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Victor Aldrey
Victor Aldrey

This past week I wrote about National Field Network (NFN), based on scuttlebutt and the hunch the company may be insolvent, placed them for a second time on the PPI Watch List. This was predicated by several inquiries from folks looking for avenues to collect monies owed to them. This week is a little different, no; NFN is not coming off the PPI Watch List. As a matter of fact if you are owed especially if you have received “Hush Up” payment on what you’re owed. Reports are coming in of people owed $27k and only after complaining did they receive $15k. NO NFN is definitely remaining on the PPI Watch List.

This is not a good sign. In addition I have received information from sources speaking on the condition of anonymity, that the internal C-Level employees at NFN have grave concerns their payroll is in peril. I’ll be nice…Here’s the reality, if C-Level employees have payroll concerns, you as a Contractor, should also have brave concerns about getting paid. When we developed the PPI Watch List no one had the debt that NFN is currently reported to have with Labor.

With rumors circulating in the FIVE Million Dollar range…whether true or not…and this is just me. I would be lining the ducks up and placing a lien on any services that have gone past the payment date in you contracts. The PPI Watch List was designed as a precursor to the obituary that is eventually written about companies when the file bankruptcy. Make no mistake folks that is the Road Shari Nott is going down.

This Morning I received an email from a source over on Face Book;


After I read your article last week I asked if this was the same company as the logo was the same. Here is their response and mine. I posted the question on the NFN Face Book page and I received this response a couple days later via a private message.

National Field Network is responding to your activity on the page

NAME REDACTED, If you are having issues with outstanding payment, please contact Maggie Sinanan at 732-276-5563 and we’ll make sure to address your concerns. If you do not receive a response within 24 hours, please ask to speak to the COO. Best regards, NFN

This was my response,

I’m not currently owed anything by your company…merely asking a question. You’re company is on the verge of insolvency for the second time within five years what type of upper management do you have??? You routinely ask people to work for free and have established a system for fraud throughout the industry…If your company is stand up then conduct and interview with Aladay LLC or Forclosurepedia. Sherri refuses to do so or allow anyone else to talk publicly. What are you hiding? Reports are your company is almost 5 million in the rears and people are being advised to place liens on Contractors are being advised to lien properties so they can collect what you owe. Did you receive a check last week? Contractors are not according to reports.

Interesting, so if you are owed money you know whom to contact at NFN, give Maggie a call she’ll get you squared away (QUACK!!!)…also that is a good question Shari Nott, why not do an interview? Perhaps Shari knows it would be futile and reminiscent of when Robert at SEAS was begging for more time to continue stealing from Labor.

PPI Watch List Honorary Inductee. EDNAMFS For knowingly Allows members to skirt business laws.
PPI Watch List Honorary Inductee. EDNAMFS For knowingly Allows members to skirt business laws.

Now this is not the first time NFN has had issues paying people. If memory serves me correctly the name Buczek comes to mind. One of the biggest issues in the PPI is that of payroll by members of the National Association of Mortgage Filed Services… Management For Stealing…and for whatever reasons this failed business model of being a second tier National Subbing Company, (NSC) continues to thrive. Obviously Eric Miller has to maintain some sort of membership to continue receiving his salary of one hundred twenty thousand plus dollars a year. This is a system that is strife with crime on a level that has made Eric Miller parallel to Crime Boss Tony Soprano. Difference being, Miller is actually conspiring, and by overseeing crime daily is an accessory to the fact, Tony was a character played by an actor.

This is far worse than CWIS who has been awarded $180.9 MILLION dollars in HUD contracts since 2004 and being ordered by HUD to pay the vendors they were paid on…Which brings me to this…


One of the most recent contracts I have reviewed is one out of Southern California with this clause. I was rather blown away when I discovered the contract belonged to NRES. Normally I would be sounding alarms when I read something like that in a contract. However, in this particular case the “man behind the curtain” if you will, has always been straight forward with Labor and while a bitch or two has come in over the past three years, nothing that would warrant entry into the PPI Watch List. No NRES has always been for the most part square with Labor. Keeping in mind, **it happens, you’re going to get a bitch in business now and then. Still the fact is that NRES has not cheated people or Labor so while I cannot endorse the contract because of certain language there is absolutely no reason to believe that NRES will not pay you when they get paid. Sono entry on the PPI Watch List, unlike NFN, CWIS, and the rest of the lot over at the Management For Stealing office.

Now I touched base with Brian Mingham over at NRES. Brian pointed out something that all the good Contractors have to suffer for. CRAPPY Craigs List hacks!!!! I informed Brian that I had received several inquiries to the contract and let him know I would have to write something. Unlike Shari Nott, Brian has no issue speaking in the media about industry issues that affect his company.

It is the contract. We pay people weekly, we reserve the right to pay when we get paid. If there is an issue, quality, construction, anything we reserve the right to pay. The issue is labor is never on the hook for doing it wrong, I’m getting charge backs so we have to work together to make sure the industry improves the quality, photos, description, do asset management and not a work order…

Now I have to say, and many of you are going to fall out of your chair reading this, however, I kinda have to side with management on this issue of shoddy workmanship. Brian went further stating,

We had to get a much stiffer contract after all the litigation that comes in from owners of PFC homes, clients pushing it down and labor not doing a good job. I know it is rough, our agreements are as bad and the charge backs kill us so all of good people pay for it. I’m not trying to screw anyone, any company, I’m trying to protect our brand, do the right thing, pay contractors but go after the bad ones and the only way to do it is with a contract that people acknowledge, sign and live with. I’m happy to connect any time and discuss.

The Scenario for the PPI Watch List

Now many of you know that for years I have screamed at that scenario and the fact that it an open ended scenario to create graft and theft, theft by deception if you will. However, in this particular case Mr. Mingham does not have a track record of not paying Labor, furthermore I do not believe for one split second that NRES is insolvent.

However, allow me to expand on something Mr. Mingham has brought up. Something that the National Order Mills refuse to address is the labor factor in the equation. As an employer I have the same issue finding quality employees to protect our brand and company reputation. Make no mistake folks I have no issue giving you up if you’re screwing the pooch. I have more than once reported vendors taking hazards to job sites to “pad” the invoice.

Williams Home Repair here in Reno operated for almost a year without a valid business license and when the owner told me about her Hazard Scam I followed her for a day or two until I could get some photos. Many of you know I’m no choir boy and I have a past. Said past has made me have to work ten times harder than most to develop a solid company reputation and brand. I’m not complaining here, just pointing out that because of the road I went down I must work harder than the next guy to prove myself. Now when you go and screw the pooch and damage all the hard work I have done and place my company in a bad light because we are in the same industry, well sorry but I give you up and hope you receive criminal charges and fines.

The message here is that Labor HAS to work with Management and Management with Labor. Unlike the belief that Eric Miller has, that labor is immaterial. The two co-exist because of each other. However, in this insane industry there is a factor that I will delve into in upcoming articles. The other side of Management. OH Say…Fannie Mae, HUD, Freddie Mac, Wells Fargo et al. These are the folks setting the pricing and telling everyone that we are government backed and you have to pay prevailing wage. As I said a story for another day.

I have long stated that if Management wishes me to assist with them honoring their negotiated contract that I/Labor needs to be part of the equation. Have any members of Labor been asked for input from the National Oder Mills when they were negotiating contracts? And therein, as the Bard would tell us, lies the rub. We all participate in an industry that the Too Big Too Fail gang dictates too.

bannerproofSome events are rapidly approaching, a FAST event in Ohio and the National Association of Mortgage Field Services Fraud Fest in Dallas. Perhaps it’s time folks on the West Coast shake of the California Dreamin’ attitude and come together and start some meaningful discussions on how to remedy the fact that the following has occurred in the past five years:

  1. Dump Fees have gone up,
  2. Hazard disposal fees have gone up
  3. Mimimum Wage has DOUBLED
  4. Fuel pricing is still unstable
  5. Insurance, licensing fees have both gone up (our license in 2007 was $75 now $150)

All of these cost of which Labor pays, as they are the cost of doing business. While I’m not sure how this will take place. One member of Management has stepped up to acknowledge that Management and Labor must work together to bring about positive solutions for change and in fact has opened the door.

Make no mistake folks, Property Preservation is an Industry, we call it the Property Preservation Industry. Isn’t it time we all sit down and start treating the PPI as such???

No Matter Where You Are...We'll be Watching
No Matter Where You Are…We’ll be Watching


Enjoy your Sunday Folks

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Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs Courtesy Google Images and Bret Douglas

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership

Pecuniary Greed…Some Things Never Change

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While I sit here getting my new office in order listening to my favorite version of Bobby Darin’s Mack the Knife recorded in February of 1971 at the Sands Hotel and Casino in Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada, having a cup of coffee with the Some that gave All.  I’m reminded of those whom gave all they had representing this country. I’m also reminded of the Pecuniary Greed Casualties of the Property Preservation Industry.

Yes this weekend I will not only honor our Fallen Hero’s, but I also remember the Casualties due to the Pecuniary Greed of the membership of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services. I’m reminded of the good folks like Debs Rinkle, and Garret Donovan, Doug Middleton, that were crushed and almost bankrupt because of illegal RICO violations at the hands of the Offender members of National Association of Management For Stealing.

I sit here this morning as the sun crests over the mountain tops spreading it’s rays and warmth into the chill of the early morning mountain air. I sit here wondering if many of those Forgotten Preservation Companies diversified in time or did the Pecuniary Greed gobble them up and they went right down the tank like the turd we flush every morning.

I wonder how Mr. Miller feels when he looks into the mirror knowing he had the opportunity to make things right, instead of allowing the demon seed of Pecuniary Greed consume him. I wonder if Mr. Miller will hear those famous words of his as he is escorted through the halls of the Gov’na’s hotel in his chrome jewelry and orange jump suit. Will those words echo through the canyons of his mind as the judge pronounces sentence for Accessory to the Fact, Accessory to Rico, Fraud in the Inducement, Taking money under false pretenses. All to answer the call of Pecuniary Greed

Yes I wonder if Mr. Miller has any remorse at all over the Mickey Dale Snow fiasco that will bring his mighty organization to its knees. Yes, while Mr. Miller is so consumed in  the Demon Seed Pecuniary Greed he is avoiding media questions about his criminal members and the crime wave he supervises daily enjoying his one hundred twenty thousand dollar salary at the expense of the members of Labor that have been ripped off so the Offender Members can pay their dues…so he can collect his salary. Will this be a learning lesson for his offspring’s children? Or will they too become consumed like their Grandfather with the Demon Seed Pecuniary Greed.

One has to wonder if Mr. Miller has any remorse for all the Veterans that have been stolen from by the Offender Members.  The numerous Veterans that have protected our freedoms with their lives…the Vets that have witnessed atrocities that no man or woman should ever have to witness. Does Mr. Miller think about the many plates that have no food on them because he stood by and witnessed and help facilitate Cheap Suit Jay steal from unsuspecting Women and Veterans that only tried to lift themselves up and start a company. Live the American Dream…

No I think not. For you see Mr. Miller cares not for anything but his own personal Pecuniary Greed. Yes how to enrich himself with the hard earned monies that never reach Labor because he has allowed a version of nepotism never seen since Adam and Eve produce Cain and Able. That is all that Mr. Miller thinks about.

Yes I believe that Mr. Miller has taken a page right out of the Monsanto Propaganda Machine. Don’t talk about it, it will go away. When you do talk about it deflect it. If you get boxed in the corner, attack the source; call them unqualified, uneducated, lazy scammers. Whatever you do don’t EVEN HINT they may be correct. Deny all day long. Just look how much revenue Monsanto’s pecuniary greed generates every  year by discrediting those whom challenge them with the truth. Why should Mr. Miller be any different, after all this procedure has netted Monsanto billions of dollars so why not make Pecuniary Greed work for the National Association of Management For Stealing? Just ignore the screams from the broken down members of Labor. They are nothing, no they amount to squat, even though they finance the industry. I’ll bet while we are remembering our Fallen Hero’s Mr. Miller is contemplating on how to add another layer of order mill Offender Members to skim yet another layer of monies from Labor.

When I received this from a former Preservation Company;

Hi, it’s been a while since we conversed. I am no longer in the field; I am currently in car sales.

Ironically, the car sales business is considerably less kinky than the PPI business. Probably because it’s actually regulated!

Anyway, I was talking to a friend the other day about those scam companies that call or email gullible people informing them that they won a prize and all they have do is pay a “processing fee” to claim the prize.

That reminded me of the Aspen Grove scam. You can replace the words “background check” with “processing fee”.

A person has to pay money to have their own background check run and whether or not it clears, they are out the money. Someone is making money and it’s not the poor sucker that’s sending in the money for the “background check” / “processing fee”.

It sounds like the same scam.

Take Care Douglas

Well there you have it folks….I wonder how long it will echo in the canyons of his mind when nothing but the darkness of the night creeps  in bringing the  quiet that becomes so still he hears his heart beating realizing all he has to cling to is the echoing….

“We’re not a policing agency-olicing-gency.licing-ency-cing-ency-ng-cy-ng-cy”…Perhaps then Mr. Miller will truly understand the Demon Seed of Pecuniary Greed…

have a great evening

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Happy Gardening

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photograph: Aaron Aveiro

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership