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As time draws closer…The buzz becomes electrifying…Witnessing History


Down in Florida, in an event that is unprecedented in the Property Preservation Industry. The FAST Conference has confirmed 91 RSVP’s. This makes this event a Standing Room Only.

At this time it appears that Joseph Hummel, CEO of Keystone Property Services LLC, unfortunately  is a cancellation. Somewhat of a letdown to some as many of the folks making the journey were interested in communicating with Joseph on their affiliation with QC University. Perhaps Joseph will be able to juggle his schedule and make a last minute appearance.

Still no word on if NAMFS Executive Director, Mr. Miller, will be in attendance or if their Education Department, NAMFS Academy will be represented at the event. Another person that many are hooping shows up is Mr. Miller. Many of the Boots would like to discuss…well everything…with him on industry issues. The subject matter that is most pressing from the Boots…Pricing, and how can NAMFS membership companies providing work stop with the demands for increased workloads and lower fees as has become the “norm” the past 5 years. This is one of the most pressing issues in the PPI as it has a direct affect on Quality Control, as currently many are cutting corners to make the numbers work.

At this time it appears that NAARPI International may be the only education provider to attend the conference. While NAARPI International has developed their Education and Training Material has been comprised with the Boots in mind I do know that John Allen from NAARPI international was looking forward to speaking with the other Education Providers in the industry to exchange ideas. We’ll have to wait and see how things play out, hopefully everyone will be able to juggle schedules and make the event.

I’m told as the day draws closer for this event the energy builds and the buzz of excitement is electrifying.

Stay tuned for more updates on interviews and podcasts. There will be reports later today from Foreclosurepedia and we will be publishing all links to live podcasts and interviews.































Here is the schedule of events…


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening


Written by: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs courtesy Team Ironclad.

Berghorst Enterprises: Bad Business Model or Poor Management???

Criminal acts or just stupidity??? You make the call…

Sacrificial Lambs of Berghorst Enterprises

Sacrificial Lambs of Berghorst Enterprises




Today I had the pleasure of speaking with an “In The Know” person about Berghorst Enterprises. I believe you’ll find things as enlightening as I did. Many of the answers, as you’ll see I had my suspicions’ about but now we have a little confirmation.

At one time Aladay LLC paid commissions for specific jobs on properties. We would give like $125 to $175 per man and put four of them on a job. Many of the properties we did our crews were able to get two sometimes three in a day depending on the debris counts. There was a catch to our payroll system. If you wanted to be paid on scheduled pay days the rate was $10 an hour. However, if you wanted to work the commission end you had to wait till we got paid. At the time all our clients were net 30.

We were NEVER in a position that made us not able to pay our employees and have positive cash flow.

So I have always wondered why companies such as Berghorst Enterprises, Michigan Realty Solutions, Buczek Enterprises (not sure if everything is their fault but they shoulder 95% of it), for that matter the newbie to the club Eastern Estates Property management, (In their defense I have had some communiqué with Andrew…nothing official as of yet but I’m told EEPM is working diligently to remedy things), companies that all had Altiscource supplying workloads. Altiscource pays every 14 days. So how do you tell someone 45 days down the road you have not been paid so you cannot pay them?

One of the biggest problems with the Property Preservation Industry is that there is no impartial arbitration system for anyone to utilize. Add the glorified “employment” contracts that mislead those with zero business savvy and you get folks like Heather and Doug Berghorst living high on the hog while others have to apply for food stamps…I’m really not going to get into beating up on the Berghorst’s, there is plenty of that going around right now. However, let us look at the business model.

“Subber” is what I refer to as a company that does nothing but accept work orders and then sub them out to be completed. This is a business model, now mind you, I have taken a tremendous amount of flack for voicing my opinions on this business model. Many have in fact defended the “right” to have any type of business they want..yadda yadda yadda….one of the questions, as this was never a problem for our company has always been:

How does this happen to these companies when they don’t pay thee Boots until they get paid?  That is the question I have been asking not just about Berghorst but all these companies that…for some reason Altiscource seems to be behind most of these companies…
When you hear the horror stories, you really have to ask; Is it

  • Bad management?
  • Greed?
  • People in over their heads business wise?
  • Was overhead greater than expected and incoming revenues did not meet outgoing revenues??
  • Bad Business Model??

Here is the conversation….

Me: How does this happen to these companies when they don’t pay the Boots until they get paid?

In The Know: Well, this might come as a shocker to you – but Altisource pays in 14 days or less. That is the problem, they are not paying contractors when they got paid. If that was the case, none of that would have happened.

Me: So the blame would have to lie with management?

In The Know:  Most definitely. What it is, is poor management, greed, staff that could not handle the volume – as someone has to update the orders to the client, inefficient updating systems, etc. The list goes on and on.

Me: Is there any possibility that Berghorst Enterprises did not receive monies for the work submitted that they were telling the contractors they had not been paid yet?

In The Know: I know for a fact that Berghorst had received pay on 99.9% of the orders that contractors had asked about pay on – had funds received from the client. When I asked about this, and believe me I asked continually, I was told that it had “not been 60 days yet”. Berghorst spent all this time and gave all this lip service to utilizing an updating system that would “be transparent” to the contractors – yet they hid pay from them every single day. And when employees asked – they (the accounting person) stopped putting payments in the system so that no one would see what we had been paid on.

Me: I’m guessing that this type of business does not sit well with you?

In The Know: Those are just some of the reasons why I will no longer be affiliated with Berghorst Enterprises

Me: Are there any other issues you feel are deceptive business practices that well, for lack of a better word “offended” you?

In The Know. There was a multitude of other issues were just the icing on the cake. Things like “charging back” contractors who gave notice so they would not have to pay them the entirety of what they were owed. Things like people being told that they needed to keep recruiting so that there would be new people doing work to cover the people who could not work because they were not being paid. It was a classic Madoff scheme – Paul is 100% right. (The reference to Paul…D Paul Williams of Foreclosurepedia)

Me: So let me guess…If we start looking deep enough we’ll find that all these companies are basically doing the same?

In The Know: You can look at what was happening at Berghorst and then you have an idea of what all these other companies are doing – because they all are doing it the exact same way.

Me: In your Humble Opinion, we know that Altiscource knows about these business practices. Does Altisccource have any responsibility in this nightmare?

In The Know: Altisource is getting a bit of a bum rap for something that is not all their fault. Do they have responsibility? Oh hell yes they do – they did not do “due diligence” on any of these companies. When the “financial audits” came – Berghorst only gave the names of contractors who were paid up. So, they heard exactly what Berghorst wanted them to, as well as what they wanted to hear, I am sure.
But hey, they all had the cavalier attitude that “everyone was doing it, so it must be okay”

Me: All of these companies are members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, do you think this subject matter is discussed by the organization?

In The Know: Yes, they discussed this at NAMFS and imagine this – no one knew what to do to fix it.

Me: So how did you feel when you heard about Heather and Doug filing bankruptcy?

In The Know: If I had known that Heather had filed bankruptcy before, I may have approached things differently. I could have provided better information to those that needed it. Sometimes I feel partially responsible as at one time I recommended these people and people accepted my word.  I talked to one contractor who is owed $65k – it sickens me. I should have severed ties long before I did.

Me: Were you aware of any procedures that Berghorst may have made to attempt to rectify things?

In The Know: Her management team took a number of pay cuts with the hopes of turning things around. To my knowledge Heather and Doug were the only C-level personal that did not take a pay cut. It made me laugh when I read her “tithe” to her church – she wanted everyone to know that she was such a “good” Christian but she only gave them $25 per week. I do not know about you, but my math says that is nowhere near a “tithe”.

Me: Tithe?? Can you tell our readers what that is?

In The Know: Well – tithing generally implies that you are giving 10% of your income. Trust me when I say that she was taking home a considerable amount more than $250 per week. I just found it funny since they listed that as an “obligation” on their bankruptcy filing. As usual, she lied about pretty much everything. In My Humble Opinion…

What is sadder still is the fact that her management team all took pay cuts in an effort to get contractors paid. But, trust me, neither  Heather or Doug to a pay cut ever.

Now for the past 5 years I have been saying that this business model is flawed. First when you’re crossing state lines conducting business the commerce laws come into play, for the life of me I do not understand how anyone will agree to more than a 30 net payment arrangement when you are using all your companies resources to complete services. Even with our employees we provided the mowers, weed-wackers, cleaning supplies, paid the dump fees, and if you were lucky enough to get scheduled for a job that I supervised you got lunch!

In 2009 I saw the first of this “Subbing” business model getting underway when people were selling their companies. One of the “hooks” was that you give me a million for my existing business and I’ll provide the workloads for you.  Company ABC Con-artist would call a company like Field Asset Services, speak with their state representative in vendor management and provide the “new” business name and licensing information continue to get the workloads from FAS and send it to the New Property Preservation company buyer after clipping the 20%. When I saw anywhere from 45-90 days to get paid I knew that something was awry.

Is the business model flawed or is it the people running the businesses? Rhetorical yes…This is not opinion as I have a contract that passes muster with the Nevada Labor Commissioner (NLC),that allows me to pay you “When we get Paid” . Our company had to develop and produce for NCL the company policies for conflict resolution, and procedures for the employee to file for any missing work orders they did that may not have been paid. So I know that the “Pay you when I get paid” system CAN and does work.

However, something else I have stated for many years now…that phrase in a contract ” Payment will be made upon Our company getting Paid” when you are crossing state lines is a very dangerous position to put your company in. In addition that is a RED FLAG. WHY you ask?????  If any company cannot pay in Net 30 REGARDLESS of their companies ties to an industry or circumstances they ARE NOT SOLVENT. This only opens doors that should NEVER be opened when conducting Business 2 Business. Using the Internet only compounds things as now any email you have 60 days out stating you cannot be paid because they did not get paid yet…WIRE FRAUD, and that falls under the RICO Act..

So IMHO…if you have been defrauded by any of these companies that NOT coincidently belong  to NAMFS, you should start…last month…putting your documents together. The CFPB will take complaints and this will be investigated bet your bottom dollar. In addition just because a bankruptcy has been filed this does not protect one from liability in their “personal capacity” especially when you can show Malice and intent. In addition there is the “Fraud in the Inducement”. You were promised something for your work…would you sign a contract if it said;

We’ll pay you if we decide today is your lucky day…or even…We’ll pay you if we decide to…or how about…If we don’t spend all of our revenues on frivolous partying we’ll attempt to pay you by cutting our employees wages…

This sheds a little light on things. One of the issues in this industry is every employee of these companies is forced to silence. Sooner or later people have to start talking about these events or they will never be able to remedy things. In this respect I feel that the National Association of Mortgage Field Services is an accomplice. Should the organization continue in silence when their members are violating the Canons and Standards of the organization in addition to breaking laws on local, state and federal levels, the organization is stating they condone this Defrauding Business Model and their member’s criminal activity. The board of Directors has to address this behavior.

With the FAST Conference starting to come together there is excitement in the air for the Boots. For you see with education comes knowledge. That knowledge becomes an asset. Especially when it is Business 101. As more and more Boots start coming together we will see this business model in the industry go by the wayside. There is no acceptable reason for the number of companies subbing another companies work loads. That is a lazy company that decides to “Outsource” workloads. In the Property Preservation Industry, if you cannot complete the services “in house” then you need to move out of the way. For the life of me I do not understand how anyone in Michigan can sign a contract agreeing to provide services in Nevada…for a long time I used to say; but that’s just me…Now it is starting to become very apparent to everyone in the PPI that this is not a good way to conduct business especially when the company in Michigan is not properly licensed to conduct business in Nevada.

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photograph courtesy Google Images

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership

FAST UPDATE…Breaking NEWS!!!!!

FAST UPDATE….July 28, 2014….And Since no-one knows how to pronounce BOTG…you are Boots…




We are getting reports down Orange City, Florida way on the developments of the History in the making event for the Property Preservation Industry (PPI). The first event in the (PPI) sponsored by the Boots…Labor if you prefer…for the Boots.

A Source speaking on the condition of anonymity confirmed the Event has RSVP’d over 80 people for attendance. Looks like it will be standing room only. I’m reminded of Walter Cronkite and the way he closed his show every night.

“And that’s the way it is this July 28, 2014”…just seems fitting huh???

No confirmation at this time nor has there been any word from the NAMFS camp pertaining to NAMFS Executive Director, Mr. Miller gracing the event with his presents.

Stay tuned all week for updates on live feeds, guest on podcasts, Interviews, and everything else going on down in Orange City Florida…Aladay LLC in conjunction with D. Paul Williams and Foreclosurepedia will be providing up to the minute information. Foreclosurepedia I’m told is already or at least close to Orange City and will be providing commentary, interviews, and podcast of events as they unfold.

Now I don’t have a ledger handy at the time of this writing but…Now I’m gonna go out on a limb, since this event is not sponsored by…I’m trying to be diplomatic here…How about we just say those folks on that side of the room??? So a capacity standing room only crowd…history in the making folks…you are witnessing it right here on Aladay LLC…

Mr. Fatica…I present you warm and fuzzy time…

Thank you…

For those of you not in attendance below is the itinerary:
















Ya know…for all the bickering, defending, and refereeing  JJ Batts has done I’m thinking right about now he is having a moment. Over the years Mr. Batts has always been one…From the other side…that understood the value of the Boots and offered ideas and direction to the Boots when some of the discussion threads got a little tinnie-weenie kitty-wampus every now and then. JJ always pointed out …Until you organize…well ‘nough said…

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs courtesy Team Ironclad.

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership

Week in Review….SGP System Failures…Industry Watchlist Additions…

Unfortunately we must add another to the Watchlist…Eastern Estates.



As the rich aroma of the Sumatra Mandahling permeates the air as I watch the sun creep over the horizon and hear the day start to wake and the sun slowly brightens the sky line chasing the dark from the night to make room for the day…I reflect on an industry that just does not seem to know how to get out of its own way.

This week we have Eastern Estates Property Management surfacing with Non-Payment issues. This is a company that started recruiting in the FaceBook Group that Kim Savage started a little over a year ago. Seems like the only company that has any sort of affiliation with the National Association of Mortgage Filed Services, (NAMFS), willing to give a positive interview and that does not seem to have an issue with paying the Boots on the Ground is ASONS…perhaps everyone that is “subbing” work orders out should examine their business model???

On the other side of the coin lies the fact that those BOTG that constantly complain about rock bottom pricing continue to sign up with companies like Eastern Estates and lose their proverbial ass when the smoke clears. Sorry for the harshness of this next statement…

If you do not know how to perform a breakeven analysis or perform a Break Even Point on routine services, then you need to do one of two things;

I have been screaming about this for the past 6 years now. I have up until now, always offered this for free. Has anyone taken advantage of my generosity with my time? No not at all…the offended parties always want to cry over the spilt milk. Always coming to me and others willing to help in the industry AFTER THEY HAVE BEEN WRONGED!!!!

Look folks, just like any other business in any other industry, you as a “Business Owner” have to have some sort of business sense or companies such as Berghorst Enterprises, Buczek Enterprises, The Carol Boyds and Cheap Suit Jay, now add Eastern Estates to this fine list of those that prey on the unacknowledged and inexperienced business owners that they walk through the licensing and insurance process so they can send work orders to only to tell you six months down the road the work order was not approved and then shut you out of their system so you have no records of your work and you then need to go file bankruptcy.

I would like to note here that I have reached out to Keith Mann at Eastern Estates and asked for an interview. Just once I wish one of these “subbers” would go on the record and explain how this happens? We’ll see if Mr. Mann responds with any commentary. In all fairness, I never expect a response as silence will protect you legally. Make no mistake folks the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, (CFPB), is involved and there will be legal repercussions.

However, wouldn’t it be nice just once that one of these companies that end up cheating and defrauding the BOTG out their hard earned monies would go on the record and explain to all how they got into the position where they could not pay the BOTG??? Talk about how when they invest no upfront money and do not pay you until they have been paid..how do they get in the position where they cannot pay you?? Just once I would love to hear how this happens? Perhaps these business owners need to take advantage of my Business 101 package???

This week we have Safeguard Properties, (SGP), with a massive computer failure…a system failure, this from the King of the Hill when it comes to screwing the BOTG…now they are not getting paid this week because of a system failure??? You cannot be fricken serious!!!!! SGP has no contingency plan for something like this? A MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY???? Well typical of a Jewish Owner of any business…wait till it needs fixing as we definitely do not want to waste any money so something doesn’t go wrong. Let’s just wait till it is too late. No let’s not invest in ourself, that would assist those helping us generate BILLIONS of dollars every year and If KLIEN did that he would not be able to donate a million dollars to his Jewish interests. That is far more important than taking care of those whom create the billions of dollars in invoices so Klien and company can live fat while the little BOTG company file bankruptcy.

What I find so disturbing; the fact if this were any other industry with regulations this would not be happening, yet 95% of the BOTG do not want regulation in the Property Preservation Industry. I guess they like being ripped off. They enjoy being treated like the red headed step child and made to stand in the middle of the yard while they are fleeced.

I’m constantly baffled as to how one bitches about “low fees/pricing” yet they fight over who will be first to sign up and then when they get beat out of their money want to cry foul.

Now this is just me…Wouldn’t be much simpler if you knew going in that the $20 lawn cuts would eventually break you? Here is the rub with these $20 lawn cuts…let’s say the cut costs you $19 to complete. You cannot complete 80 cuts a day…(figuring a $10 per hour wage to live). At the very minimum you need 80 -100 bucks a day to survive, you know pay the rent, buy food, have money for new socks. Put gas in the cars…so how do you make a service work that does not allow for this??? IT DAMN SURE IS NOT WITH VOLUME. I believe what I’m referring to is called “paying yourself” Something else I have been screaming to the BOTG to do.

Is it that hard to say NO to something? What is with the magic wand these people waive to get truckloads of people signing up to become victims of the fraud and theft going on in the Property Preservation Industry? I can get no one to purchase my beachfront property over at Area 51, but these folks will flock to be fleeced by the members of NAMFS. Run to sign up with these thieves even though there is a bevy of information out there should you do your due diligence? There is enough information that should be a warning to you about conducting business with these companies. So why do people continue to sign up to be taken advantage of?

When asked by Foreclosurepedia if they were able to speak with anyone at SGP pertaining to both the apocalyptic computer crashes for the entire week or the missing money, the answer was virtually the same. Each and every Contractor we spoke with stated that the only personnel whom would answer a phone or return emails were those dealing with specific work orders.

So If I understand this correctly….SGP cannot answer the phone to attempt to answer questions only to assign you more work…and the dummies are still accepting the work???

Do any of you fricken morons understand what will happen when no one does work for this company for just one week???? ONE WEEK PEOPLE ONE FRICKEN WEEK….that is all it would take to do a couple things.

  • A serious statement for the BOTG gets delivered; YOU NEED US MORE THAN WE NEED YOU…

  • The workloads will back up so bad it will take SGP three months to clean it up.

  • SGP has about 7,000 possibly more vendors nationwide…if the BOTG’s working for this company do not understand the VOLUME card by now you a pathetic bunch of nitwits that deserve not to get paid.

  • SGP cannot exist without the people they are screwing on a daily basis….

Why people will not grasp the levity of their position is beyond me. Many of us have basically been placed on a “black ball” list because we have the guts to stand and say what is wrong with this industry. Those of us that do stand to be counted were recently duped with the homeless spin doctor with his Spin Doctor 101 BS about let’s all get warm and fuzzy, something apparently Ray Griffin of the BOTB group on LinkedIn seems to enjoy.  Funny how Mr. Griffin is willing to stab a BOTG in the back with no remorse for the collateral effects of the decision to place one on front street regardless if the information being passed is true or not, then continue on as if nothing at all was wrong with the decision. The rhetoric I hear coming out of the “Flock Master” sounds like someone scolding their 7 year old in the backyard… But that is just me.

Sorry folks but I tried the warm and fuzzy approach; it’s a bunch of crap. One cannot be warm and fuzzy when you write about companies stealing from others. When you report on the ills of an industry;

Today it was learned that the esteemed gentleman Kieth Mann of Eastern Estates has politely decided not to pay all those accommodating rascals completing services for his company. Mr. Mann was not available for a comment as he was too busy lounging at the pool with the little vixens from Fantasy Girls bringing him Pina Colotas.

Well for whatever reason things just sound better when the writing delivers the dark cloud instead of sunshine.

I have said before and I will say again, I call a spade a spade. If that bothers you, don’t place yourself in the position to be called a spade. Sugar coating things…that is Spin Doctor 101 crap. We see how that worked out for the industry…While Fatica was performing back door communiqué to myself and others he was all the while conducting back room deals for himself, great diversion tactic. How’s that working out for you now???

Personally I do not buy for one second that there is not some sort of arrangement with the Gulf Thunder and the  Keystone folks…again just me.

That brings us to the FAST Conference. HORAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!! FINALLY!!!! Something positive to talk about!!!! Hey and here’s the caveat, this is something the Boots on the Ground are doing for themselves. This is not an event sponsored or put on by “the other side”. The FAST Conference is something the BOTG’s have put together in an attempt to “reach across the aisle” and bridge the gap between the Order Mills and Labor of the PPI.

In the face of adversity the BOTG despite the fact there are companies screwing them over every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year, the BOTG still stand tall and are determined to show the PPI that there is hope.

I spoke to Mr. Williams at Foreclosurepedia yesterday; he is on his way to the FAST conference to provide live media coverage to the rest of the nation on this unprecedented event. We discussed the fact that there will be another event in Dallas in October and that I will be the one providing media coverage for the country on this event. We will be sharing feeds in our efforts to provide others information from the event. Perhaps we can get someone to call in to the radio station when I’m in the studio on Thursday and get some serious coverage from America Matters AM News.

For the record, I don’t believe that all NAMFS members are “bad apples” and I welcome any member of NAMFS to open their doors like Milan Thompson has done with ASONS and conduct a positive interview about their business. I sent an invitation and even spoke to Owner and President of South Pacific Field Services, Johanna Granados. She declined, understandably so. However, would you like to hear why no one has heard of this company currently heavily recruiting over in LinkedIn? Wouldn’t it be nice if the good members spoke up about things?

Perhaps the Board of Directors has ordered members not to talk? I don’t know but I do know that many of the BOTG would like to hear from the companies that conduct business legitimately and pay their BOTG Contractors on time without issues or excuses for your check not being in the mail today.

This is a standing and open invitation to Eric Miller and all members of NAMFS for an interview. An open invitation to discuss how things have become so convoluted and what do they suggest as possible solutions.

No Matter Where You Are...We'll be Watching

No Matter Where You Are…We’ll be Watching

As always we are here to assist you should you need help in filing a complaint or you just need some help in developing your business. Whetehr it be basic Business 101 information or assistance with your business plan. Contact us today for a consultation and let us help you get in track to becoming a profitable business.


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs Aaron Aveiro and Google Images

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership

Times Were Simpler Then…..

images (6)

As the aroma of the Sumatra Mandahling swirled around head tickling my nostrils and shaking the cobwebs for the crevices of my mind this morning  I was reviewing my phone bill for this past month I mumbled to myself, “I remember when things were simpler.  I look around and yearn for things to be simpler. Then I think about it again and remember a time when there were no computers, cars that talked to you and told you where to go,  phones that didn’t make you look stupid, movements to make everything warm and fuzzy, most of all there was no political correctness crap. Seems like you can’t say anything anymore that does not offend someone somewhere. I also remember when business was conducted and arrangements hung on a handshake, not some sort of “digital signature” with folks that you have never met telling you you’re their bestest new buddy.

Ever notice how every generation talks about “simpler times”?? I never truly understood that statement that the grown up always said at those weekend neighborhood BBQ’s and those end of summer Family Reunions.

Coming from the Baby Boom Generation and on the cusp of the back end of the Baby Boom Generation I have the unique perspective to truly understand the phrase that seemed to capture the reminiscing conversations that always ended the weekend neighborhood summer BBQ’s and then there is always the end of summer Family Reunions. Ya know, when the cooking and eating was all done and the grown-ups would all congregate around the ice chest and suck up that last beer before it was time call it a night.

I can remember when my father was up in arms about cigarettes costing more than a gallon of gas; “Who do those high and mighty big wigs think they are charging two bits for a pack of stogies???”…Gas was nineteen cents a gallon then. Things were pretty simple then. My father would give me thirty cents to go get a pack of those smokes from the drug store on the corner up the street.

I remember people would always ask my dad why he cooked. After all we have the burger and chicken chains now, oh there is that new oven thing the microwave. My father cooked everything. Never bought any type of packaged stuff to eat. Well ‘Ceptin them Butterfingers, Milky Ways, and any other type of chocolate confection…mmmm I see a genetic pattern…

However when my father was asked about the packaged stuff he always brought up the fact half the word on the ingredients section…he was ashamed to say, he then proceed to humbly explain he couldn’t pronounce them. “That said, I will not eat anything I cannot say”…he would always announce.

My father was a stickler for proper labeling on our foods. There is a very well planned attack on the proper labeling of food right now…I can only imagine that conversation. Food seemed a lot simpler then. No one tried to get you your food in 22 seconds, while advertising they don’t cook it till you order it. Labeling, GMO technology, and my Father…now that woulda’ been a HOOT!!!!!!

I always remember as a kid at the summer BBQ’s, they were always pot luck, Always loved those type of events…you don’t see them anymore…something that has gotten lost in the last couple generations, continuity and consistency. Well, with the exception of our dysfunctional government. Our Government has definitely developed a consistent continuity to dysfunctional.

But technology as made a lot possible for without technology you would not be sitting there reading this article on the delivery device you’re reading this on…Perhaps you would have read my column in your local newspaper or you would tune in and listen to me on the radio. But not, as they say, digitally .

 Technology certainly exploded from 1865 to 2000. Seriously  the Stirrup is considered  the technological achievement of a millennium!

Lynn White, Jr said this about the stirrup..

Few inventions have been so simple as the stirrup, but have had so catalytic an influence on history. The requirements of the new mode of warfare which it made possible found expression in a new form of western European society dominated by an aristocracy of warriors endowed with land so that they might fight in a new and heavily specialized way. Inevitably this nobility developed cultural forms and patterns of thought and emotion in harmony with its style of mounted shock combat and its social posture; as Denholm-Young has said: ‘it is impossible to be chivalrous without a horse.’ The Man on Horseback, as we have known him during the past millennium, was made possible by the stirrup, which joined man and steed into a fighting organism. Antiquity imagined the Centaur; the early Middle Ages made him the master of Europe.

On Technology….

……From our vantage point in the 21st century, when we take technology–and its advancement–for granted, it’s perhaps hard to grasp how so simple an ‘upgrade’ to horseback riding could have had such a profound effect on society………says John Farrel over at Forbes

The Stirrup a technological advancement of a Millennium.

I guess times are far more complicated than when the fella’ came up with the Stirrup idea. But if you’re like me you remember as a kid in the “tweener” stage you wanted to know what the grown up were talking about and you thought everyone else younger than you was a kid…yeah…you know what I’m talking about…I remember as the weekend was coming to a close and I would tend to making sure the BBQ went completely out so I could eves drop on the grown-ups. These were grown–ups that had things like Horehound Candy, Chap Stick, Certs, Rolaids, Peppermint Life Savors in their pockets.

I guess it’s just our nature to want the best and better for our offspring. In that quest it also seems things have become very complicated…for example when I went to school if the bully teased you, you socked him in the mouth…got roughed up a bit but…the bully quit bugging you. Not anymore, Christ now all the parents, counselors, juvenile probation departments, Court systems and the neighborhood intervention team all have to be involved with all their warm and fuzzy crap about “can’t we all get along???”

On these warm lazy hazy crazy days of summer when we roll out the soda, pretzels, and beer I remember those conversations as the weekends came to an end and the grownups would talk about the cars with no seatbelts. How soda machines were a dime now and not a nickel anymore.

I can remember at one of those Hot Lazy August Sunday afternoons as the sun started going down and the desert air chilled for a bit my father talking about just how atrocious paying Ten dollars for the Ma Bell Telephone Service. I remember our Ma Bell phone service was like nine bucks plus long distance charges. If you didn’t make long distance called you had a nine dollar a month phone bill and there was also a $0.99 charge for insurance. That was how the billing on my very first phone was. Ten bucks a month. I remember you paid for what you used. None of this “roll over” type of service to make things complicated And there were no accidents cuz someone was on the phone, Christ that was science fiction stuff. Then we had Uncle Ronnie and Georgy Boy decide to give us Star Wars as a diversion to Reaganomics and the, what I’m still waiting for…The Trickledown Affect…as Uncle Ronnie called his economic plan that also gave us the mortgage industry’s Toxic Mortgages and the financial meltdown in 2008, but hey Uncle Ronnie was so great we need to put him on our money!!!! The $3 dollar bill I think would be appropriate. Reaganomics was developed from the mindset that competition of public utilities would give us better phone rates and they deregulated everything. Now we have $120.00 phone bills. Food processing plants placing whatever your little mind can imagine type of ingredients in our food supply.

We can all thank technology for these advancements in our daily needs. Phone bills that will break us and food that will kill us, just what we all need.

I now truly understand “Times were simpler then”.

I’m sure that when some of the older veterans of the Property Preservation Industry chew the fat they can they say the same thing. Property Preservation, those crazy lazy days when you took Polaroid Instamatic photos and sent them in and got paid net 30. Those crazy days when BOTG’s had character and integrity, and didn’t attempt to scam each other. Those lazy days when the BOTG actually performed services agreed upon and got paid the agreed upon fee. Yeah those days; when there were no organizations jockeying for position to assist you in spending your dollars.

Those days have certainly changed. Changed very quickly at that. However, there is something so simple happening down in Florida that the event really needs to be talked about. I’m not one to “predict” or “forecast” anything as I have no crystal ball or magic hat.

That said, I will say this; there is an unprecedented event that will provide the perfect opportunity for everyone to, as our dysfunctional government [has been termed] won’t do; Bridge the gap and leave Florida and the Property Preservation Industry with a “Bi-Partisan” atmosphere. This is the first ever sponsored event by the BOTG for the BOTG, where “Labor” will be represented. Well, that I know of. I have never heard of an event of this nature, granted only 8 years in the industry so we’re rather a short timer, but I have yet to ever see Labor take the step with a professional business type of approach, to sit down and discuss issues in the industry and provide input and even make an educated constructive decision on issues that will have a future impact with their company.

I’m sure that somewhere there are a few someone’s with a board of directors position that can see the writing on the wall in regards to pricing in the industry. It’s a funny thing what education does…

But I betcha’ there are people sitting around sucking down that 25 year old scotch smokin’ big fat cigars realizing their gravy train is about to run out of gravy and are deep in discussion on whether it will be  SunShine or Ventura Hiway that will be sacrificed first when the new budget kicks in, all the while under their breath they’re saying….

Man…Times were simpler then…

images (5)

Mini Skirts and Gogo Boots…a much simpler time….

Written by:Aaron Aveiro

Photographs courtesy Google Images

happy Birthday da




Keynote Speakers from The Farelo Group….This should be good…11 days and counting…..


The momentum is building folks. The current numbers for this event have ballooned to 50 commitments from BOTG Contractors Throughout the Southeast.

This is good on so many fronts. Many of us out here on the West Coast are watching and hoping that this is a huge success so we can plan an event out here of the same nature. While I’m not sure we have a company in a position as Team Ironclad with a facility to host we will find a suitable place to hold an event of this nature for the BOTG of the West coast.

Let’s keep the momentum going folks. This is the time to bridge the gaps and bring the industry together. I feel it is important that everyone that is planning on attending and those BOTG watching with baited breath…educated people make more money than uneducated. Let us make no mistake about this aspect of this event. This is for the education and training providers to showcase their products. People always want to bang the unions…however, look at the wages union workers make versus non union folks…why are the wages so different? Union workers are constantly being provided continuing education. They are always updating their education for their industry.

You may say what you want about education and that you can train a dog to pick u garbage and put it in the truck or train monkeys to clean the house and pay them bananas, however, you must remember the slick-willy attempt to force all BOTG Contractors by the National Association of Mortgage Field Services via their members into participating in their “Academy” placed the mandatory education issue on the table and it is here to stay.

So far so Good…Let’s KEEP IT UP!!!!!!! 11 days to go…….






Here is the schedule of events for the day.

Remember all education providers will be on hand to answer questions .




























If you have questions or wish to sign up and RSVP your organization for the FAST Conference RSVP 02 August 2014 Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Orange City…

Contact me or Team Ironclad or contact the Holiday Inn Express in Orange City Florida…


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photos courtesy Bret Douglas of Team Ironclad

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership


Buczek Berghorst Scuttlebutt…Mr. Miller to Attend the FAST Conference????

Altiscource to step to the Plate??? Mr. Miller to attend FAST????

Eric "you must have my permission to assemble" Miller, Executive Director and Master Puppetier of NAMFS

Eric Miller, Executive Director of NAMFS


There is a serious rumor circulating the Property Preservation Industry(PPI) in regards to The Buczek and Berghorst  the bankrupt and disgraced companies that did  not paying the Boots on the Ground.

Scuttlebutt has it that should the BOTG Contractors be able to provide detailed documentation and show they have not been paid by the Bankrupt Enterprises, that Atliscource, also a member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services Regime directed at the hands of Eric Miller, will reach out to BOTG’s for their documentation.

I will say this, and this is not going to be nice to the BOTG…you have an opportunity if you do not take advantage of this you are a weak, non business minded individual and you deserve to have your monies stolen from you. It is a long time overdue that the BOTB stand up and be counted. 

The foregoing statements are based on something that Foreclosurepedia reported a few days ago.

With respect to Altisource’s quiet support of Eric Miller and his Regime, Foreclosurepedia communicates to the highest levels that the pay offs to Contractors with respect to Berghorst and Buczek do not fix the underlying problems of their business-as-usual policies. Altisource, single handedly shoulders the largest responsibility in the atrocities committed to date. Had Altisource properly performed due diligence upon its Network, the atrocities committed wholesale against Contractors would have never happened. Even today, Altisource is doing business with the worst of the worst the Mortgage Field Services Industry has to offer in their continued support of NAMFS Regime Order Mills.

Read that paragraph a couple time if necessary…

Now I have to agree with Foreclosurepedia here. Even if Altiscource pays off every Contractor that the two Bankrupt  Enterprizes blatantly stole from the issues plaguing the PPI at the hands of NAMFS and the organizations membership, will in no way be resolved. 

Several of us have requests to speak with Mr. Miller. I would love to conduct an interview on his thoughts on how he feels the industry became so convoluted and why no one will step up and say something publicly. Here, I again ask for a conversation with Mr. Miller as many have done in the past. I also Call on Mr. Miller to attend the FAST convention in 12 days. As the face of the organization I, and many others feel that it is imperative that Mr. Millers presence happens at this conference.


This is a time to bring the industry together and end the dichotomy and atrophy the industry suffers at the hands of NAMFS and its membership.

Do your part today by encouraging Mr. Miller to attend in person and not send a flunky in his stead, use your twitter accounts and send a clear message to Mr. Miller.

Tweet him at NAMFS Exec Director @NAMFS or send an email tadmin@namfs.org

The current atrocities in the Mortgage Field Service Industry at the hands of the NAMFS Regime courtesy the membership has to stop.

Do you part and demand that Mr. Miller present himself at the FAST Conference August 2, 2014 in Orange City Florida.

This is the Tweet I will be sending…

@ NAMFS EX DIR> For the sake of the PPI Mr. Miller please attend the  Conference 8/2/14 in Orange City FL.

Do your part and Tweet him or send an email requesting his presence.

I would like to emphasize here that this is an olive branch and not in any way meant to oust Mr. Miller. All I would like is dialogue.. well an interview would be a serious coup de Ta…and most definitely welcome….

This is the time to take the steps necessary to fix things….


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photograph courtesy Google Images

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership.



A New Product Line at AOF??? A Vertical Farming System.

Farming is going Vertical; for many reasons…

Assembly...easy peasy...

Assembly…easy peasy…

Vertical farming is cultivating plant or animal life within a skyscraper greenhouse or on vertically inclined surfaces…

Vertical farming has become one of the biggest subjects for Agricultural and Architectural firms across the globe. As populations seem to be exploding and land and space become a premium, the only place left to go is up. There are numerous articles about this new type of construction. The ones I find with the best information are in a publication titled Architectural Record.

But what if you don’t live in one of these big Skyscrapers? What if you live in an apartment, “condo” or Townhouse and have limited space and you would like some sort of little garden on your patio or deck? Well here is a product line that you may want to seriously consider.

1.5 cubic yards of growing medium

1.5 cubic yards of growing medium

This particular growing system has been dubbed “Easy Grow System” You can see from the photographs that it relatively simple to assemble, The three tiered system took a total of 1.5 cubic yards of soil mixture for all three sections. This equates to about $5-$10 depending on the type of soil mixture you chose.

The product in the photos is courtesy Advanced Plastic Molding INC, (APM).

Currently pricing is being researched. So if you have a thought on a respectable pricing for this three tiered vertical garden please drop me a line with you input or say something in the comment section below. After all, how often do you get to participate in the development of a new product line? Hey!!! I and the folks at APM would love your input on this subject as this was serious subject matter of our discussions when Michael and Christen Bridges invited me and were tour guides of the facility in Sparks this past Thursday.

To give you an idea of how APM conducts business here is their Mission statement…

Mission Statement:
Advanced Plastics mission is to provide outstanding products and service by listening and communicating with our customers. Only by understanding our customer’s needs can we fully satisfy their requirements.

Constant communication in all aspects of production and delivery of your order. By doing this you will gain a diligent committed vendor partner. We invite you to tour our site to learn more about our company and services we provide.

Feeding the top so the bottom can eat...

Feeding the top so the bottom can eat…

I will be publishing later this week an interview with Michael and Christen where we discuss distribution and availability. You’ll definitely want to tune in for that.

I will say this about the Easy Grow System. The assembly and planting of the three tiered system took about 20 minutes, with most of the time used deciding what plants to place in the system. One of the things I really like about the system is the simplicity of the concept. Noting over the top, very basic, place you food in the top section and as you water the lower sections are feed also. This is so simple that you child of 4 or 5 can assist you in the assembly and planting.

The system can be used as an Herb Garden, something we are definitely excited about as Herbs both culinary and holistic are our specialty. However, you can also plant veggies in the sections. And Of course, Strawberries!!!! These are perfect for Strawberries should you be looking to have strawberries in your garden. Perhaps you love Strawberries and would like to have one of these system seven or eight high. If you have a section of you patio or balcony that is approximately 30”X30” you have enough room for that Strawberry Patch and if you have us fill them with Everbear Strawberries you’ll have fresh Strawberries for your deserts, breakfasts, beverages, or just as a healthy snack when you want all season. If you have this system in a area that will not freeze, such as a solarium, or sunroom you can have berries year round.

If this is something you may want to display and sell in you business contact us today and we’ll get you connected. Also, if you have questions about this product you can catch me on the radio America Matters, AM News, I usually do my spot between 7 and 7:30 am and on Thursday’s I’m in the studio so you can call in or text your questions in…

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening.

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs: Aaron Aveiro

Product donated for promotional services by Advanced Plastic Molding


Little Man and Fast….

Witnessing History…

Little Man

Little Man


This morning is one of those Savourez le moment, as the sweet aroma of the Sumatra Mandhaling swirls around and teases the senses. The sun cracks the horizon and as the morning fog starts lifting I hear the all too familiar pitter-patter of Little Man skipping down the channels he has carved out in the canyons of my mind and as the shadows clear Little Man excitedly announces…


What’s that Little Man?

The BOTG’s Dude…they’l gonna stand like you said…they gonna stand.

Well Little Man I certainly hope they do not attempt doing that thing you call a Jig…

No Serious the Lunatic in the Bunker said it. They gonna stand!!!

Ohhhhhhh You’re talking about the FAST Conference.

Yeah that thing Yeah…You know the BOTG Bret guy helping out and hosting. Looks like you finally got your wish…

Well Little Man, Let’s not go there quite yet.

Wow…I woulda thunked you’d be happier…

Well Make no mistake Little Man. This is a Property Preservation Industry first. This is History in the making we will be witnessing. However, this is just a section of the country. Not all the BOTG will be able to make it.

Well you can have more right???

Well as a matter of fact, Little Man, I believe that there is going to be another event concerning education and training in Dallas in October.

So that would cover half the country right?

Well at least the south east portion of the country…There is a lot of territory out there in the northeast, mid-west and west. But this is an excellent start for the BOTG to make a showing.

So the BOTG are going to be there?

Well Little Man this is an event for the BOTG sponsored by the BOTG. This changes the playing filed just a tinnie-wennie bit.

How’s that???

Well this is not some high priced golfing event to hobknob and rub elbows with the powers to be. This is for the BOTG’s so now whomever is there they will have to sell the BOTG, they will not be able to dictate here.

WOW…never thunked that….that is big. So Who’s gonna be there??? Is the duck people going to be there??

You Mean The QC University? Little Man…mmmmmmm. Yes I do believe so along with NAMFS, and I do believe that the folks at SIRS have been invited…

You seem delighted all this competition against that guy and the organization you like are going to be there…That’s a little weird Dude…

Well Little Man if there is one thing I earned many years ago it’s …..Without competition…you can’t be the best…you can only be the Only One…

aWWWE I get it…that bowling pin thing huh???

Well Little Man I wouldn’t go that far…But this is the perfect opportunity for the BOTG in the South-East to make a showing for themselves and the Industry. This would be the time to “stand”.

So How do you feel??? You have wanted this for a long time…

Like I said Little Man…there is a long way to go, it is kinda cool knowing you’re part of something that is history in the making. Any time Labor in an industry takes on the establishment for fair treatment and wages it is always history. Sort of nice things are moving this way and not the way the way other labor movements have in the past.

So what about the subbers and the people in that gang???

Now COME ON!!! Little Man, look there are actually some very fine people in NAMFS, and they’re not a gang…well that might be open for discussion in some circles huh??? But they’re not really a gang, Look Every Organization winds up with a bad apple now and then…this particular organization has had it’s share of issues…but they are in a position to clean it up and make amends…


Of Course, Little Man…they have the infra-structure no one else has at this time…They just gotta figure it out. Perhaps this event will help open a couple doors that should have never been closed.

Now who’s smokin’ them beers?????

No seriously. Look Little Man they have been around the industry a very long time, that places them in a position to have connections…how they use them is all together another matter. The end game is change, and that is starting to happen.

You mean like Bankruptcey’s?

No Little Man, well that is big, but everything has a purpose. Perhaps now the Lenders will see that they really can save money by going directly to their local BOTG’s…The outscourcing thing just does not work in the PPI…

Boy you can say that again…But someone gets paid…

Yes and someone gets robbed.

So you think that will stop?

Not sure but there is scuttlebutt that this element of the industry is getting a very close look-see. Every time you outsource something you create more logistical liabilities…Right now there are just too many hands between the lender and the BOTG, where there used to be one now there is five or six in many cases. That just cannot continue. You see Little Man, it’s like I’ve been saying for five years now, the outsource concept is a good business model…limited risk as you never place you resources in play. But someone eventually has to put the resources in play to and complete the services.

So what you think W-2’s????

Yes Little Man I do. I see companies like the IronClad folks and even like ours as 5 years ago with 27 employees. I think the day of Craigslist Hacks are behind us. I think you going to see lenders start looking at companies that can deliver not Order Mills type business models.

Hey quit bogarting that coffee…

OK Little man, here you go….

YA know I really thought you’d be a little happier…Hey I got a fishing appointment. You’re gonna talk about this on the radio right???

Of course Little Man Of course…

As Little Man skipped back into the channels he has carved out in the canyons of my mind recessing farther and farther until I could hear him no more.  I started thinking about what he had just said. It is nice knowing you had a part in something. This is history in the making As The Tennessee Bunker Guy has pointed out. The fact that Labor in the PPI is coming together in a manner that no one expected is exciting, knowing that the folks are coming together over something I and others have been saying is a must…that does make things a little sweater.

However, before they pats on the back start going around let us take a few minutes and be thankful for the folks that have made things possible for the BOTG’s….our Vets..they have kept our country free from draconian type tyranny and allowed people like myself and others the opportunity to bring to light the atrocities of the Property Preservation Industry. They have provided this vehicle because we are allowed to take advantage of an amendment of our Constitution that our fore-fathers felt was mandatory and therefore they made it the First Amendment of our Constitution. The rules of this country that are spelled out in our Constitution allow for redemption and corrections. And right now there is a lot of Redemption and Corrections needed in the Property Preservation Industry.

If you’re a BOTG company and you can make the pilgrimage to the Orange City Florida FAST event, you need to seriously consider placing the event in your budget right now…August 2 is already knocking at the door…


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photograph Coutesy Led Zepplin’s fourth Album.

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership.

Embrace Change or Get Left Behind…This weeks Guest Writer Austyn Korpi

Our Guest writer this week is Austyn Korpi. Austyn has had the opportunity to participate in the free sample education and training courses offered by QC University and NAARPI International.  Austyn is  at Team Ironclad in Orange City,Florida. Hired as an office assistant Austyn has advanced the ranks to become Director of Client Relations. Along the way she has had to address several issues between clients and employees. While some may wonder just how and why a company would want a “secretary” to have education and training for the PPI. My take is this. Your company is like a chain, and just like a cchain is as strong as the weakest link…so is your business. Having office personel have an indepth understanding of the services in the PPI only goes to providing your clients with the highest quality service possible.
Here is her article comparing the courses offered by both organizations;



I am sure most professionals who work in or on the fringe of the Property Preservation Industry. (PPI)  would agree that over the past few years we have seen an influx of mediocre if not downright incompetent contractors permeate “Our” industry.  The industry we have chosen to earn a living and support our families.  This trend will never change unless we the working professionals demand and implement change from within.  I personally believe that change driven from the bottom up is a good thing as the “change” is coming from those responsible for doing the yeomen’s work.
It is no secret there are those within our industry pushing for education (Certification/Education) standards designed not only to weed out the incompetence but bring respectability via a licensing or certification program.   Change is always met with resistance but if you plan to be working in this industry in the next couple of years you better adapt; “CHANGE” is here.  We need to embrace this change and we should also welcome the opportunity to be recognized as the true professionals we are. After all we are no less professional than realtors, brokers, insurance adjusters etc.  Right?

I have been afforded the opportunity to review “Parts” of courses offered by both NAARPI International and QC University.  With that said I want to make clear that both have educational value and knowledge is the key to success.  I am honored that both organizations approached me to review their course materials; a task that I did not take lightly.

I want to start off by saying NAARPI International has a lot of great courses as well as an overwhelming amount of information in the NAARPI International library which is extremely informative. Over the past couple of days I reviewed the content of the NAARPI library and parts of their course material; I actually took a couple of lesson plans one of which was  the  lesson labeled Materials Identification Windows.

After completion of this lesson plan my exact words were “My god I didn’t know there were so many different kinds of windows.” The course was broken down with a brief description/definition of each window supported by pictures for people like me who are visual learners.
Unlike other online courses I have taken / reviewed I can honestly say I was not bored at all during the lesson.  It was straight forward to the point and in your face the way I like it.   Absolutely no FLUFF!  I walked away knowing new window types that will help in my reporting and documentation process as well as the bidding process.    The Quiz at the end was very basic, like most people taking test  I was nerves because the windows was a new subject that I did not know much about.  The quiz was not designed to trick you but rather reinforce the learning process with lots of photos to go with the questions which proved very helpful for a visual learner.

After taking this straight forward course I found myself looking  at windows on homes as I drove past them; not only was I able to identify what type they were I could associate value to each which of course added higher value to the home itself.  Like many of you I look at a variety of houses throughout any given day and can honestly say that some are better than others and each style of home is generally based on the area. With that being said the homes that are in a historical district with have some of the windows discussed in this course that are not common to the newer style of homes being built.  Windows like the transom windows and the Garden windows are windows that are not common for most homes I look at. After taking this course I am able to identify the windows and create a plan to fix any damages that I may see on future homes.


I am really looking forward to taking more of the courses that NAARPI has to offer and see how I can use them in my everyday life. I am looking forward to Working with John Allen and seeing how I can help make their courses even better. This is just the start of many articles to come about the NAARPI Courses.

naarpi logo 001


Are you ready to join Austyn and  take the step to discover which education and training provider for the PPI offers the best value?

One thing to keep in mind about NAARPI International’s courses, they will transcend the Property Preservation Industry. If you’re looking to expand you current operations or just wish to find your niche and hang your shingle you should review what NAARPI has to offer.

Until Next Time Folks…

Happy Gardening…