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*** FLASH: Joe Hummel Illegally Appointed To NAMFS Regime Board. Contact us for petition information on having NAMFS shut down for supervising criminal activity in the Mortgage Service Industry


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BREAKING NEWS……..NFN Insolvent????

Sad day for NFN…..


We are receiving reports…unconfirmed at this time… that JJ Batts has quit working with NFN, many of you will remember that JJ Batts, was with Field Asset Services prior to the Assurant and FAS merger.

Should this rumor be true one definitely has to ask;

Is NFN insolvent and what type of problems are on the horizon for NFN?

Many of you will remember that NFN, the National Field Network had financial issues reported in Foreclosurepedia this past year or so. With an industry veteran like Mr. Batts, (if rumors are true), to walk away from a coveted position  on a national level speaks volumes. We will follow NFN and see if in fact they are insolvent or if Mr. Batts saw the writing on the wall in regards to the reported financial issues that have been reported.

JJ Batts has always supported labor and offered advice in community discussions. As one that advocates for Labor I certainly hope that was a decision that was best for JJ and his family.

Either way we wish Mr. Batts the best of luck with his next adventure. We’re sure no matter where he lands the company picking him up will be in a much better position than they were yesterday…Good Luck JJ.


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership.

Hump Day Afternoon Fodder….

“Yes, it really is yours truly behind these words.”

Social Media creates a 24/7/365 environment.

Social Media creates a 24/7/365 environment.


That is from Richard Branson, found at the Virgin Group. That statement speaks volumes about what is said in Social Media. I’m not sure why people want to get upset about what they say. If you’re going to be upset when you get called out over something you PUT IN PRINT IN SOCIAL MEDIA….Then you should probably keep your mouth shut and your hands in mittens.

Same if you don’t want your photo plastered all over “professional sites” then keep your mouth shut, don’t place your photos on FaceBook, Linkedin, Pinterest, or any other social media network.

What you don’t get to do is get all upset when someone “Quotes” your commentary and uses it for fodder. One of the first rules of social media is to make sure everything you post is absolutely authentic. You don’t get any more authentic than using a quote from someone. Social Media has become a force to be reckoned with if you’re a business owner.

Whether you are a mom and pop shop or you have 500 employees one should really consider a Social Media Policy for their company. However, this is not to plug our services, this is to point out that once you place something into Social Media it becomes fair game. Even if you place it there for 30 seconds. If someone snatches it and writes on it or creates an article on the subject matter…you live with it.

If you don’t want people to call you on your statements or actions then think twice about what you do.

Here is what you do not get to do. You do not get to call me crying over spilt milk in some sissified bitch mode cuz your face is all over professional websites. If you don’t want your photo out there then don’t post a photo ANYWHERE…to demonstrate what I’m talking about I Googled the name Nakia Hayes Agnew  then clicked Images and WOW look what pops up!!!!

Sorry to pick on you Nakia but I’m sure everyone understands the point I’m making. Now perhaps Nakia was upset because she needed some sort of anonymity from the public view as now people are starting to enter threads and comment about her company, just like a majority of companies with the “subbing” business model, people are starting to make financial impropriety claims against her company. Now I have not confirmed nor do I want to even investigate these claims. Therefore I have nothing to say about that. However, the fact that claims have been made states there may be an issue. Myself I will no longer get involved with these issues if the claimants will not go forward with the filing of proper complaints with the proper authorities.

Here’s the thing folks…many of you know of the antics of the Mutt and Jeff team. Many of you have defended me on my position in the Property Preservation Industry. Those of you that have know well enough that I never run from me or what I say. You also know that I OWN WHAT I DO AND SAY. Do I make mistakes..yes…just like you I put my pants on one leg at a time and my shit stinks. However, when I say something I stand behind it. When I do something it is mine all alone. No one holds a gun to your head while your cruzzing the afterhours internet bar called Facebook to place your fingers on the keyboard and make a comment. You do that from the privacy of your home, car, or wherever you may be at the time.

Now I’m not sure why people think they are special and can say anything they wish without reprisal but it sure is something when someone cries over a comment they made.

Lately much of the hullabaloo among PPI persons has been over the bashing of labor in the PPI.

What the hell is it with all you morons? I don’t care if you’re an accountant claiming to be the company owner, and a women owned business…all the while describing violations of the SBA 8(a) regulations or the person that does all the work. You may be an accountant, but without YOUR LABOR the numbers do not get crunched. If your CEO is a Male…you do not have a women owned business as defined by the SBA 8(a) regulations. The point here is this…it does not matter what is done in this universe…labor completes the task.

Now we have Ms Bartlett Berry claiming…

Terri Berry

Let me clarify a few things: 1. Our firm has not made a decision on joining any organization based on several factors. No one will make this decision for us. 2. Everyone that works for us is a true employee that receives a payroll check every week.

Now how Terry can say her company is not Boots on the Ground and have nothing but employees is beyond me. How Terry could even think of speaking negatively in regards to Labor in the PPI is also beyond me.

Just me but IMHO…Miller whispered in the ear he needs a new secretary. And well, golly-gee Gomer if she don’t come out the following week after the whispers and starts spouting Miller hogwash about being a Mortgage Field Service Professional. Gee-Wizz, does that mean she will be the next subber that we all write about stealing from the Boots???

Personally I do not care what Ms Berry calls herself. Personally I do not care that Nakia is being juvenile about me using a comment she made..a comment mind you that validated what I have been saying for the past 6 years. I don’t care about any of these people, they don’t pay my bills and they are not all that and a bag of chips..

What I do care about is the fact that the NAMFS membership knowing what they are doing is wrong and only one member speaks out. Everyone else that may run a good company and is a member…PAY VERY CLOSE ATTENTION HERE NAMFS MEMBERS.

Every NAMFS Member knows what is going on yet they say nothing. It’s a good ‘ol boys club as evidenced by all the pasty white men on the board of directors.  The organization is a group of members subbing to members. This is an exclusive pay for play club. A club that continually cheats, and steals not only from the BOOTS but they steal from each other and our government… AMS SCREENSHOTS…You’re an accessory…You know it is going on and say noting. You do not ask for an investigation. You do not say you disagree with that type of business practice. You do not ask that the Board of Directors enforce the Canons and Standards and the entire organization has ZERO integrity..that is right every member that sits silent with the “No Evil” monkey’s you have  zip for integrity. In addition I have only heard one member speak out about the illegal appointment and election of Joseph Hummel. That telegraphs what the organization is all (9)

The government wants to stop food stamps, but yet it is OK with all you sniveling cry-babies that our government is ripped off for billions of dollars a year by the very same people that are stealing money from your child’s mouth. Perhaps if HUD and Fannie Mae had not been bilked for monies there would be enough funds for the SNAP program.

Here is the bottom line folks…If you’re going to participate in Social Media Groups be prepared to answer for your comments. Be prepared to stand behind what you say. If you make a mistake as all human beings do on occasion …then own it and clean up your mess. But do not come sniveling like some half drowned puppy crawling out of the sewer about how you don’t want to be quoted. You think Paul and I are bad??? Hey step into the presidents shoes. He and his family have to deal with every Social Media outlet, every newspaper and talk show IN THE WORLD quoting him and his family on a daily basis…

You all claim to be adults…don’t you think it is time you grow up??


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs Courtesy Google Images

Opinions do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership

Monday Afternoon Fodder….Eric Miller Accessory to Federal Criminal Activity?

By Virtue of silence to the membership’s criminal activity, Accessory after the fact???

Eric "you must have my permission to assemble" Miller, Executive Director and Master Puppetier of NAMFS

Eric “you must have my permission to assemble” Miller, Executive Director and Master Puppetier of NAMFS


Eric Miller and his deception to the entire Property Preservation Industry(PPI), have gotten to be a serious issue for Labor in the PPI. Recently Miller told John Allen  by and through a NAMFS member that he would not be attending the FAST Conference. John Allen was going to attend based on the premise the ALL education providers would be present. When Miller informed everyone that he would not be attending if, Paul Williams or I would be in attendance., knowing that Mr. Williams would be there Mr. Allen cancelled his arrangements. Miller went further and informed everyone the day before the event that he would not be attending.

An eleventh hour appearance by Miller…was this to check on the Boots? Was Miller attempting to recruit for the NAMFS event? I believe he was. I believe that Miller is one of the most dangerous people involved in the Mortgage Field Service portion of the Real Estate industry. I say this as Miller is the Executive Director for the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, (NAMFS), an organization that claims to be a non-profit whose members routinely violate state and federal laws. However, the IRS states they have never issued a letter of determination for a non-profit status to NAMFS. Yet they collect monies as such???

It is becoming a little clearer now that Miller attended the FAST Conference in early August to recruit for the NAMFS Conference that was held a couple weeks later in Orlando Florida. Pretty crafty of you Miller, to sneak in at the eleventh hour in a vain attempt to recruit LABOR for the purpose of making them Mortgage Field Service Professionals so the big dog members can take advantage of them and steal their monies.

One thing Miller and the members of NAMFS that insist on subbing  the work to each other, in a unsustainable business model forget all the time is that no matter how many times you sub something out, eventually LABOR has to complete services. Something I started saying six years ago when the outsourcing process started in the PPI and NAMFS members started subbing the work to each other and removing layers of revenue that the Boots on the Ground should have been receiving, if they got paid at all.

What I find so ironic about Miller is his unprofessional behavior. Miller will not return phone calls or emails to people that are attempting to put everyone at the table. For the past six years now I have been stating the LABOR needs a seat at the table. We ask Miller in public forums to make contact. We send Miller emails, we place calls. No response. Not even a condescending no thank you has come from Miller, an Executive Director of an organization that claims;


Founded in 1988, The National Association of Mortgage Field Services was created to provide its membership with a voice to all parties within the Industry.  Members include Servicers, National Field Service Providers, Inspectors, Contractors and those offering industry-specific services.

 In other words if you’re not a member you do not count and it’s fine for the members to steal from you. What a crock of BS!!! This organization, by and through the membership has done nothing but create a serious divide in the PPI. They have stolen monies, robbed our country’s Vets, threatened physical violence on senior citizens, committed fraud on an unparalleled level, and participated in RICO violations and wire fraud. The financial improprieties are on a level that even Madoff has to love… The Miller Regime has done nothing but commit crime after crime and apparently Miller…Truth hurts…has no problem being an accessory to financial crimes. I’m guessing that Miller probably understands the concept of what type of prison country clubs white collar criminals go to to do their time.

One thing you gotta love is all the walking Oxy-Morons we have in the PPI. Could this Terry Bartlett Berry be the next in line to replace former disgraced secretary Heather Berghorst. The reason people like Heather Berghorst have been able to do what they do…Emplactors***…yes the folks that are incorrectly classified  employees being pawned off as Independent Contractors. Oh yes and they have to pay for their own background and credit check at the same time…It is my belief this is illegal and I’m currently having American Information Brokers research this for legal purposes.

At this time I can state the following in regards to this issue;

There are several background checks that you can consider as you build a profile of a future employee. Not all of them, however, are appropriate or even possible for every company. For example, how you may employ the information gleaned during a criminal background check when making hiring decisions varies from state to state. Furthermore, any check on an individual’s credit score or military service requires consent….let’s take this a step further…here is a disclaimer from a back ground checking internet site…

Notice: Information obtained from BeenVerified CANNOT be used as a factor in determining the individual’s eligibility for employment; tenancy; educational admission or benefits; personal credit, loans, or insurance; or for any other purpose prohibited by our Terms of Service….

So we not only have Miller, IMHO…pushing the illegal background issue through the membership, we have Miller condoning and facilitating every other crime the membership commits by virtue of silence. We have Miller via the membership forcing NAMFS Academy, (the education platform that NAMFS has never denied stealing from Mr. Preston when this issue came to light), on the Boots with the threat of deactivation…and we all know that means “fired”, so that NAMFS can generate for profit revenue. You have to wonder if Miller saw a Safeguard emplactor breaking into the house next door if he would observe or call the police and report a crime. I believe he would do the a fore mentioned and grab a cup of coffee and observe the crime. After all that is what he is doing today. He supervises criminal activity of the membership everyday and does nothing. Says nothing, just condones and is an accessory to the illegal activity.

Now Miller has a walking Oxy-Moron whom received whispering in her ear…running around badmouthing Labor all the while claiming to be a laborer… at the same time the organization under his supervision, ILLEGALLY, according the policies and regulations of the organization, elect Joseph Hummel to the Board of Directors. This flaunting of rules and regulations, while wanting everyone to get line and do the same and keep their mouths shut so the membership can be out-of-site, out-of-mind of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau(CFPB) and continue with the Financial Raping Assaults on Vets, Women, and other minorities, in addition to the other Boots performing the Labor.

I have reached out to Miller on several occasions. I have tried to afford some diplomacy to bring everyone to the table for conversation. Perhaps if I ponied up 12k for a member sponsorship he would afford me three minutes or a courtesy F*** off. But that is not the case with the disrespectful inconsiderate unprofessional Miller. I guess I shouldn’t feel slighted as others have reached out to Miller with the same results.

That is what NAMFS is about folks…the good members that do not speak out on the bad members are no better. Don McPherson, runs a very respectable operation in Florida. Don  is always defending the organization to me. However, you NEVER hear him speak out on the Criminal Activity by other members…accomplice…can you say that??? Johanna Granados, is another good member and runs a decent company like Don…says nothing. What does that tell you about the membership?

In addition the other members know what is going on, Altisource, Safeguard, Cyprexx, LPS AFAS…all these companies know when one of their vendors do not pay the Boots for the services. NONE of them will bust a grape in a wine factory…as long as they get the work completed and make their monies they are fine with everything….

As we get ready to move into Q4 and the next year, changes are coming. Get ready and be prepared or get left in the dust. Do you wish to file a complaint?

EVERYONE of you that has not been paid for your work needs to file a complaint with the CFPB. Is it that you do not know how to go about it???

If you need assistance to file a complaint contact me or Paul Williams…we’ll be here to assist just as we have for the past 6 years…..

I wonder if anyone has told Miller just because he resembles Tony Saprano that in itself does not make him a gangster…

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Written by: Aaron Aveiro

Photograph courtesy Google Images

Opinions expressed do not reflect that  of Aladay LLC Ownership

*** Emplactor is an incorrectly classified employee as a an Independent contractor with specificity to the Property Preservation Industry

Aladay Organic Farms…in the Studio with Kelly Rush…Tuesday SEPTEMBER 23, 9 TO 10 AM

SEPTEMBER 23, 2014 9 TO 10 AM 

Kelly Rush eating a Peruvian White Bullet ChiliLIVE on the air at America Matters

Kelly Rush eating a Peruvian White Bullet ChiliLIVE on the air at America Matters

I will be in the studio as a guest on  Kelly Rush’s show Gastro Gab.
We will have LIVE on the air tasting of Pico d Gallo style salsas with the following chilies…Chimaya, Peruvian White Bullets, Zimbabwe Birds, and Peruvian Gold Bullets.
The photos ar of Kelly eating Peruvian White Bullet on the air!!!!!
Come try your HOT chili eating skills live on the air….
Studio guests are welcome as are call in’s to the show….
Contact us or Kelly Rush for more details!!!

For information on how to participate in the tasting live on the air please go here…and leave Kelly an Email or contact me.

If you’d like to call the studio 885-790-8255 or locally 775-827-8900

101.3 on the FM dial or you can tune in via the internet

There will be room in the studio or at the tasting table for quests…stop by and say hello…

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Written by: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs: Aaron Aveiro.

Understanding Regulation ABII…

Live Roundtable Broadcast: The Impact and Implications of Regulation AB II

download (8)

Last Chance to Register –Late last month, in a 5 to 0 vote, the Securities and Exchange Commission adopted the long awaited Regulation AB II.

In taking this action, the commission said that “the financial crisis highlighted that investors and other participants in the securitization market did not have the necessary tools to be able to fully understand the risk underlying those securities.”


The SEC has responded by substantially revising the rules governing the sale of asset-backed securities.

This webinar brings together a distinguished panel of finance law and securities experts to discuss the new rules and their impact on issuers, underwriters and investors.

Last Chance to Register!

The panel will examine:

  • The new asset-level disclosure requirement
  • New disclosure for shelf offerings and prospectus delivery requirements
  • New certification and document requirements, including certification by the CEO of the depositor addressing the prospectus disclosure and the structure of the offering

Join us for a lively discussion to get a deeper understanding of Regulation AB II’s scope, regulatory requirements and how it will change the securitization market’s landscape.

Last Chance to Register!

Charles A. Sweet , Managing Director, Shared Legal Services Team

John Arnholz, Partner

Ian W. Sterling, Executive Director and Assistant General Counsel
New York office of J. P. Morgan

Steven Glynn, Vice President, Legal

Ryan M. O’Connor, Director & Counsel
Citigroup Global Markets Inc.

Don’t Miss Out. Last Chance to Register for Tomorrow’s Web Seminar!

Last Chance to Register
Tomorrow, September 16, 2014
2 pm ET/11 am PT
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The W-2 Business Model and the PPI… Part 2

Part two of our interview with Bret Douglas, Founder of Team Ironclad…


In part two of our interview with Bret Douglas, Founder of Ironclad Preservation or Team Ironclad as they have become known, we discuss employee/employer relationships and how to make the W-2 Business Model work. Recently Bret’s company hosted the FAST conference for labor at their facility in Orange City. With the event being a huge step forward for labor in the Property Preservation Industry in regards to bringing labor throughout the industry together.

Today we look at the inner workings of Team Ironclad and how they make what many are saying is the direction the industry is going to go.


So whether you feel that the Boots on the Ground people that get the work done in the industry, or whether you feel that by hiring employees, that this prevents you from growing as a business you should start paying attention. The attitudes…I have a business license as our Pink infatuated friend in Virginia seems to believe, or that “I have a business License, I can’t be an Employee…

Bret Douglas...Founder Ironclad Preservation Inc.

Bret Douglas…Founder Ironclad Preservation Inc.

You all have a thing or two coming….Especially all the Mortgage Filed Service Professionals.

Cleaning Supplies ...One of the many supply rooms at Ironclad

Cleaning Supplies
…One of the many supply rooms at Ironclad


The reality of the industry folks are very simple…whether you are a Mom & Pop Shop or a one man show, or a company with 20+ employees, Labor has to complete the jobs in the PPI.  If you happy making less than minimum wage please do the rest of the Business Professionals in the PPI a HUGE favor and go to work for Mickey D’s and get the hell out of the PPI. You’re contributing to the hogwash mentality that is running rampant in the PPI and you are directly responsible for the decline of the Independent Contractor in the PPI.

If you’re SUBBING the work you really need to check yourself as the IRS and the Courts have already made the determination that you are not an Independent Contractor and in fact you are an Employee.

How all the idiots in the Facebook groups can believe that anything but LABOR completes the work, well you need some serious psychologizing!!!!  In addition every one of you that have badmouthed Labor in reference of the term Boots on the Ground…Terry, Rob, Kim, Mark, Dennis, Othon…I ask you…how do you magically get the services completed without Labor? Wheteher it is your labor or labor you have subbed to or an emplooyee. Labor completes the services. Period. Here is part two of our interview with Bret…

Is Ironclad a General Contractor or do have an affiliation with a local GC???

We are not GC’s at the moment. I intend to be a qualified GC by January 2nd of 2015. We intend to be able to write on all bids and pull permits as necessary as this industry moves towards REO to rental or reo to repair to sell.

As an employer you must provide a harmonious environment for workers and management. How do you keep this balance?

We actually do not have a worker or management type of setup. We are all empowered team members. We work usually one member to a truck unless it is a debris removal crew. We are all team ironclad. We all work towards our daily goals and expectations.

As one that supervised a W-2 company the key to our success was our field supervisors having the tools and knowledge to complete tasks. What do feel is the most important part of structure?

 Our industry is very complex each client has different requirements and expectations. When we understand clients needs then we can accomplish success.

Recently you stated that one day you’ll get a national contract. You have been in business long enough for “The Powers to Be” to have noticed…You can deliver…Why do you think no Nationals have come knocking?

 We are based in Florida all of the major players in Florida are locked into RFPs. CoreLogic, MCS, LPS, Altisource. These firms will not change their way of operating. Unfortunately the quality and and turn times suffer, sad to say but its their loss.

Your company has facilities resources  that many do not. How often do have company meetings?

 We hold weekly safety meetings and we strive to have training meetings once per month.

How does Ironclad provide education and training for your employees?

 We are blessed to have a state-of-the-art training room which can set up to 40 team members at once. We use power points and hand out literature to engage our staff. We recently built a mock-up of the facade of a house for training purposes and will soon be constructing a real reo block inside of a warehouse.

Recently one of your employees, Austyn Korpi, participated in QCU and NAARPI Internationals Free on line courses. She gave ringing endorsements to the NAARPI Program. Has that information assisting in any education and traing programs offered in the industry?

 We intend to use NAARPI International to train all our employees inspections and preservation. Look for an announcement from Paul Williams about the future of preservation training.

The biggest issue in the PPI is the multiple layers of “Subbing”. Tell everyone how as an employer how does  Ironclad provide everything that employers must provide…supplies, equipment etc.

We actually only do property preservation work. We have been doing it for a long time so we buy and use all the materials geared towards preservation work. We also store this in a two story 2000 sq. ft. facility.


As a Service Provider, our company has different divisions, inspections, landscape maintenance, etc. Does Ironclad?


We have PPO, REO, Maid, Grass, Debris and Special Operations Teams.


One the biggest issues we ran into with employees was that “I’m on the time clock so let’s work in slow motion”….With the PPI constantly working off “Time Frames” How do you avoid the lazy employee syndrome and keep employees motivated to work to stay within deadlines?


We motivate our people to understand time frames. Each task over the years we have a signed a general time to it. With leadership and coaching your crews can succeed. I feel that I have the greatest crew and office personnel at this point, then I’ve ever had at any point in the life of my business.


It has been well documented, and we have even reported on an ex-felon saving a mans life. you have had actually had a couple employees in that position. many feel that the BC issue  that is being forced upon the Contractors is illegal. Your thoughts???


I feel as does the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that’s a threat from servicers at the ground level do not warrant background checks. We are not God and as such we do not have the right to judge another human being. I believe as corrupt as the people are above us that everyone should be looked at and given a level of trust. We may always find a place for someone in our team regardless of his past . I guess if we were to judge Paul in the Bible before he was Paul when he was Saul,he was a very bad man in the leader among the Romans crucifying the Christians. But the Lord saw the beauty within the man and converted him to Paul and today he is regarded as one of the greatest disciples ever to follow Jesus.


Many of us out feel, and I for one have been very vocal over the past 6 years…Labor currently has no seat at the table and that this element is responsible for the fee structures becoming more difficult to work with. I have always felt that if ANY organization is to be an Industry leader they have to do a little more than “Just their members” With NAMFS being the largest Trade organization in the industry do you feel the organization should have a seat on the Board of Directors for labor?


Well let me be very vocal on this topic NAMFS in my opinion will not change. The core of the board has always been comprised of the same members how many people this year are past repeats ,hell, they even voted one on this year on illegal terms. If we can’t trust them to follow their own bylaws for leadership positions how can we expect to trust them in other matters involving the good of our community.

I for one can no longer believe in NAMFS leadership. they will cut corners to have board members that  think like they do. NAMFS is broken, only a fool couldn’t see it. The majority of people are looking for a new way ,  a new style of leadership. look to a regional presence from now on the National will no longer be sustained. that ship has sailed, it’s time to take the train, I think…


There is a lot of scuttle butt out there in regards to labor acknowledging you as a representative if NAMFS was to provide a seat on the board for labor. Would you accept a position like this so labor had a voice nationwide?


I am outspoken, I am labor .I will not falter, I will not fail .I am unwavering in the rights of my labor brothers and sisters. We will stand united. We will meet at the table. NAMS is in my humble opinion no longer a viable option. We have reached a blockade. We will seek out a new association for our needs. Stay tuned for more developments. In closing thank you Aaron, you have the courage to stand up and voice your opinions. Never give up and stay focused on our Boots on the Ground movements. You truly are a friend to labor and a voice that we cannot afford to lose




Lake City Office

Lake City Office



Corporate Headquarters

Corporate Headquarters

We will be speaking more with Bret as we examine the W-2 Business model. For those of you who claim you can not “Grow your Business” (Kim Savage!!!) using W-2 employees wake up and smell the coffee,(I would highly recommend Sumatra Mandheling). Currently our company only deal directly with lenders. Prior to that however, we had 27 employees. Our company literally went from 4 employees to 27 over night in addition we went from covering a 25 mile radius from our office to covering 12,000 square miles. That is growing your business…not adding zip codes to your coverage area and subbing the work out because you can not do all the work required when you increase your  logistics., which is an article for another day.

In closing I would like to address one of the people recently badmouthing Labor in the PPI…Terri Bartlett Berry stated and I quote…

I am not a worker or someone following someone else’s orders No BOOTS ON THE GROUND label for me.

I am a business minded laborer and entrepreneur that is educated and passionate about my industry. I AM A MORTGAGE FIELD SERVICE PROFESSIONAL.


Now I’ve highlighted the word LABORER in Ms. Bartlett Berry’s statement. Terry you are a walking Oxy-Moron…with a serious emphasis on MORON!!!!!!! While you’re banging labor with your holier than thou attitude you are saying you are labor and as labor you are being told how, when, and where, to perform said labor.

You may run your company but at the end of the day you perform the labor. Get a clue people. Not sure if Terri truly understands what she said or the position she has placed herself in by allowing Mr. Miller to whisper in her ear but I do believe the young lady has bitten off a little more than she can chew…Don’t you just love Social Media…Speaking of…we can assist in developing your companies Social Media Policies.


The reality of the PPI is this. No matter how many times the work is subbed out sooner or later it is LABOR that completes the work. Pull you head out of your proverbial asses folks and smell the roses. No matter how you attempt to justify you company’s business model at the end of the day LABOR completes the work. No matter how many certificates and licenses you hold, at the end of the day LABOR completes the work. No matter who says what, at the end of the day LABOR completes the work. No matter how you’re classified at the end of the day it is Labor that completes the work.

The photos Ms Savage posts of her performing a service like crawling on her hands and knees to get a photograph in a crawl space under a home…Pure and simple that is the definition of labor folks…You are viewing photographs of Kim Savage performing labor.


The courts have made the determinations. As with most things involving law, time crawls at a snail’s pace. However, once the courts get on the same page things move very fast. Hold on for a bumpy ride folks and you may want to get out of the way of Labor, as their voice is getting louder and louder….


W-2 Employees complete the services. For all of you thinking otherwise…well I have emphatically stated for the past 6 years now…The PPI has no IC’s they have Employees with no benefits…Or as I have fondly dubbed them…Emplactors.


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs provided by Team Ironclad

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership




Order Mill President Admits Subbing to another Order Mill is Wrong

Nakia Hayes Agnew,  President of Operations Agnew Field Services LLC…





I’ll allow the comment to speak for itself…This is in a long line of serious disrespect to the Boots on the Ground Folks that put food on her table…

The fact that “Subbers” have the fricken nerve to say this in Social Media and then make demands on the same people so they may profit???

I’m sorry folks I don’t care if you do the work your self..That is labor…so continue to fool yourselves into believing this week your a Mortgage Field Service Professional.

Get sucked into believing that what is going on is OK and get involved….be part of the issue that no one will offer solutions to resolve, because the reality is that if they are resolved People like Ms. Hayes Agnew…can’t make a living on someone else’s back.






























All I can say is how long are you going to allow people to reap the benefits of your work when they know and admit what they are doing is wrong???

Talk about misrepresentation…..


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening


Written by Aaron Aveiro


Photograph provided by Anonymous

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership

Are Bloggers Journalists or merely Entainers????

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The Courts have said they are to be afforded the same privileges and protections as Journalists.



I always get a kick when people call me a “voice” of the industry and then call me wishy-washy. I , like the Lunatic in the Bunker have never strayed from what I started saying 6 years ago. I have never wavered from the following.

  1. Property Preservation is an industry and must be treated as such.
  2. There are no true Independent Contractors in the industry, only employees with no benefits.
  3. The PPI needs the correct licensing in each state.
  4. The Industry needs accredited education and training.
  5. The NAMFS members “subbing” to each other has to stop.

Perhaps not in the order, however, I have never strayed or varied my mission to bring attention to those areas. Along the way there have been instances where I wrote about individuals and companies. When you write about individuals and companies one day things have a tendency to change with day to day operations in business. Today SEAS LLC may get a good write up because they are trying to do the right thing. Tomorrow their business model may prove to be unsustainable and well, I write about that. I present the facts to you as they come to me.

So I really get a kick when I get sent comments like the following;

Terri Bartlett Berry I only believe half the rhetoric. Remember these are not news journalist but entertainment journalist… …………………

Well Terry is correct, I have no Journalism degree, I’m just a blogger. Does that make me entertainer? I do play a little guitar and have a spot on the radio so perhaps I am an entertainer of sorts. But I do relay facts…Now I won’t beat Terry up I believe another of the entertainers has already done a superior job of that.

Chuck Collins Funny, a few months back he was singing the praises of SEAS….

Funny Chuck…six months ago SEAS LLC WAS trying to do the right thing…or have you forgotten the Kim Fatica “warm and fuzzy” movement? Today they are having issues paying the Boots. Please tell us you’re not OK with BOOTS not getting paid?

Now while those questions and statements may seem on the surface to be “Questioning” in nature they are coming from folks that well…you make the conclusion. However, there was a conversation going on about Debris and disposal of such on Facebook the other day.;

Mark Guildoo rarely does he pick a path and stick to it. he should run for a political office.

Not sure if I’d actually make a good politician. After-all I’m sorta of against the backroom deals that cost people monies due to fraud…

Very Entertaining thought though!!!!

Now I have neither malice nor any ill will towards anyone. However, when it comes to delivering a message or bringing information that some can use to assist their business, well hell I see no one else doing such, well not the folks that make these “Better Than You” type of comments in social media thinking that because they are in the privacy of their living-room oh sorry I mean office that the comments go nowhere. Ya know you can say something and it may bite, but being not in writing..well it will go away…put it in print you have something to deal with tomorrow.

Recently there has been a conversation on FB concerning debris disposal. What I found troubling is that one of the Participants stated that Sothern Pacific Field Services, a company operated by women, which I also find a disturbing trend within the ranks of NAMFS, there is definitely an abuse of “minority and women” SBA 8(a). Seems that every company “subbing” work in the rank and file are “women owned” businesses. Not saying that these women are abusing any system. As a matter of fact SPFS is one of the decent and respectable members of NAMFS.

Now here are a couple of the comments in the discussion thread;

Ty Whitaker…Make up a receipt

Luckey Jordan…I do that also!! I think they want one from a landfill

William Law….Go to the trash transfer and give the guy 20 bucks for a blank…..Alot of times if it aint a lot of stuff I will put it with my trash over 2 weeks to save$$$….


Now you must brace yourself as these people give serious pause to the word
“Business Person” as they are not Business Minded folks. No, they are simply the individuals that I have fondly come to call The Emplactors of the industry. Yes, and I’m not sure why but they certainly have become the folks that think they are the cat’s meow

These are not business people these are EMPLACTORS. Furthermore, these are the characters that have given creditability to  a 3 tier “Subber” in Southern Pacific Field Services  (SPFS). In addition they are on Social Media talking about committing fraud. Which in turn would have a direct affect on SPFS.

I have to wonder if Johanna Grandos Owner of SPFS was considering exposing pay rates when declining an interview with me. Not a biggie in itself as I can be pretty caustic and vitriol at times.

However, this past July 10, Johanna did provide this statement;

Thank you. I am all about education. Especially since it’s a felony offense in California to remove toothpaste from a house. Gotta love our state.

I would like to think that the reason we have been off the radar is that we treat all of our team fairly and make sure to pay for all work performed. It makes it difficult when the clients don’t always pay but we keep things above board and fair.

Johanna is correct. In California everything is different. Their laws are so convoluted it is difficult to stay on top of things. I certainly hope that Johanna does not get in a jackpot for these Emplactors actions. These are some decent ladies and don’t deserve to dragged through the mud. However, it is important to note, if your subbing the work, you risk the possibility of the wanna-be’s cutting corners and bringing liability back to you. No wonder Johanna’s company is asking for dump receipts.

There is a secondary underlying issue that many do not think about. Taking the garbage home? For two weeks? Let us imagine for a minute, (those that are industry veterans will completely understand) your neighbor brings some garbage home innocently thinking that Chloridane is harmless. Not knowing that it was banned back in the 80’s by the FDA and the USDA . Your cat just happens to like the fishy smell coming out of the garbage can and jumps in bringing this toxic chemical back home to your 2 year old that is all huggie-body-kissy-face with Puff the Kitty. Two days later you’re trying to figure out why Puff is so lethargic while rushing your 2 year old to the hospital for what you don’t know…but you do know the tremors and convulsions mean there’s something seriously wrong with little Suzie…

But then again, only employees should have to provide “dump receipts” for reimbursement. Business Persons don’t provide receipts. They bill for their services based on their cost of doing business.

The cost of doing business is something that True Business People know about. True business people know how to perform break even analysis on their services and products. True business people understand how a cash flow statement works and how to develop one for their business. True Business People understand a breakeven point and the difference in breakeven point and breakeven analysis. True Business People don’t allow one to dictate to them. True Business People are not afraid to ask for advice and assistance when they need it.

What I find even more disturbing is the fact that many want to bang those that are actually fighting to improve their lot. I as others that have chosen to stand up and speak on the ills of the PPI…well let me just say this…I firmly believe what I’m doing is right. Can others say that??? Has anyone offered solutions? Has anyone offered to place themselves in the line of fire? But hey… what the hay huh?? After all it is easier to be quiet and never say anything about how one is being taken advantage of than to speak up and lose the work supply you’re not being paid to complete. It is so much easier to sit in the spare bedroom converted office with a bottle of Jack and belittle folks that bring attention to the ills of an industry.

Here’s the rub. By not understanding simple/basic business functions you’re at the mercy of those you’re talking too, hoping they will not steer you wrong. I offer a Business 101 package to the new entrepreneur and business owner. I offer this package as a direct result to combat the recruiting process of the PPI. They day I see Safeguard or Cyprexx advertising under “Business Opportunities” I may have to fold my tent. However, until then I will continue to offer assistance for those that need it.

Something everyone needs to start coming to terms with in the PPI. I don’t care what side of the fence you’re on in the industry, change is coming.

Change can be painful or it can be exciting. I vote for the later. I believe that the way to bridge the gap in the PPI is through Accredited Education and Training. I also believe that this can be accomplished when everyone comes and sits at the table.

Time for a discussion boys…Seriously we’ll leave the Grassy Knoll off the tour…


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photograph courtesy Google Images

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership

Wednesday Afternoon Fodder….

Once Again…NAMFS and Their Questionable Activity….

Be Good Little Emplactors for Klien....

Be Good Little Emplactors for the NAMFS crew

Well now how about the latest activities coming from the National Association of Mortgage Field Services this past week? True to their normal activities NAMFS has again gone out of their way to violate their own Bi-laws by electing Joseph Hummel to a Board of Directors position. This definitely says something about Hummel’s character.  Seriously folks, Hummel may be a nice guy but he has no qualms about cutting corners to achieve what he wants. It is perfectly OK with him to cheat…that what cutting corners is in reality, cheating.

The rumor mill has it that Mr. Hummel and Mr. Fatica, you all remember Mr. $8 Dollar Haircut Fatica don’t you??? Yes the warm and fuzzy guy with the press credentials from Washington DC…have purchased the QC University from Terry Platt at Cubic Yard. While the Keystone folks deny this, Hummel was speaking in tight circles well over a year ago about QC Education…well there’s a misnomer…If I have heard about this how tight can his circle be?

One seriously has to ask why SEAS LLC has not sued Mr. Fatica for breach of contract. What that shows me and the entire industry is that the employment contracts are about as worthless as the contracts that the Emplactors sign so they can get beat out of their monies by SEAS LLC. While I have no personal knowledge nor have I been provided any information first hand to show SEAS LLC is once again having financial issues and unable to pay the contractors…We all remember last year when they spent 30k at NAMFS??? Then they hired the Spin Doctor Fatica to massage their image. And a fine job he did, I might add…after-all Fatica got the industry to get on the warm and fuzzy kick. So now that SEAS LLC invested all their time and resources on Fatica he jumps ship to become a Keystoned character up there in Pennsylvania. However, it does bear the question…Is SEAS LLC solvent enough to sue? Or are they in the financial dire straits that have been reported in the media lately? My guess is the later…

In addition I fail to understand how an organization that states emphatically that they are the Industry Leaders continues to violate their own rules and regulations and state laws around the country.I  suppose that is why half the members of the organization are doing what they are doing. Being scandalous…what I find even more appalling is the fact that Eric Miller despite the calls to stop the questionable activity says nothing which by silence means one condones the illegal activity. In addition, has the gall to ask why I don’t want background checks in the PPI. Anyone that can supervise illegal activity and question anyone’s background needs to take a very long look in the mirror, as there will be a very interesting character staring back and smiling that smug smile telling you just how grand you are!!!

I’m equally puzzled at the fact that with the EXCEPTION of one member no one speaks out about the ills of NAMFS members. Let us stop for one second…An organization is the same as a chain, a chain being as strong as its weakest link, an organization…is only as respectable as it worst member…NAMFS sure seems to have a lot of members that could fall into that category. Does this make the individuals that are the members on the board of directors’ bad people? Well not really it just means they are good belonging to an organization that does not care if their fellow members are thieves or not. It means they do not care if members follow any rules, just those that are not members have to follow the rules. It creates a walking Oxy-Moron as; how can you be a leader in an industry when you condone stealing, embezzling, cheating, defrauding the US government, creating illegal payment plans, lying to the people that make them money, practicing “Fraud in the Inducement” , religiously I might add. Did I mention the use of members to force their programming upon the Emplactors with the threat of “Do It or receive no work”…

I believe we all know that is a short list when it comes to the behavior of NAMFS members. Beating this dead horse really accomplishes very little. However, what is one to do when the players will not talk or come sit at the table and SERIOUSLY attempt to remedy the ills of the Property Preservation Industry? Do we continue to beat on them in the blogs? Perhaps the correct answer is what that Lunatic in the Bunker has done. File complaints with the proper authoritative agencies and have everyone investigated. Have every single person and company that is operating in your state without a business license investigated.

Here is one better. When a company comes calling ask for their state license number so you can check them out. Then when they demand you pay $65 for a $5 background check you can ask them how they have the nerve to want a back ground check while they are violating your state laws. That is how the Boots can stop the nonsense. REFUSE to conduct business with a company that is not in compliance with your state’s business laws. Remember, Buczek Enterprises, a member of NAMFS set precedence in the PPI when the California Courts ruled that to have standing they had to be licensed, and that the company they insisted was an Independent Contractor was in fact ruled to be an Employee.

Again at this time I call on those whom claim to be the Leaders of the PPI to come to the table in Dallas on October 16, 2014. There is absolutely no reason not to do so. Unless, of course, the players do not wish to bring respectability to the industry that has been disgraced by the members of NAMFS.

I find it very ironic that when I speak of these issues people attempt to discredit me and shut me up. Even Joseph Hummel has unsuccessfully attempted to play the “P” card to shut me up. Most recently Mr. Z of the infamous Mutt and Jeff team duped the Linked System to make another feeble attempt to shut me up. I have not shut up for the past five years that the “LooneyTune wanna-bes” have been attempting to discredit me. Then there is also this continued feeble attempt to discredit what I say as if somehow my stupidity 30 plus years ago justifies those violating the law and defrauding Veterans, Minorities, and other legitimate business owners today. Even when called on the carpet for their activity they just continue to carry on as if nothing is wrong with violating the law. Never mind that no one has ever said; Hey you have miss-spoken or, hey you lied or, hey you brought bad facts to the table. Nothing that would indicate what I say or write is incorrect. Just people that do not want the truth to be spoken, for whatever reason they feel justified to ILLEGALLY use information they find to discriminate and harass.  Does anyone ever wonder what they hell they are attempting to hide? Truth Hurts Huh????

It is time to address the white elephant in the room…

Why won’t Mr. Miller speak about the misbehavior of the organizations members? Why does NAMFS continue to skirt their own Bi-laws and Canons and Standards? Why do the honorable members allow this to continue?

I have no answers to these questions as no one that CAN answer will. They will not speak up as they have no back bone. The members of NAMFS allowing members to create financial improprieties and say nothing is tantamount to sitting in the park and witnessing a gang rape and saying nothing. Just sit there and allow the event to unfold, don’t even call the police, and when they do show up you sit there and when asked for a statement, you lie telling them you saw and heard nothing. That is the reality folks. Not stopping a crime is Accessory to the Fact, not saying anything is Accessory After the Fact.

Now I don’t know if the NAMFS with members like Safeguard Properties and Altisource think that because these companies can throw their weight around without reprisal that they are off the hook??? But I do know what is going on is wrong and that if the members of the PPI do not come to the table then surly the government will make new rules for everyone to play under.

The PPI can come together…all they have to do is come to an agreement on one issue…ONE STINKING issue…

Before I close today, let us address QC University. Is this Terry Platt’s? IMHO it belongs to Hummel and Fatica . I say this as it was Fatica that attempted to get John Allen of NAARPI International to come on board with NAARPI’s accredited education programs so that Platt would own all education outside of NAMFS Academy for the PPI. So come to the table boys…

What say Ye Mr. Miller, Mr. Hummel, Mr. Platt, Mr. Fatica, Mr. Allen??? Dallas in October??? I Promise!!! I’ll keep everyone away from The Grassy Knoll….

In closing…perhaps the Honorable members of NAMFS turn a blind eye as there is no other organization in the industry???? Seriously folks let us the Real Estate Industry has several reputable organizations. All the Property Preservation Industry has is an organization that practices Racketeering and Graft.

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photograph courtesy Google Images

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC ownership.

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