Know Your Farmer…Know Your Food

Well now you didn’t think I was going to forget the farmers in the area I’m hangin’  in did you???
Today was an eventful day. A tasty one also.
As a firm believer in Know Your Farmer Know Your Food, I had to seek out the local Farmer’s Market in Branson Mo. where I’m currently investigating a Property Preservation Industry issue,(something for Preservation Thursday).
That said, not a bad little market at the Branson Landing, little early still for produce but there was definitely a great selection offered by the vendors that were in attendance.
Now since I do have an interview scheduled for later in the week with the Farmers Market Manager, Mali Dick, I will keep this short and give mention to the Vendors.
Oh…and of course I will be updating our Farmers Market and events pages.
Lot’s of sweets and Pickles to open this years Market.
Here is the list of vendors and their contact information so you can contact them to see if they will ve at an event near you.
Local Honey:
Beverly Hovey
Bee Transformed
Bulone Enterprises LLC
Dan & Sharon Bulone offer up some excellent Italian sauces. Marinara is worth the journey to this market.
Got a sweet tooth???
Dave, Dawn & Brandon Bagwell can fix you quick.
Pecan Praline Ice Cream…need I say more???
Oh yeah there is also fudge, chocolates…circus food in the form of candy apples that are off the hook!!!
Organic Juices
Wild mixtures and combinations that have delicious ring to them.
Nana’s Kettle Corn
Sierra Wilson
Pretty good stuff. pretty good stuff. Nothing like popcorn from the cast iron…
Brittain Farm
Some great local meats
Lake Time Crafts
Kim Little Owner
For more information on the markets you can contact,

Jessica Blake

Executive Director

Kali Dick

Market Manager

The schedule I’m told is the same as last year with the location at Branson Landing changing to the parking location behind Belk’s next to the Balloon Ride.
I’m told as harvest become available we will see more veggies, products and vendors.
Tune in later this week as I will be interviewing Kali Dick to bring you more information.
Until Next Time
Happy Gardening

Traveling Shoes…The New Adventures Begin

Well now…a lot has happened since I last stopped in to chat a week ago last Monday from Winslow Arizona as I was waiting on the corner for that Flatbed Ford to slow down to take a peek. After that, well let’s just say I was no longer getting’ my kicks on Route 66…for a minute at least.
First I lost the right rear hub. Fortunately I was pulling off Route 66 in to the sleepy little town of Holbrook Arizona to go look at some petrified wood. At first I thought I had a flat tire since I rolled the dice on some used tires, as I was cursing the we decided to go with the used tires low and behold…here comes the tire rolling past me. Well naturally I cheered as I no longer had to change a flat. But now I had to address a much bigger problem as the break drum lug studs sheared at the disc.

First I had to spend 3 hours waiting for assistance, and then another 5 hours fixing the truck enough to hobble into town to Wilkinson Graphics and Auto. $1200 bucks and two days later Josh from Aden’s Mobil Auto Repair and Macy at Wilkinson Graphics and Auto had me like new and back on the road. I do have to say a tip of the hat to all that assisted. As anyone that travels knows auto repairs place you in the mercy of those repairing. Fortunately both of these company’s are very respectable. And fair when it came to pricing and the fees they charged. So if you’re in the Holbrook Arizona and find yourself on the short end of auto troubles look Macy and Josh up tell ‘em I said hello. They’ll get you squared away and back on the road with minimal hurt to your wallet. Oh and can’t forget this was all made possible` with the assistance of my new found Guardian Angle.
From Holbrook I headed to Albuquerque. I spent the night in Albuquerque. As I rolled down the highway listening to the rhythm of the tires on the road watching the landscaping turn from brown hues to deep reds and terracotta hues mixed with the sandstone colored rock formations in and around the ancient lava fields from a period long gone, I wondered about the stories these fields could tell, and what ancient treasures might be found in these antediluvian lava flows, I decided to stop to shoot a couple photos for the slide show to your right. As I wondered why I didn’t remember this fantastic landscaping the last time through, suddenly I realized I drove into Albuquerque at eleven PM. After a badly and long overdue needed hot shower in a TA Truck Stop I spent the night only to wake to a flat on my thirty foot Holiday Travel Trailer.

So being resourceful I purchase a can of Fix-a-Flat and filled the original tire from 1971 on my traveling home, while Little Missy hunkered down for next leg and with some Zep in the Step I hit the road to Amarillo. About 60 miles down the road I decided to pull over and check the tires, after all they are almost 50 years old. Well…you got it the tire was smooooookin’ like it was on fire and whistling, so I put my ear close to the tire and listen it’s the valve stem. So I tap the valve stem and it’s inside shot out of the stem like a bullet. Well I get the last spare tire off the truck and replace it.

Now you may be wondering about the 50 year old tires, well they got put back on the trailer when I lost the hub. They were placed back on for balance reasons. Now I was once again unbalanced and as I was congratulating myself for making good time despite the setbacks when I hear a funny noise and look in the side mirror only to see a cloud of black dust flying through the air from the other nearly 50 year old tire turning into black powder. Once again I was pulling off the Historical Route 66 into Amarillo, this time I had to find a tire shop for a new tire. I find a tire shop and for another 100 bucks I was back on the road within an hour. I found a truck stop on 44 North, another TA.

Before spending the night in Amarillo I had to stop at the infamous Cadillac Ranch for a photo op with Wilson. We then made tracks to the truck stop to rest before heading to my next destination in a remote location for the current investigation in the Mortgage Field Service Industry. As I Headed towards Oklahoma City I saw what I thought was alkali on the soil as anything white on the dirt always indicated salt where I once called home. Always interested in dirt I decided to stop as I was no longer in arid climate and found myself in a state of disbelief that I was seeing salt or alkali residues. My disbelief was well founded as all the white was cotton. What’s that line??? I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore Toto….

With all the obstacles and events one would say perhaps I had made a poor decision. With that thought creeping into the canyons of my mind I decided to change my game plan and take Amarillo to my destination 800 plus miles without an overnight stay. So about twelve hours later Missy and I landed.
So now the acclimation process of a new time zone, new weather patterns & conditions, insects, plants…customs and of course the local foods and entertainment. The countryside is fantastic and I’m seriously jazzed and what lies ahead in the organic gardening realm. Where I will be setting up shop has plenty of trees which Missy will have plenty of birds to play with. I’ll be able to set up my wood and glass shop with room for a new studio for podcasts. New beginnings are always interesting.

Until Next Time…
Happy Gardening

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