Matthew Cooperman…America’s Dumbest Criminal or PPI’s Luckiest Contractor

For past few days the name of the braggart Matthew Cooperman has invaded my email accounts. This guy is either attempting to qualify for Americas Dumbest Criminal or he is the luckiest most obnoxious disrespectful cantankerous Property Preservation Contractor in the PPI. Just how many times does one find 15 thousand dollar coin collection then back it up with a 35 thousand dollar coin collection? ??

Matthew Cooperman’s Finds

Matthew Cooperman’s latest “find”

Naturally one boasting that he only works with “high paying nationals” and everyone else in the PPI is working for bottom feeding scum buckets and that is why they can’t get ahead. Well one thing us apparent. Matthew doesn’t pay attention to local law, which in part reads…

Reporting Unclaimed Funds to New York State. New York State’s Abandoned Property Law requires certain entities to transfer abandoned money or securities to the New York State Comptroller’s Office of Unclaimed Funds. The Comptroller serves as the custodian of unclaimed funds until they’re claimed by the rightful owners.
You may read the complete law here

Now listening to the boasting combined with the fact everyone in the PPI has concerns of the gentlemans legitimacy questions are being raised, is Matthew just lucky? Fronting a PPI business for a burglary ring? Did Matthew stumble upon a cache of a mobster? After all research is showing that no one died in the residence of the address provided…in addition no one leaves securities…LIQUID securities behind.

Another of Matthew’s “finds” 

Although obviously, as Matthew has pointed out he is the only one in the PPI that knows where to look for this type of “stash”…
This is an ongoing story and you can bet this will be part of Preservation Thursday on this weeks edition on Periscope TV Live @5. Please join me as we loom at another matter in the PPI…”Clearboarding”. Ya never know might have Cassy & Dave as subject matter again tins week.

If you’d like to inquire about abandoned property in New York you may do so here
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