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Shaklee…In Honor of our Veterans

In Honor of our Veterans

In the upcoming days I will be interviewing Dennis J Harlow about some organic products one of them being “Basic H”. Dennis is a Health and Fitness guy and I will provide a lot more information in the interview. I just wanted to get this word out. As most of you know I support our nations Military Veterans. I will always make time to help with any cause that acknowledges there service and how truly valuable our nations Veterans are to our way of life…

Here is some information for our Vets…

Hi Aaron It was great talking with you the today. Here’s the information on our Veterans program.

Shaklee welcomes our veterans to join us and create their own Shaklee Effect.Shaklee offers a free distributorship (Distributor Welcome Kit, $49.95 value) to veterans, including active military, to thank and honor them for their service to our country. Please contact us at (562) 375-2557 to redeem this offer.

This offer is valid from November 17, 2014 through March 31, 2015, with proof of military service. Supporting documentation can be emailed to Please use promotion code VETERAN, and please let the Customer Support person who processes the application know that you are taking advantage of this offer as early as possible in your conversation.

Please be aware of policies regarding operation of a Shaklee business on military bases. It’s required that a Shaklee Distributor seek and obtain the written permission of their base commander before beginning to operate a Shaklee business on base.

This offer is not transferable to other distributor offers or kits. This offer is valid in the U.S. and Canada. Not available online.

Q:  Who can take advantage of this offer?
A:  Veterans, retired and active duty military personnel, including military spouses.

Q:  Can a current Member upgrade free with this offer?
A:  Yes.  Field Support needs to handle this redemption, but the existing Member can call (562) 375-2557 (who will escalate to Field Support).  Alternatively, their upline Business Leader can call Shaklee Field Support directly to request the free upgrade.

Q:  If I share this with someone who qualifies and calls to take advantage of the offer would they become my downline distributor?
A:  Yes, they will be asked to name their sponsor. If you can, initiate this sponsorship as a 3-way call to (562) 375-2557. That way you can be present to ensure everything about the transaction goes smoothly.


This is a writing by Dennis J Harlow….

To The PPI Community….Just have to ask…

Jay Goscinski if he preparing for his visit from protesters or if he was just joshing everyone like he does about paying the folks he owes monies too…

Jonathon "Jay Look at me taking your money so I can become a NAMFS member" Goscinski

Jonathon “Jay Look at me taking your money so I can become a NAMFS member” Goscinski


Also would like to know why Eric Miller and his happy band of collaborates are going to stand being their word an remove Cheap Suit Jay from the membership.

Back when the news of The National Association of Mortgage Field Services Offender Member Jay Goscinski and Michigan Realty Solutions were about to become a member of NAMFS there was a huge OUTCRY over the fact Cheap Suit Jay had some very unethical business practices going on. Now during the outcry Eric Miller the Executive Director of the Organization whose members have pyramided scammer’s that have routinely cheated our country’s Military Veterans, women and children. Now Cheap Suit Jay is Threatening the people he owes monies too that he will freeze their accounts if they ask for their monies? Perhaps I miss-understood the writings I’ve reviewed but I don’t think so…and Cheap Suit knows it…

Here’s the rub for your sorry pathetic band of gypsy minded members Miller…The IAFST…The International Association of Field Service Technicians, is about to make their mark in the industry. When they do, NAMFS members will be seriously hard pressed to have work orders completed. Furthermore members like Cheap Suit Jay are no longer going to be able to scam folks. Your members will no longer be in a position to FORCE a company to use a member of your organization for your feeble attempts to sell your unaccredited bootlegged education, or your members overpriced background checks and supply houses. The days of your member just running all willy-nilly with the daily “new mandatory requirements” that drive the costs of business up while your members bill for what they want for free.

What I find so pathetic about NAMFS…is for the past 5 years people have been looking to this organization and BEGGING them to bring Labor to the tables and start including them in the process in the Property Preservation Industry. Miller has had numerous opportunities to stop the madness and had steadfastly REFUSED to assist.

He refused to assist Ironclad Preservations, Buczek, Berghorst, Northsite. He refused to step in and stop Carol Boyd form the injuries she caused senior citizens, and Miller REFUSES TO STEP IN AND REMOVE CHEAP SUIT JAY From the organization as was promised should there be any reports of financial improprieties. Miller actually had the audacity to call one of the members that filed a lawsuit and ask…Why are you suing a fellow member? ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????? That states that Miller has no issue with anyone oof the members STEALING from another member….

So Miller, since people are ready to march on Cheap Suit Jay…once again you sit by while financial  improprieties are being conducted by one your members.

So To Miller and Cheap Suit Jay I ask….How’s your day going??? Are you prepared for the fall out?

Now I’m never one to advocate violence and I certainly hope that things remain peaceful when folks show up at Cheap Suit Jays to demonstrate against someone that refuses to be honest and pay those folks that have financed jobs while he profits and they are having difficulties paying the day to day bills of operating a business. But when you make a statement like this…


Confirm the date and I’ll plan an open house. We love to meet our contractors.

I was in fact in Ohio last week and met several of you while QC’ing properties.

Ray was in fact hospitalized for over a week, at a what couldn’t have been a worse time with me out all week.

I was planning on being back in Ohio that week but I can change plans.

See you all soon.

PS…We have NEVER discussed bankruptcy, we are gearing up for another expansion.

Pretty Ballsy if you ask me…but that is just me. Why do I find it difficult to believe Cheap Suit Jay was really in the field QC’ing properties…I’m guessing that Cheap Suit Jay doesn’t truly understand why the Contractors are demonstrating and marching on his business…For those of you participating in this event…Please keep your heads about you…


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photos courtesy Google Images

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership


This week in the PPI…………..News You Can Use!!!!

Move over Fraudsters and Scammers…There’s a New Game in Town…

Now Ain't this a Hoot!!!!!

Now Ain’t this a Hoot!!!!!


Every now and then something comes along that I get excited about. There is a new game in town and it’s called The International Association of Field Service Technicians… or IAFST. After last night’s inaugural conference call introducing the organizations purpose and goals to those in attendance, I can say the juices be flowing!!! What excited me about the attendee’s was the fact that it was not just Property Preservation Specialists, but there was a very respectable sampling of other service providers in the Real Estate Industry. Home Inspectors, Preservation Specialists, Educators…and what really starts the juices flowing…this was just the beginning.


IAFST, by and through its Membership, continue to have a Positive Impact upon the Mortgage Field Services Industry. IAFST is the first Industry Association to actively engage both state and federal legislators with active lobbying campaigns.

Last week on the radio I broke the information on America Matters AM News, (AMAN) , about IAFST developing as an organization strictly for Labor in the Property Preservation Industry. Something that Labor has so long and seriously needs. An organization for Labor compromised OF Labor, with a back bone to represent Labor throughout the industry.

Many of you may remember the feeble attempt of some including Moi…the National Property Preservation Guild or the NPPG as it was called, or what media refers to as The Now Defunct NPPG. While some still use their logo as an avatar on some site the reality was that when I pointed out issues with people in the NPPG that were a direct conflict with the constitution I was attacked in the social media by racist and defamatory commentary by  Thomas Clark and Troy I have 50 last names so no one knows who I really am Hano Hano and his other half Chris Ziolokowski or as we fondly dubbed them The Mutt and Jeff team, or as they were the self anointed…The NPPG Board of Directors…while they made their immature presence know people like Meg Barnes sat by without a word to stop these people. Why you ask? Simple really they were all order milling their work and WERE NOT true Labor. These characters that were going to develop the NPPG into another order mill for the industry went as far as to call our company owner a imposter drag queen growing an illegal marijuana farm here in Silver Springs. Now why these nitwits thought they could shut me up about anything regarding the ills in the PPI that is against Labor I have absolutely no clue. However, I do know that this new organization IAFST…well there are safeguards against people like them.


The Fraud and Corruption rampant within the Mortgage Field Services Industry will not go quietly into the night. In the same way that Labor was compelled to Organize at the turn of the 20th Century, so we are again, today. IAFST stands United with its Membership in ensuring that an Injury to One is an Injury to All!

Yes the IAFST organization will have an initial vetting process so the “Wanna-bees” do not get a chance to get a foot hold. If your company does not complete 60% of the work assigned to your company you will not be classified as Labor. Which means you may become an associate member but you will never have voting rights. A very important issue in an organization for Labor.


IAFST, as opposed to other Mortgage Field Services Industry Associations, recognizes the untapped talents of its Membership. By addressing these talents, IAFST will be able to address a plethora of issues impacting our Membership and potentially return the Industry to its once hailed Stature. No Contractor Left Behind is the mantra of IAFST and we stand by it!

IAFST will begin to allow online membership signups this Tuesday, November 25, 2014. If you are sick and tired of how the Offender Members of The National Association of Mortgage Field Servicers, (NAMFS) with the renegade board of directors led by the infamous Eric Miller then this is the organization for you to become a member simply go here and sign up. There will be an initial membership drive period with a 30% discount on the membership fees. There will also be a reduced fee for your company’s employees to become a member.Yes unfortunately there has to be fees for memberships as there are operating costs of any organization.

The first order of business for the newly developing organization is going to be to elect a Board of Directors. This is on schedule for the end of December so going into the new year there is legal entity to conduct business.

Now I know there is not a lot of information in this writing. However, as more information becomes available you will read about it here hear me speak about it on the radio, and you will definitely read about this on Foreclosurepedia.


The specter of inequality and unfair treatment to women and minorities has left a black eye upon the Mortgage Field Services Industry and is well documented. IAFST believes that by and through quality training, each of its Members are entitled to equal rights and equal pay. By providing the highest quality Contractors to the Industry, IAFST ensures that it is capable of commanding the highest level of pay.

Now whether you care for D Paul Williams or not LABOR DOES own Mr. Williams a huge thankx for developing the IAFST and ISTAR website systems as they are seriously in depth and I can confidently say that no other labor organization will be on this level.

Enjoy the rest of the week end folks and stay tuned to Aladay LLC Media for any and all update on this developing story and organization.

REMEMBER….An injury to one is an injury to all!!!

IAFST Membership Requires Dedication

The Payoff Lasts A Lifetime!



Until Next Time…

Happy Gardening


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs: Aaron Aveiro and Forclosurepedia

Opinions do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership




Business 101…The PPI’s New Kid on the Block…Core Pres National…

Are you a glorified employee or an Independent Contractor???


Recently Aladay LLC has received numerous request as to WHO CorePres National, (CPN). is. My first response was I don’t know let’s give them a call and find out.

Now I called the company after reviewing their website and I spoke with a gentleman named Sam. I found Sam to be very forthcoming with information and the questions I asked were answered respectfully without hesitation. So far so Good…

Then came the reviewing of documents.

Now I have an issue with a lot of the contract language…I have this problem as none of these companies whether new or old want to actually negotiate a contract, all though, CPN does hint at the fact that not all contracts or pricing will be the same…none-the-less they pay $40 a wint…and you all know my sentiments there…now for argument sake how about we do this….

Two years ago when PK Management (PKMG), screwed the contractors by calling them and negotiating with them and as PKMG did with us, agreeing to pricing only to inform us that they were “researching” and could not agree to pricing as they had not actually been awarded the contract….Well what I did was go through the PKMG contract section by section and created a set of videos called “Understanding Contract Leagelease”.

I believe it is time to do so once again…Over the next few weeks we will dissect CPN’s contract so you will understand what you are getting into…

Now according to Sam at CPN they will not be ready to assign work orders for about 90 days or so as they have not as of yet signed contracts…

AGAIN I WILL STIPULATE….Unless you include me in the negotiations process I will not assist you in keeping your contractual obligations….they do not belong to me and it is not my responsibility to assist you in making positive revenues while our revenues go into the negative.

Today we will look at Core Press National’s cover letter

This is as far as I need to get in the cover letter to tell me there is something not right…

2. We like to pay when paid from the Clients as soon as we are paid.

I’m sorry…Say What?????

Now we have all seen this before…THIS IS A BIG RED FLAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • How do we know when they get paid?
  • How do we know they will tell the truth about getting paid…Berghorst and Buczek didn’t and neither is Cheap Suit Jay.
  • Does this mean they are not solvent??? This is a sign that a company is not solvent in regards to being able to conduct business. No company should need, like, or have to pay you when they get paid for your work.
  • This demonstrates NO CONCRETE PAYMENT PLAN
  • This allows them for any reason to say…we have no been paid yet please be patient…
  • This is how every  other non-payment issue I have witnessed in the past 6 years started out…
  • This also states that if you spend 20k on any type of job all they have to do is say they have not been paid and you’ll be out the 20k.

I’m also concerned with this section…they want to involve whom??? and just what is

Please review the standard Vendor Agreement and have it signed in front of a Notary
Public and stamped at the time you sign in front of the Notary. For faster results we
can send you the Vendor Agreement via our Docusign Program and you will not need
to have your paperwork Notarized. Please let us know your wants in this regard!

In addition this is from their website….


30 Years of Vast Construction Experience Combined With Americas Largest Preservation Workforce Consisting of Our 1st Class Verified Construction Network   PRESERVATION  |  CONSTRUCTION  |  DEMOLITION   |  RENOVATIONS  | PROPERTY MANAGEMENT


Now just em but if they have not been involved in Preservation and just the construction business for the past 30 years…just how are they experienced enough in the PPI to assist in establishing a “Business Opportunity” department for the PPI?? These p[eople are offering you Business Development??? At what cost???

Those are some of the issues that will present themselves as we examine their contract…

I will also reach out and see about some diplomacy in this exercise. I will ask them about some of the troubling issues with the contract…disclosure and the payment schedules not being solidified.

After further review…this is not a contract between two business it is in fact a glorified Employment Contract.

Folks we are going to do this…we are going to ignore the inane pricing and focus on the more legal issues involving the contract as this is where people tend to get into a situation they find a little over their heads…after the fact…

Here is something else I’m a little leery of….they claim 30 years but the website they have has been around for about 40 days…Now all this does not mean that they are bad folks…we just do not know enough about them..

Before I go here is from the Henderson Business License Office…

Business License Online Services

Business License Lookup

Home   >   Business License Query   >   Query by Business Name

*** No Licenses Found ***

Try Again

For additional Business License information, please call the Business License Line at (702)267-1730.

and from the Secretary of State…

Nevada Business Search
* Includes Trademarks, Trade Names, Service Marks, Reserved Names & Business Licenses

Search by

Include phonetic matches

Sort by

Search Tips


No results for entity name search on “CorePres National”

NOTE: This website has been tested to work with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or 8 and Mozilla Firefox 3 or greater.
Data in this system may be up to fifteen minutes behind actual filings in the Secretar


Here is the link to the Nevada SOS

Hey on the flip side and at this point in time…CPN IS NOT A MEMBER OF THE PYRAMID SCHEMED NAMFS ORGANIZATION….which is good for those looking to find a client outside of that organization…

I will also be discussing with them about NAARPI International’s Education and training programs….

Perhaps if we all work with this New Kid on the Block we may be able to establish some firsts in the industry…like some input on the contract for Labor.


IMHO…this is a company looking for Labor to finance their growth and make them revenue…



Written By: Aaron Aveiro


Business 101….SBA News…

This is information from an email I received…..

The SBA has been assisting small business since 1953

The SBA has been assisting small business since 1953

The White House and SBA Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet Convene Private Sector Leaders

Announce 21 New Partners of the SupplierPay Initiative

WASHINGTON – As a part of his Year of Action, President Obama and U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Administrator Maria Contreras-Sweet launched SupplierPay, a partnership with the private sector to strengthen small businesses by increasing their access to working capital.

“In July, I stood alongside President Obama and announced SupplierPay to fuel growth for both small and large businesses. As the advocate for our nation’s entrepreneurs, I know that supply chain growth is a priority as I work to improve resources for our nation’s economic engines – small businesses.  That is why today I am proud to join with the White House in announcing more corporations, which have joined this partnership, to ensure access to affordable working capital, which is often the greatest challenge faced by America’s small suppliers,” said Administrator Contreras-Sweet.  “When small business suppliers wait 120 days to get paid, that’s four months without the revenue to compete for and to fulfill new contracts, making it more difficult to add more employees to the payroll.  The companies which have taken the SupplierPay pledge have made a powerful collective statement about the leadership role of large buying organizations in supporting the health and vitality of America’s supply chains, and the hundreds of thousands of small businesses that comprise it.”

For private sector leaders, joining SupplierPay demonstrates recognition that a healthy supply chain is essential for good business.  For their small business suppliers, the initiative means having more working capital to invest in new opportunities, equipment, and hiring.  America’s small businesses provide nearly half of all private sector jobs and play an outsized role in innovating new products, services, and business processes.  Initiatives like SupplierPay, which promotes timely payment to small suppliers, enables small businesses to devote more of their resources to innovation, quality, and growth.

National Economic Council Director Jeff Zients and Administrator Contreras-Sweet hosted a meeting at the White House on November 17 with pledge adoptees for SupplierPay updates and its implementation.  The session included pledgees sharing their experiences, lessons, and best practices with their SupplierPay peers. This event follows a July 2014 launch, at which time 26 companies had pledged SupplierPay.

As of November 2014, the following companies have taken the SupplierPay pledge:






Cardinal Health

Chenega Corporation

Chugach Alaska


Cook Inlet Region, Inc.


Dominion Resources

Dun & Bradstreet








Johnson & Johnson

Kaiser Permanente

Kelly Services

Lockheed Martin

McGraw Hill Financial


Molina Healthcare


Nova Corp.




Rolls Royce

Rothschild North America

Sacramento Municipal Utility District



Sempra Energy Utilities


Southern California Edison




Westinghouse Electric Company



Boy OH Boy!!!!! This Week in the PPI


Eric "you must have my permission to assemble" Miller, Executive Director and Master Puppetier of NAMFS

Eric “you must have my permission to assemble” Miller, Executive Director and Master Puppetier of NAMFS


In all my life I have never seen such a clusterf*** of nonsense and illegal activity that only could be produced by the band of Offender Members led by Eric Miller the Executive Director of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services. Talk about blatantly flaunting the laws of states and federal law.

My only question to this activity is where the hell is the US Attorney General??? Where are the states Attorney Generals? Everyone out there needs to forward this link to your state AG and also the USAG office for them to start looking at this pyramid scheme that the members of the Eric Miller led organized Team Regime of illegal contracts, embezzlement, wire fraud, extortion, theft, illegally conducting business operations,  Violations of the IRS Independent Contractor Rules, Fraud in the Inducement.

Yes, more than likely I have left something out but then again I’m not a prosecutor. Only in an unregulated industry will you see a trade organization that will not step in and demand their members obey the ethics and standards of the organization…

Recently Eric Miller REFUSED to step in and say something. Forget about Mr. Miller not doing anything, HE REFUSED TO SAY ANYTHING…AND YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT MILLER. You just became low class uncouth vermin scum…You signed off on the defrauding of one member by another member. You made it OK for your members cheat people AND EACH OTHER. You endorsed crime via the internet…oh that’s wire fraud.

Mr. Miller you claim you are the Executive Director of what you bill as a “Trade Organization”. QUIT lying to the world. You’re the Executive Director of a bunch of law breaking renegades. You allow theft from our countries veterans. Per the NAMFS Website on your Canons and Standards.

Encourage sound and ethical business practices among its members

Yet you will not step in and say something about Safeguard not paying for 60 days, you allow Annete Rodgers to defraud one of this countries wartime vets out of ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND dollars, you allow the majority of members to operate illegally in states across the country. Sir your silence is accessory to crimes committed.

By refusing to step in and institute ethics investigations on the reported membership’s violations, the mere fact you refuse to develop a Conflict Resolution program speaks volumes about your character. Look…it is no secret nor have I ever run from my past. I broke the law and paid the ultimate price for said activities…I paid with my liberty. You have an opportunity to stop the madness and the pyramid scheme the organization has created…yet you do nothing. I am a correspondent on a radio show…yes they know…it was 30 years ago get over it…quit with having your lackies attempt to silence me by illegally posting my past on social media sites. I AM NOT GOING AWAY. You and I both know Mr. Miller the reason a cease and desist order has not been served is because I speak the truth…back to the radio show…I am going to start using my platform to announce to the world…yes we have WORLD WIDE COVERAGE…I will be asking the world to contact you about the defrauding of our country’s vets and the IRS to inquire about your TAX EXEMPT STATUS.

Funny thing about the digital and electronic age, if you know the right peoples you can find out some great information. Information like where an email actually generated from…Truth Hurts doesn’t it Mr. Miller????

Mr. Miller, there is absolutely no reason we must have a PPI Watch List to inform the newly recruited Emplactors*** of who is stealing from who this week.

There is no reason that we must write about your membership and the Rouge Board of Directors, and the criminal activity of your organizations members on a daily basis.

There is no reason for us to HAVE TO develop Business 101 programs so the newly recruited Emplactors know why they are going broke while completing the $40 winterization services.

Your members have RICO cases pending in court. Documented cases of fraud, unethical behavior, IRS violations, class-action lawsuits in regards to the Independent Contractor/Employee issue currently plaguing the industry. Your members demand third party Background Checks, yet your membership companies are exempt from this process as evidenced by Annete Rodgers having a convicted bank robber in her employ completing services for her while she refuses to pay one of our country’s Vets the monies HE EARNED. Yet your members demand that Labor, the people scrubbing the commodes for your members to be paid, use another member of your organization for an overpriced Background Check from a company in a foreign country, yet all your members are exempt???

Mr. Miller it time to address Labor. It is time to bring Labor to the table. It is time to address the inferior boot-legged education and training being a profit center that your members demand Labor take and pass before they can receive more work. It is time to acknowledge you have a serious problem. It is time to understand that we are getting stronger, more knowledgeable, more organized, more accomplished. And we are not going away.

This is a call to all citizens and Veterans in this country to call Mr. Miller at 888-292-6831 and ask why he allows the membership to defraud our Vets. Tweet him on Twitter at NAMFS ExecDirector @NAMFS   And ask him why he allows members to defraud Vets. Call the IRS and inquire about the organizations TAX EXEMPT status.

Anyone out there in this industry needs to know Foreclosures are on the rise and Labor MUST come together now or all hell is going to break lose as the Order Mills continue with their criminal activities and profit from Labor’s resources. Make no mistake about this…whether a NAMFS member out and out scams you out of money or they earn it the Offender Members DO NOT lose monies. They do make money and they do get paid for the services you finance to complete.

And I will say this again to Labor. Quit justifying your existence by claiming “If you want to work you’ll do it”, quit allowing this organizations members to force you to use another member when there are other options. And Please keep in mind just because you have a business license…does not mean you’re not an employee…well in this case you’re an Emplactor. If you were truly an Independent Contractor you would have done what all the Business minded TRUE Independent Contractors have done…we said no and we still get work so time for Labor to think about it…

Hey before I go today let me plug the gathering event that will be protesting Cheap Suit Jay up in Michigan..I do believe it is December 6th…HEY JAY!!!!! There is the date you asked about…soon as I find out what time everyone will be at your office I let you know as you may want to be a good host and provide some donuts and coffee as I know it is a bit nippy in Michigan in December!!!


Guess right about now Mr. Miller is glad NAMFS consists of a Virtual Office….


Yes Mr. Miller, Truth Hurts doesn’t it???


Hey…Until Next Time

Happy Gardening


Written By: Aaron Aveiro


PPI Watch List…This week we add Sentinel Field Services…

Flip the tables…

No Matter Where You Are...We'll be Watching

No Matter Where You Are…We’ll be Watching


Lately there has been a flurry of recruiting going on in our Great State of Nevada. Many of us have become so fed up with the National Association of Mortgage Filed Services, (NAMFS), the organization that is led by Executive Director Eric Miller. For whatever reason the NAMFS Team Regime feels that they are above the law or just better than any other business out there consequently they have no need for proper licensing in the states they conduct business.

This past week Sentinel Field Services,(SFS), a member of the NAMFS Regime, came knocking on Aladay LLC’s doors asking for assistance with the Fannie Mae (FNMA) contract here in Nevada. Now Sentinel didn’t come directly to our company. They sort of went about things “back-doorish”.  Last week I had five different local Property Preservation Service Providers contact me stating that SFS was attempting to have them cover our coverage area. So I contacted the young lady that was recruiting in the area, Emilee Vockler in their vendor management department. Imagine my surprise when Richard Colemere responded with, Sentinel would like to work with you in NV.

I’m sure you can also imagine my reaction when I saw the $50 winterization fee. And the ridiculous requirements, like hazards are to be removed in the 30 yards of debris in the initial service requirements. For those of you that just fell off the turn-up truck, there are 216 one gallon cans in a cubic yard. Yeah, that’s right 216 one gallon cans. At $6, (our cost to dispose of), a gallon that can become pretty pricey.

Not only had I reviewed SFS’s pricing I found it very difficult to work with, I also contacted our Secretary of State’s Business registry. This caught Dick a little off guard as Dick had not sent me pricing just this email…

Aladayllc / Aaron & Lacy

I would like to open a dialogue with you to see if your company and ours could be a good match.  My name is Dick Colemere, Vendor Management with Sentinel Field Services.  Sentinel is a full service property preservation, property maintenance, inspection and field service management company specializing in REO, foreclosure, loss mitigation, for FNMA, FHLMC, FHA, VA loan types and the US Department of Housing & Urban Development within the real estate mortgage default industry.

I am requesting contact information on qualified property preservation vendors, maintenance contractors, handyman contractors, or yard and home cleaning service providers for work on HUD properties in the following market area:

Nevada State Extended Area

Sentinel Field Services is looking to expand upon our network of quality vendors.  Sentinel provides property preservation, repair, inspection, and maintenance in field services to residential properties throughout the State of Nevada.  As you should also know, to be a vendor in Nevada it requires your company to have a NV Asset Management Permit.  The physical completion and documentation of this work is performed by our qualified vendors.  We are searching for a qualified vendor that will work with SFS that may have the ability to complete all of the below services:

  • Systems Integrity Checks
  • Knowledge of building codes & guidelines helpful
  • Winterizations
  • General Repairs & Pressure Testing
  • Understanding of Plumbing, Boiler, HVAC and Electrical Systems
  • Lock Changes & Securing a Property
  • Yard Maintenance/Snow Removal
  • Light Janitorial Services
  • Debris/Hazard Removal & Trash out Services
  • Winterizations: De-Winter & Re-Winter Processes
  • Health & Safety Knowledge
  • Inspections
  • Time sensitive response
  • Required photo documentation

If you are interested (or know someone who might be interested) in working with Sentinel Field Services as a property preservation vendor, please contact us through email or phone with your current qualifications as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me, and if you are interested or available for any of the counties listed above, please let me know and I will send out a property preservation vendor packet immediately.  I appreciate your effort assisting us with this information in a timely manner as we are working with limited deadlines.

Thank you,

Dick Colemere

Richard L Colemere
Vendor Management HUD, FHLMC, FNMA

Office:   801-920-6764 x 1629
Fax:  801-723-3950 – ATTN: Dick Colemere

Now I was a little taken aback when Dick called me personally prior to the email above. So I discussed things with our owner and especially the pricing we had been sent by the companies that SFS was attempting to get to cover our coverage area. So after our discussion, keeping in mind that our company was the number one FNMA Contractor for 4 years running before Cyprexx (another member of the Team Regime of NAMFS) destroyed the industry by underbidding the FNMA contract in 2010 and ran the fees into the ground at the expense of the Contractors. Not only did Cyprexx destroy the industry with underbidding the contract they also allowed the Craigslist Hacks to become a industry standard. One of those hacks in our area is Perry, with his All Around Town crews doing half assed work. You see Perry spoke with myself and Garrett Donovan a couple years ago and was going to come together and form a united front. Then Garrett and myself found out that he went behind our back and got all the AMS work in the area. Except one thing, Perry can’t cover the outlying areas. So while Perry thought he was doing something to get over on us and “steal” all the work he did leave the Order Mills hanging in the wind with regards to the outlying areas…or our coverage areas. Now keep in mind, Perry and crew are very proud of their $40 wints that we are constantly asked to clean up.

Now my initial response to Dick was;

Hello Richard,

The biggest issue for us is going to be pricing…We have moved away from the “order mills” if you will…for lack of a better word…because we can not make the fees offered have not been conducive to our business model.

We are not in a position nor do we provide ANY service that will generate a negative financial result.

We do not consider volume, or “you’ll make up for it over here” as part of our business model.

The areas we cover are extremely remote and when it comes to amenities for industry needs, there is a premium paid when it comes to hardware, or any other supplies that may be needed. In addition there are some places that are charging $15-$18 a yard to dump…

On the flip side of things, while we worked with Field Asset Services on the FNMA contract we were the top performing company for them in this area, when the contract when to Cyprexx the numbers offered would no longer work for us.

Sentinel will have to understand and work with the fact the numbers we bill not only are fair but they are determined by our companies logistics and costs of doing business..

I will be discussing this with Laci later today. I do know that we’ll need to see numbers or negotiate them prior to any decision on our part can be made.

Thank you


Yes, Dick didn’t even take the time to do a little research and spell our company owner’s name correctly. But this was Dick’s response;

 I understand Aaron & Laci, and respect your decision.  However, I would be remiss letting you go without being insightfully honest.  Almost 95% of all vendors working with our contracts nationwide do not have issue with the pricing.  Just reading the scope of work does not identify what the difference is with allowables and over-allowables.  Many of our prime vendors are making heavy sums of money because they understand that it’s not in just doing the pricing sheet, it’s performing the requested jobs completely and not leaving money on the table.

Technically, Pricing is not negotiable upon entering in service as a vendor with Sentinel Field Services, however, we are understanding enough to discuss the fact that you cover outlying territories. I told you this on the phone, let’s talk it through and see what we together can put together.  I’m sure you understand in a business relationship we both have to understand the parameters before we comprehend the outcome.  Pricing, therefore, may be evaluated on an individual bases after you get to know Sentinel Field Services and apply the Vendor ‘Scope of Work’ completely and we get to recognize and acknowledge your values and performance.


Dick Colemere

Richard L Colemere
Vendor Management HUD, FHLMC, FNMA

So I responded with this…

I will be in the studio tomorrow morning…I’m a regular guest on America Matters AM News…

I will be on the air till 9 am so I will not be able to field calls at that time…after I do have a full schedule but we can talk…

While we are always interested in work we do draw a line…your scope of work states…

Debris Removal


  • Removal up to 30 cubic yards (compacted) of interior/exterior debris and health and safety hazards (i.e. paint, tires, chemicals, etc.) from the property is included in the flat fee.

We will never agree to this..period…I have to pay separate fees for hazards…tires, liquids etc…they go to different disposal facilities and the logistics alone dictate how we bill for these items.

We can not dump these items in a land fill nor a transfer station…

As with any business we pass the “Costs of Doing Business” along to the consumer.

I will be more than happy to discuss particulars with you…I will call you tomorrow after I get out of the studio…

Well I’m guessing that did not sit well with Dick. I called Dick as I said I would when I had a minute driving from one $125 winterization service to the next and needless to say Dick was a little taken aback when I questioned SFS’s licensing in the state of Nevada.

Well, this was Dick’s response;

Good enough…

Go ahead and maintain your own personal business model, it just will not be with Sentinel Field Services.

Thanks for your interest, but it looks like your business model will not work for Sentinel either.

Best of Luck…

Have a nice day!


And well…I just couldn’t let it rest there so I responded with…

Are you serious Dick???

It is your company that needs us not the other way around…

All you NAMFS members have a big surprise coming with your holier than though attitudes…

Our business model does not include breaking laws for anyone nor does it consist of taking losses while Sentinel profits from our work.

That is exactly what your pricing would consist of…us taking a loss while you profit at pour expense…

Unlike the other employee minded people you hire Dick…we are a business and we conduct business…

If you’d like to conduct business with our company I suggest you first register with our Secretary of State and acquire a business license to conduct business in this state..

Yes folks prior to even speaking with Dick, I contacted our Secretary of State’s office as I could find no listing for any Sentinel Field Services registered with the Business Center of our SOS office. I spoke with Fredrick and consultant with the SOS here in Nevada and asked this question;

 If I am a company in Utah and I’m sub-contracting work into Nevada and profiting from it, do I need a business license to conduct business in Nevada?

The response was resounding….YES…YOU…DO…

So here is my challenge to all the Boots out there. This is how we come together and flip the tables. Force these companies to become licensed or pay the fines. Force these members of NAMFS that feel they are above the law to become compliant with your local business licensing laws. FORCE THEIR COST OF BUSINESS UP as they have done yours. Perhaps then they will start to bid these contracts appropriately, perhaps then we will be allowed to function as a business and bill for our services.

At this time I would like to ask Eric Miller…Mr. Miller when will you come to the table? When will you stop your membership from continuously breaking the laws of this country and states? When is enough enough? Don’t you think it’s time to stop all the nonsense and have a discussion???

Very simple folks, all you need to do is call your respective state’s Secretary of State or the office that handles business licensing for your state and ask if the company is registered to conduct business in your state and if they are not file a complaint…My compliant has been filed and I didn’t even have to fill out a form…I have already been asked to testify if things should go that far.

After the past six years of putting up with the NAMFS Regime’s BS don’t you think it’s time to drive their operating costs up???

Yes don’t you think it is time to Flip the Tables????

So today we add Sentinel Field Services to the industry watch list. They join Homestar, Northsite, ZVN Properties, and of course Doug and heather Berghorst as this week’s companies to avoid. Stay tuned later when we a closer look at ZVN and their payment arrangements of “we pay you when we get paid” scam.

That will be the next front the Boots need to come together and attack. “We pay you when we get paid”…Folks companies that are doing that are not solvent…beware!!!!


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Come to AIM Your Way and be…

And be our EMPLOYEE…YES hurry Hurry HURRy HURRY and sign up Emplactors!!!!

Sacred Emplactors...come out come out where ever you are!!!!!

Sacred Emplactors…come out come out where ever you are!!!!!


Today I received this from a client asking if this an employer type of demand…well on an employee.

Apparently AIM Your Way an member of the Eric Miller‘s National Association of Mortgage Field Services Regime, down in Texas does not know the difference between Independent Contractors and Employees…

One of the reasons we severed ties with AIM Your Way was because of the many “Employee Demands” they made on a weekly basis. For some reason this company feels they can make employee demands then threaten to back charge you and then get pissy when you as a business operator get upset and file liens when they try to steal your monies…Funny how that works huh???

This is the latest move by this organization in demands on employee…well they will call you an Independent Contractor…I will call you an Emplactor. Here is the latest demand that AIM has sent out.

AIM will be conducting Photo Requirement training for all preservation and inspection vendors. The required Photo Requirement webinar is scheduled forThursday, 11/13/2014 from 4:00 – 5:00pm on Microsoft Lync. Please make plans to attend. Upon completion of the webinar, you will be instructed to complete and pass a proficiency survey for webinar training credit
Highlighting by me….
So you’ll get certified to take photos their way at AIM Your way!!!! Gotta wonder if this is the same type of bootlegged education programming that AIM tried to force on our company by demanding we take and pass the NAMFS Academy….or we would not receive any more work from them…They got very squirrelly when I informed them:
  • #1 We are not your employee, you do not get to make this type of demand on us or our company.
  • #2 The threat of work stoppage if we do not participate and pass this course can possibly result in legal action
  • #3 I instruct ACCREDITED EDUCATION AND TRAINING courses for NAARPI International…

So on this fine day when I thank our VETS for making it possible for me to speak my peace I’d like to give a big…


to AIM your Way…

If you sign on and agree with this you are placing the entire industry in jeopardy and you are in fact an Emplactor. Yes you are an employee that is incorrectly classified as an Independent Contractor…


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Fodder provided by AIM your Way.

Photo courtesy Google Images

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership.



Thank You….


Thank a Veteran today…

From the Montero Goat Farm…4H Projects

Also known as the Crazy Goat Lady of Nevada…

7_2_13_PHONE 062

Gloria Montero has been educating and assist youth groups in the the Northern Nevada area on goats for many years…you have a goat question??? Gloria Montero is your source of all information on goats…Great lady and her efforts in our agriculture community to help educate youth and adults alike is unparalleled.

Here is her latest project…