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Back Charges In Property Preservation Industry: Legitimate or Extortion

legion information anonymous



For some time now I have been working on gathering information on the way Back Charging is performed in the property preservation industry.

Currently there seems to be absolutely no over sight on this procedure and at times, per the examples provided to me it seems a blatant abuse of the procedure and just a way to extort monies out of Contractors.




In my humble opinion this is because Contractors involved in the PPI are;

#1. Not Business wise

#2. Intimidated in the fact if they object they will be cut off from future work

#3. Not sure how to proceed legally

#4. Do not know how to file a lien

#5. They feel like an employee and just do not understand the business processes involving this       subject


That said. I will be publishing an in depth article in the next few day s on this subject matter. I will be interviewing industry insiders, Contractors that have had questionable back charges levied against them; using survey results from around the industry that contractors have participated in and information from contracts that have back charges included in them.

You’ll want to tune on for this as I’m sure the information will be most enlightening!!!

Should you have information you feel is pertinent, and will assist or examples you feel are unjust please drop me a line at;


Another way to have your voice heard is to participate in the upcoming Contractor’s Summit hosted by Forclosurepedia.

This should also prove to be a groundbreaking event in the industry.


Thanks for tuning in and have a great day…

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