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TASHA 2016I sincerely appreciate the inquuries as I have had a few technology difficulties to over come. I thank everyone for your patience and rest a sure my radio segments will be back on track very soon.

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Currently I’m involved in a glass insulator restoration project and have a few awesome landscaping ideas..

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BREAKING NEWS!!! Homestar Folds Tent

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In a developing story, we are receiving news bulletins that Homestar Property Solutions, an official Offender Member of the National Assiciation of Mortgage Field Services. Homestar is a company involving Micheal Breeze and his merry band cohorts, has shuttered their doors and moved out of their Corporate HQ at ONE GALLERIA TOWER 13355 NOEL ROAD, SUITE 510 DALLAS, TX 75240.

Attempts to make contact have been futile as we have had no luck using the 866 764 3973 number listed on their website nor the 763 489 7777 number listed with the Better Business Bureau. The following statement is from their website;

HomeStar Field Services, LLC provides a ‘white-glove’ approach to field services. We provide property preservation, repairs, rehab, inspections, environmental remediation and code compliance on single-family and multi-family assets owned or serviced by its clients.

Apparently this company has numerous websites to steer people to their website for the purpose of scamming Labor out of their hard earned monies. here is a statement from the website here;


HomeStar’s Family of Companies offers a comprehensive suite of services and solutions for real estate investors. The company is organized into specialized branches including HomeStar Field Services, HomeStar Property Management and HomeStar Property Claims. We take pride in our ability to create a custom-tailored approach for each client with results delivered at the highest standard.

How this will  affect Labor…

Once again Labor is going to be forced to pony up fees to get their case into the courts to collect monies owed to them.

My suggestion is to contact Scott Wolfe at zlien and find out what needs to be done to get inline to collect monies.

Once again Homestar Property Solutions part of the Homestar family of Companies has shuttered their doors leaving the Corporate Headquarters in Dallas Texas.

If you are owed monies from this group of people you should immediately start lien procedures to assure you are able to collect the monies owed to you. Regardless of what any disclaimer on your work orders state, you can and should immediately file a lien on any property you are owed monies for completed services.

Just some food for thought, if they are skipping on the rent, they are skipping on Labor, that means the coffers for NAMFS have gotten thinner.

Once again Homestar Property Solutions INSOLVENT and have vacated their corporate headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

More as this story develops.

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Written By; Aaron Aveiro

Photograph: Aaron Aveiro

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