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PPI Watchlist…Once Again NAMFS Membership Stealing from Labor

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11_26_14_MY_PHONE 509This weeks addition of the PPI Watchlist, boy what a tangled web the Membership of the national Association of Mortgage Filed Services, or as Little man claims…Management For Stealing. There is a very disturbing “common denominator” in this weeks additions.

For some time now myself and associate The Lunatic in the Bunker back in Tennessee have been screaming about the multiple layered labyrinth of companies that call themselves members of the national Association of Mortgage Field Services…Back in 2011 paul Williams drafted a white paper on the industry…not much has changed sine then. Maybe some of the places, but certainly not the faces, Case in point;

Michelle Nicklas. Michelle is recruiting for a company by the name of NFS…you may remember Michelle was smack dab in the middle of SEAS theft of over ONE MILLION Dollars from Labor. NFS…just made the  PPI Watchlist.

Next we come to a company that really needs to be arrested just because. DEA Home Inspections,, they are currently recruiting in Nevada, They have been reported to our Secretary of State on Attorney General as they are not properly licensed to conduct business in the Great State of Nevada… PPI Watchlist entry number two

Now this starts getting real good. CWIS…not many details here, that tells me there is serious trouble in Gotham. Just me get those ducks in a row and if you’re owed monies…again just me, don’t let them get too far out of the payment arrangements in your contract. I have been receiving numerous calls and emails saying that Management at CWIS has been contacting them changing pay dates and trying to enforce a $50k clause if the bitch about not getting paid??? First ladies and gentlemen they can not stop you from talking to anyone. Second I can say what I said on the radio this morning….

Number three on this weeks PPI Watchlist…

Commentary before I go on here today…any company putting that type of clause in their contract is going to steal your money. So quit being stupid and signing crap like that…and to the administrative punks that attempted to steal 42 bucks from my colleague are you for real…What Jack A Bobo attorney suggested you put that clause in a contract???  May want to let them go…

2016-05-06 14_15_42-Greenshot

Our Fourth and Final entry in this week’s PPI Watchlist is PK Management. AWE….Yeeeeeeessss….you listening Les???? Now I have a few emails and have in fact left voice mails at PK MGMT for Chloe Gray as of this writing no response or comment on accepting work orders for inspections from CWIS…nothing from them…my experience is no comment is better than any comment…however, conversation in a podcast with Foreclosurepedia confirms this is not a rumor but fact.

Be sure to listen to my radio spot from this morning as there is a gift to Labor and should you need an assist do not hesitate to contact me…

mickey-dale-snow-jpgNow here is what is very disturbing about everyone of these PPI Entries entries this week… the background lurking in the shadows is Mickey Dale Snow

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Written by: Aaron Aveiro

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Food Revolution Summit Day 6 Highlights…Today’s Schedule

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COO at Aladay LLC
Organic Farmer, Property Preservation Specialist and Custom Glass & Wood Worker. Blogger extraordinaire...
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This entry is part 4 of 5 in the series Food Revolution Summit
From The Kitchen of Aladay Organic Farms PSST!!! It's almost time to get your pickle on!!!!
From The Kitchen of Aladay Organic Farms

Yesterday’s presenters at the Food Revolution Summit focused on nutrition. Today’s guest are just are special as others. One two people that I have the utmost respect for as they are tireless when it comes to getting the message to the people.


Vandana Shiva will both warm you heart and bring a smile to your face. Using their usual tactics of dis-information and lies Monsanto and company have attempted to discredit Vandana for the past 15 years or so that I know of. Thank you Vandana for being fearless in your quest to inform people just how stupid Monsanto and company are with their rigged statistics and false studies.


Also today during the Food Revolution Summit you’ll hear from Ronnie Cummins from the Organic Consumers Association. If you’re not a member of the OCA, join. Ronnie is relentless in traveling the globe to bring attention to the glyphosate issues and other AGri-chemical companies. In addition the OCA assists with many petitions that address the issue in the USA…Whom do Your Elected Officials Represent. I’m excited to listen today…just hope I’m not wrenching under the hood…truck is still in need of a heart transplant…we found a donor but not sure if the blood type is correct…ronnie_and_vandana_322x250

Here is Ocean’s commentary from yesterday’s Food Revolution Summit…

If you would like to get all the recordings from this event there is a package available here

It just keeps getting better! Did you hear the amazing doctors who spoke today in the summit?

Catch the replays of yesterdays Food Revolution Summit here. (Link not working? Click here for the direct link.)

Alicia McGuire wrote: “This food revolution is changing my life. I am learning how to feed myself and my family the best way I can. I love that I can utilize this information to make myself and my family healthy.”

Dr. David Katz started off, sharing some brilliant perspectives about the remarkable level of consensus that’s developed in the scientific community about the optimal diet for human beings. Then Dr. Michael Klaper gave some inspiring insights on the results of his 40 years of clinical experience making food the core of his medical practice. And finally, we heard from Dr. Marion Nestle on her work standing up to big soda, and taking leadership for public health.

What did you think of yesterday’s presentations from the Food Revolution Summit?

Check out these inspiring replays, see what other people are saying, and post your own comments, on our replays page, here.

And Here’s What’s Coming Today from the Food Revolution Summit!

If you’re passionate about health, then you’re going to love this. Our theme is: Eating For A Healthy World: How Our Food Choices Affect The World Around Us.


At 8 AM Pacific time (11 AM Eastern, 3 PM GMT), you’ll hear from Gene Baur on How Compassion Can Change Your Life. Farm Sanctuary founder Gene Baur has been hailed as the conscience of the food movement by Time magazine. A leading pioneer in the field of undercover investigations, Gene has conducted hundreds of visits to farms, stockyards, and slaughterhouses to document conditions. He’ll touch your heart and inspire your spirit with the wondrous truth about animals, and how living with compassion can make you more fully human.

Then at 9 AM Pacific time, you’ll hear from Ronnie Cummins on why we need to Cook Organic, Not The Planet. Ronnie Cummins is the founder and director of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), a nonprofit network of several million consumers who are dedicated to safeguarding organic standards and promoting a healthy, just, and sustainable system of agriculture and commerce. Ronnie will reveal why organic food is essential to feeding the world’s growing populations, and how food production can sequester carbon in the soil to fight and even reverse climate change.

At 10 am Pacific time, you’ll hear from Vandana Shiva, Ph.D, on how to Stand Up For Your Future.  Dr. Vandana Shiva is a world-renowned environmental leader and thinker. She’s director of the Research Foundation on Science, Technology, and Ecology, and the founder of Navdanya (nine seeds), a movement promoting diversity and use of native seeds. Forbes named her “one of the 7 most influential feminists in the world,” and Time selected her as an “environmental hero.” You’ll discover real solutions for fighting poverty and hunger, and how your food choices can contribute to a thriving, just and sustainable future for all.


I know today is going to be amazing. I can’t wait to see you there!

Check out all of today’s powerful broadcasts here. (Link not working? Click here for the direct link.)

Oak Barrel Guy!!!!
Oak Barrel Guy says JUST SAY NO TO GMO


In closing today for the Food Revolution Summit I’ll leave you with some food for thought….

Rick Friday, a long-time writer and cartoonist for Farm News, found himself out of a job this week for poking fun (truth?) at a few agribusiness bad actors.

The offending cartoon featured two Iowa farmers having this conversation:

“I wish there was profit in farming.”

“There is, in year 2015 the CEOs of Monsanto, DuPont Pioneer and John Deere combined made more money than 2,129 Iowa farmers.”

The jury’s still out, according to New York Daily News which reported on the incident, on which corporation called the publication’s publisher to announce it was pulling its advertising.

But there was little doubt about why Friday was canned—he stepped on the wrong toes.

Big multi-national corporations, like our friends at Monsanto, have a long history of manipulating government officials and discrediting, and often silencing, scientists and journalists—to the detriment of the entire human population.

But they can’t silence us. And they can’t silence you.

This week we joined other organizations to deliver more than half a million signatures to the EPA demanding that they reject Monsanto’s request to renew its license for its deadly glyphosate and Roundup.

Will the EPA listen to reason? We hope for the best. We’re prepared for the worst.

Will we just roll over if Monsanto wins again? No way. With your help, we’ll organize the world’s biggest boycott of every product that contains even the slightest trace of glyphosate. As it turns out, that’s a lot of products. Which means we have a lot of power.

If you can help

Enjoy today’s edition of the Food Revolution Summit

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Written by Ocean Robbins and Aaron Aveiro

Prepared by: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs from Respective websites Google Images of Ronnie and Vandana & Aaron Aveiro