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Below is the latest update from the Monsanto Tribunal. Please spread this far and wide. This will be part of the next GMO Tuesday.

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Update From Monsanto Tribunal. ..

Your organisation supports the Monsanto Tribunal and we are very grateful for that. Without your help we could not have organised this important process, supported by over 1200 organisations and 100.000 individuals. Most of the work was done by volunteers and we are all very happy that we could be part of this important step towards an end to corporate impunity.


On April 18th the Judges in the Tribunal delivered a very powerful message to the world. Monsanto is violating basic human rights to food, health and a healthy environment and this could be considered as ecocide if this crime would be recognized in international law. The legal opinion is a strong message to corporations, governments and United Nations, but also to the consumers and producers in the world.


Now this process lies in our and your hands. The wider we can spread the message, the stronger the effect. No longer should crimes against humanity and nature go unpunished, no longer should the cost of pollution and destruction be neglected. Help us to spread the opinion in as many networks as possible: consumers, lawyers, government circles, companies etc.


Please help us spread the legal opinion:

  • Write about it in your newsletter and publications, with a link to the legal opinion (also available in French, Spanish, Dutch and German on the other versions of the website)
  • Repeat the message several times
  • Organise a presentation or discussion about the legal opinion
  • Write letters to legal or government organisations about this legal opinion
  • Send us your ideas to create attention for this important opinion

In case you are not able to help us directly in dissemination the legal opinion, you might be able to give us some financial support. This will enable us to spread the opinion in as many networks as possible to maximize the effect. Most of the work in the Monsanto Tribunal was done by volunteers including the judges, but we need some staff to help us do the office work. If we can afford it we will also look to help Monsanto victims in their court cases and help to start new cases. Additionally, we have started a new plan to calculate the true cost of Monsanto (and Bayer if the merger goes ahead) activity. So please donate, small or large donations are very welcome on:

Stichting Monsanto Tribunal (Foundation)
Triodos Bank, The Netherlands
IBAN: NL48TRIO0390954667

Yours sincerely,
Tjerk Dalhuisen, communication team

Here is a snippet from the link above…

I.i. An Opinion Tribunal
The International Monsanto Tribunal (hereinafter “the Tribunal”) is a so-called “Opinion Tribunal”.
An Opinion Tribunal is neither an ordinary court that falls within the judicial order of a State, nor a court set up by an international organisation. It is an “extraordinary” court born out of the determination of civil society that takes the initiative and is actively involved in it. It follows the long tradition of opinion tribunals created in 1966 under the impetus of the philosophers Bertrand Russell and Jean-Paul Sartre and whose principles are well-known. In 1979, at the initiative of the senator and theorist Lelio Basso, the Russell-Sartre Tribunal extended into the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal1. Several opinion tribunals have already been held in different countries and on various subjects2
Opinion tribunals are tasked with examining, using a judicial method, the rules of law applicable to highly problematic events or situations which directly affect and are of serious concern to people or groups of people as well as to society as a whole. Their objective is twofold: alerting public opinion, stakeholders and policy-makers to acts considered as unacceptable and unjustifiable under legal standards; contributing to the advancement of national and international law.
The work and conclusions of opinion tribunals are shared with all relevant actors and widely disseminated in the national and international community. Most opinion tribunals have had a considerable impact, and it is now accepted that they contribute to the progressive development of international law.

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Monsanto Tribunal Update

I will be updating this article throughout the day.

Here is the Courts Opinion for the Tribunal that was held last year in the Hague in the Netherlands.

Keep in mind there are 140 countries that have environmental law, 64 countries that have strict rules on labeling foods, UN addition to the EU and India recently saying no to new GMO crops.

To insult to injury even in Japan’s current potato crisis they refuse to import potatoes because of the uncertainty of the heath risks that GMO potatoes may present.

Tune in later as I will post podcasts of today’s AMNews segment and GMO Tuesday….

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