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Business 101: Capability Statement

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An Overlooked Marketing Strategy


Today I would like to talk to you about a Capability Statement. This is just as the name state your company’s statement on your capabilities.  Think of this as a one page super blast in your marketing strategy.

When developing your business plan you will have a section on your marketing. While you may want to consider formulating a capability statement at this stage, a capability statement will assist you better at face to face events such business mixers or events that will introduce you to new market customers.

A capability statement delivers your company information in a format, well perhaps with today’s age of technology; you could say it is a paper version of an “about us” page on a website. Albeit, an abbreviated one but if you were to combine a resume and an About Us page this would be it.

What is the purpose of a Capability Statement?

Government contracting has developed into a very competitive marketplace, thanks to its potential for being very profitable. Companies of all sizes, from small, micro-firms with one employee to large, mega-firms with thousands of employees have been successful in selling products and services to government agencies at the federal, state, city, county and municipal levels.

However, competition has heightened as more companies try to break into, be competitive in, and stay successful in this market. Five years ago, no one knew what a Capability Statement was, and now, it is a critical tool to help you be as successful as possible, no matter what size company you represent.

Another complicating factor is that fewer people are employed by the government to handle outreach and acquisitions. This means that contractors must know how to distill the information that is most important to a particular decision-maker, state it in a clear, concise manner, and reinforce its importance to the prospect, even more so than in the past.

What will a capability Statement accomplish for your company??

  • It is required in many government registration processes
  • Will be a door-opener to new agencies
  • Shows proof of your company’s qualification
  • Demonstrates proof of past performance
  •  It will set your apart from your competitors

So how do you use a Capability Statement???

So you don’t do Government Contracting? You can still use a Capability Statement in other ways.

Here in Nevada we have many business networking events. Whether it be a lunch event with

David Beisswenger’s Reno Networking group, A mixer with Reno’s  ebarter Trade Bank,  NECT’s Entrepreneur  Expo’s, or an event sponsored by the SBA   or SCORE,  a capability statement is a perfect introduction and advertising medium for your company.

Outbound Marketing

In addition to using a capability statement for events you can also us it as an attachment for any emailing campaigns or what is called outbound marketing strategy’s your company has developed. A company that has some very good information and strategies for this type of marketing is Hubspot. You can contact them and they will customize a strategy for based on your company’s needs.

The Old fashioned Type of Publicity

Should you have a local type of business you can place your capability statement on bulletin boards at community places like Laundromats, (I Have actually received some very good gigs from contractors doing their laundry), local supermarkets. Point here is you never know who might see something that will generate a phone call.

Local Business Listing Organizationscapability 008

Places like your local Chamber of Commerce, or Better Business Bureau, sometimes have a community bulletin board or if you have a listing with them you can attach your capability statement to your page on their site. Also these two organizations routinely sponsor local events and should you network with local businesses you can make arrangements to leave your flyers with someone at one of their events.

Need Assistance???

Well that is the purpose of this article. Contact us today for a brief consultation and of course a nominal fee and we’ll be happy to assist you in putting your company’s capability statement together.

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

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Humpday Entertainment From the PPI…The Ridiculously Absurd!!!!

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COO at Aladay LLC
Organic Farmer, Property Preservation Specialist and Custom Glass & Wood Worker. Blogger extraordinaire...
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However, one can only imagine…this will lead to Riches!!!!!!

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Understanding Your Companies Needs and Wants


When I studied Architectural Drawing and Design, I had the honor of working with the Architect Ron Chalmers. One of the key elements in Ron’s instruction was the difference between a clients needs and wants. When I started my Business Administrations studies I found that the same element is present in business. Every Business has needs and wants. and being able to differentiate between the two can be very critical at times.  Today’s Hump Day Fodder address this element in business. The difference here is a potential clients wants, which are presented here, versus your companies needs…which I hope this article will help you identify correctly so you do not find yourself and company with financial difficulties down the road…

One of the many financial issues breaking companies in the Property Preservation Industry is the amount of “FREE” work that is demanded by companies. This first example comes from Pacific Preservation Services, out of Southern California. Now this is not a knock on Pac Pres as they are called, just an example of some of the little nuances that companies demand that assist them and not you. The following request is on Pre-Foreclosure Properties. These are usually properties that the banks and asset management companies routinely have very little information on. When our company first got into this industry we would perform an initials inspection called a “Property Condition Report” (PCR) for the fee of $75, a fair fee, as they inspection consumed approximately 1.5 hours in the field, with an additional 20 minutes or so in the office. Now this service is demanded of Boots on the Ground Contractors on a daily basis as if their time is worthless and has absolutely no value what so ever.

Now what puzzles me about the following request from Pac Pres is the fact that many places, as did the location of where this information was obtained, are still covered in snow. As a matter of fact these “grass bids” are coupled with snow removal work orders. The first thing that came to mind was if you are performing “snow removal” services then there is a high probably that snow will also be covering the yard. Although one that believes anything is possible, perhaps it only snows on the sidewalks in this area?????

That said…how do you bid a grass cut when the yard is covered in snow? How do you estimate debris? How do you count hazards? How do you classify anything covered with snow “personal property”?

Again this is not meant to bang Pac Pres, as Brian Mingham is a decent guy, and I have actually met some of the folks that work for the company and they are good people. However, this is a little over reaching and I write this more for the BOTG out there that are newer than the others that can see by accommodating and providing this batch of information what it is going to cost them. This will be something that your accountant will classify as “Lost Revenue”


Here is the information for you to digest for a minute…

Here is a snow removal order, and a grass cut bid order. Please print, and read attachments. The grass cut bids are all your properties in your territory. You should have a matching snow removal order for every property. Make sure you take the “Grass cut prep Bid” sheet with you to the property, fill it out, and get photos showing all requested information. Either take a photo of the completed “Grass cut prep Bid”, or scan it and upload it with the order. If you take a photo, make sure it can be read in the photo.  Do not upload your snow removal photos into the Grass cut prep Bid.

Grass Cut Season Check list

(Create all bids in in your Infield Express Account for the below listed items. Label all bid headers)

Property Information

Property Address: _____________________________


Work Order Number: __________________

Completed Date: ______________________

Grass Cut

Cuttable Lot Size: __________ Grass Height: __________

Does the actual cuttable lot size match your work order Yes No

Is this property maintained by HOA Yes No

Can you perform the initial grass cut for the amount

Provided for this lot size? Yes No

Is there any reason besides debris and or Personal Property that

would prevent you from cutting the entire lot- Yes No

If yes please explain ____________________________________


Is there a potential City Citation? Yes No

Shrub Cut –

(Only shrubs encroaching the house, decks, roof line, walk ways)

Number of Shrubs: __________ Shrub Height: __________

Vines:_______ LF

Is there a potential City Citation? Yes No

How many man hours would it take to trim all the shrubs

to a neat attractive appearance. Man Hours: __________

Exterior Debris

You are pre- approved to remove up to 7 CY of

debris at the time of this bid for $20.00 per CY

Please document the amount of debris present at the time of visit and submit proper photo documentation of any and all debris removed.

Were debris removed as a pre-approved item Yes  No

If yes how much debris was removed QTY _____ CY

Items that are discarded material such as empty bottles, cups, paper, etc. Debris would also include items that are in a decaying or rotting state.

Personal Property (Exterior)

You are pre- approved to Move/ Relocate personal property on the exterior of the house that is in the way of completing the Grass cut and could cause code violations at the time of this bid for $8.00 per CY.

Please move the personal property to the Garage if present. If no garage is present move all personal property to one location in the back yard.

Please document the amount of personal property moved at the time of visit and submit proper photo documentation of any and all personal property moved

Was personal property moved as a pre-approved item Yes No

If yes how much was moved QTY _____ CY

Personal Property: Items that might have a monetary value placed on it. For Example: useable tires, lumber, bricks, lawn equipment, lawn ornaments, etc.


Tires- QTY_____ EA

Gas cans/Propane tanks- QTY_____ EA

5 Gallon Containers QTY_____ EA

1 Gallon Containers QTY_____ EA

Small Containers QTY_____ EA

55 Gallon Containers QTY_____ EA

Hazardous Debris (raw food, Moldy debris ,ect) QTY_____ CY


 Are there any visible damages that you can see that would prevent the utilities from being turned on at this time.

 Water- Yes No

If yes please provide photos and explain- ___________________


 Electric- Yes No

If yes please provide photos and explain- ___________________


 Gas – Yes No

If yes please provide photos and explain- ___________________


Pac Pres Pricing
Pac Pres Pricing


Now here is why this makes our list of Ridiculously Absurd….Pricing for all this work. IMHO folks…little low for the amount involved, and sorry no volume makes up for lost revenue… $170 for an initial cut on a 1 acre property??? Sorry but that number should be around $350 folks…there is an awful lot of work involved on a initial cut for one acre. In addition some of the numbers for moving and relocating will not even cover labor costs.

Where the newer companies and folks I refer to as Emplactors*** get into trouble is with the phrase…”You’ll make up for it over here…and of course the always popular…You’ll make up for it with volume”…for those of you that do not know better yet, no you won’t.

Your accountant will classify something like this as “Lost Revenue” for a reason. You’re not going to find it under a rock at one of the lawns you go mow when the snow melts and you find 9 yards of debris you have to go get a trailer for as you did not see it covered with the snow. You don’t get your time back, and if you sent and employee or have one with’re paying them, just in case, if any of you have employees that work for free please ask them if they’d like to move to Nevada!!!

Now this next issue I am going to bang as this is just insane. This next issue is in regards to installing dehumidifiers when it is determined the cause of mold. This is a little puzzling. Now keep in mind I’m not a mold remediation expert or even licensed nor have I studied the subject in any detail, so if any of you out there have a deeper knowledge of the subject please correct me if I’m wrong here, but a dehumidifier does not get rid of mold nor will it stop mold from growing once the spores have established themselves in materials. Then there is this thing about power, since Five Brothers Defualt Management Solutions is demanding four of these machine per floor, a company is looking at laying out a decent sum of money plus the daily maintenance on them.

While it is kind of Five Brothers to allow their Valued Vendors to “bid” this service, the reservation I have is that Five Brothers is one of those companies that has a history of returning you bid with;

We have found your bid to be excessive, we have adjusted it and submitted it on your behalf… Yeah,, that just doesn’t work for me. Gotta wonder if this isn’t stemming from an insurance billing procedure???

Here is the email notification…

Attn: All Five Brothers Contractors

RE: Bidding Dehumidifiers
Attention Valued Five Brothers Vendors,
As you are all aware, humidity is one of the most common causes of mold
growth within vacant dwellings. Due to this steadily increasing issue, Five
Brothers has implemented a procedural change. We anticipate that these
changes will reduce the level of humidity/moisture in order to prevent mold
Please note that one dehumidifier is no longer being considered sufficient
enough to eliminate mold growth. Going forward, if humidity is found to be the
cause of mold at a property you are required to submit a bid to install four (4)
dehumidifiers on each floor of the property to remove excess moisture and
humidity. This procedural change is effective immediately and will apply to all
account types.

Please contact your state representative with any questions you may have.

To take this a step further, what about unauthorized access of these properties? Hey that’s like $500+ in equipment in the property that can easily fetch a couple hundred bucks for the crackheads or the homeless that needs a new jacket or a pair of shoes.

Now this is the only information I have been provided so I’m not sure if Five Brothers will allow fees to be included in the bidding process for maintenance of these machines that usually need to be emptied once every 24 hours. Unless of course, you have some way of providing drainage of these machines without leaving the security of the dwelling compromised. The biggest question that comes to mind is how many times will someone have to replace the four dehumidifiers before they receive payment for the first installed units? I mean really now there is a possibility that one might have to install the four units once a week or more depending on the neighborhood. Something else that is not addressed in the email; who determines the “source” of the mold?  The reality here is a certified mold inspector, at least in the state of Nevada would have to provide that information.

Mold is one of the biggest issues in the Property Preservation next to non-payment issues from the National Association of Mortgage Field Services members. Many of the asset companies actually instruct their emplactors not to use the “M” word as we call it “discoloration”. I have actually been in meetings and heard this myself. The fact that the common remedy for mold in the industry is to spray with bleach and paint with kilz…well that reminds me of the doctor that tried to place a band aid on the guys chest he just completed open heart surgery on…then there is always the issue of the company that actually says hey there is mold, are they properly insured? The mold quagmire in the Property Preservation Industry is definitely a catch 22 for many of the BOTG.

All I can say on this is be careful and know you local laws, licensing, and insurance requirements for mold in your jurisdictions.

Again folks I’m this piece is not intended to bang these two companies in a negative light but rather to do a little shameless self promotion of some of the services and products Aladay LLC has available to the Property Preservation Industry. Whether you’re a veteran or a “newbie” in the industry we offer consultations services with negotiating tips, instruction on how to perform break even analysis’ break even point on recurring services. In addition we have pre-programmed spread sheet available geared to the PPI that can assist you in making your Property Preservation Business a success.

Have a story, need assistance??? Contact us today we can help.


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs: Aaron Aveiro

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership

*** Emplactors are employees that have been incorrectly classified as an Independent Contractor with specificity to the Property Preservation Industry.