency within MFS. Some tech companies have streamlined the process on how our specialized checks are performed, and have integrated with a few investors. Their resources in the field already use this process- Aspen Grove.

I feel that the effort to confine the ability to free market the check services and procedures, severely hurt the ability for new ideas to transform with collaboration, and outside companies come in to drive the market- for the most part, the majority of the industry is not affected by the required screening specifics..

Dealing with assets within regulation call for a strict screening process. That process is evolving with more stringent requirements. This is all for a select group of investors. I am sure there are investors and servicers that do not require specific companies/services to perform specific back ground checks, and more or less require proof of one. But, I would consider the rest considering a more “narrow” approach to streamline in the future.

Well I see you’ve been busy Little Man!! I’m not sure that I would have allowed Joseph to say anything if I was involved with his illegal appointment, So Why Herr Miller has allowed Joseph to speak at this time can only mean one thing…NAMFS desperately needs to start fund raising.

Wasn’t there something about NAMFS operating in the RED for the past couple of years???

Yes, I believe there was something on Foreclosurepedia last week, MY you have been busy this week Little Man.

Well there is something ROTTEN in Denmark as they say…only in this case Denmark is..

I know I know Denmark is NAMFS…we got that part Little Man.

So do you think Joe bought his appointment?

Well now there is an interesting train of thought.

Well NAMFS is having cash flow issues. Sort of ironic in way, their members cause cash flow issues for Labor and now the member’s dues are not enough to float the organization between fund raising events, I think that guy calls them Fraud Fest or something like that.

I believe you’re correct Little Man. The Lunatic in the Bunker does refer to the events as Fraud Fest. My understanding is that those events have not been too successful in raising the needed funds to keep the organization financially solvent.

That brings me back to this Joe guy. Do you think he bought his appointment???

Well Little Man, he certainly did not follow the organizations Bi-Laws or any type of rules governing his appointment.

So he was never elected like the Bi-Laws stipulate??

To my knowledge Little Man, there never was an election. However, I’m not a member of NAMFS, so I would not have been notified of any election. Members tell me though; there was no election that they were asked to participate in. So in my humble opinion it is not only an appointment, it is an illegal appointment as to be on the board of directors you must be elected.

So how does one disappear from the radar, especially one who was so vocal about you?? Didn’t he pull the “P” card one time trying to shut you up?

Good memory Little Man. Yes he did when I called him out for operating illegally in North Carolina. Some business advisor, huh??? Not even properly licensed to conduct business in a place and you’re going to sell yourself as an advisor?

Hope he’s not too expensive for his marks…

Now Little Man let’s not get carried away, I’m sure Joseph can offer some sound advice to young entrepreneurs.

Like what? Join NAMFS and allow us to show you how to circumvent every business law there is and while he’s at it he can show them how not to pay for the work they have completed? Do people really pay for directions on how to break the law??

Boy if it was that easy we’d have a lot of consultants in the world!!! But you do make some great points, Little Man. I’m not real sure but I’m guessing that QC University has failed as no one is touting the ridiculous package of drivel they were attempting to peddle. But to tell the truth, I’m not sure anyone with common sense would want to have an illegal member of any organization to advise them do you?

Well I have I have listened to some of the second and third level order mills that are members and those folks couldn’t pour water form a boot with directions on the heal!!!

You do have a point Little Man. Perhaps Joseph can be successful in this new adventure.

OK Now that we have this figured out, how do we stop the rolly-polly panda looking character???

Now come on Little Man, let’s not get into beating up on the fat-man this is Saturday not Fat Tuesday and it’s not nice to comment on peoples weight. It is in fact a little rude Little Man.

Rude??? This dude is rude!!!! Didn’t he even taunt you at one time saying something about he’d give you a job when you were unemployed???

Yes Little Man he did. Not very wise I know but also not a reason to comment on his dietary habits and talk about the enormous waist line…

OK…OK   man you take all the fun out of everything!!!

I know this politically correct stuff is starting to work me but sometimes it is the right thing to do.


Now Little Man, remember the honey thing…

I don’t want no honey or no flies I just want to talk about this new dumpy looking guy that is deceiving everyone in the Property Preservation Industry.

You mean you don’t want to bang Mr. Miller today???

Naw…that is like beating a dead horse. Even though he is responsible for Joe’s illegal appointment, did he get a raise?

Not to my knowledge, why do you ask?

Well I was thinking that if NAMFS is having cash flow issues perhaps he could give up a month of his salary. Doesn’t he make about ten thousand a month?

Something like that Little Man. I know it is a lot more than others make. That is what makes things so obscene when it comes to Mr. Miller supervising crime on a daily basis. He makes more than police officers and he doesn’t have to worry about being shot at every day as part of his job…not yet at least?

You mean you…

No NO NO…I don’t mean anything. Just saying, sooner or later if things continue down the road they are going someone will flip and go Postal as they say.

Well I thought those new guys just had something happen and they will change things?

Awe Little Man you are up on your current events today!!! Yes the New Guys, as you refer to them, the International Association of Filed Service Technicians.

Yes that’s the one!!!!!

Well they have done something that NAMFS has refused to do and that is assist in a monetary dispute and resolve the issue between Labor and Management.

Wasn’t that guy up…

Now you know we can’t talk about that and that the parties can’t talk because of the process and the disclosure attached to the negotiations.

Yeah I know but ain’t folks dying to know???

Well probably but ain’t no one gonna die of they don’t know…and who are we to pretend we know???

Well I just threw a dart at the board and was gonna…

Now Little Man you sound like a used car salesman!!!!

Hey ‘nough talk like that I’m not a NAMFS member!!!!!


So do you think this IAFST group can make a difference?

They already have Little Man. They succeeded in an area of the industry where others have refused to go so in that respect they have already accomplished something for Labor that no one before us has been able to accomplish.

So then things are good for the Property Preservation Industry??

Well I would say they are better today than yesterday…

But not as much as tomorrow???

You do like your Rock-n-Roll Little man…yes, not as much as tomorrow…

Hey can I get another cup of the Sumatra before I go???

Certainly Little Man…

As poured Little Man another cup and the steam  swirled around Little Man’s head he looked at me with that puzzled look. What about the guy with the waist line???

Well Perhaps he will be able to dodge the bullets when they start to fly…you know when folks make a bed eventually they have to lie in it…

You mean like you did???

Yeah like I did Little Man, like I did…

So as we sat a enjoyed the warmth of the sun rising as it caressed our cheeks and splashed off our faces with the rich Sumatra Mandheling coffee aroma swirling around our heads, Little Man shrugged…

Well it’s not like they don’t deserve the bed they going to have to lie in…

Can’t argue with that…

Well I gotta go see you next time…

Take care Little Man…

As he skipped back into the recesses of my mind Little Man paused for a second and over his shoulder…

Oh Yeah!!!!! Almost forget…Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening….


Written by; Aaron Aveiro

Photograph courtesy Led Zepplin IV

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership