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Employee or Independent Contractor…Question has been answered

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Time for a vacation

For about seven years now there has been an ongoing debate whether the Property Preservation Industry (PPI) is Employee based or Independent Contractor based. Friday March 17, 2017 the Honorable

William H. Orrick has finally laid the debate to rest. Now many are not going to like his decision, mainly the Offender Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, (NAMFS).  So here is podcast number one .

No Matter Where You Are…We’ll be Watching

Now many of you are probably asking how this decision will affect your business. Well for the Emplactors afraid to open their mouths, for them nothing will change. However, for business folks that have kept records you may have a payday coming….in 2010 alone our company had over $50,000.00 in reimbursable fees. Yes, phone systems, dump fees, hourly wages, transportation costs, and tools for this job including the laptop we had to purchase to use the Pruvan system. With that thought I’ll queue up podcast number two.

PPI Watch List Honorary Inductee. EDNAMFS For knowingly Allows members to skirt business laws.

Now for whatever reason back in 2010 when the Hurst v Buczek. came to light NAMFS did nothing but double down on allowing the illegalities of the membership. This organization did nothing even after the May 2, 2012 final ruling, the “ED” nor the Board of Directors lifted a finger to stop the improperly licensed membership or the incorrectly classified IC Employee mess. Instead of cleaning the mess up five years ago Eric Miller has allowed this nightmare to continue.

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Yes ladies and gentlemen…you are an employee just like I said six years ago in a Linkedin forum that had Don McPhearson demanding I “be specific” with my claim that NAMFS was and I still maintain to this day is responsible for the deterioration of the PPI.  At that time I made the claim we are Employees not IC’s. .. I knew then I was correct, how you ask???? Simple I removed FAS from the contract and inserted Aladay LLC. I then sent it to our local UEID, Unemployment Insurance Divison office, and had the contract reviewed “before” we hired or used it for Independent Contractors. Jennifer at the UEID office said …this is nothing more than an Employment contract and anyone work g u Dr it would be considered an employee.


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For years I asked others to do the same. I even broke contracts down by removing companies name and inserting “Company A” & “Company B” and translating the legal ease into English.  See Kim Savage’s group on Facebook the series may ve archived there as that was where the videos were posted… I have been saying for a very long time we are employees. I know some if you do not want to five that fact. That is your choice. You can get you paperwork together and get paid or you can continue to argue with me and others in the face of the courts decision, your choice.

Myself I’m getting  our paperwork together for payday…BTW in civil litigation damages are treble…or 3X what the original damage was….2010 is looking awful good….and right about now so is Tahiti.

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Is There Hope for Dave and Cassy???

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COO at Aladay LLC
Organic Farmer, Property Preservation Specialist and Custom Glass & Wood Worker. Blogger extraordinaire...
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Victor Aldrey

To say the past few weeks have not been entertaining in the Property Preservation Industry.. Actually they have been some hysterical moments. IN addition to a laugh till I cried moment this past week. Once again Hope Gambill, Dave Edwards and Cassandra Burn dominate to bottom feeding scam artists. Of course some higher level activity of fraud on a grandiose level courtesy Klein at SGP and some cock-a-mammies Secureview “clear boarding” story. And not to be left out licensing issues for roofing work orders in…of all places Illinois.
Nope, you read that right, from the land of Lincoln , yes folks the home fraudsters those pesky little sovereign citizens themselves, Hope & Dave. I believe that Dave has hope that the ridiculously absurd email he sent me after he sent this…

David Edwards <>
To Aladay Organic Farms <>
Wednesday, January 11, 2017 10:42 AM
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if you want to try to bust someone you probably shouldn’t use your business name in the subject line. Nice try.

From: Aladay Organic Farms <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2016 7:54:24 AM
To: David Edwards
Subject: Property preservation recovery of money

Can you assist legally UN California?

In told you might be able to help we are in ca.

Thank you

Now I’m sure Dave in all his elected judgeship mind knows I’m trembling so bad that my knees ache from knocking together, as I’m also sure in the shadows if the canyons of Davies little mind, I’m cowering in the corner afraid to call him a poltroon.
You see Dave is a truculent semantic. One of those personal flaws that makes one argue with themselves in some vain attempt to justify the inane ability to just be stupid…this is a closing paragraph from David about an hour later….

Should you feel the need to banter back and forth with Hope Gambill, or anyone else, in the future, you can leave my name out of your assumptions. I have a publicly filed, lawful oath of office for the position in which I have been elected in the court of record. Your attempt to publicly smear my name and/or reputation, based upon your assumption or your own interpretation of what you see elsewhere is completely unacceptable. If at any point you can provide adequate evidence of your claims or interpretations that show any wrongdoing on my part, you should do so, but you should ensure that those claims are accurate, otherwise you open yourself up to liability……

Ain’t that just a hoot???? Dave was elected to be a judge in the court of record. Problem Dave has. Not only is his “court not even recognized in the United States of America, the activities the members practice is considered illegal. You see Dave has no law background…so. How about this a quote from a colleague:

Fuck. I’m bummed. He didn’t write me. Fuck that bitch. Hey, quote me on that. Paul Williams says, “Fuck that haggard, two bit bitch.” 😉

Yes let work for these two scanners…

Now I know you’re reading Hope, come on girl I’m disappointed. I wouldn’t leave you out. What you suing that girl in OKLA for? She didn’t do something like oh golly-gee…like did she tell the truth about you??? Don’t worry my pet, we’ll get you and your sovereign citizen buddy Dave a look-see with you and Cassy right in the front row.
Oh I almost forgot, now Hope you really have to stop that flirting, you’re Recruiting in Maine and New Hampshire???? Shame on you that’s a Bozo No-No!!!!
While we’re in the land of Lincoln, it was brought to my attention there may be some serious licensing issues with tarping roofs in the great state of Illinois if you’re not a licensed roofing contractor. Now this is something that you really want to look into this as fines….ouch. Stay tuned as this is a developing story.

Does this girl ever quit scamming

I guess sometimes I’m a little slow. I could swear that I saw Hope Gambill make some reference to “how much she can’t help helping others”. One think this would be the type of valuable information a client would want to know. Instead good ‘old “Cassy” Burn and Hope are attempting to find some poor old schleps in Maine and New Hampshire to issue phone work orders so they can run off to who knows where. Just be aware of ME Employment Network, as this this weeks ruse from these two young enterprising vermin posing as ladies. As for Dave…well he’ll be going the same way most sovereign citizens go, away with the Seahawks.

Wow I just realized Hope is now special. .. Her and her merry band of co-hurts have made the last of 2016 and the first of 2017 to make our PPI Watch List.

Seems something else has caught my attention…oh but before I go i want to leave you with this video from 1971 about a product GE produced.  After watching, know this product is not as expensive as Secure View. You can also make your mind up as to what kind of scam Klein at SGP is pulling….

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