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Is There Hope for Dave and Cassy???

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COO at Aladay LLC
Organic Farmer, Property Preservation Specialist and Custom Glass & Wood Worker. Blogger extraordinaire...
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Victor Aldrey

To say the past few weeks have not been entertaining in the Property Preservation Industry.. Actually they have been some hysterical moments. IN addition to a laugh till I cried moment this past week. Once again Hope Gambill, Dave Edwards and Cassandra Burn dominate to bottom feeding scam artists. Of course some higher level activity of fraud on a grandiose level courtesy Klein at SGP and some cock-a-mammies Secureview “clear boarding” story. And not to be left out licensing issues for roofing work orders in…of all places Illinois.
Nope, you read that right, from the land of Lincoln , yes folks the home fraudsters those pesky little sovereign citizens themselves, Hope & Dave. I believe that Dave has hope that the ridiculously absurd email he sent me after he sent this…

David Edwards <>
To Aladay Organic Farms <>
Wednesday, January 11, 2017 10:42 AM
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if you want to try to bust someone you probably shouldn’t use your business name in the subject line. Nice try.

From: Aladay Organic Farms <>
Sent: Wednesday, December 21, 2016 7:54:24 AM
To: David Edwards
Subject: Property preservation recovery of money

Can you assist legally UN California?

In told you might be able to help we are in ca.

Thank you

Now I’m sure Dave in all his elected judgeship mind knows I’m trembling so bad that my knees ache from knocking together, as I’m also sure in the shadows if the canyons of Davies little mind, I’m cowering in the corner afraid to call him a poltroon.
You see Dave is a truculent semantic. One of those personal flaws that makes one argue with themselves in some vain attempt to justify the inane ability to just be stupid…this is a closing paragraph from David about an hour later….

Should you feel the need to banter back and forth with Hope Gambill, or anyone else, in the future, you can leave my name out of your assumptions. I have a publicly filed, lawful oath of office for the position in which I have been elected in the court of record. Your attempt to publicly smear my name and/or reputation, based upon your assumption or your own interpretation of what you see elsewhere is completely unacceptable. If at any point you can provide adequate evidence of your claims or interpretations that show any wrongdoing on my part, you should do so, but you should ensure that those claims are accurate, otherwise you open yourself up to liability……

Ain’t that just a hoot???? Dave was elected to be a judge in the court of record. Problem Dave has. Not only is his “court not even recognized in the United States of America, the activities the members practice is considered illegal. You see Dave has no law background…so. How about this a quote from a colleague:

Fuck. I’m bummed. He didn’t write me. Fuck that bitch. Hey, quote me on that. Paul Williams says, “Fuck that haggard, two bit bitch.” 😉

Yes let work for these two scanners…

Now I know you’re reading Hope, come on girl I’m disappointed. I wouldn’t leave you out. What you suing that girl in OKLA for? She didn’t do something like oh golly-gee…like did she tell the truth about you??? Don’t worry my pet, we’ll get you and your sovereign citizen buddy Dave a look-see with you and Cassy right in the front row.
Oh I almost forgot, now Hope you really have to stop that flirting, you’re Recruiting in Maine and New Hampshire???? Shame on you that’s a Bozo No-No!!!!
While we’re in the land of Lincoln, it was brought to my attention there may be some serious licensing issues with tarping roofs in the great state of Illinois if you’re not a licensed roofing contractor. Now this is something that you really want to look into this as fines….ouch. Stay tuned as this is a developing story.

Does this girl ever quit scamming

I guess sometimes I’m a little slow. I could swear that I saw Hope Gambill make some reference to “how much she can’t help helping others”. One think this would be the type of valuable information a client would want to know. Instead good ‘old “Cassy” Burn and Hope are attempting to find some poor old schleps in Maine and New Hampshire to issue phone work orders so they can run off to who knows where. Just be aware of ME Employment Network, as this this weeks ruse from these two young enterprising vermin posing as ladies. As for Dave…well he’ll be going the same way most sovereign citizens go, away with the Seahawks.

Wow I just realized Hope is now special. .. Her and her merry band of co-hurts have made the last of 2016 and the first of 2017 to make our PPI Watch List.

Seems something else has caught my attention…oh but before I go i want to leave you with this video from 1971 about a product GE produced.  After watching, know this product is not as expensive as Secure View. You can also make your mind up as to what kind of scam Klein at SGP is pulling….

Until Next Time
Happy Gardening

Open Invention to all Members of NAMFS

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Organics Admin

COO at Aladay LLC
Organic Farmer, Property Preservation Specialist and Custom Glass & Wood Worker. Blogger extraordinaire...
Organics Admin
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Opportunity to clear your name…

close your comes Management
close your eyes….here comes Management

This is an open invention to all members of the National Association of Mortgage Filed Services members to go on the record and protect themselves and their companies. Now before you all become defensive you should be aware of the fact that many prosecutors and law enforcement use this website in addition to the one you really hate Foreclosurepedia to gather information. Myself I have been asked and qualified as an expert witness and will be testifying as to how the industry has developed into the mufti-layered pyramided scheme it has become since 2009. In addition I will be testifying to the fact that the membership of NAMFS has gone rouge in the fact they feel they are untouchable in regards to the criminal activity.

It is also important that everyone listed below acknowledge and understand they are now on notice as being advised that the organization you belong to is rife with crime and you, by sitting idle and saying nothing…is committing the crime of “Accessory after the Fact” As a member each and every one of you has the ability to file a motion to start ethics investigation. I highly recommend you do so. If you do not know how to go about it myself and the Lunatic in the Bunker will gladly walk you through the Roberts Rules of Order Procedure.

This publication is your notice to go on record and denounce the criminal members.

I will leave the comments open on this publication so you are not bound to an interview. All you have to do is say that you do not condone the criminal activity that is perpetrated upon labor by some of the bad members of the organization you supply monies to and support. This is your opportunity to clear your name and your company.

Your names are below I do not need to call anyone out individually…

As I said This website and Fopreclosurepedia have become a source of information for law enforcement and Prosecutors. So think long and hard about how you want yourself and your company viewed.

There is only one person that has no company and I will interview on this list…

Hello Mr. Miller….what say ye??????

Eric Miller, Executive Director
Adam Miles, President
Adriana Farelo-Fernandez, Vice President
Paul Magaha, Treasurer
Nickie Bigenho, Secretary
Scott Gilbert, National Representative
Jack Bryant, National Representative
Melissa Bunker, National Representative
Dave Dolan, National Representative
Kathy Campbell, Regional Representative,
Suzanne Phillips, Regional Representative
4HR Field Services Corp
Kennedy Property Management
A City Suburban Service Inc.
Key Asset Solutions Inc
A Cut Above Services
Keystone Property Services, LLC
A Town Properties
Killette Nelms Service Inc.
A2Z Field Services
KMC Landscaping Services Inc.
ABC Home Improvement
KRA Field Services. LLC
Access Information Systems
Landmark Contractor Services
Acclaimed Enterprises, Inc.
Laudan Properties, LLC
ADMP Real Estate LLC
Lenix Enterprise Inc
Advanced Property Preservations Inc.
Leonard Insurance Services
Lone Star Field Services
Aggate Construction Group, Inc
Luis Ferrer Inc.
All American Inspections & Property Preservation
M & M Mortgage Services Inc.
ALL PRO Asset Solutions Inc.
M&M’s Recovery Services, LLC
All Real Estate Service, LLC
Madrissa Group LLC
All Safe Home Watch Services, LLC
Maintain It Now
Allied Field Service
Matrix Field Services Inc
Amazon REO Solutions LLC
Matt Martin Real Estate Management
Amc Reo Inc
MB Field Services
American Inspection Systems
MB Property Inspection Services
American Mortgage Services
McCall Field Services
America’s InfoMart Inc.
Metro Nationwide Field Services Inc.
Ameriguard Properties Management, LLC
MFS Supply LLC
AMI Property Services
Michigan Realty Solutions LLC
Apex Construction Services, Inc
Miles Preservation
APS – Advanced Property Services
Missouri REO Services LLC
ARM Property Maintenance Inc.
MMC Contracting Services, Inc.
Aspen Grove Solutions
Morrison Inspection Services, LLC
Asset Preservation & Restoration Services
Mortgage Contracting Services
Assurant Field Asset Services
Mr. Cleans Property Preservation
Atlas Field Services Inc.
B & B Field Services
Mueller Mortgage Field Services
Bailey Property Enterprises Inc.
Murphy Lawn Enterprises
Baker Inspection Services
N & C Services
Nance Inspections
Barnes Notary & Field Services, Inc.
National Asset Protection Agency
National Field Reps
BaXol Properties LLC
National Field Services
Bay Area Field Services, LLC
National Inspections & Property Preservation
BC Connect LLC
National Mortgage Field Services
Beers Housing, Inc.
National Real Estate Field Services Inc.
Beiting Property Preservation
Nations Property Solutions
Bernat Services, Inc
Nationwide Management Services, Inc
Bishop Inspection Services, LLC
Nats Cleaning Service, LLC
Bliss Contracting LLC
NB Services
BLM Companies LLC
BNM Enterprises
New South Mortgage Service Corporation
Bond Co
No Pressure Environmental Solutions, Inc
Bossman Construction
Noble Mortgage Field Services
Britehouse Solutions Corp
Northern Ohio Field Services Inc.
BroLaw Enterprises LLC
Northland Company
Brookstone Mngt. dba Goody’s Prop Pres
Northland Property Service
Brunswick Companies
Northsight Management
Buc Mortgage Services
NuSet Lock
Buczek Enterprises, LLC
NY Field Services
Bully Maintenance, LLC
Offer and Associates Inc. (DBA – Offer Property
On Call Properties Inc.
C & B Field Services, LLC
OnSite Solutions Inc.
C&S Field Services, Inc.
On-Time Services Inc.
C. Clawson Inspection Services
Opportunities For Life, Inc
Cabal Inspection Services Inc.
P & L Inspections Inc.
CAM Secure Services LLC
P.K. Management Group, Inc.
Camara Home Improvement
Pacific Field Service Inc.
Capital City Field Services
Palmetto Asset Management
Capital Investors LLC
Paramount Asset Management
Cardinal Inspection Services LLC
Pat Neff & Associates LLC
Carlson Field Services
Patriot Field Services
Carolina Properties and Field Services Inc.
Paul Rippner..
Carrdan Preservation Supplies
Pennington Preservation LLC
Carrington Home Solutions, L.P.
Perwess, LLC
CarTeCor Management LLC
PGS Field Services, LLC
CDM Services, LLC
Phoenix Field Solutions, LLC
Central Florida Property Management
Pillars of Land Inc.
Central Valley Mortgage Services
Pinelands Preservation Inc.
Platinum Touch Industries LLC
Chutzpa Investigations
Plunkett Enterprises Inc.
Cityside Management Corp.
Pool Guard
CK Field Services
Potochnick Property Services
Claims Recovery Financial Services, LLC
Powhatan Information & Default Services, LLC
Clawson & Clawson Associates Inc.
PP Materials
Clean Reflections
Precision Field Services
C-ME Inspections & Services, LLC
Precision Property Management
Coastal Mortgage Services Inc.
Preservation Management LLC
Cochrane & Co
Preservation Of Property Services, Inc./POPS Realty
Group, LLC
Colonial Property Group
Prestige Group Services, LLC
Consolidated Restoration
Primestar Field Services
CoreLogic Field Services
PRO Nation Inc
Cornelius & Cornelius, Inc.
Professional Cleanout Services Inc.
Covius LLC
Progress Real Estate Group
Creditsouth Financial Services
Prologiq Business Services LLP
Cross Island Field Services
Property Guardian Services Inc.
Cyprexx Services LLC
Property Inspection Service
D & T Property Management
Property Maintenance, Inc.
DACA Field Services Inc.
Property Pres Wizard
Default Services, Inc
Property Proze Corp
Denver Area Mortgage Field Service Inc.
ProServe, LLC
Dhandhania Infotech
Prosper Industries, Inc.
Dirigo Property Services, LLC
Domestic Renovators Inc.
PTC Preservation LLC
DPG Home Inspection & Consulting Inc.
Pyramid Services
Dunagan Inspection Services, Inc
Qualified Mortgage Services Inc.
Quest Home Preservation
East Coast Property Services, LLC
Ready Property Preservation
East Point Systems, Inc.
Real Estate Inspection & Recovery
Eastern Estates Property Management LLC
Reclaimed FS LLC
Edgemark Solutions, LLC
Red R Services
Effa, Incorporated
Redrock Restoration LLC
Elite Properties and Landscape Contr.
Reliable Real Estate Property Services
Epic Property Services, LLC
Reliable Services llc
Equitable Property LLC
Reliance Field Services
Eviction Services Inc.
REO Professional Services
Extreme Property Solutions
REO Servicing Ltd
F&L Enterprise
Residential Maintenance & Restoration, Inc.
F&P Inc
Richard’s Cleaning Service and Property Preservation llc
Faith Mortgage Field Services
Rich-Co Property Services
Farelo Group
Rimes Property Mangement Inc
Fast Cleaning Maint. & Services
Roper Lock Box LLC
Field Connections, LLC
Rowe Enterprises Inc.
Field Property Management, LLC
RSB Field Services
Field Services of America, LLC
S & T Mortgage Services
Financial Inspection & Completion Services
Safeguard Properties Inc.
First Call Property Services LLC
Schnabel Inc
First Choice Independent Mortgage Services
Secure Clean Up Services
First Freedom Preservation
Secure Solutions LLC
First Residential Services Inc.
Five Brothers Mortgage Services Inc.
Fontaine Inspections and Property Preservation Inc.
Sentinel Field Services
Foreclosure Cleanup Services, LLC
Sentry Field Services, LLC
Foreclosure Field Services, Inc.
ServiceLink Field Services, LLC
Show Me Property Service
Four Seasons Property Care
Sierra Field Services Inc.
Sigma Services Inc.
Freedom Enterprise Services LLC
Sizzlin Enterprises/Genesis Service Group
Freedom Property Inspections
SNG, Inc.
Freeman Built
SoCal Inspectors, Inc.
Garden State Property Services Inc.
Solution Source Inc
Gary’s Field Inspection Service
South Florida Field Services
Gateway Property Solutions
South Florida Securing, Inc.
GBP Field Services Texas, LLC
South Pacific Field Services
Genesis Preservation
Southeastern Asset Services LLC
George Cannon Improvements & Repairs
Southern Solutions of NC, LLC
George Thomas Services LLC
Spectrum Field Services Inc.
Gibson & Assoc. Professional Claims Mgmt. Inc.
SR Maintenance & Mgmt. Services Inc.
Gibson Holdings, LLC
SRMS Management, LLC
Global Business Partners Inc.
Stoneoak Contractor & Inspections Services Inc
Good Choice Preservation
Strange Enterprises Inc.
Granite Creek Cabinetry
Suburban Property Services LLC
Greater Pocono Homepro Inc.
Sundance Field Services
Greco International Corp
Superior Home Services
Green Bullet Enterprises
Superior Mortgage Services
Gryphon Group LLC
Swenson Construction
Guardmen Properties, Inc.
Syntek Construction
Gulf Thunder Corporation
Halo Restoration Inc.
Taylor Properties, Inc.
Harvest Moon Field Services
Texoma Territories, LLC
Hawaii Field Services LLC
The Master’s Builder, Inc
The Real Estate Solution Group, Inc.
hEYE Quality Service Group, LLC
The Structure Group Field Services
High Level Cleaning Services Inc.
The Taylor Shop, LLC
Hill & Hill Enterprises Inc.
The Trainque Group, LLC
Hocoa Triad, LLC
TLC Preservation Services LLC
Home Bound LLC
TNT Inspections & Contracting LLC
Homeland Field Services
T-N-T Property Preservation, LLC
HomeStar Property Solutions LLC
Total Lender Services LLC
Homestead Field Services
Trademark Property Solutions, Inc.
Horak Enterprises, Ltd.
Tradestar Properties Inc.
Imagine Service Group Inc.
Trans South Securing Company Inc.
Independent Securing Services Inc.
Transform Associates Inc.
Inner City
Trashout Service, Inc.
Inner City Builders LLC
Trax Financial LLC
Innovative Inspections
Tri-State Property Services
Inspection Center Northwest
TruAssets, LLC
Inspections 4 Real Estate, LLC
TS Asset Management LLC
Inspect-IT Verification Services, LLC
Ultra Corp
Under Pressure Home Services Inc.
Union Jack Services Inc.
Integrated Mortgage Solutions
Universal Mortgage Field Services, LLC
Integrated Solutions
Upcon Property Services Inc.
Integrity Field of Alabama
Upland Chase
Integrity Field Services Inc.
US Hardware Supply
Interstate Services of America Inc.
USA Solutions, LLC
Intra-State Mortgage Services
Verilok Property Preservation LLC.
Iowa Mortgage Service
Virtuworx Inc.
Ironclad Preservation, Inc.
Walker Field Services
ISN, Corporation
Web-Fair Inc.
J T Stewart Enterprises, Inc.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
J&R Environmental, Inc.
Western Property Maintenance LLC
JA Mortgage Services
William Hall Inspections and Preservation
Jack Walker Field Services, Inc
Wolverine Real Estate Services
Worksite Benefits, Inc.
JD Wicks Co.
Xactware Solutions, Inc.
Jeff Chambers REO and Preservation Services
Xterra Group
Jeff Little Property Management
Xtreme Clean LLC
JGM Property Group
Xtreme Field Services LLC
JKM Mortgage Field Services
York Jersey Underwriters
John B. Lucivero & Associates
Young Property Management LLC
JSM Enterprises
Zen Asia Group, LLC
Junk Monkey Pickup Co
ZVN Properties Inc.
Kaw Valley Field Services

Again all you have to do is make a statement…

I do not condone the criminal activity that the criminal members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services perpetrate on Labor….

In addition I will interview any employee or former employee of any order mill that feels they are or were forced to use unethical practices upon labor that essentially cheats (cheated) Labor out of money.

YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS…..sitting and saying NOTHING makes you an “Accomplice after the Fact”

Speak up or become part of the criminal conspiracy now known as The national Association of Mortgage Field Services…..simple choice really….


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening