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PPI News That Affects Labor

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How about some Monday Night Fodder and do a little catch up on the Property Preservation Industry… I have to say that this week has been entertaining to say the least in regards to PPI News That Affects Labor.

First up for PPI News that Affects Labor

The past few weeks have been traumatizing if you’re on the receiving end at CWIS. Receiving, that would be management as they are the taking sort ain’t they???Where do we start??? How about we beat up Carole Ramagos first? Carole was seen on Facebook this past week begging for a young lady to write her son in prison. Perhaps it’s a mother’s guilt for not being a better parent??? Just askin’ folks just askin’.. then to have your whole clan placed in the same room with Mickey dale Snow and the teen age prostitution ring? Well I’m sure it’s a safe bet to say that There may be better days ahead…unless the courts decide not to be forgiving.

Next in line for PPI news that Affects Labor

The past 48 hours  I have received numerous phone calls informing me that I placed a Board of Director member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services…or as Little Man fondly refers to them, “Management for Stealing”  on the Property Preservation Industry Watch List. So????? They deserve it and the fact that the owner of Imagine Services Group has become an Order Mill, which could not have been accomplished without cooperation of the Offender Members of NAMFS, and this does nothing but reinforce the “Conspiracy to commit Fraud” and “Fraud in the Inducement” theories that have been forwarded on each of the respective subject matters.

While I was verifying that Steven Lefler, (Regional Representative, 2015-2017) was actually on the NAMFS BOD I stumbled upon the following:

Steven L. Lefler is the founder and CEO of Imagine Service Group, Inc. located in St. Cloud, Florida.  Mr. Lefler began his company back in April of 1994 servicing the central Florida region as a one man show.  This has given him over 21 years of active experience in the industry.  Steven has earned his BS in Communications from James Madison University located in Harrisonburg, VA.

Now isn’t that Spaaaaaaaaaatialllllllll!!!

Then of there was this education tidbit…in our PPI News that Affects Labor.

NAMFS rolled out its Initial Industry Training & Certification Program in 2010. NAMFS continues to update and expanded these offerings through The NAMFS Academy.  These courses include various formats of e-learning, including Basic Literature, Video, PP Presentations and Multi-Media.

The expanded Certifications are:

  • Inspection (Inspection & General Industry Modules)
  • Pre-Sale Preservation (Pre-Sale, General Industry & Recurring Services Modules)
  • Post-Sale Preservation (PoTo rub salt in the wounds st-Sale, General Industry & Recurring Services Modules)
  • Preservation (Pre & Post-Sale, General Industry & Recurring Services Modules)
  • Inspection & Preservation (Inspection, Pre & Post-Sale, General Industry & Recurring Services Modules)

Our expectation is that this program will set a new standard for trained, qualified field service technicians so that when hiring companies have a choice, they choose the NAMFS Certified vendor.



Thank you to the Education Committee for their efforts, as well as those that supported through other means!

Our expectation is that this program will set a new standard for trained, qualified field service technicians so that when hiring companies have a choice, they choose the NAMFS Certified vendor.

Excuse me but when did NAMFS become accredited to “Certify” anyone??? And ya gotta love their use of You Tube, I mean after all no telling what could go wrong, especially if someone hacked their website???


How is this PPI News that Affects labor??? Well for starters it leaves the impression that only “Certified NAMFS Members” are qualified to perform services for the clients…er a I mean “Hiring Companies”. In addition, an “NAMFS Vendor” are Order Mills and they do not actually do the work…so I’m told. Kinda like the Background check…The membership of NAMFS is exempt.

Not sure how this will play out in the courts but speaking of jurisprudence. Now for some PPI News that Affects labor that everyone will want to hear…


In speaking with Mr. Duckworth of the Duckworth Peters Lebowitz Olivier LLP law firm representing the Plaintiff’s in the matter before the courts, another in the long line of Independent Contractor v Employee issues that has plagued the industry or many years now.

My understanding is that the Court approved FAS’s questionnaire and so about 10% of the California class will be receiving a questionnaire concerning the case.  Trial is now scheduled for May 2017.

You can find out more on this matter here

You can find our more about DPLO Law whose motto is…

Representing individuals who have the courage to exercise their rights

Remember folks, for over six years now I have been saying, as have others, that the amount of control and direction you’re given in the PPI via an Order Mill, makes you an employee. As a matter of fact that is WHY Imagine Services Group was placed on the PPI Watch List…not because they have stolen monies from Labor, not because they are a member of the Offender Member Network, not because the owner is on the BOD of NAMFS…no because the contract exerts so much control over you, you become their employee. In addition they are starting up a business model that is destined to fail. In addition I have seen their pricing. This means I should prepare to hear from an attorney about the $50,000.00 fine, I do believe their contract calls for since I have divulged their “proprietary” information in the media.

Now this last entry breaks my heart as JJ Batts works for this company and JJ is a decent guy. However, the stories flying around about NFN right now cannot be ignored. It’s being reported that NFN may very well be spinning out of financial control. This would not be the first time this company has owed a lot of money to Labor. It’s rumored that NFN currently owes over $500,000.00 to labor and cannot pay. Could be wrong but the last time I believe the number went into seven figures. We’ll be monitoring the chatter as we follow these and all the PPI News that affects Labor.

In closing this edition of PPI News That Affects Labor, Don’t forget to mark September for the next FAST event this to be held in Ohio, Home to NAMFS….mmmmmmmmmm

Should you come across any PPI News That Affects Labor contact us today and we’ll make sure the industry is updated.

Until Next Time

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PS: The Yankee Fan that called at 2AM to rub it in…you still suck!!!!!

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photograph Victor Aldrey

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership

Facebook and Me…

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COO at Aladay LLC
Organic Farmer, Property Preservation Specialist and Custom Glass & Wood Worker. Blogger extraordinaire...
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Well now apparently I have started a brew-ha-ha over on Facebook.

Facebook and Me

Apparently there are some that have concerns about an individual on Facebook. Some seem to think that I have become a new person and I am violating law that does not pertain to me. There is a new group on Facebook started by Bret Douglas.  Just to clear the record Micheal Weston is a source of information for me an others out here in media land. Micheal is my source for the backdoor information I receive on Monsanto. Micheal seems to have the ability to extract information and engage conversations in a manner I am not able to do. Oh by the way, I’m not on Facebook. I guess people do not know. Facebook top 7 stock holders are the same 7 for Monsanto and Facebook practices CENSORSHIP.

First let us address the Mutt & Jeff teams actions of three years ago. You see the Mutt and Jeff team are actually defective individuals that have no comprehension of right and wrong or they would not have accused the owner of Aaday LLC of being a drag queen growing marijuana in the desert. Yes they sent an email to our local District attorney, who in turn forwarded the information to the FBI because…guess they did not know…I live across the street from a captain of the Lyon County Sheriff’s Department. Yes the DA knew the information in the email was a lie. He even went as far as to call me a reassure me I would not be under investigation and we both got a great laugh about everything.

The other travesty that came out of those nitwits that claimed to be supportive of Labor yet every time you turned around they were causing hate and destruction in their paths. All the work that everyone had done to support and back Labor to that point was destroyed by them. Mutt and Jeff still lurk in the shadows. You see even the easy going let it flow Kim Savage finally could no longer put up with them and silenced them in her group. But those nit-wits that claimed to want help labor made it so I personally can not be on Facebook. And as one that does push obey the laws and rules of your local jurisdictions. Well I have to respect Facebook’s Terms of Service.

So I asked Micheal Weston if he would set up an account and spy for me, if that is how you want to put it. In a way so the PPI could have Facebook and Me. Not sure if the current group of people on Facebook know the history of the PPI being involved on Facebook Groups.

You see three and half years ago I challenged the folks at NAMFS in an open discussion to explain why the Organization allowed the deterioration of the industry. That was when I found out the organization only cares about members. And they don’t do a good job of even protecting their members from fraud. Just Ask Garrett Donovan of Donovan Contracting. They joined NAMFS in 2012 and were immediate beaten out of 7k by AMS. GREAT way to develop a membership business relationship huh? Garrett thought’s was “If I can’t beat them let me join them”. When he decided not to renew his membership he was sent a notice for late dues from a collection agency…

However that is beside the point…When I made the post Don McPherson from Florida ran to NAMFS’s rescue to defend the honor of the organization and got buried by myself and Paul Willams of Foreclosurepedia and Deanna Alfrado had to come to his rescue. In all the hulabalu…no one answered the question. All they did was about the same thing members do today. They Justified their memberships and the nepotism the organization has given a new definition to. Never addressing the graft, nepotisim and theft their members were committing on Labor. And at that time there was Berghorst, Buczek, That goofy chubby chic that was beating up senior citizens when they asked for their money, Mid Ohio, AMS, FAS, MCS, and let us not forget SEAS, the company that started many a group discussions. You remember SEAS the company that $8 haircut Fatica defended vehemently and brought us the warm and fuzzy attitude into the preservation industry. The reality is the Kim Fatica allowed SEAS another 18 months of stealing  form Labor before he slithered up to PA and then who knows what rock he has slid under now. Let us not forget that he attempted to beat John Allen out of NAARPI International’s education program.

IMHO that was and is because the product NAARPI International puts out is with out a doubt superior to anything else placed on the market.

Now I have been sent a thread that I personally find very entertaining. Seems Mr. Weston engaged Mr. Miller in a serious conversation about issues in the Property Preservation Industry. Also seems that one Mr Grifin is upset that Mr Weston sounds a little like me…Perhaps that is because Mr. Weston fed me a comment and I fed him a response….technology is a wonderful thing.

Well Allow me to say this to Mr. Griffin…do you really support Labor?

If so, why are you beating everyone up about someone that is not me being me?? Yeah Facebook and me…Well not sure about you folks but I do feel that the fact that Mr. Miller has engaged in dialogue in an open forum platform. whether being one I can actually participate in first hand or not is the first step in bringing resolution to the Labor issue in the PPI. Yes I was sent a thread since my name was in it. That is kind of how things work when you beating a dead horse.

So we have Facebook and Me. I have never met Micheal personally. about a year ago he contacted me with some information and we have been exchanging information ever since. He is one of the investigators on the Hurst case that deemed Mr. Hurst was an EMPLOYEE.   Yes he is one of the folks that gathered the information for the Duckworth Law Firm that has produced successful lawsuits against NAMFS members for violations of the IRS rules on Independent Contractor/Employee.

So after reviewing the information that has been sent over to me…I will be writing and providing some commentary on the information. Perhaps I will start a new series titled Facebook and Me. seems only fitting…Facebook and Me….Hell this could be a movie…Facebook and Me…staring Robert De Niro…or Al Pacino even, I’ve been told I resemble them a little. That would be cool Facebook and Me, my claim to fame…Are you hearing those ducks quack too????

I will say from what I have read so far …Encouraging is the word that comes to mind.  I certainly hope things continue in that direction. And I certainly hope all efforts to open lines of communications in the PPI are not in vain and discarded when someone attempts to distract from the goal for the masses.

Facebook and Me

In closing I want to ask everyone this…if you going to create a brew-ha-ha over something that most consider petty….what have you done lately to support Labor? If you think the folks that speak the truth about the ills of the PPI have not experienced an adverse affect on their business from the membership of NAMFS your sadly mistaken.

PS: please share this to your Facebook page!!!!!!

Until Next Time

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Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs courtesy Google Images and in addition to Sensi Marketing.

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership.