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For years I have been saying what common sense should be telling everyone about the GMO products and the “Substantially Equivalent ” argument that has plagued our food Suol.y fir the past 25 years . Now it appears that some 25 years later ( it is important to understand that number 25 YEARS) the general public might be able to scream loud enough that it will drown out the Monsanto Propaganda Machine.



Whom do Your Elected Officials Represent???

Currently one would have to say Monsanto.  But now that the patients have worn off and Monsanto can no lie get control every aspect of testing their products…well lets just say their ruse is about to come to an end.

One cannot take vital minerals and nutrients it of a plant and call it “substantially equivalent”

Here’s a piece from the Organic Consumers Association.

Asking Mr Trump via Twitter…PLZ get the poison out of our food

One of the biggest scams Monsanto

perpetrated against consumers was getting its GMO crops declared “substantially equivalent” to non-GMO crops—a coup that allowed the biotech industEveto unleash GMOs into the food system with no independent pre-market safety testing.

First, a little history on substantial equivalence: 

The concept of ‘Substantial Equivalence’ was first introduced in 1993 by the Organisation for Economic Development (OECD), an international economic and trade organisation, not a public health body.  The principle states that if a new food is found to be substantially equivalent to an already existing food product, it can be treated the same way as the existing product with respect to safety. This concept has greatly benefited the trade of GM produce, allowing it to effectively bypass regulatory requirements that would apply to novel food and other products including novel chemical compounds, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and food additives, all of which require a range of toxicological tests and can be subject to legal limitations on safe consumption/intake.

Independent (as in not on the biotech industry’s payroll) scientists who have previously argued that GMO foods are not substantially equivalent to non-GMO foods have been dissed and discredited by Monsanto.

Now there’s a new peer-reviewed study led by Dr. Michael Antoniou at King’s College London, that once again suggests that GMO foods—at least a specific variety of Monsanto’s Roundup-Ready GMO corn—are nowhere near to being “equivalent” to non-GMO foods.

And what makes this Roundup-Ready corn “different,” say the authors of the most recent study, has serious implications for your health.

So is our food safe with Substantially Equivelant GMO products???

Read ‘New Study Shows Major Molecular Differences between GMO and Non-GMO Corn’ 

Read the study 

So many of you ask what can we do???? Every day we can use Twitter to communications to our president and ask him to get the poison out of our food…

Would you p.ease join my campaign and ask our President Donald J Trump….PLZ get the poison out of our food

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Hope Gambill….Happy Christmas

Hope “I live scamming Labor Gambill

Well I see that one does not actually have to be a Offender Member of NAMFS to be a fraudster in the Property Preservation Industry (PPI). No one Just has to let the NAMFS crime boss Eric “I’m a Tony Soprano look alike” Miller slip his tongue onto your ear. Seriously just ask Hope Gambill.
It totally baffles me how many time Hope Gambill has gone to the same watering trough, known as Labor in the PPI. Hope Gambill has a very colorful history of….well defrauding not just labor also the taxman in addition to the local business licensing folks in Florida.
For some time now Hope Gambill’s scandalous behavior in the PPI has been chronicled not only here but on Foreclosurepedia. For some time now Hope Gambill has claimed to be many things she’s not. An MFSP, Mortgage Field Service Professional, I’ve always wondered if Miller whispered this to her after some Professional Service???? Hope Gambill did this denouncing Labor in the PPI two years ago then turn around and anointed herself “The Voice of Labor” ,then assisted in the recruitment of Labor so she could steal from them. Then just a couple weeks ago after slithering from Florida to Illinois announces that her and a “business partner” were opening a collection agency.
However, this time something tells me that the Attorney General of Illinois may come knocking. While I wish Hope Gambill no ill, although I gotta say…this time Hope Gambill has stepped so far over the line in her latest half baked attempt to scam Labor that just like Michelle (or is it Michael?) Obama, there is no Hope. This week Hope Gambill is once again looking to claim monies from Labor in one of the most entrailess poltroonish manners I have ever witnessed. This week Hope Gambill has become a self anointed judge and a sovereign citizen.

Hopes judge badge…is this a girl scout thing you sew on a sash???

One can not claim to be a Sovereign Citizen, give themselves a badge, self anoint themselves judge of a court, offer legal assistance, and call themselves a Private Attorney General. Think I’m kidding? ?? Ask Anthony Williams of Florida whom, as I write, is finishing out his jail sentence and preparing to serve2an additional 22 years of probation for impersonating a lawyer and judge acting like Hope Gambill is, a Sovereign Citizen. In the court this transpired

Anthony Williams: “I’ve never given legal advice, and there’s a difference between legal and lawful.”

Judge Andrew Siegel: “You’re arguing apples and oranges.”
It took the jury one hour before returning the same verdict on all 10 charges.
Clerk: “The defendant is guilty of unlicensed practice of law as charged in the information.”
It was bad news for Williams, and it was about to get worse. Judge Andrew Siegel sentenced him to 180 days in jail, 22 years probation and ordered him to turn over his badges and ID.
Andrew Siegel: “He’s prohibited from calling himself a private attorney general, an attorney or implying in any which way, shape or form that he has any ability to practice law.”

WHEN this came to light I asked around…

I’ve passed this on a very big defense attorney whom cousin is John Huntsman Jr the governor of Utah and so of Utah billionaire JohnhHuntsman. This is what he said ,

“I am familiar with the concept of private attorney general, but am unaware of the website until now.

I’ve been asked to keep the contact in confidence…further research has turned up the following.

There are limitations to this provision. A Private Attorney can act as a Private Attorney General. A Private (non attorney) Citizen CANNOT act in the capacity of a Private Attorney General.
However there are some loop holes in which a Private (non attorney) Citizen may b able to act in the capacity of a Private Attorney General. If the case at bar is a Civil RICO (18 USC 1964) matter. Depending upon their knownledge they could combine Amicus Curiae (no attorney credentials required) with the intent to act in the best interest of the general public, one may embrace 42 USC 1988 to proceed in the RICO action as a Private Attorney General.
A perfect example would be the current financial crisis in Puerto Rico in which the ordinary people are paying a series of taxes which they don’t agree with and are not benefiting from. The sales tax were initiated to pay off the bonds which never happened. Where is the money going? Puerto Rico needs a Private Attorney General to sue in the interest of the taxpayers.

Now you may be puzzled by this concept. However, if you are into legal history you might know that one of the defining legal decisions of our Supreme Court dealt with this subject matter. Maybury v Madison also defined our Supreme Court.
So with that said…I will now close and wish Hope Gambill a Happy ? as this may be the last one she has an opportunity to enjoy with liberty.

I leave this here as I know once I hit the publish button Foreclisurepedia will be alerted to Hope Gambill and her con artist Seattle Seahawks fan partner in crime Dave Edwards and in sure we’ll not only be doing a podcast but Paul will pull the dossier out of the ISTAR System and he’ll provide a little more in depth information as to the proclivities of these two scoundrels….

In closing I say that we start a new group for the PPI…The Pathetic Poltroons…Hope can finally be President of something she has been aspiring and working so hard to achieve…recognition.

Until Next Time…

Have very Happy ? and Happy Gardening

PS: your 15 minutes are up Hope now be like all respectable pathetic poltroons and slither back under the rock in which you came…

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