Monsanto Tribunal Update

I will be updating this article throughout the day.

Here is the Courts Opinion for the Tribunal that was held last year in the Hague in the Netherlands.

Keep in mind there are 140 countries that have environmental law, 64 countries that have strict rules on labeling foods, UN addition to the EU and India recently saying no to new GMO crops.

To insult to injury even in Japan’s current potato crisis they refuse to import potatoes because of the uncertainty of the heath risks that GMO potatoes may present.

Tune in later as I will post podcasts of today’s AMNews segment and GMO Tuesday….

Smudge Time?????

Well it is once again planting time. Yes the time of the year when you have nine million excuses to be out of the house when it’s time to do the attic.  Between baseball and farming this time of year…fa’geda’boutit…but today I planted the holistic side of our herb inventory. Photos and description…with pricing. Short video with Wilson shot April 15, 2017…

We have smudges…

White sage smudges $4 & $2 very limited supply

Tea Mixes are organicaly grown….either in production from herbs harvested in their natural environment. We should have some fresh spring Horehound in about four weeks. White sage 100-120 days.


Mugwort $4 pound
Roots $3 each 5 for $10


Mugwort & Horehound $4 pound





Don’t forget we do have Strawberry’s….Quinalt everbare eversweets…$4 dozen

Bare Root plants $4 dozen

Don’t forget Mothers Day…and dad too!!!

Prepay your Mothers Day or Fathers Day  $15 Strawberry baskets for $10 ….we also have some very unique planters email us for photos…when you land on payment page you can fill in your order. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions…?

Please the Paypal Payment Center

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening…

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