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Here to Serve Our Community
Here to Serve Our Community

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The Stage coach Community center hosts the Senior Bingo Nights and assists with youth programs in the community.

Come on out say hello

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There are 8 games for the Kids Carnival with a Bounce House and Dunk Tank as well as Professional Face Painter Booth.  Raffle Drawings will go on throughout the day — YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE PRESENT TO WIN.  Raffle tickets are $1.00 each or 6 for $5.00.  The Reno Blue Knights Motorcycle Group will be there as a Show and Shine display. The Community Chambers of Commerce, Girl Scouts, Silver Stage Leadership Group, Friends of the Libraries, ARGONN – Animal Rescue Group of Northern Nevada and Cassidy Davis from Northern Nevada Hotspot.

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Road Runner Café  —  $25.00 Gift Certificate

Road Runner Café  —   $25.00 Gift Certificate

Artwork by Jayne Adams  —    Framed Cabin in the Snow


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NAMFS, the PPI, and Some Insight From Bret Douglas

And of course, the burning What If, question…

Contact us today for your consultation.
Contact us today for your consultation.

This past Sunday Morning Fodder’s article pointed some fingers  in response to many of the inquiries and comments that people sent me about National Association of Mortgage Field Services member Bret Douglas. I stated in the article that the journalist in me had no choice but to ask some difficult questions and bring up some points that many in the industry wanted answers to. I was able to catch up with Bret Douglas of Team Ironclad…So every one knows we did this interview on Monday, this morning about 4:45 PST I received a call from Bret…he saw my Sunday Morning Fodder article…We had a good laugh, here is the interview. We had a good laugh and Bret has even sent some of the questions to Eric Miller and there is a possibility that we may have a comment or two from Mr. Miller himself…never know…hey stranger things have happened!!!!

Bret Douglas of Ironclad and  Eric Miller, Executive Director of NAMFS...Possible Labor Representarive on the BOD of NAMFS???
Bret Douglas of Ironclad and Eric Miller, Executive Director of NAMFS…Possible Labor Representarive on the BOD of NAMFS???

You have had a very tumultuous couple of years…Personal issues, Business issues, Downsizing and even vehicle fires, yet you have found a way to persevere.

Here is your chance to give some sage advice to those Entrepreneurs whom wish to give up at the first little bump in the road…

Bret: As for Team Ironclad, we have struggled each year to maintain our ability to keep our team members employed during difficult times. We have had disaster hit us each year. I have agonized over our choice to be a w2 firm but in the end I have always felt it was the best way to go. We have been blessed to have great clients.

One year it was McCall field services
The next was Cyprexx
Then NFN
Then Altisource through their subs.

Today we are blessed to have MM Mortgage, PTC, VRM, Coastal Mortgage,
Guardian asset.

A good client will be loyal and send you work, be proactive, get your work in on time, network with other companies.

As Military Vet you’ve had a hand, albeit a small one, never-the-less you have carried on the long and honorable tradition that American Veterans have provided to Americans that started 1776. Protecting our first Amendment…You know as many others I have been very vocal on the Monsanto GMO issues and how our Government has sold it citizens out in regards to our food supply…

Does the Vet in you get angry that our own Government expected and demanded you to represent them yet refuse to listen to 90% of their peoples. Or….The Father in you that wants to put the safest food possible on the table for your children???

Bret: I believe we must truly believe in a force greater than us. I have placed my faith in the lord. I have been on my knees so often sometimes I can’t get up. I have stumbled and fallen but the Lord has always been there as I stood up, dusted myself off and started on the path again.We all make mistakes and judge others. Aaron, in some ways you are lucky, you have told everyone about your mistakes early in your life. You have proven yourself for many years. I have struggled with the demons of my past for twenty something years.

We are not perfect. We are Human and learn each day. I am angered about Monsanto  the government has been cozy for many years with them in fact that firm supplied the 24d which created agent Orange in Vietnam. How many of my brothers fell to cancer?

Your company and yourself have been privy to several of the education platforms out there….I think we all know “everyone’s” is the best! However, what are your thoughts on a Neutral 3rd party providing some sort of Industry Standard of Education and Training for Certification.

Bret: I believe education and standards are a huge problem; right now there is no autonomy in the industry, there has to be autonomy. I lose about five thousand dollars a week due to my crews not reading work orders properly.

I believe a third party provider would be awesome, an organization designed to provide education and training programs to the industry provides some autonomy and provides some respectability, something the industry desperately needs

With the upcoming elections for the national Association of Mortgage Field Services coming up….and I ask this in light of all the turmoil in the industry…Do you think it would help NAMFS’s image if they made more of an effort to allow Labor as a whole in on more information about the electoral process and results…

Bret: I have a dream that management and labor can meet at the table, that nationals can come together that the unity of many is greater than the strength of one….

You recently asked me how big Nevada was…when I responded you were aghast and asked…How do you provide coverage with the fees today…I know as a W-2 company pricing has taken a tool on you guys…Understanding the Labor end of the Equation…what do you think needs to happen to bring some semblance to the industry?

Bret: We are all looking for that superhero. But he’s all ready here, it‘s you and I and everyone reading this article. We must stand up and be counted. Our voices must rise together to create such a clamor that we will be heard.

Change is inevitable….

That said…Let’s play make Believe for a second…As the Executive Director of NAMFS…What would you do to bring all parties together To provide the Clients with a product that had Quality Value and Consistency????

Bret: I believe in make believe, however, I believe the position of executive director is a difficult one. Strong, yet contained, fiercely passionate, yet must remain neutral.

I couldn’t do that job. I need a muzzle often and I’m quick to speak or post. I believe in the greater good however, I will agree Aaron, we have a lot of work ahead of us. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get started…

When are the elections?

Bret: The elections take place at the annual conference. This year in beautiful New Orleans.

If you know of other nominations for the BOD; Any chance a list of candidates available???

Bret: We basically nominate candidates and the board narrows down the field before the general group votes on them.

You have been vocal in the past about bad members…what efforts would you make to change the status quo of Speak no evil…see no evil…hear no evil??


Bret: I believe it is time for change. We have had good boards but I believe we are stuck in a rut. We are slow to decide. I believe we need to make choices faster and push for results on a tighter turn time. Our clients demonstrate this every day. Why can’t we as a premium association set the pace?

I also believe we need to do more for members and non members, in fact in Florida our FAST Association has had multiple members join NAMFS after multiple interactions with Eric Miller and other NAMFS mentors.

As an organization that bills itself as the Industry Leader…basically for “it’s” members only…what type of changes would you like to see the organization take on???

Bret: I still believe in a ethics committee. I don’t know how it would commence but I believe it’s vital to rebuild trust in our association.

Aaron, you and others like Paul Williams have been persistent in exposing fraud and graft. I believe in that mission. I support removing bad members. They sully our reputation and honor. I believe in bringing bad clients to the light.

Keep on from the outside. I and others will fight from within. I do not need to be voted on the board but a person from labor must come to the table.

Thank you, Aaron for inviting us to another fabulous interview it‘s always a pleasure to sit down with you and discuss our industry.

Hey Folks…

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs courtesy Aaron Aveiro and Bret Douglas

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership.



Sunday Morning Fodder… The NAMFS Membership

Is labor just receiving Lip Service???

President Barack "Lip Service" Obama
President Barack “Lip Service” Obama

As the Sumatra Mandheling swirled around my head filling my nostrils with that familiar rich aroma clearing to fog from the eyes and brain I thought about the PPI and the state of flux it is in.

The fact that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, (NAMFS),  is about to hold an election in addition to their annual Fraud Fest and everyone that supports to organization has gone silent in social media, except Bret Douglas, I got to thinking about those whom do support NAMFS and the NAMFS Membership, that claim to be Labor.

I also thought about those that committed to interviews, there have been several over the past six months and have yet to actually stand behind their word. But then again this is not anything new. For some time now I have supported members that claim they are Labor. What I’m starting to find out is that one of in particular, Bret Douglas, even though Mr. Douglas, the Founder of Ironclad Preservation down in Florida…well allow me to be diplomatic here…ya I know, but for just a minute indulge me.

Two years ago Austyn Korpi then a administrative assistant for Team Ironclad took a test for QC University. She also gave a review. There were then discussions about NAARPI International’s Education and Training Programs that have been designed around the PPI and Austyn took a sample course and test with NAARPI International,(NI).

There was no contest in which program was better and provided the comprehensive education and information to assist one in becoming knowledgeable and provide complete services to the PPI. NI blew the Quack Club right out of the water. Not that NI was trying to “WIN” any sort of competition, NI was just showing the PPI they have a solid product and that NI was ready to assist the  NAMFS Membership with the education and training with their ACCREDITTED EDUCATION Programs from a neutral third party.

I’m sure you’ll all remember the trip to Dallas the Mr. Douglas made meeting with me and John Allen for NI Education Summit. At that time several folks from the Mid-West came to Dallas to participate in instructor lead classes and testing. I even gave a 45 minute presentation on Business 101 subjects and how to avoid some of the pitfalls that many New Entrepreneurs face when entering the PPI.

At that Time Mr. Douglas committed to have NI courses taught to his employees. For whatever reason, this is something that has never come to fruition. Something else that has never come to fruition is the interviews that Mr. Douglas has committed to.

Everyone knows that Mr. Douglas and Ironclad is a W-2 company. Translated, he has employees to complete services in the PPI. The organization is also apart  of the NAMFS  Membership.

Mr. Douglas is a staunch supporter of the organization regardless of how many crimes the members commit Mr. Douglas does not waiver from his support of NAMFS and the NAMFS Membership, unlike his other commitments in the industry.

So I have to ask the burning question…since I have been recently receiving several disturbing tidbits of information…Has Mr. Douglas been Like President Barack Obama by being a decoy and providing Lip Service to Labor for Eric Miller???

Personally I try to give the benefit of the doubt. However, I’m seriously starting to wonder as the masses in the social media platforms that read and listen to Mr. Douglas are all screaming the same thing…TWO-FACED, Hypocritical, Wishy-Washy, Deceptive, Insincere, self-righteous, Double-Dealing to name a few of the adjectives that have come across my desk lately.

And I understand…why everyone is saying what they are saying as this is a recent comment in social media from Mr. Douglas.

I believe in Namfs and its mission.yes we admit there are bad members and corruption is abounded in our industry

But truth be told there is no other option to get our voice heard by the banks directly.they are starting to listen to Namfs.

Let’s make that voice a great one,one that is recognized by big,small and individual workers.

Wait just a minute…Here we have Mr. Douglas supporting an organization and at the same time says the organization is riff with corruption. In addition if the banks are listening to NAMFS Membership then why do NAMFS Membership continue to drop pricing ??? Why are the banks allowing the NAMFS Membership to conduct a pyramid scheme of multi-layering of “Subbing” to continue? Why are the Banks allowing the NAMFS Membership to commit crimes subbing their work orders? Oh that’s right they’re Too Big To Fail. While I understand all the adjectives used to describe Mr. Douglas one seems to continue to come to mind…one that no one has said. Perhaps they have not thought about how Hummel was a distraction and fall guy for the Mighty NAMFS…Whipping Boy…

Yes it seems to me and others have brought this up over and over. Mr. Douglas and his company took…according to Mr. Douglas..a nonpayment of over $100.000.00. Now understanding business Mr. Douglas should only actually be out around 70 maybe 80k if the 100k is accurate. Still, I ask you how many companies can take a financial hit like that and not file bankruptcy in the Property Preservation Industry. Only corporations like Chrysler or Monsanto can withstand that kind of loss and not go belly up. What W-2 company would continue to allow an organization’s members, the NAMFS Membership to cheat them out of monies and not file an ethics complaint and ask for an investigation. Furthermore what Company would allow the NAMFS Membership to continuously commit crimes against this country’s Vets, Women and Men that are struggling g to make ends meet?

I have met Mr. Douglas and as any man Mr. Douglas has demons…we all do…if you claim you don’t you only lying to yourself. That said Mr. Douglas is a decent guy. Family oriented and a hard worker. He was on the front lines providing medical aid to our troops in the Middle East and I’m sure Mr. Douglas saw things that would break many a man and woman. To his credit he has persevered the horrors of war and came home to his family and started a business and has been successful in that regard.

I don’t like to beat people up in my writings…I get no thrill at throwing Eric Miller around like a ragdoll in a pit bulls mouth but hey he deserves it as it is his duty to see that the organization he is the Executive Director of; it is his duty to protect the image and reputation of NAMFS and the NAMFS Membership…and what has he done???? He has done squat, he will not disavow the bad members and have them removed. No Miller only supervises and condones the crime wave the NAMFS Membership has created. When asked a direct question in this regard Miller claims that NAMFS is not a “policing agency”, therefore there is no control over the NAMFS Membership. Excuse me but the organization has Bi-Laws and Cannons & Standards, which are not enforced. As an Executive Director it is his duty, to protect integrity the NAMFS Membership, not become an accessory to crime. Just as it is every member’s responsibility to protect the reputation of the organization by being honorable members and not cheats.

For all of you that wish to defend Miller…allow him to speak for himself…your comments about how he’s a nice guy is nothing but poppycock and it means that you also condone the criminal actions of the NAMFS Membership. This is another open invitation and opportunity for Eric Miller to step up and conduct an interview with me to clear the air, of you will about the ‘bad’ members of the NAMFS Membership.

To all you Eric Miller supporters I ask you this…Would Eric Miller allow the NAMFS  Membership to screw over a family member? What if it was Bret Miller getting beat for 100k by someone 1000 miles away operating without the proper licensing to conduct business in Florida???

That’s what I thought…and if you said yes to that question you’re as naïve as it gets!!!!! You are fooling yourself. Bet if Miller’s kid was in the industry and got beat by Heather Berghorst that an investigation would have occurred and Heather would have been bounced on her sweet little ass right out the door on her way to jail.

Now back to our subject matter…I like Bret, he’s a decent guy. However, as one whom has taken the torch of exposing the ills of the PPI cannot ignore what the people are saying throughout the industry. As a member of the media I have a responsibility to say something no matter how difficult it is.

While I do understand attempting to make changes from within an organization the truth is that in order to facilitate change within NAMFS membership it will take every member of Labor to become a member of NAMFS and therein lies the dichotomy…

Because of the current  NAMFS Membership 98.9% of Labor cannot afford the membership. Therefore when Mr. Douglas speaks of change in the organization, while noble and commendable,  it is nothing more than Lip Service to Labor.

That brings up another ugly word…conspiracy…because if this is fact and is true then there has been conversation about things…You’ll notice that Miller made it to Mr. Douglas’s FAST event. An event that was to host ALL the Education platforms so Labor could decide for themselves…Because of deception on NAMFS’s part and the NAMFS Mhipembers this never came to fruition. Something that Miller relished as he did not have to confront myself or John Allen of NAARPI International.

So where does this leave the PPI? Well I see new companies using contracts that read like a glorified EMPLOYMENT Contract and not an IC contract. Yes there is a whole batch of wide eyed Entrepreneurs just waiting to chomp at the bit and make their fortunes in the PPI, all asking the same question that the industry veterans answered for someone else three, four and five years ago. As Veterans of the PPI we all know that if you say no to a work order from the NAMFS Membership you become a “Cherry Picker” and your workload is cut off.

Say what you will; the bottom line is that every company involved in the PPI is controlled and directed by the NAMFS Membership, including but not limited to the Membership itself.

As the lawsuits mount against the NAMFS Membership, I receive more and more inquiries from law firms and prosecutor for crimes that the NAMFS Membership perpetrates against Labor.

In closing today’s Sunday Morning Fodder I ask you this.

When will Labor STOP allowing the NAMFS Membership to continue to perpetrate crimes against them????

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Written By Aaron Aveiro

Photograph Courtesy Google Images

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership


Is President Barack Obama in Monsanto’s Pocket???


In 2007 Then Presidential hopeful Barack Obama announced to the world that he would IMMEDIATELY institute food labeling. All Mr. Obama has done is appoint former Monsanto lawyers to our courts and agencies that are supposed to protect the American food supply.

Ladies and Gentleman I ask you; Do you truly understand our electoral process?  We as voters and “constituents” have the right to “recall” an elected official if they are not performing to our wishes. This is how we are supposed to act instead of coming together and conducting behaviors that would be considered “revolutionary“.

Am I a revolutionary because I say Mr. Obama is a liar? Are you a Revolutionary because you do not want Monsanto in our food supply???

90+% of the American people want food labeling. So why don’t we have proper food labeling??? Don’t you think it is time to demand that our elected officials start doing the job we hired them to do??? make no mistake Ladies and Gentleman, you have hired the elected officials in Washington DC that are selling us out to line their pockets with political influence from Monsanto. They are in Washington DC to represent us not BIG BUSINESS like MONSANTO.

Remember Ladies and Gentleman…Monsanto is just one of the companies that is a member og what has become known as the Big 6 Ag Companies. BASF, Bayer, Dupont, Dow Chemical Company, Monsanto, and Syngenta.

Do your elected officials have political contributions form any of those companies???? Something you may want to look into….

Also of note…Monsanto knew that their products were not “Substantially Equivalent” , as the internal emails state. The information in the emails is directly contrary to Micheal Taylor’s policy.

Here is a list of Politicians that are in Monsanto’s pocket.

Again I ask you good people.


On July 23, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill which is intended to permanently prevent passage of any state or federal law mandating the labeling of GMOs in your food.

H.R. 1599 is now before the U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry. A Senate version of the bill is expected to be introduced soon.


Please ask President Obama to pledge that he will veto H.R. 1599or any similar bill that would preempt GMO labeling laws.

In respect to this video…President Obama…with all due respect…YOU’RE A LIAR~!!!!


There are two excellent reasons he should do this.

First, President Obama promised labels on GMO foods, in a campaign speech he gave in 2007, in Iowa. He said, “Here’s what I’ll do as President . . . . We’ll let folks know whether their food has been genetically modified, because Americans should know what they’re buying.”


Second, on May 20, 2009, President Obama issued an Executive Order against passing federal laws that preempt state laws. In a memorandum to heads of executive departments and agencies, the President wrote that “preemption of State law by executive departments and agencies should be undertaken only with full consideration of the legitimate prerogatives of the States and with a sufficient legal basis for preemption.”


In other words, he said, don’t preempt state laws unless you are on sound legal ground. According to the latest legal analysis of H.R. 1599, and according to a recent ruling by a federal judge on Vermont’s GMO labeling law (Act 20), there is no constitutional basis for preempting state GMO labeling laws.


H.R. 1599 was introduced in the House by Rep. Mike Pompeo (R-Kan.). It’s called the “The Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act,” a name created to intentionally deceive busy lawmakers into thinking this bill is good for consumers.


We call it the DARK (Deny Americans the Right to Know) Act, because that’s what it actually does. It gives Monsanto the legal right to deceive consumers about what’s in their food.

A recent report says that since 2013, Monsanto and Big Food have spent $143 million in lobbying expenditures that mentioned GMO labeling. And those 275 U.S. Representatives who voted for H.R. 1599? They took in $29.9 million in contributions from agribusiness and Big Food, in 2014 alone.


We need to pressure our Senators to reject H.R. 1599 and to support mandatory labeling laws. But we also need to hold President Obama accountable for his campaign promise and remind him of his Executive Order on Preemption.

Please ask President Obama to pledge to veto the DARK Act, or any bill that would preempt GMO labeling laws.

Here is a movie/documentary you should watch. This will help you understand the extent of Monsanto’s reach in our government.


One would have to  think that the judges in cases involving Monsanto are also paid for…IMHO…..


Written by Aaron Aveiro and Organic Consumer Organization

Photograph courtesy Organic Consumer Organization

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership