Food Revolution Summit UPDATE Day 3 & day 4 schedule

Oak Barrel Guy!!!!
Oak Barrel Guy!!!! says…Just say NO TO GMO!!!!

Day Three of the Food Revolution Summit was awesome. Day four of the Food Revolution Summit should prove to be as informative as well. and please don’t forget to ask the all important question Whom do Your Elected Officials Represent???

Wow! I thought today’s presentations were provocative, galvanizing, and inspiring.  What did you think?

Andrew Kimbrell opened with riveting insights into genetically engineered foods, and the biotech industry’s efforts to dominate the global food supply. Vani Hari gave us a profound look at how to protect yourself and your loved ones from toxic food. And Robyn O’Brien shared some disturbing information about what’s happening to the health of our kids –and some empowering insights on what we can do about it!

If you missed it, don’t worry. You can check out yesterdays Food Revolution Summit presentations with the link below.

Check out the replays from today’s broadcasts by clicking here.

The knowledge these speakers are bringing is priceless.

Dwight Greiner from British Columbia, Canada, wrote: “This summit is amazing!!! My college training in nutrition back in the early 60’s has been the foundation for my health and raising our 4 children. But soooooo much has changed since the early 60’s!!!! And it means EVERYTHING to me to hear all these wonderful speakers share what they have learned and researched. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!”

Tj Guerra commented, “WOW, what an education! And what a group of speakers! This is a course I’ll repeat over and over (thanks again for making this possible!). This is truly a life changer. I can’t get enough!”

If you want to have it all without missing anything, and if you, like TJ, want to be able to listen over and over, or to share it all with your friends or family any time or place you like, be sure to check out the Empowerment Package. It’s on a huge sale until the end of the summit.

Here’s your link. to review yesterdays Food Revolution Summit presentations

Make sure you tune in today’s Food Revolution Summit for more valuable information.

And Wait ‘Till You Hear What’s Coming Next!

You already know that there’s a huge link between your food and your health. You know that current rates of obesity and chronic illness are the highest in human history, and that the vast majority of the medical costs that are bankrupting families, companies, and even entire societies could be eliminated with better nutrition.

But did you know there are solutions – and that they WORK?  Do you know the latest leading-edge insights that the experts have discovered about how to prevent disease, long-term, and how to promote optimal health?

That’s what you’ll learn today, as we explore: The Science of Healthy Eating —Conscious Doctors, Stunning Breakthroughs

Today’s Food Revolution Summit schedule

At 8 am Pacific time (11 am Eastern, 3 pm GMT), you’ll hear from Joel Fuhrman, MD on How To Eat To Live. Dr. Fuhrman is a board-certified family physician and nutritional researcher who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods. Through his New York Times bestselling books and his wildly popular PBS specials, he brings nutritional science to homes around the world. He’ll show you how you can eat to radically reduce your odds of getting cancer, reverse serious disease, optimize your health, and push the envelope of human longevity.

Then at 9 am Pacific time, you’ll hear from Mark Hyman, MD, on What Science Says About The Foods You Eat. Dr. Hyman is a family physician, a 10-time New York Times bestselling author, and director of the Cleveland Center for Functional Health. Dr. Hyman will give you scientifically grounded insights into critical food topics including what the healthiest paleo and vegan eaters have in common, the right and wrong way to eat soy, and more.

At 10 am Pacific time, you’ll hear from Neal Barnard, MD on How to Kickstart Your Health. Dr. Barnard serves as an adjunct associate professor of medicine at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, and as president of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. He’s led numerous groundbreaking research studies investigating the effects of diet on diabetes, body weight, and chronic pain. You’ll get his latest breaking insights, and learn how a plant-based diet influences your body weight, blood glucose, and lipids, and how to create and stick with an eating pattern that ensures your optimal health.

Join today’s  Food Revolution Summit  for more about your food and health.

When you think about how much our health care system revolves around and profits from treating sick people, isn’t it refreshing to find health experts who base their work in science, and who are passionate about helping you to fully thrive?

Where else can you get this kind of cutting edge insight from top leaders, for no charge, without having to leave home? And they’re all being personally interviewed by my dad and colleague, best-selling author John Robbins.

Join the Food Revolution Summit for insights into health and our food supply.

The Food Revolution Summit is a great avenue into the inner workings of politics not just locally but world wide.

Check out all of today’s powerful broadcasts here.


Yours for vibrant health,

Ocean Robbins

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Prepared by Aaron Aveiro

Email republished with permissions.

Photos Courtesy Food Revolution Summit website and Aaron Aveiro.


Oak Barrel Guy!!!!
Oak Barrel Guy!!!!




More than 200,000 people are participating in the Food Revolution Summit, and the response to our first two days has been extraordinary. Already nearly 4,000 participants have submitted comments, including many responses like these:

Jasmine Dumas wrote: “This Food Revolution Summit is releasing a gushing torrent of emotions in me. It’s providing priceless information, and probably protecting countless yet-to-be-born children. The information I’ve acquired is being broadened, amplified, and refined as I listen to these remarkable presentations. Everyone needs this information. Thank you so much.”

Angela Miller wrote: “My daughter has psoriasis, my stepdad has Chron’s disease, my mom is awaiting her biopsy results to see if she has ovarian or uterine cancer… and I feel so blessed to have this information handed to me at this time in my life. It is a God send and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing the work you do and sharing this information with those who want it.”

What we’re learning in this summit is real. It matters. And it can save lives. I can’t tell you how much it means to me that you are part of this event. Together, we can and we will shift the course of food history.

Today we heard riveting presentations from Dr. David Perlmutter, Dr. Daniel Amen, and Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo.

Whom do Your Elected Officials Represent???
Whom do Your Elected Officials Represent???

Catch them on replay here.

Dr. Perlmutter opened with mind-boggling breakthrough research into the new science of the microbiome. Your gut and your brain are far more connected than you think! Then Dr. Amen shared profound insights into how to nurture brain health for optimal memory, function, and wellbeing (you can do it!). And finally, Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo gave tangible advise, born out of decades of clinical practice, to help your heal your gut and care for your well-being.

They were all interviewed by my dad and colleague, John Robbins. What did you think?

Check out these extraordinary replays, see what other people are saying, and post your own comments, on our replays page, here.

The replays are available for 21 hours after completion of each day’s broadcasts.

And Now… What’s Coming Next?

Today is day three of the Food Revolution Summit. The theme for the day is: You Deserve Safe Food! – Protect Your Family From Hidden Toxins

You’ll get critical information you can use, from experts you can trust.


We’ll start off at 8 AM Pacific time (11 AM Eastern, 3 PM GMT), with Andrew Kimbrell on The Truth About Genetically Engineered Food. Andrew is the founder and director of the 400,000 member Center for Food Safety and one of the foremost experts and advocates in the food safety movement. You’ll discover alarming truth about genetically engineered foods, and how you can protect yourself and those you love.

Then at 9 AM Pacific time we’ll hear from Robyn O’Brien on What You

Need To Know About Food Safety. Robyn was a financial and food industry analyst whose life was turned upside down by her daughters’ sudden allergy-induced illness. Robyn’s love for her kids led her to take an honest look at our food system. What she discovered changed her life forever. She went on to found AllergyKids, and to become one of the most formidable forces in the food movement today. What she’s uncovered about food allergies will rock your world!

At 10 AM Pacific time, you’ll hear from Vani Hari on How to Protect Your Family From Toxic Food. Vani is a revolutionary food activist, creator of FoodBabe. com, author of the #1 best selling book The Food Babe Way and was named one of the Most Influential People On The Internet by Time Magazine. Vani will show you how the food industry really works, key chemicals to avoid, and tips for reclaiming your menu and your health.

All of these interviews will once again be guided by my dad and colleague, two million copy bestselling author John Robbins.

This is the live broadcasts link.

Join in live to catch my top take-aways, and to engage in questions, answers, and prize give-aways after each interview. Or catch it all on 21 hour replay.

Christine Dahmer from Waterloo, Ontario wrote: “I suffer from arthritis, chronic pain, weight gain and several other health issues. I had no idea that food would make such a difference in my health. Feed me more information, this summit is fantastic!”

Well tomorrow, you’ll be getting critical information from some of the top food revolution leaders on the planet. See you there!

Yours for health,

Ocean Robbins


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Tune in tomorrow for updates for the 5th annual FOOD REVOLUTION SUMMIT. We’ll have highlights from today and tomorrow’s schedule.

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Until Next Time

Happy Gardening.

Prepared by Aaron Aveiro

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership…But I think they should!!!!!

Little Man…Ain’t Life Grand???

Little Man
Little Man

Ya know there times when they say Life is fickle..well business has that funny fickle side also. You never really realize just how fickle till your beat up Ford you have  held together with bailing wire hobbles into a gas station truck rest area in the middle of now where…you stumble out of the truck cursing the fact you just had to be a nice guy and let the guy work on it, trying to make amends for the screw up….You stick your hand in your pocket and pull out forty-seven fricken cents, and you realize that is the last cent you have as every credit card is maxed out and well you’re over drawn and praying that the lottery shits on you in the morning….But Hey you’re a business owner hell ya you got a business.

Well that is what the….hello…what??? Oh you…I’ll be damned Little Man you show up in the damned places…

Well you’ve had to hear…

Ok Little Man, are we gonna do the teeth pulling routine or get to the point…

Come on the Michelle gal from SEAS.

I remember her well why.



Well seems that once again an member that the Tony Soprano looking guy over sees, you know that National Association For Management Stealing…you got it she is recruiting for their members.

Well Little man if that don’t beat all..Where you come up with this??? And aren’t you being just a little tough on NAMFS…

It just came to me, I figured you had to have it by now. And just what is wrong with calling a spade a spade??? You have seemed to done pretty well with the vitriol truth over the years.

Well Little Man as you know I’ve been busy working on reshaping the business model; but I have heard some things, CWIS cheating folks again and be damned if the Mickey Snow character isn’t right smack dabb in the middle of things…Now we have Michelle Nicklas in the middle of recruiting huh…interesting. This means one thing. No one can play stupid this go round when the company she works for  stpulls the same crap like they did at SEAS. And yes, now that you mention it calling a spade a spade is not a bad thing…For Management Stealing…I like that!!

Yeah I knew you would…so whatcha gonna do??

Well Little man give me a minute, you know I have to review the contract.

With that be damn if Little Man doesn’t pull a copy out of his pocket.

Will this do.

Well aren’t we resourceful today Little Man…let me see….In order to become an active contractor with NFS you will need to submit the following: Company Information Sheet, Disclosure of Additional Sub-Contractors, Background Consent Form,  A 200×200 headshot (selfie), for those who need to have an Aspen Grove background check ran by NFS, Pricing Agreement, Independent Contractor Agreement, Independent Contractor Affidavit – this form also needs to be notarized, Addendum to Independent Contractor Agreement, MSI Code of Conduct, AFAS Code of Conduct,   Carrington Code of Conduct…..for starters this all becomes a glorified employment contract. After reviewing this portion I don’t even want to look at pricing as people will have to do something illegal to meet pricing for these folks.

So you gonna give this to Tom?

Well Little man Tom is in California, one would need an attorney. But I do believe that a notice to Floridia’s Attorney General for investigation would be in order. It is obvious that AFAS, MSI, and Carrington, all members of the NAMFS. No one including Eric Miller can say they have no knowledge of Michele’s perceived former criminal activity with Robert Kilpitch…I never could get his name right. Sorry dude, but you clip Labor so tough to well you know… and there is absolutely no way she has passed any background check.

You think they will go to jail???

Well Little man, first things first…this part of the contract…Aspen iRecord ® is an independent technology platform incorporating vendor management capabilities and the industry standard background check to enhance operational efficiencies, consumer safety, and consumer compliant management capabilities for all stakeholders in a simple, easy-to-use online portal. It supports organizations who wish to comply with the guidance of regulatory bodies, such as the CFPB and OCC, regarding mitigating consumer risk when using third-party vendors. It simplifies the background check process, while ensuring appropriate controls and procedures are in place for all parties through line-of-sight capability, from point of work order assignment, to point of service delivery…

This is a lie this is a made up procedure by the membership. The CFPB call for all personal in the food chain, especially those with access to fiduciary information, like the information Mechelle is asking um demanding from potential unsuspecting Emplactors.

If people remember Foreclosurepedia reported in 2015 that the CFPB had no such rule or law governing the Boots on the Ground.

Yeah I remember, so this is just a scam???

Well Little Man what isn’t a scam when it comes to #NationalAssociationForManagementStealing? Every time you turn around there is a new policy designed to cheat Labor out of their monies.

Yes so how does it stop?

Well you know Little Man, Labor has to come to the table regardless of what Miller says. He now has knowledge of crimes and does nothing to stop the members from committing criminal acts making him not only complacent but a party to the crimes themselves for not stopping the crimes.

Yeah but what about the policing agency statement the Saprano guy made?

That will not fly in the face of the courts Little Man. Not a single member of the Board of Directors nor the Executive Director can claim innocence. Now keep in mind these types of fiduciary crimes crossing the state lines become a RICO issue and the feds will be involved. A case can be made that even though the acts don’t cross state lines…the acts are done via electronic means, and that is a serious element considered in developing a RICO case. These chumps will end up in cushy federal pens with a library that will assist them in developing new was to embezzle and graft the monies they steal.

But you think they’ll go to jail???

Well I know this, once the cat is out of the bag…real hard to get the critter back in the bag. So none of these people can say they had no knowledge of the crimes.

So they would an accomplice?

Yes they would. Everyone knows the Michelle Nicklas was right in the middle of of the questionable defrauding o monies against Labor over at SEAS. They can dress that duck any way they want but she was right in the middle. Just like Miller had knowledge about Hummel’s form fiduciary crimes yet placed him in a position to steal from Labor. This is no longer “After the fact” as is said, this would become “Accessory to the crime”.  You can’t say the US government is requiring you to do something while your committing a crime. In addition if memory serves me correctly the attorney  at Wells Fargo MS Bunnel, stated that it was NOT a WF procedure to have background checks on Labor, just the employees issuing the work orders for completion.

So what are your thoughts???

Well anyone getting into bed with NFS for starters is stupid. They are a third tier company with a business model of subbing the work, a proven failed business model, Their contract specifically uses the phrase,”For employment purposes” in numerous places, which for those Emplactors that do not know the difference. This makes you an employee by signing the contract. I think I will have to forward this over to Tom and see if he can reach out to someone in Florida.

With that Little Man started doing that funny jig he has been famous for, and boy the look in his eyes…talk about a wild man.

So tell me Little Man, why are you so happy about someone doing something illegal?

Oh I’m not happy about that, I’m happy that I get to spread the word about these crooks. Now what about that Sheri gal???

You mean Ms Nott, at NFN that wants people to work for free Little Man?

Yes that one…

Well I’m still waiting on some information via an email I’ll have to check on that but I’m also hearing about some scurvy new developments over there. However, once again, if Labor allows her to dictate to them then they deserve to work for free. I’m sure Sheri doesn’t come to the office for free or get some goofballl story about why her check is late.

Aint that where that JJ guys works? And what about not paying aint that mean liquidity issues?

I believe so, why? And ya know Little Man I have said that for a very long time. What I don’t understand is why Labor won’t…I mean what does one have to do to make Labor understand that once they do not get paid on schedule their contract CAN be voided. For whatever reason These companies like NFN and other “For Management Stealers”  as you’ve dubbed them, demand that you adhere to the terms of the contract however, once they vary from the terms of the contract the contract can become voided if Labor wanted. I know it didn’t take me long to pull the trigger, I believe I waited three days, not thirty or sixty, or more…

Well I thought he was a Labor supporter…and yeah you have quite a conundrum there…

Well I still believe he is however, Obamacare has created issues for health insurance and well JJ…I do believe he needs the medical insurance a C-Level position provides at the company he is working at.

Yeah but wha…

Now, you have to remember Little Man sometimes things aren’t always black and white. So while JJ has not been vocal as he has in the past, don’t mean he still does not have compassion for Labor, just means he’s not in a position to express himself anymore. I honestly do not believe JJ as a person has changed, just the priorities in his life. That is not to say that Labor as a whole does not miss his rational commentary in the social media circles.

Funny about that fickle thing huh? But what I was sayin’…Wasn’t JJ the only one in management that saw the parallel in the MFS and Hostess…

Well Little Man happens to us all, now that you mention it yes he was…yes funny thing about not reinvesting in yourself…

So you closing out things for Aladay LLC this week?

Not closing, more like parting out and reinvesting differently for the time being, Little Man. Just the portions of the Silver Springs operations….Aladay LLC is not going away. We’ll be around. Our tree production and landscape rock department is going to go over with the Pet Groomer Marie. Marie also makes different herbal teas and holistic remedies, so that will be extremely complimentary to that portion of our business model.  And we’ll always expose the fraud or just report the news on what is going on. However, we have formed new alliances and business relationships. So we’ll be around.

So what do you think about the radio thing?

Definitely something to be explored, I do have a little bit of fun with that. You know me I ain’t got nothing to lose so I’ll stick my neck out there…

What about for Labor??

Well Little Man, Labor has to come to terms with that. However, I do believe that we just need to get the ball rolling and the rest will take care of itself…

With that Little Man turned a started his little shuffle I’ve so often watched as the sun set on another weekend…So where you off to now Little Man????


I learned a long time ago not to question…I watched him disappear into the sunset just as the Humming Birds started coming out to feed…Yeah Business can be fickle…But Ain’t Life Grand???

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

It's Been a great ride folks...time to turn the page...see you in the radio
It’s Been a great ride folks…time to turn the page…see you in the radio










Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photos Aaron and courtesy Led Zepplin IV album…

Opinions expressed personally or through character are strictly those of the author and do not reflect on Aladay LLC Ownership

PPI Watch List…What You Thought I went Away???

I can’t believe that all I get paid…

I’m guessing by now the powers to be at the National Association of Mortgage Field Services thought I climbed under a rock and dissipated into the mist…Keep on dreaming dreaming on, Mr. Miller. I’m also guessing that it comes as no surprise that two MORE of the esteemed members of “Nepotism R Us” commonaly called NAMFS are joining the PPI Watch List.

So now CWIS LLC is in the mix of the non-payment category. In addition to CWIS making the Property Preservation Watch ListNational Field Network (NFN) is there also this week. Now you may ask what do this addition of the PPI Watch List??? Once again members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, and again the second tier “subbers” are not paying Labor.

As every other PPI Watch List Member both CWIS, and NFN receive their work orders from another member further up the food chain. Both have a business model that has failed numerous times the one not only has to wonder why every member of NAMFS isn’t on the PPI Watch List, but why does the Board of Directors continue to allow this type of business to be conducted and make the claims they do? In regards to NFN we are receiving reports from members of Labor that prefer to remain anonymous right now, that they are now being cheated out of basic trip fees. Yes you read that correctly. NFN has decided that if you go to a property at their request they do not have to pay you and in fact they informed Contractors that if they do not use  any supplies at a property that there is no fee to be paid for anything. Now my question to idiots accepting this new money cheating policy…Why is it that all these companies have to cheat you out of the monies you earn? Do you not grasp the fact that with out you SUPLLYING your time and SUPPLYING fuel for vehicle that you are in fact using “supplies”??? And oh by the way those supplies cost Aladay LLC money and if you say they don’t cost you…you’re lying to yourself Kinda like those nitwits calling themselves a Mortgage Field Service Professional while scrubbing a commode for HUD. Yes HUD who by the way is part of the government and they get paid prevailing wage…for Labor about $21 something an hour…

ARE YOU FRICKEN CRAZY???????????????????????????????

Allow me to be very blunt here. The problem with the Property Preservation isn’t that members of Labor are being cheated, or NAMFS members attempting to bankrupt outspoken company owners, or even the multiple layering and pyramiding of the industry…IT IS THE IDIOTS THAT CONTINUE TO ACCEPT THE WORK.

Labor has allowed the Emplactor mentality out of shear fear. Fear that they will not be able to put food on the table next week. Fear they will not receive any work.  Fear from tyrant employers that many employees exhibit when they are afraid to be fired. That is the problem with the PPI today.

I’m sorry folks I don’t usually beat a sector of Labor but this is well deserved. One just cannot accept a demand to work for free. Now as one that always has a solution…

In regards to NFN new policy. You drive to a property and it is occupied. You don’t get paid??? I’m sorry but pull you head out of your but and bill for the supplies you have used. You had to “supply” fuel to the vehicle and supply you time/labor to go find out the property was occupied…HEY STUPID…you just used “supplies” as you just supplied fuel and labor to gather information that NFN is billing for. I will bet to dollars to donuts at 11-1 NFN bills for the information you have supplied them.

So as 2016 starts to progress and tax time has come and gone I have to wonder how many accountants have advised their clients to get into another industry. For years many of the industry leaders and prominent figures Like John Allen of BIIG Inspections, have been saying diversify. Bret Douglas with Ironclad Preservation found out the hard way. However, we are very happy to report that Bret has returned to the private sector and is slowly rebounding from the nepotism displayed by the NAMFS membership…

When I think that JJ Batts is working at NFN in some C-Level position I have not heard different I have to wonder about his sincerity when has spoken on behalf of Labor while he was with FAS. His new boss Shari Nott, won’t allow him to speak anymore in social media perhaps that is how her name became Nott??? Just thinking out loud folks. I cannot believe that anyone has to work for criminals. I also can’t believe that any respectable member of Labor would allow themselves to be dictated to as how their time will be compensated, in this particular case, NOT compensated.

No Matter Where You Are...We'll be Watching
No Matter Where You Are…We’ll be Watching

I’m guessing that somewhere along the way “negotiating” in the PPI was prohibited by the upper echelon members of NAMFS. Somewhere the decision to make demands, without input from Labor has been made by the membership under the direction of Eric Miller. I just do not understand why more members of Labor will not step up and join the lawsuits for Employeee/IC violations. Why labor will not file a lien on a property they are owed. Even after myself and The Lunatic in the Mountain for years now have been assisting and in fact, even got Scott Wolfe’s company involved with providing information and assistance in lien filing. Still every day the band plays on…

So while Foreclosurepedia and Aladay LLC continue to produce article after article on the atrocities perpetuated against labor, the Membership of NAMFS continue to find “NEWBIES” they can manipulate like a bull with a ring in its nose.  What this tells me about NFN..they are insolvent folks. Any company that attempts to cheat you out of money??? They have money problems.

What is so ironic…I you say no they will go away. Now I’ve been told that emails will be furnished and while I wait for confirmation on several issues that have come across my desk the some drummer is beating the same song. It’s has become a broken record. For this new “Me” “Y” “X” generations…a broken record is a black vinyl disc with a hole in the center, it sits on what is called a “turntable” and spins in a circle. When the record breaks, the same snippet plays over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and overandscreeeeeeeeeeetch…..sorry about that say thanks to my secretary that just smacked the back off my head. That was how we fixed the broken record, YOU SMACKED it…

So to the LABOR members of the PPI…smack management!!!! Sue them, file a lien, file complaints. But don’t roll over and hide in the closet because you are afraid to get fired…

Once again there is an opportunity to provide Labor with a voice. Contact me should you like to inquire about sponsoring a radio show.

I was going to write and post the radio segment I did on this information. However, in light of the information pouring in at the current rate I will follow up later and post the radio segments.

Should any of you have any information on these or anything you feel may be remotely news worthy on any company the steals from Labor or perpetuates any type of crime against Labor…contact me and we’ll get the wonderful  folks some air time…..

Until Next Time Folks

Happy Gardening.