Tell your representatives to stop taking Monsanto Political Influence Donations!!!!
WHOM DO YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS REPRESENT Tell your representatives to stop taking Monsanto Political Influence Donations!!!! VOTE NO ON HR1500



It is no secret that Face Book wants into the news business. Now we are seeing Face Book Security Blocking anything posted negative about GMO technology and Monsanto. At first one might say WTF??? Does face Book and Zuccerberg want into the news industry or does he want to control the news? Yes this is a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot moment…However perhaps this will explain…


Seven of the top 12 shareholders of Facebook and Monsanto are identical. Even more to the point, three of the top five shareholders are the same.

The top shareholder, at the moment, in Monsanto is The Vanguard Group, which is number two on the list of top Facebook shareholders.

FMR, LLC, is the number one Facebook shareholder. For Monsanto, it’s number two.

The State Street Corporation is the number three shareholder for both Facebook and Monsanto.

BlackRock Institutional Trust Company is Monsanto’s number five shareholder, and ranks at number four for Facebook.

So is it any wonder That face Book blocks ads or posts that are Anti-Monsanto or Anti-GMO articles. So one has to seriously wonder why Face Book has blocked 1,000’s of users posting articles or reference on their pages. Anthony Gucciardi, was one of them and he may very well have a violation of the First Amendment Lawsuit in the works as he captured a “Screenshot” off the block saying it was a security issue.

Can someone please tell me how an article urging everyone to get on the phone and ask the elected officials to vote no on HR 1599 is a security issue to face Book???


Oh yeah there’s the share holder thingy…However, IMHO this is a clear cut violation of the First Amendment. Everyone that has had anything blocked should be attempting to contact Jerry Spence up in Wyoming…This is the classic Civil Rights violations that Jerry loves to tackle…Maybe the Gloria Allred of the Erin Brokovich gals would love a stab at this…The sad reality is that our government officials concerned with only Pecuniary Greed sold,our food supply to Monsanto in May of 1987

Allow me to say this…Dr Owsley and Timothy Leary showed our generation that living through chemistry is not very conducive to your health. Now that must be something that the Share Holders over-looked, after all they are all part of that generation.


Make no mistake about this Folks, Face Book may be a social media platform with it’s own rules, but why block information? Why block anything ANTI-GMO???? Oh yeah there’s that Share Holder thingy.

But Again I ask…


How about a trip down memory lane???

Here are some of the products that Monsanto has provided us…

#1 – Saccharin

Did you know Monsanto got started because of an artificial sweetener? John Francisco Queeny founded Monsanto Chemical Works in St. Louis, Missouri with the goal of producing saccharin for Coca-Cola. In stark contrast to its sweet beginnings, studies performed during the early 1970s,* including a study by the National Cancer Institute in 1980, showed that saccharin caused cancer in test rats and mice.

#2 – PCBs

During the early 1920s, Monsanto began expanding their chemical production into polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) to produce coolant fluids for electrical transformers, capacitors, and electric motors. Fifty years later, toxicity tests began reporting serious health effects from PCBs in laboratory rats exposed to the chemical.

After another decade of studies, the truth could no longer be contained: the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published a report citing PCBs as the cause of cancer in animals, with additional evidence that they can cause cancer in humans. Additional peer-reviewed health studies showed a causal link between exposure to PCBs and non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, a frequently fatal form of cancer.

#3 – Polystyrene

In 1941, Monsanto began focusing on plastics and synthetic polystyrene, which is still widely used in food packaging and ranked 5th in the EPA’s 1980s listing of chemicals whose production generates the most total hazardous waste.


#4 – Atom bomb and nuclear weapons

Shortly after acquiring Thomas and Hochwalt Laboratories, Monsanto turned this division into their Central Research Department. Between 1943 to 1945, this department coordinated key production efforts of the Manhattan Project—including plutonium purification and production and, as part of the Manhattan Project’s Dayton Project, techniques to refine chemicals used as triggers for atomic weapons (an era of U.S. history that sadly included the deadliest industrial accident).

#5 – DDT

In 1944, Monsanto became one of the first manufacturers of the insecticide DDT to combat malaria-transmitting mosquitoes. Despite decades of Monsanto propaganda insisting that DDT was safe, the true effects of DDT’s toxicity were at last confirmed through outside research and in 1972, DDT was banned throughout the U.S.

#6 – Dioxin

In 1945, Monsanto began promoting the use of chemical pesticides in agriculture with the manufacture of the herbicide 2,4,5-T (one of the precursors to Agent Orange), containing dioxin. Dioxins are a group of chemically-related compounds that since become known as one of the “Dirty Dozen” — persistent environmental pollutants that accumulate in the food chain, mainly in the fatty tissue of animals. In the decades since it was first developed, Monsanto has been accused of covering up or failing to report dioxin contamination in a wide range of its products.


#7 – Agent Orange

During the early 1960s, Monsanto was one of the two primary manufacturers of Agent Orange, an herbicide / defoliant used for chemical warfare during the Vietnam War. Except Monsanto’s formula had dioxin levels many times higher than the Agent Orange produced by Dow Chemicals, the other manufacturer (which is why Monsanto was the key defendant in the lawsuit brought by Vietnam War veterans in the United States).

8 – Petroleum-Based Fertilizer

In 1955, Monsanto began manufacturing petroleum-based fertilizer after purchasing a major oil refinery. Petroleum-based fertilizers can kill beneficial soil micro-organisms, sterilizing the soil and creating a dependence, like an addiction, to the synthetic replacements. Not the best addiction to have, considering the rising cost and dwindling supply of oil…


#9 – RoundUp

During the early 1970s, Monsanto founded their Agricultural Chemicals division with a focus on herbicides, and one herbicide in particular: RoundUp (glyphosate). Because of its ability to eradicate weeds literally overnight, RoundUp was quickly adopted by farmers. Its use increased even more when Monsanto introduced “RoundUp Ready” (glyphosate-resistant) crops, enabling farmers to saturate the entire field with weedkiller without killing the crops

#10 – Aspartame (NutraSweet / Equal)

An accidental discovery during research on gastrointestinal hormones resulted in a uniquely sweet chemical: aspartame. During the clinical trials conducted on 7 infant monkeys as part of aspartame’s application for FDA approval, 1 monkey died and 5 other monkeys had grand mal seizures—yet somehow aspartame was still approved by the FDA in 1974. In 1985, Monsanto acquired the company responsible for aspartame’s manufacture (G.D. Searle) and began marketing the product as NutraSweet. Twenty years later, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released a report listing 94 health issues caused by aspartame


#11 – Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH)

This genetically modified hormone was developed by Monsanto to be injected into dairy cows to produce more milk. Cows subjected to rBGH suffer excruciating pain due to swollen udders and mastitis, and the pus from the resulting infection enters the milk supply requiring the use of additional antibiotics. rBGH milk has been linked to breast cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer in humans.

#12 – Genetically Modified Crops / GMOs

In the early 1990s, Monsanto began gene-splicing corn, cotton, soy, and canola with DNA from viruses and bacteria in order to achieve one of two traits: an internally-generated pesticide (the corn or soy causes the insect’s stomach to rupture if they eat it), or an internal resistance to Monsanto’s weedkiller RoundUp (enabling farmers to drench their field with RoundUp to kill ever-stronger weeds).


A Baker’s Dozen: #13 – Terminator Seeds

In the late 1990s, Monsanto developed the technology to produce sterile grains unable to germinate. The goal of these “Terminator Seeds” was to force farmers to buy new seeds from Monsanto year after year, rather than save and reuse the seeds from their harvest as they’ve been doing throughout centuries.

For the complete article


Now I don’t know about you folks but I sense a pattern here…

So now I ask you….



Written by Aaron Aveiro

Photograph courtesy Google Images

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership..

Good Food Good Life… Frozen Fruit!


In this edition of Good Food Good Life we look at something to cool you off during the Dog Days of Summer. Frozen Fruit, always adds to Good Food Good Life ways of living.

Four Ways to Enjoy Frozen Fruit!

Summer is the season with some of the greatest food, and Good Food Good Life in addition to beautifully ripe fruits are no exception. Stick the fruit you purchase at the Farmers Market in the freezer for a few hours and you’ve got the perfect treat with the potential to cool you down on a hot summer day.

Frozen Grapes:  Throw a handful (or more) of grapes in the freezer for a few hours and you’ll end up with a healthy icy treat. Princeton knows what’s up in their article about the many uses of frozen grapes.  While freezing the grapes doesn’t do much in terms of flavor, the icy texture of the grapes is the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer day. Make sure you wash before freezing.

Fruit Cubes:  During the summer months when we spend tons more time out in the hot sun, it’s more important than ever to make sure to keep your body hydrated. You’ve probably heard of the eight glasses a day rule, and there’s definitely some truth to it.  If plain water just doesn’t do it for you, these fruit cubes will make reaching your recommended hydration levels interesting. Not only do they add some fruit flavor to your drink, but they are really adorable! And fruit isn’t the only thing you can put in your cubes.
Feeling fancy? Experiment by adding mint and basil or try these inventive juice-infused cubes.

Don’t forget that we have four different Basil and Mints for you to make your summer delights with Good Food Good Life. Take advantage of our Harvest While You Wait program

Ice Pops:  Try experimenting with different combinations of your favorite fruits and fruit juices. For a clean, professional result, try investing in a set of ice pop molds.  Here’s where Vanderbilt comes in. In eight easy steps, they show you the way to make bomb frozen fruit pops.

Smoothies:  While we generally tend to think of smoothies made with fresh fruit, using frozen fruit is often a quicker and more convenient way to prepare this frozen treat—and even more cost-effective. Smoothies are the ideal way to keep you cool and fill you up this summer. In fact, you can even think of something to make with the leftover fruits in your fridge or freezer.

Always a healthy addition to your Good Food Good Life living….

Thank you: Lake Tahoe Markets

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening


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Written By Aaron Aveiro

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The Hummel Affect…Hummel and the PPI

How will the Hummel Affect play out this week???

close your eyes....here comes Management
close your eyes….here comes Management

So this week’s latest development in the Hummel Affect Drama of the Property Preservation Industry is now that somehow it is Foreclosurepedia’s fault that Joseph has been relieved of his duties at Integrated…Forget the fact that Hummel committed crimes, forget that the crimes dictate certain restrictions, forget the fact that Forclosurepedia had no clue who Hummel was when he committed his crimes, and of course forget that Hummel has fiduciary crimes and is writing illegal policies that allow for the stealing of monies against Labor.

No let us forget that someone with fiduciary crimes should and is not allowed to contract employment positions of a fiduciary nature. The fact that Hummel has written very suspect and IMHO illegal QC policy that dictates how a company can STEAL monies from labor…Let’s look at what he did with Keystone…

The QC policy was for Keystone’s in house QC guy to go to properties that had initials completed at the 90 mark, 90 days after the initials were completed. This is after the initials had been signed off on by the Brokers and the client QC people…that little process that is standard in the industry. Now what the QC person would do is find all sorts of things wrong…things like antifreeze not being to Keystone’s guidelines…sorry but after 90 days in any heat the antifreeze for a winterization has dried out. Now to top it off they would back charge a Contractor $135…$40 for the payment to the contractor and $95 for the contractor that “Re-Winterized” the property…Welcome to the Hummel Affect… Personally I call POPPYCOCK…

#1 I’ll lay 99-1 odds that Keystone NEVER had the property re-winterized.

#2 your QC guy cannot back charge for initials after they have been signed off on by the proper inspectors.

#3 You can only charge for the payment not someone else’s service.

#4 if you’re going to pay someone $95 to re-winterized property why are only paying $40 for the initial service?????

Yes that’s the Hummel Affect, you get the idea. Hummel is a paper pusher that knows how to manipulate systems for financial gain. All that is Illegal folks. Check your local construction laws as this is where the rules will be. While the Hummel Affect will not be listed his actions will.

As for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau…fat chance…However, even for Hummel to refer to himself as working there may be a violation to the FEDS!!!! Wonder what they have to say about the Hummel Affect?

Now we have Miller allowing Hummel to remain on committees…So regardless that the Hummel Affect was terminated the Hummel Affect is still in play. Perhaps I’ve missed something…but isn’t the NAMFS membership for Businesses? Can Anyone please show me where an individual can be a member in good standing as an individual… I have seen nothing of the sort in the By-Laws but then what do I know I’m just a po-dunk blogger that Hummel is going to offer employment to when I’m out of work…Or did you forget that obnoxious statement you made in social media a couple years back???

You there is a big difference in myself and Hummel. First I’m not a Rat, second I do not hide from my past. While I don’t enjoy the past as a topic of conversation as it is an ugly part of my life that I do not wish to relive to satisfy some demented train of thought when I call people out for their actions today…as I did with Hummel a couple years ago…You see what many of the Mark Williams, Gary “The Punk” Jones, The Mutt & Jeff Team fail to realize, in their quest to shut me up from telling the truth today…they justify their daily criminal activity with my past, as if what I did 30 years ago justifies their criminal behavior today…I believe they powers to be call that Irony. The Shrinks call it denial…and you’re not in Egypt Joseph…You see what idiots like Mark Williams that send “anonymous” emails to places that I conduct business with, myself and the parties in question have already had the conversation about my past and the possibilities that may crop up. I have to wonder…out loud at that…Do you do this Joseph???? Had you done something like that you may still be employed and you would find you’re unemployed because of your actions not Forclosurepedia… Shame on Forclosurepedia for knocking you down a notch and doing what Forclosurepedia does…Exposing Fraud. Sorry Hummel but by you going about business the way you do…you commit fraud. So grow up and go look in the mirror and blame that F***Tard for you employment issues not someone exposing the lies perpetuated by the Members of NAMFS against Labor.

Now we have Miller of NAMFS allowing the Hummel Affect to remain with the organization designed to be a Trade Association not a collection of Criminals entrenched in Pecuniary Greed.

Now once again I have to use the big “C” word… Conspiracy, Here is the dilemma that Miller has.

Let’s for a moment imagine that Hummel was forthright about his past with Miller…They cannot say they had this conversation as Miller has placed Hummel in a position in a NON-PROFIT organization that has direct contact with fund-raising, which is slightly taboo to say the least. Welcome to  the Hummel Affect.

Pretty tough spot to place yourself in HUH??? So where do they go from here????

That is your homework today Ladies and Gentleman…What do Miller and Hummel do now? The mention of a conversation will produce a Conspiracy charge, so the best avenue is what any first year law student would tell you…Say Nothing. Allow the Hummel Affect to stay in place. AWWWE…yes welcome to the Hummel Afect.

Yes they created quite a mess for themselves and the once respected organization.

But then again this all developed on Friday evening so at this time we have to give Miller the benefit of the doubt that things will be rectified come Monday morning as I know I would do nothing over the weekend. Especially when my 120k salary is strictly for the 8-5 40 hour week I was to put in…The Hummel Affect hasn’t hurt Miller’s bottom line as of yet but the jury is still out on that.

So as we wrap up the weekend……enjoy that saga of what ever is left of the Hummel Affect…enjoy the rest of the sunshine and as always

Oh by the way Joseph…since you’re unemployed we just had a laborers position open up should you wish to relocate and start over!!!!!

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening