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No Matter Where You Are...We'll be Watching

No Matter Where You Are…We’ll be Watching


Today I must say thank you to a great many people in regards to a story I published a couple days ago.

First I would like to thank the Georgia State Law School and the assistance the staff provided when gathering information for the story, and now follow up story to the April 15, 2014 about the Famed team of Mathis and Lambert.  Now I cannot take all the credit as Paul Williams made contact with the Georgia State folks and sort of opened the door a scooch.

That said even in the correspondence that Mr. Williams received, he forwarded to me..for that I do tip my hat…I do not believe to this date I have spoken to the actual William Arnold at all. I do believe I have spoken to un-admittedly the famous Brandon Lambert and Jason Mathis.

Here is an excerpt from the email to Mr. Williams,

Hello Mr. Williams,


I am just following through with you with a short statement. Today, I became aware that one of my partners and one of my employees, respectively, Jason Mathis and Brandon Lambert, were previously involved in some shady and/or illegal business activities. Upon receipt of this information, I held a board meeting and terminated both Jason and Brandon’s employment.  I have promoted my trusted partner, Rachel Parilla, to the position of CEO/Vice President, and I have taken the position of CFO/President. My wife, Lorene Arnold, will serve as Secretary. I understand your position and I appreciate what you do. I will continue to do whatever is necessary to clear the name and reputation of my company and myself, including all necessary steps to distance ourselves entirely from the wrongdoing of past affiliates. I make it my goal to earn and keep the trust and respect of the contractors and clients of this industry. I look forward to reaching out to you in the future. Anchors Away!!! (forgive me if I got that part wrong).


William Arnold


Not having ever spoken to Mr. Arnold I did edit his contact information from the contents of the email…

However attached to the email was a new articles of incoprporation;

In addition, Mr. Arnold forwarded, a copy of…

Secretary of State   Control No.: 14003784

Date Filed:4/15/2014 3:18:45 PM    2014 Corporation Annual Registration


Entity Control No. 15852055 Amount Due: $50.00 Amount Due AFTER June 1, 2014: $75.00

Each business entity registered or filed with the Office of Secretary of State is required to file an annual registration. Amount due for this entity is indicated above and below on the remittance form. Annual fee is $50. If amount is more than$50 , the total reflects amount(s) due from previous year(s) and any applicable late fee(s). Renew by  April 1,2013 Your Annual Registration must be postmarked by June 1,2014. If your registration and payment are not postmarked by June 1,2014, you will be assessed a…

I’ll leave that there…You may read the entire document here…However, this is a direct result of sharing information in the Property Preservation Industry. When a story is published …Published on: Apr 15, 2014 @ 8:24 Pacific Stantard Time,or 11:24 EST…and a decision was made by this company at 3:18, Four hours folks. I think that is making a statement.

This is a first for the Aladay LLC Blog…In light of the immediate actions of the Board of Directors at GM Management Group, Inc….

GM Management Group, Inc. COMES OFF the Property Preservation Watch List.

 To Everyone involved that made me look good…Thanks…

Do you have a story?? Contact us we’ll help you tell it.



Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Information provided by Georgia State University of Law, GM Management Inc.


Saturday Morning Fodder….The Difference

So the Order Mills have chosen to Pick a fight with the BOTG????


As the Sumatra Mandling swirled around my nostrils clearing those Saturday Morning cobwebs from the canyons of my mind the puzzling question that some order mill mentality personal just had to put to the test while taking a feeble attempt with a veiled swipe at the style and methods of advocating currently going on throughout the Property Preservation Industry.

Joe Hummel, a columnist for Cubic yard, the new apparent Media Propaganda Spin Machine for the National Association of Mortgage Filed Services (NAMFS). According to an article penned by Mr. Hummel a member of  the TeamRegime  NAMFS who is currently acting in a recruiting manner for the organization. It was this comment that actually made me peruse that article…

 Recently more than ever, I have noticed two acronyms emerge- BOTG and OM

Really Joe??? Where have you been that past 7 years?????

Oh that’s right you’re the new kid on the block the new guy that NAMFS is going to allow to be chewed up and spit out at your expense so the BOD can continue the pyramid scheme of parlay they wish to play with the industry.

Now Joe closes his sophomoric article with this paragraph….

There are others that are willing to help with problems like this.https://www.linkedin.com/groups/Cubic-Yard-Property-Preservation-REO-6551906?trk=my_groups-b-grp-v . One place to find positive insight on common problems costing valuable dollars daily. If you do not use a form of social media to promote your business I assume you will never read this to begin with, so for the rest of us… Join a group and ask a competitor, or a client.

Hey don’t get me wrong but “Problems like this” and “Positive insight”??? In a censured group? Well that’s “Love Fest” mentality for you…Let’s all sit around the camp fire get the marshmallows out and sing Kumbaya…since comments are censored and when one poses a direct question that challenges the “Status Quo” of the NAMFS TeamRegime and the new panel of “columnist’s” That;s rich…Let’s call the spade a spade here folks…What we have is a new Propaganda machine spinning yarns and reducing the Property Preservation Industry to a fricken’ comic book…

That is what has been done to all those whiney, pathetic crybaby BOTG, they have been reduced to a comic book. How dare they cry about not being paid for their services. How dare they expect to be treated as a Business Person, those silly confused Emplactors*** that we dictate to on a daily bases and force to pay their own taxes. How dare they think they deserve to be paid what they invoice and bid. How dare they speak up for equality as a business owner paying for their licensing, insuring the PPI, and paying for the labor disposal, fuel and material costs do complete services for US SUPERIOR Order Mills that have the sole purpose of depleting the revenue stream of the BOTG and placing more and more demands on the financial structures of their companies. Yes Joe we should all just shut up quit crying over spilt milk and continue to allow the members of NAMFS to screw us over and companies like you to continue to Sub Safeguard work out at fees so ridiculously low they don’t cover expenses so you can take your cut and skim off the top.

Over 12 hours ago I posted the comment below in the discussion board here

Just me…there is a need for the first level order mills…none of the others.
That said…Every order mill that does not have a DIRECT contract with the lender…go home…

Now I mean no disrespect with that…But in the quest for every one of the NAMFS members or nationals as we call them, to be number one they negotiated contracts for them never considering the folks that PAY…FINANCE…FLOAT THE BOAT…FRONT THE RESOURCES, What ever phrase you’d like to plug in there…in their negotiations…

Never once in the negotiations has any of the companies come to me and asked what type of resources it would take to get from A to B…The only one who did PK Management, Called me three times to negotiate fees…three times the PK Management representative stated… “OK Ill enter these fees in your profile”…a phrase we’ve all heard before…our profile…
Only to be screwed and have Les Sternberg claim that they were only gathering information so they would have an idea how to gauge negotiations??????
And then cut the agreed upon numbers by 65%…and that seems to be acceptable except for the ones that went broke trying to work the numbers they were sold with the “Volume Card”…get real folks…
Now back to what I was saying…sorry for the quick shift with no clutch…
The numbers…let’s play the numbers game for a minute. The numbers negotiated by the first level company is sufficient to be assigned one time…
That is the problem with the industry…everyone technically becomes an employee with that system….Why not truly allow capitalism and free enterprise to work and Hire me directly….or BIIG Inspections, or M&M Hauling, Donovan Contracting…DO I REALLY NEED TO GIVE YOU 50 BOTG????? But then that would make us true Independent Contractors with out direction and control….
IMHO…not sure why the term “Shill” comes to mind but hey It has been a very nice day..Great sunshine, got see and wow!! even talk to a pretty girl and got a hug at the radio station…by a cop no less..hey talk about Irony…even made a couple bucks…and I got to stop and smell the flowers…Hey ain’t life a HOOT!!!!!  less…

The only people that do not want to listen to that industry solution are the ones that will actually have to figure out how to work on their dime and not on the backs of others….Which for all practical purposes are the members of NAMFS that have this unsustainable business model of “subbing”. I’m guessing that Joe doesn’t want to listen to those ideas, or those solutions for the industry. If Joe truly wanted to help the industry as he claims…He would be taking a stance against the members of the organization he belongs to. Joe would not be spewing this Holier Than Thou crap about how wonderful the Order Mills are. The industry does not need the multiple layers of subbing that robs the BOTG on a daily basis.

Sorry Joe…The terms BOTG and OM…they have been around for at least the past 7 years that I am aware of as I heard them when we entered the industry almost eight years ago…But we can excuse your come to the party late mentality as you’re the new sacrificial lamb for the organization that only cares about membership.  I’m not even going to address you crony’s comments about the BOTG not understanding the “subbing” business model…I may beat my chest a little too hard and frighten your company C-Level employees. Really this is what you call transparency??? NAMFS has you all dress up in your Sunday go to Mettin’ clothes for photo ops and come into a censured group a spew drivel putting down the BOTG???

What I find so ironic in all of this is the fact the Joe has sort of picked a fight with the very same community that Keystone takes advantage of and currently has to depend on to make a living. Now that’s an interesting take for a business model. I’m thinking that The Donald just might say…”You’re Fired!!!”

Now here’s a thought…what happens tomorrow if  Keystone has no BOTG to depend on to complete services for you to skim off your percentage in a pathetic attempt to justify your existence???

Now wouldn’t that be a HOOT?????

What say ye BOTG????? Is Joe’s company Keystone Property Soilutions LLC…well let me put it this way Joe, claims his company…[this is from the website, italics add for emphisis]

Keystone Property Services, LLC provides mortgage field services to nationwide clients from mortgage servicers, lenders, investors, homeowners, other financial institutions, and other MFS companies

What do you think BOTG?  Does Keystone PROVIDE the services you complete or do they FACILITATE the services being completed by your company? Furthermore, does Joe truly provide anything to the Lenders, investors, and other financial institutions..or does he FACILITATE at your expense????

Are you the BOTG, the big crybabies that Joe and the rest of Keystone C-Level employees along with all the other Order Mills claim you to be?

One last question for Both Joe and the BOTG….Can Keystone Property Services LLC EXIST without the BOTG??????

Damn Joe..don’t you just hate that rhetorical crap????…but wouldn’t it be a HOOT if Keystone had no BOTG to badmouth????

In closing allow me to point out the obvious….just because for some reason the newly developed NAMFS Propaganda Machine of Mr. Platt reducing the BOTG to a joke of a comic book and the Cubic Yard panel of “columnists” attempting to sell the concept…It’s not Broken…Don’t fix it…

First tier Companies subbing work………………..work completed by the BOTG

Second Tier Companies subbing work……………work completed by the BOTG

Third tier companies work……………………………work completed by the BOTG

Unauthorized order mills subbing work………….Work completed by the BOTG…

Would that be considered a pattern??? Perhaps if we add…BOTG finance the completion of the work completed also???

I ask again…who has all the risk??? Those that do, not only do they  have the ability, but they are the ones that can make the statement that needs to be made within the Property Preservation Industry….

Just a little Saturday Morning Fodder to get you through the Saturday Morning Confusion…


Written By: Aaron

Photograph pilfered form Cubic Yard column Pitting the Order Mills against the BOTG

***Emplactor is an employee that has been incorrectly classified as an Independent Contractor with specificity to the Property Preservation Industry.

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership


Business 101: Understanding the Convoluted “Order Request”

 Yes, the ones that drive you nuts and take 35 minutes of deciphering to understand

Work Orders and "Order Requests" make you fell like you're navigating a maze???

Work Orders and “Order Requests” make you fell like you’re navigating a maze???


For sometime now people have been asking about how to deal with the convoluted legal speak in contracts and work orders. Send us you sections that you are having a tough time deciphering and we’ll do our best to assist.


Now for whatever reason the National Asset Management Companies (NAMC) chose to use these blanket generic Work Order “Order Requests”… well me the ever “Conspiracy Theorist” says it is to purposely confuse you so they  can institute a back charge from you and get the work done for free….Just Sayin’…

One thing I have always hated is a statement like this:

Order Request

Upon acceptance of this order, please visit the subject property and ensure all applicable HVAC components are functional, ON, and set to the required settings. When applicable, vendor is to ensure gas valve to the furnace is opened and the furnace pilot light has been lit, and gas valve or circuit breaker to the water heater is turned ‘OFF’; or in the case of a property being heated using fuel oil or liquid propane, confirm the tank has oil to operate heat and advise if the tank requires a fill up. All breakers/fuses are to be turned to the ‘ON’ position, and where applicable, ensure circuits to the well are ‘OFF’. Inspect and set the thermostat to 80 degrees cooling and 55 degrees heating. Identify the presence and operating condition of any sump pump. Vendor is also to identify the presence of and operating condition of any boiler or radiant heating system and ensure the system is functioning

I used to hate Five Brothers work orders that were 27 pages long and wanted you to install a lock box. Again, this is IMHO../ this a company being lazy and forcing the Boots on the Ground Contractor to become confused and unable to complete a work order in the manner that it should be completed. That said…

Let us examine this contradictory “Order Request”…

 ensure all applicable HVAC components are functional…

First of all…Are you a qualified HVAC Inspector? Are you properly Licensed? And again will you insurance cover any oppsies you may have because you’re not a licensed HVAC company?

 When applicable, vendor is to ensure gas valve to the furnace is opened and the furnace pilot light has been lit, and gas valve or circuit breaker to the water heater is turned ‘OFF’;

Again you are being required to do something that may be a little out of your scope. However when you break this down you are being asked to light the pilot light on the heater and make sure the gas valve is off.

Now  this is something you should check with your local utility company as in some jurisdictions the ordinances actually state that a “qualified person” light the pilot light. IMHO, someone from PG&E has lobbied the city council so they can bill a $45 service call to come light the pilot lights. Something to keep in mind, Most gas companies will do this as part of their service all you have to do is call. Usually if you have to have the gas turned on the representative will come and also perform what is called a “sniff test” and light the pilots for you.

Vendor is also to identify the presence of and operating condition of any boiler or radiant heating system and ensure the system is functioning

Again one is being asked to perform something that local ordinances and laws may prohibit. Are you properly licensed to perform inspections on Heating and Air Conditioning…This falls back the HVAC question and insurance issue.

Keeping in mind that radiant heating usually is under the floor so it is literally out of site out of mind. So how will you know if it is functioning correctly? Do you know how to set the temperature of a radiant heating system? Do you know what temperature you need to set the system at to have the house at 55 degrees?

While these are all things one learns in the Property Preservation Industry via the school of hard knocks and on the fly. Another reason I believe there needs to be a licensing classification and education and testing for the Property Preservation Industry. However, until that day comes,  if you’re smart you’ll take advantage of the information in the new NAARPI International University Library for their Membership and pull up the information on Radiant Heating and you’ll be able to learn a little something about this type of systems functionality. THIS DOES NOT mean you’ll be a “qualified person” as some licensing laws require, however, it will provide you with the tools to be well informed about radiant heating systems.

Now IMHO…the Order request should be presented in this manner…

o   Upon acceptance of this order, please visit the subject property and ensure all applicable HVAC components are functional, ON, and set to the required settings.

o   If applicable, is gas valve to the furnace opened and the furnace pilot light lit.

o   Is gas valve or circuit breaker to the water heater turned ‘OFF’;

o   If property is being heated using fuel oil or liquid propane

o   confirm the tank has oil to operate heat

o    advise if the tank requires a fill up.

o   Are all breakers/fuses turned to the ‘ON’ position,

o   Are circuits to the well are ‘OFF’.

o   Inspect and set the thermostat to 80 degrees cooling and 55 degrees heating.

o   What is the  operating condition of any sump pump, if present

o   Is the boiler or radiant heating system functioning

But then again I’m an easily confused country bumpkin blogger that don’t have no clue…That is if you let Truth Hurts tell it. But that’s a story for another time. I do hope that this helps you somewhat. I have found that if I take my time, read things three, four times if necessary and then make a check list of the convoluted mess these nitwit desk jockey’s send trying to confuse everyone so they can receive services for free by using the…again IMHO…quasi illegal back charging system that is prevalent in the Property Preservation Industry.

Hey do you have a contract section or work order section you’re having a problem with? Send it to us and we’ll break it down for you and share the results with everyone and see if maybe we can bring attention and help educate everyone at the same time. Remember, most work orders and contracts have been crafted by a legal team…never hurts to have another opinion.

ALWAYS REMEMBER; I’m not an attorney, I do not provide legal advise. I do however, attempt to make thing understandable for the lay-person…that is me and you…

Happy Hump Day All!!!

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Opinions expressed do not reflect that of Aladay LLC Ownership

PPI WATCHLIST: Mathis and Lambert add William Arnold to the Mix!!!!!! BEWARE

Lambert, Mathis and Arnold Threaten Defamation lawsuit; Running Scared!!!!!!

No Matter Where You Are...We'll be Watching

No Matter Where You Are…We’ll be Watching



This morning I decided to contact the Property Preservation Industry scam artist Brandon Lambert and Jason Mathis.

What an interesting conversation this was!!!!!

I called  GM Management Services and received an automated services and while I was leaving a message I received a call back from a person identifying themselves as “Brandon Alexander”

I informed “Brandon” that I was actually calling to interview the newly hired William Arnold. I was informed that William was actually in court and was unavailable.

Here is an excerpt for the website;

We are excited to announce a new partnership with William Arnold, Chief Financial Officer and Managing Partner at GM Management Group Inc. His extensive negotiating and consulting experience makes him an excellent addition to our team.

Now I was speaking to “Brandon” and explained who I am that I have a blog writing and advocating for the Boots on the Ground Contractors in the Property Preservation Industry. “Brandon” even went as far as to commend my efforts as he had “heard” there is a lot of turmoil in the PPI.

“Brandon” went on to say that they do not do PPI work and that their company has HAD to be confused with GM Property Services, another Mathis and Lambert shell company name that has ripped off unsuspecting BOTG looking for work.

When I asked “Brandon” if he was familiar with Foreclosurepedia at first he said no. When I explained to him that there has been a few articles about the company on the website, “Brandon” explained that he has in fact spoken to legal counsel to sue the writer of the articles. He claimed that he has been defamed and that everything on Forclosurepedia was a lie. I then asked if he was familiar with Brandon Lambert and Jason Mathis and he emphatically denied being Lambert and was in fact “Brandon Alexander”

So I said..well perhaps I can write a story and maybe clear up some of the confusion, why don’t you tell me about what you guys do.

So “Brandon” said that they have been involved in Government Contraction for about ten years, they work with Military bases, the IRS (wonder if the IRS knows this???) and that due to pricing they can’t even do preservation work “Myself let alone sub it out”.

“Brandon” went on to explain that they are involved with a “Land Trust” therefore the hiring of third year law student William Arnold.


LM&A lining up new ducks to beat out of money????


With the land trust “Brandon claimed they conducted some urban use of land and assisted “at risk” people in the streets with their consulting services and in fact set them up as sub-contractors, (that sounds to me like setting up the ducks). Brandon” went on to say that they work directly with points of contact with the US Government, they are an IRS Currier, and actually perform janitorial, maid services, and lawn services for the VA and that they set up the “at-risk” street people with these accounts. (May I emphasize AT RISK here as anyone working with Mathis and Lambert are definitely at risk!!).

It was at this point that I decided to ask.

Perhaps the confusion comes from the page on your website titled Corporate Structure which I happened to copy and paste prior to bringing this question up, is below. There were shadow boxes instead of photographs…

Our Consultants

Our many years of experience in managing various business functions are what makes us an expert at meeting your company’s needs.

Jason Mathis

President and Chief Executive Officer



Achievement 1

Year to year

Achievement 2

Areas of expertise

  • Department of Defense Contracting
  • Government and Corporate Intellegence

Brandon Lambert

Chief Operations Officer


Areas of expertise

  • Corporate planning and management

  • Crisis management


It was at this time “Brandon” said that page was not on their website and I was on the wrong website, so I proceeded to inform “Brandon” of everything I was looking at and he stated that their site had to have been hacked and the page added to the site.  When I told “Brandon”…I call Bull spit..(you know what I said) he said I have to talk to my boss immediately and hung up.

30 seconds later I received a phone call from someone identifying himself as William Arnold, I asked how things went in court and was informed that…I just got to the office I have not been in court.

So I proceeded to explain the conversation with “Brandon” and informed him that he was seriously risking his law career associating with Mathis and Lambert. And he proceeded to started talking over everything I was attempting to explain to him. So I quickly went back to the website http://www.gmmgtgrp.com/ and looked for the page, http://www.gmmgtgrp.com/ The page had been removed.

Now I don’t know about you but this tells me a that the site had not been hacked as there is no way people hack a site to add a “Corporate Structure Page to make a company look bad or provide a affiliation with unscrupulous set of characters.

Next he threatened to sue me!!!! Well never one to shy from controversy I said SUE ME PLEASE!!!!! Oh and then he hung up when I told him that I suspected that he was not in fact William Arnold, and that I believed that I was speaking to Jason Mathis and I believed that he called to BS me because I scared his partner in crime Brandon Lambert.

When I informed him that Foreclosurepedia would not be writing something that did not have merit he said he was going to sue them also for defamation of character.

Well I guess Paul Williams and myself will finally get to meet as we will have to go to court to see the Judge.



Now I’m not sure who is providing the insurance to GM management, or the work for the scam artist team of Lambert and Mathis and now the addition of Arnold but for them to be in play one of the members of NAMFS TeamRegime have to be providing work to them…

Hey folks, the moral of the story??? Do you due diligence when signing contracts with companies. If you need intelligence contact the ISTAR system that Foreclosurepedia has established. It is there to help you and every in the PPI.

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs; Google Images, Foreclosurepedia

It should be noted that I have received phone calls from the 404 area code claiming to have the wrong phone number….

Earth Day Events in the Area….Let’s have Fun!!!!

Schedule of events throughout the local area….

Whethr you go to listen to the music, eat fresh foods or see ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Earth Day celebrations are a lot of fun in addition they usually Kick off the Farmers Market Season in most areas. The only bummer about Earth days…Chilies are not ready yet…But hey these are GREAT Family events that you can get out and kick of the summer with so let’s all go have some fun and HUG A TREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Below is an invitation from Earth Day in Fallon for anyone interested in being a vendor at their event. Please click on the link for additional information.

is the



Saturday, April 26, 10AM – 4PM at Bijou Community Park.

Earth Day recognizes, celebrates, and promotes our region’s unique beauty while educating the public about local environmental issues. Bring your friends and family to learn about ways to counteract global climate change through recycling and composting, alternative energy, water conservation, sustainability, and reducing our ecological footprint. Enjoy local live music and dance, swing through the Kid Zone to make some recycle-themed arts and crafts, or get your face painted, and be sure to support or wide array of educational booths and local vendors. Food and local crafts will be available for purchase, and don’t forget to buy some raffle tickets for our huge Earth Day raffle!

Contact Information
Bijou Community Park
(530) 543-1501 ext. 114
1099 Al Tahoe Blvd.
South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150




EDAY Flyer 3-10-14

 Sunday April 27, 2014 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Idlewild Park, Reno NV  (map)

Reno Earth Day will be April 27, 2014 from 10am-5pm @ Idlewild Park; Performances, vendors, educational booths & special activities are FREE for the public as well as fundraising activities to raise funds for charities. 2014 Theme: The Natural World, Many Cultures & Green Technologies.

About Earth Day 2014

Reno’s Earth Day 2014 Celebration at Idlewild Park will take place on April 27, 2014. This year’s event is planned to be bigger and better than the last. With a 3 point theme inspired by the Recycling symbol focusing on three major areas of Earth Day: The Natural World, Many Cultures and Green Technologies. We have performance groups, vendors, educational booth commitments and special activities planned FREE for the public as well as fundraising activities planned to raise funds for charities within each of the 3 subject themes.


We have several themed areas this year including “Animalia”; a pet friendly zone with all sorts of animal related booths and a Pet Adoption Showcase and Pet Fashion Show! “The Garden” featuring a local Farmer’s Market and other natural world exhibits. The second year of our “Earth Innovations” segment which includes a science fair with all local high schools invited to participate. An “Artists’ Grove” that will feature local artists of all kinds, an “Artisans’ Alley” that will feature local tinkers and traders with handmade items of all kinds for sale and “The Future of Transportation” with a showcase of alternative fuel vehicles. There is no public parking within the park, but there is FREE PARKING at Reno High School, just a block away with Bike Taxi’s to drop you off at the Future of Transportation!

This is a festival for all senses with music from around the world, sights to fascinate and inspire, tastes and smells from a variety of food selections and many hands-on activities. There will be live entertainment all day long from local bands, performance groups, and many more! You will get the chance to learn about and see live animals throughout the event, so please be advised that Pets Are Not Allowed in certain areas of the event. We will have a pet friendly area as well as free pet sitting facilities for you to drop off your furry friends while you enjoy the rest of the event. Commemorate the day and event with a special Earth Day Reno 2014 T-shirt or wares from the many artistic and innovative shops and performance groups.

For inquires related to vending, exhibiting, or performing, please conact:

Heather Howell

(775) 771-1828 (txt or call)



Other related Earth Day Events…


Green Means Go “Kaia Earth Day Run”

DATE: Start: Saturday, April 26, 2014
ADDRESS: Franktown Old US 395/Franktown Rd. Carson City , NV 89704

Friday, April 25, 2014



Join Kaia FIT in Celebrating Earth Day and giving back to Carson Valley Trail Association!

Families, kids, neighbors welcome!

For questions call 775-841-4962 or email us darnette@kaiafit.com

Event schedule and times

April 26th 

Franktown, Carson City NV

Half Marathon 8am

10k 815am

5k 830am

Kids Run directly after!

All proceeds will be donated to Carson Valley Trail Association!



Receive a free Tee when you sign up before 4/24! Happy Earth Day!

Event schedule and times:

April 26 @ 8am

Franktown, Carson City NV

5k, 10k, Half Marathon

Kids are welcome!


Well there you go folks..A full weekend of Earth day events coming up for the next two weeks in our area…Enjoy the great weather we are having and go hug a tree!!!!


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photos courtesy event websites.

HIPR: You are Violating OSHA Regs By Performing This Service

Are You Also Breaking Your State laws??

Work Place Safety Should be Your Company's Priority

Work Place Safety Should be Your Company’s Priority


HIPR or the HUD Inspection Property Report not only illegal in Nevada is in fact  against OSHA regulations.

For The past  5 years I have said this service was not safe for any layperson to complete in the manner I was instructed to do so by a company called BLMREO. BLMREO tried to force this on us we said no after the training at a property we went to to attend in field training.

First they did not have the proper equipment to train us out in the field. Second just the instruction and the method we were showed how to do this. INSANITY!!!! The representative from BLMREO connected BARE WIRES to the house. There was no ground wire used or anything that one would think you need to protect yourself from electricity. Anyone with a lick of common sense can see this is dangerous and should be completed by someone that knows electricity. What I do not understand…HUD turn the damn utilities  on for  two hours for the inspections so everyone is safe and service can  be properly provided…but that’s the government for you..

The document that was prepared by John “Grizzy” Grzywacz, Professor Emeritus, OSHA training Institute, you can get a free copy of the document or the document  can be seen in it’s entirety here.

Last August I contacted The Nevada State Contractors Board and was told that per the service specs that this was a service that, by the laws of Nevada require a C-2 (Electrical) license classification. Now if you’re in Nevada it should be noted that under NRS 624.035 there might be more stringent requirements as determined by the city or county having jurisdiction.

Over the weekend an article broke over on Foreclosurepedia, in regards to information that was provided by one of my nemeses Chris Ziolkowski,( I know, but one has to give credit where credit is due). Mr. Ziolkowski over on LinkedIn posted a link to  an article he found. Naturally this led to some investigating and a story.

I will say this again to all the Nevada Property Preservation Contractors performing this service for the garbage fees offered or $75 to $100 and you’re being demanded to do this service, is the risk worth the fee? Keeping in mind that a Licensed Electrical Contractor charges $500 for this service?

There is a reason that you’re being asked to do this. That reason is not because you know what you’re doing. It is because you don’t know what you’re doing.

If you’re performing the HIPR service you may also want to keep this in mind. You may not be properly insured as you’re probably not properly licensed to perform this service, which means, if something goes wrong damages will come out of your pocket and not your insurance company’s.

In closing I have to say DO NOT be a scared Emplactor*** and allow the members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services [#TeamRegime #OPNAMFS] force you to break the laws and place you health in jeapordy by performing this dangerous service

Hey Let’s all have a great day and let’s be safe out there…


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photo courtesy Google Images

Emplactor is an employee that has been incorrectly classified as an Independent Contractor with specificity to the Property Preservation Industry.

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership


Business 101… Understanding “Contract Speak”

Understanding every aspect of your contract is Important.

There is Always light at the end of the tunnel

There is Always light at the end of the tunnel


It is never a bad thing to ask questions about contract sections should they not be clear to you. Over the past couple weeks I have received from several different areas of the country a section of contract that reflects some rather, IMHO lopsided agreements. Now in all fairness to everyone, and since this section seems to be very common in what I refer to Lop-sided contracts favoring the National Asset management Companies (NAMC), this is not a dig at any one company in particular, as I do believe that all the respondents that sent this in have different clients…I’m just kinda poking all of them with a stick today…

Now if you remember from The Video Series from Aladay LLC Media Productions called Understanding Your Contract, one of the key elements in a contract is;

“Mutuality of Agreement” the definition of which is;

Mutuality of agreement is a legal principle that provides that unless both parties to a contract are bound to perform, neither party is bound to perform, i.e., the contract is void.

What this means is that you are at liberty to make what is called an “addendum”, or ask for a mutually agreeable section of your contract. Now I know what many of you are thinking, “they won’t listen”. However, if you deliver and present your issue correctly you should be able to negotiate contract terms that are fair to both sides.

That said let us examine the following section of a contract and discuss how you can go about creating an amicable agreement for your organization.

 By Signing below I hereby acknowledge that I understand the following:

  •       All discounts have been taken out of the prices listed. They reflect the final payment to vendor per job type.

Pretty straightforward so far. Whatever price you see listed is what you will be paid.

  •       These prices should only be used as a guide and prices are subject to change without notice.

Now we have a problem…change without notice???? As in the middle of the job? There is no real guideline spelled out for the change. There is also nothing in writing protecting both parties from “open to interpretation” liabilities.

Now here is how you can create an addendum to counter this section..remember regardless of what most think contracts can and should be negotiated, never be afraid to make a counter offer.

ABC Service Provider agrees to accept pricing changes ONLY on future projects, assignments. ABC Service provider will only complete work orders with pre-agreed upon pricing and pricing on issued and accepted work orders is not and will not be subjected to this provision. In addition ABC service Provider will not accept any changes to pricing or fees on bids that have not been approved without negotiations of said bid.

  •       All vendors are required to complete work issued from every client and may not reject any work order within their coverage area.

This is becoming the norm and actually has been a standard of practice for as long as I can remember in the industry.

RECOMMENDATION…Make sure you can cover the area you commit to covering. If you canot cover 12, 000 sq.mi without hardships you had better not commit to doing so. In addition you had better know all the service specs for the clients your client, (the NAMC), is requiring you to service.

  •       All vendors are required to complete every work order issued within their assigned coverage area

You get a $25 work order 300 miles away. This does and will create a serious dichotomy for a company. This is why I have always recommended “no windshield time” to successfully cover an area you have to have the proper infrastructure for your company. As a company you have to have the right Field Supervisors and Inspectors in place so you can make adjustments on the fly.

Example; we cover a large area of dirt. We are located a minimum 25 miles from every residential community. When developing our company we took this into consideration and made the correct hiring’s. We have at least one responsible employee everywhere so we do not have to spend fuel and labor traveling three hours for $25, we have someone 15 minute away from the area.

This is an area of a contract that can and usually does presents serious issues for the “mom&pop” type companies that have bitten off more than they can chew. Remember if you need assistance with understanding your break even points or break even analysis on services we have the tools to assist you.

In addition this is an EXTREMELY VITAL  area of your contract that will depend on excellent communication between you and your client.

  •       Any vendor in violation of these terms will be subject to immediate deactivation and will be reviewed for permanent deactivation

We all know that the term “Deactivation” in the PPI means you’re fired…depending on your negotiation skills will depend if you’re temporally laid off or permanently fired…

I do hope this helps everyone on both sides of this contract section. If you like to review the Aladay LLC Media Production series of videos on Understanding Your Contract, contact us and if there is enough interest I’ll speak to the powers to be and we’ll get them on the Aladay LLC You Tube Station.


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photograph: Aaron Aveiro

Property Preservation Industry Watch List: Many Entries This Week


No Matter Where You Are...We'll be Watching

No Matter Where You Are…We’ll be Watching


Let’s not forget the Major players this week being Homestar Property Solutions and of course Heritage Home Solutions…mmmm. what is it about “Solutions”???? Well there certainly has been a flurry of inquiries this past week. We have received so many inquiries I have not had the time to properly research every company that has passed across the desk.

However, in all fairness to all companies and the BOTG that have provided submissions today I will simply present the list of companies and the current status of the inquiries. Many of our readers know the standard format that I provide when placing a company on the Watch list. As we move through the week it is my intention to provide a profile on each company on this week’s list. I currently have several “Requests for Information” submitted to many of these companies…so with any luck at all you can start seeing some company profiles Tuesday or Wednesday of this week…


Please read the comments after each entry on the list and you’ll understand.

Echo Cleaning – Commercial Cleaning Service Serving Dallas, TX & The Surrounding Areas

Echo Cleaning (EC) sells franchises. While not a complete Property Preservation organization like the others on the list this week. EC owner/founder Tom Baker claims to know former President George Bush and uses this as a selling point. In addition the franchise fee of 35k is supposed to guarantee you 17k in monthly invoices.

EC has made the list as the sell Home Cleaning Franchises and at this time there are several complaints of “Breach of Contract” as some of the franchisee purchaser’s did so to get involved at what they thought would be a lucrative janitorial service for the PPI

STATUS: Currently awaiting response to Request for Interview with Tom baker

Nationwide REO Services 

1325 Bedford Ave #32500 Baltimore MD 21282 410-205-2654

Founded in 2008, Nationwide REO Services is a national property preservation company that provides repair, maintenance, and rehabilitation work for bankowned properties throughout the United States. With operations in major metropolitan areas like Baltimore, Miami, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Charlotte, NC—Nationwide REO Services continues to build on its reputation for mortgage field service excellence and community improvement

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mdz-cIZvGkE Love this Rags to Riches Video on You Tube.

Nationwide..a misnomer and they only provide services in 16 states according to their website, came across our desk 7 times this week as not providing information and being offended when BOTG questions certain aspects of the procedures.

STATUS: currently awaiting response from request for information

 Assero Services and 24Asset

13155 S.W. 42nd Street, Suite #200 Miami FL 33175
but company is listed on contractor agreement as
41 University Dr. Suite 400 Newton, PA18940

This scenario came across the desk inference to the conflicting addresses…a cursory research..

It appears that this is FORMER Asset Management Services (AMS), C-Level employees…At this time I have not sent any emails on this as if this company is former AMS employees I will be on the phone this week to speak with someone. However, the fact that there is/was so much turmoil with AMS and that the C-Level Staff that was let go (now employed here) in regards to some very questionable activity warrants this company making the watch list…

Visneta is like a dating service for everyone in the real estate industry. It works to connect multiple sectors of the industry including real estate marketing, services, and project management in one online platform. One place where Landscaper meets asset manager and broker meets buyer. Real Estate and Property Management professionals are increasingly turning to technology to efficiently manage day to day work flow.

Now this organization is involved with the group above.But if any of you have ever experienced a “dating service” you know why this company has been attached…

The above all have some very vague and ambiguous information in regards to affiliations, association, and partnerships. Statements like…..has forged strategic partnerships with key companies and individuals to ensure success, profitability, and longevity.….. always reaise red flags to me. Just “WHO” are the key companies??? Why the secret?

STATUS: will follow up with story this week

Wolverine Real Estate Services

26711 Woodward Avenue, Suite 305
Huntington Woods, MI 48070
Phone: 248-586-9779
Toll Free: 800-875-7170
Fax: 248-586-9794

Wolverine has come across the desk with a couple unconfirmed nonpayment issues. At this time I do not know much more other than they are recruiting and people have asked me to look at them. While I have found some issues starting in 2010, nothing at this time has been confirmed. However, this comment on their website did raise some questions in my mind.

After 30 years of performing general contracting and rehabilitation work for Fannie Mae, Ira J. Dorchen founded Wolverine Real Estate Services in 1989 to fill a very specific market need in the Mortgage Industry – to furnish quick, accurate results at a fair price.

STATUS; Request for Information sent directly to Mark Dorchen

 Mid-American Property Management

1523 S 11th St Nebraska City, NE 68410

(402) 874-9171

Property Management Company…

This company does not like to return phone calls or emails…I have a couple in to them…Complaints of nonpayment issues. In addition they are subbing Safeguard work..NOW GET THIS!!! They have NO WEBSITE…how do you work with someone in this industry with no website and everything is done from a yahoo email account???

I did speak to one person in Kansas working for them and was informed that he received his October Invoices this past week. 180 on payments warrant this company’s entry on the watch list.

STATUS: Waiting for response to request for Information


Now many of you are probably asking about Guardian Asset Management as their name came across our desk 27 times this past week. Hey Nothing bad to report. Currently company is in development and will have contracts directly with lenders. Will be interesting to see how the new kids on the block perform.

                                   Now not all these companies are members of the #TeamRegime #OpsNAMFS…but for good measureOpNAMFS-1024x575



Until Next Time

Happy Gardening


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs courtesy Google Images and Foreclosurepedia

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership





Homestar: Is their New Pay to Play Membership a Federal Crime?

Homestar Violating RESPA???  You be the Judge.



Yesterday we broke a Pay to Play story in regards to Homestar’s part of the NAMFS TeamRegime new “Membership Level”.

After monitoring some of the discussion groups in the social media circles I have to share some of the comments from contractors are saying across the country.

In addition I have included pertinent sections of the  Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA In this article.

I’ll let you be the Judge…

Homestar Property Solutions makes Industry Watchlist

Pay to get Paid now ain’t that just slicker than snot on a glass door knob, seem them city slickers are attempting to get creative, don’t fret it none ….shit floats. I saw this turd floating from way over yonder.
I bet they were grinning lake a bunch of opossum shitting peach seeds when they came up with this idea to squeeze another dollar out of the BOTG. Well shit fire and save the matches you boys must think us BOTG are dumer an a coal bucket; a bunch of hillbillies with none of tat dar business sense.
Seriously are these clowns serious? How many Wints do you have to perform to hit the breakeven point and trust me Homestar has that figured out…at the breakeven point they will start using some other poor schmuck….why wouldn’t they…you have nothing to bitch about you got your money back. I hope Wal Mart is watching, they could create one hell of a profit center by offering this scam to their 2,100,000 employees. Imagine if Wal Mart or Mickey Dees could get all their employees to become gold members … they would get a couple of weeks free labor out of most of them. We all know that if a “RESPECTABLE” company such as Wal Mart, McDonalds or IBM tried some happy horse shit like this it would be all over the evening news…so why does Homestar think they can fly under the radar?

I see they have an office here in Dallas, Aaron please forward me the email so I can get it in the hands of the right people here Texas to help Homestar promote their New Membership Program.

By John R. M. Allen

I’m guessing that John may know a little more about Real estate Law in Texas than Homestar.

They are scam artist I know this for a fact they screwed me and so far I have found 9 other contractors and the range between what they owe all of us is over $130,000 when you add all 10 of us together. I hope everyone listens to you and us. We would like to knock them out of the market some how for no one needs to be scammed or ripped off. All of us contractors work hard to make a living.

MM Contracting..

From Ray griffin of Griffin Security in Utah;

Starting look like a MLM, pay to be a distributor so it’s not a Pyramid scheme , then if you sell enough of your product and recruit at least three people and then teach them the same thing , over and over , you’ll become a silver , gold , platinum and even a diamond , whom is running the show, ex-Amway distributor!? Sounds like a conflict of interest with the RESPA act to me?!

Now Mind you RESPA was conceived for some reason that sort of spells out the requests of Homestar may be prohibited on a federal level and if I’m not mistaken  Homestar has a contract VA and FHA properties???? MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM…what a dichotomy….

Under this act , makes it very illegal —- IMHO….

Prohibition Against Kickbacks and Unearned Fees—12 CFR 1024.14
Any person who gives or accepts a fee, kickback, or thing of value (payments, commissions, gifts, tangible item, or special privileges) for the referral of settlement business is in violation of Section 8(a) of RESPA. Any person who gives or accepts any portion, split, or percentage of a charge for real estate settlement services, other than for services actually performed, is in violation of Section 8(b) of RESPA. Appendix B of Regulation X provides guidance on the meaning and coverage of the prohibition against kickbacks and unearned fees.
RESPA Section 8(b) is not violated when a single party charges and retains a settlement service fee, and that fee is unearned or excessive.

You can read the entire history here.

Now I do have to add that in yesterdays email posting I made There was an email for more information,,,Here is my email inquiry…

Would like some input on this please 

Aaron Aveiro aladayllc@gmail.com

8:56 PM (16 hours ago)

to stevy.mccluskey
I have not looked to deep into this at this time. However, I will be on the radio in the morning asking every legal scholar in the country for their input.
Please provide the guidelines in detail as I will be following up this story…


Now that was 16 hours ago as of this writing…Perhaps Steve is scrambling the troops and running for cover????

And true to my word I was at the radio station “spreading the word” so we will see what some of the [politicians and lawyers that were listening have to say once they digest this bit of information.

So what is your opinion? Does the email spell out enough information to show a clear violation of the sections of RESPA? Is this truly a type of Pay for Play???

Here are a couple comments from the site Preservationtalk.com

From GTX63..

I take 25% of your invoice as mine in addition to what I am billing the client.

I QA your workorder in order to deduct more charges, at my discretion and leisure, for results outside my guidelines.

I apply postage fees to send you your check.

I offer paid memberships for the opportunity to potentially get your money somewhat faster than without a membership.

You pay me a portion of what I owe you so that you can get paid.

If thinking about it didn’t make me nauseous I would tell everyone I know that
it is pure genious!

From BradsConst:

Ask for the Platinum package where they actually  pay for the work completed!

Homestar isn’t paying rehab contractors and they are liening properties in Wisconsin. Last word I heard, FNMA has put them on hold statewide.


From nurumkin:

Honestly this is a great idea, I’m going to go and try to pitch it to all my suppliers.

“hey menards want to get involved in an exciting new program that, for a small fee, you can expedite the payment for the materials I’m taking today. For only $550, plus transaction fees, I’ll make sure you are paid within 30 days of me taking this load of lumber. What’s that, oh you want me to pay right away? I don’t think you’re seeing just how big of an opportunity this is for you.”


Seems the folks over on Preservation Talk are not thrilled about this new system of receiving work and compensation of same said. My take is that this latest move by Homestar is a desperate attempt to trim overhead. Not only that an attempt to trim debt. In addition IMHO this does in fact violate some to the many Real Estate Laws throughout the United States.

I will gladly print any story from a member of Homestar Property Solutions should anyone like to come forward and go on the record to explain the set of huevos the folks at Homestar has that would even think of a concocked scam of this nature.

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photograph courtesy Foreclosurepedia

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership

2014 Truckee Meadows and Surrounding Farmers Market Season Schedule

Yes at long last…..FRESH PRODUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

USDA Program encouraging the support of local farmers

USDA Program encouraging the support of local farmers


As a firm believer  the really way to really know your food is to know your Farmer.  If you’re like most of the folks I know you are seriously ready for some truly fresh produce.

With summer just around the corner Here are our areas Farmers Markets Schedules.



Sunday Markets:

Rail City Sparks Sunday Farmers Market

Start Date : Uncertain at this time 9:00 am
End Date :  1:00 pm …………………….Check back for update on dates…

Day of Event: : Sunday Time : 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Address : 1720 Brierly Way, Sparks, NV 89434   Phone : 775-355-1551


Reno South Farmers Market

Start Date : June 1, 2014 9:00 am End Date : September 7, 2014 1:00 pm

Day of Event: : Sunday June 2, 2013 to September 15, 2013 Time : 9:00 am to 1:30 pm

Address : The Grove at South Creek, 95 Foothill Road, Reno, NV 89511   Phone : 775-329-5181

Tuesdays Markets:

Sparks Tuesday Morning Market

Start Date : June 3, 2014 8:00 am
End Date : September 30, 20141:00 pm

Day of Event: : Tuesday Time : 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Address : 1231 Pyramid Way, Sparks, NV 89431 Phone : 775-358-0925

Reno Summit Tuesday Farmers’ Market

Start Date : June 10, 2014 9:00 am   End Date : September 30, 2014 2:00 pm

Day of Event: : Tuesday  Time : 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Address : 13925 S. Virginia St., Reno, NV 89502    Phone : 775-746-5024

Wednesday’s Market

Farmers Market at Lakeside Inn and Casino

Start Date: Wednesday, May 7, 2014 thru September 2014
Hours: 4pm-7pm
Location: 168 U.S. 50, Stateline, NV

Reno Village Farmers Market

Start Date : June 7, 2014 8:00 am End Date : October 4, 2014 1:00 pm

Day of Event: : Saturday Time : 8:00 am to 1:00 pm

Address : 1119 California Street, Reno, NV 89501 Corner of California & Booth  Phone : 775-746-5024

Lampe Park Farmers Market
Start Date:  Wednesday, May 21, 2014 thru September 2014
New Hours: 9am-1pm
Location: 1325 Waterloo Rd, Gardnerville, NV

Thursday’s Markets

Farmers Market at Tunnel Creek

Start Date: Thursday, May 1, 2014 thru September 2014
Hours: 4pm-7pm
Location: 1115 Tunnel Creek Rd. Incline Village, NV

Sparks Thursday Farmers Market

Start Date : June 12, 2014 3:00 pm End Date : August 21, 2014 8:00 pm

Day of Event: : Thursday Time : 3:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Address : Victorian Ave. Circle/Victorian Ave., Sparks 89431 Phone : 775-746-5024

Dayton Farmers Market

Start Date : June 14, 2014 3:00 pm  End Date : Into October weather permitting 2013 6:00 pm

Day of Event: : Thursdays Time : 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Address : 60 2nd Avenue Dayton NV 89403  Phone : 775-250-7884

Midtown Farmers Market

Start Date : June 5, 2013 10:00 am End Date : September 4, 2014 2:00 pm

Day of Event: : Thursday    June 5, 2013 to September 4, 2014  Time : 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Address : 1311 S. Virginia St. Reno, NV 89502  Phone : 775-815-8587

Reno Garden Shop Nursery Farmers Market

Start Date : May 22, 2014 4:00 pm End Date : September 11, 2014 8:00 pm

Day of Event: : Thursday … June 5, 2014 to September 12, 2014  Time : 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Address : 3636 Mayberry Drive, Reno, NV 89509 Phone : 775-813-6505

Different bands provided by Bill Nagel…and Beer and Wine for Donation to make a wish. 

Fernley Farmers Market

Start Date : June 5, 2014 4:00 pm End Date : August 21, 2014 8:00 pm

Day of Event: : Thursday May 23, 2013 to September 4, 2013

Time : 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm  Address : Mirage Garden & Gifts at 350 E. Main Street.     Phone : 775-287-2811

Great Basin NevadaGrown Farmers Market

Start Date : September 4, 2014 3:30 pm End Date : September 25, 2014 7:30 pm

Day of Event: : Thursday September 4, 2013 to September 25, 2014   Time : 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Address : 846 Victorian Avenue, Sparks, NV 89431  Phone : 775-351-2551

Friday’s Market’s 

Friday Evening Farm to Fork Festival

Start Date: Friday, May 2, 2014 thru September 2014
Hours: 4pm-7pm
Location: 1488 U.S. 395, Gardnerville, NV

Saturday’s Markets

Reno Summit Saturday Farmers Market

Start Date : June 1, 2014 9:00 am  End Date : October 4, 2014  2:00 pm

Day of Event: : Saturday Time : 9:00 am to 2:00 pm

Address : 13925 S. Virginia, Reno, NV 89512 Phone : 775-746-5024

Lazy 5 Park Saturday Market

Start Date : June 28, 2014 7:30 am End Date : August 30, 2014 12:30 pm

Day of Event: : Saturday Time : 7:30 am to 12:30 pm

Address : 7100 Pyramid Highway Sparks, Nevada 89436 Phone : 775-746-5024

Carson City – 3rd & Curry Street Farmers Market

Start Date : June 7, 2014 8:30 am End Date : September 20, 2014 1:00 pm

Day of Event: : Saturday Time : 8:30 am to 1:00 pm

Address : 3rd & Curry Street Parking Lot, Carson City NV 89703 Phone : 775-720-7789

Early Spring Market

May 11 to 31, Day of Event: : Saturday Time : 8:30 am to 1:00 pm

Green House Garden Center 9 to 1 Curry Street