NAMFS Membership: West Coast not Immune to the Antics of NAMFS members

Unfortunately the East Coast and Midwest PPI Companies do not Have a Lock on the Unethical Business Practices of the NAMFS Membership

Brenadine "Work for me for Free" Biafore
Brenadine “Work for me for Free” Biafore


Allow me to introduce you to Bernadine Biafore. Bernadine is a “Subbing Contractor” for one of the members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Servicers, (NAMFS), Safeguard Properties, (SGP). Now I first came into contact with Bernadine about three years ago when she attempted to scam our company into doing some work for her.

Here is how Ms Biafore works. She scans the “Services Offered” sections of Craigslist for companies offering their services and products. Then she dups them into doing work without a commitment on pricing then when you send YOUR bill she gives this drivel that she can’t pay that much. Sometimes she doesn’t even have the courtesy to speak with you. When you question her ethics she stops answering your phone calls and emails in hopes you go away.

Ask Jennifer Massey of All Cleaned Up in Reno Nevada. About 90 days ago Jennifer took Bernadine to court to get paid the monies her company was owed.

Now, mind you Ms Biafore operated under the company name Solid Foundation, this came up when I Goggled Bernadine and Solid Foundation;


So now after Ms Biafore’s loss in court with Ms Massey in Las Vegas, Nevada, it appears that Biafore,has pulled a move right out of the Mathis and Lambert playbook as she has been caught with her hand in the cookie jar and has changed her company name to Triple Crown Preservation Her business address of 9604 hasn’t changed, just the business name. For those of you wondering why Ms Biafore garners any attention in this…well she is at it again and SGP a member of NAMFS could care less if she steals the BOTG money. Why should they? SGP receives completed work and pays Biafore she just keeps the monies. Now she owes monies to Dark Star Properties and Greg Earl.

Here is a statement from Ms Biafore’s website. Actually it is the same website formally known as Solid Foundation, Biafore has just changed the name and obviously the license information.

My name is Bernadine Biafore and I started this business several years ago when I saw the need for preserving the American Dream.

My background is that I come from a small town in W.Va. and have lived out west in Nevada for over 30 years.  I retired from the federal goverment after 25 years of servivce with the Departmentof Energy and Housing and UrbanDevelopment.  I have maintained an active real estate license in Nevada for over 15 years and I am very passionate about real estate and my life.

I have to wonder if our government taught Bernadine Biafore how to cheat people out of their hard earned monies? I sincerely doubt it as that is not the function of government agencies, least I don’t think it is, to teach people how to financially rape individuals that use their resources to make you money. Is this what they teach in Business School? Or is this what NAMFS teaches at their conventions? Is this how the members of NAMFS are instructed to conduct business? You have to wonder about it as this sure seems to be a pattern of the NAMFS membership. What I do not understand is how members of NAMFS especially SGP continue to allow people like Biafore to continue to financially rape BOTG with no regards to their affiliation and how it will make them look. Sorry but if I knew that someone was using my company to facilitate the financial rape of another company I would be distancing myself immediately. I would not be sending them more work under a new company name. If you’re in the PPI you will understand what I just said. In order to receive work from SGP you have to cover the entire state of Nevada. 110.000 square miles. No one can do that by themselves. Especially some of Biafore caliber. You see I did a ride along with Biafore for a couple days when she was attempting to recruit our company so she could burn us. Not only does Biafore have a very limited knowledge of the industry, she has become very adept in manipulating the processes. Yes Bernadine Biafore is one of the crap Contractors that falls into the 5% that give the rest of the hard working decent folks a bad name of being a Property Preservation Contractor. With of course an assist from the NAMFS membership, in this case SGP specifically. For those of you whom may not know the procedures in this industry, in order to receive work and receive a check you must submit you business license information and insurance. So SGP knows there has been an issue. And just like all the documents that have been surfacing that require a company to perform their “due diligence”  seems this is something that SGP has no desire to do as Biafore is SGP’s cash cow here in the Great State of Nevada.

But again back to NAMFS’s membership and their continual action of financially raping unsuspecting BOTG. Remember the Mathis and Lambert team? Same MO here. Ms Biafore got caught doing unethical business practices, in fact the Courts of Las Vegas, Nevada even said she was wrong and fined her. So instead of Ms Biafore taking care of business she started another Financially Raping company called Triple Crown Preservation. Which, may in fact be illegal, as I’m not sure you an open business after business when the courts find you guilty of monetary improprieties. What a way to make a living. Stealing, that is the reality, Biafore is stealing from the hard working people that is generating their revenue streams.. Ain’t that just a hoot??? I’m guessin’ that since Wall Street is “Too Big to Fail” mentality has crept into our society and now it seems that everyone now feels they can steal from people in the Real Estate Industry and it’s OK.  After all the architects behind our country’s economic pitfalls all received million dollar bonuses for collapsing our financial markets so what the hay!!!!  The BOTG’s don’t need no stinking money.

But the Safeguard Properties story doesn’t stop here. This has been going on for some time here in the Northern Nevada area. I was first alerted to this fraudulent activity about a year and a half by Garrett Donovan from Donovan Contracting. Seems that a young lady named “Allie” was looking for BOTG and was shopping around,  again, this company contacted our company and when we requested a contract between our companies…Allie disappeared. But not before she beat Garrett out of $5,000.00 or so dollars. Mr. Donovan contacted SGP and was basically told tough s*** we don’t have a contract with you.

Then there is the case of Central Valley Mortgage Services receiving work orders from SGP and subbing them to Southern Central Valley Mortgage Services who in turn subbed the WO’s to companies in Nevada. All with the same result. The BOTG does the work, spends their money completing services only to be told…”We haven’t gotten paid yet”…

That has to be the biggest croc I have ever heard. I haven’t got paid so I can’t pay you. Where is people’s business sense? I talk to folks that enter into arrangements like this all the time with no contracts between the companies…By the BYE!!!!! No Contract…YOU’RE AN EMPLOYEE!!!!!! Not only should you be filing a small claim with the courts you can also file a complaint with your local labor commissioner… There is the double wammy that can be delivered to these companies. Remember, if you have done work there are labor laws in addition to business laws that will protect you. You just have to step up and make a complaint.

Do you have a story like this? Then by all means grab your date and come to the party!!! If you have a similar incident happen to you and your business then please speak up and start to tell people about your circumstances. There are several places and attorney’s that are willing to take up the fight and make noise on your behalf. Remember, together everyone can put a stop to people like Bernadine Biafore, a pathetic excuse for a human being whom give women everywhere the displeasure of being the same gender as Biafore. This is something that SGP has control over. They had to know she has changed her company name, in addition when I met Biafore she was also subbing Five Brother’s work. They have since dropped her as they were tired of fielding phone calls about the money Biafore owed BOTG’s for work on Five Brother’s properties…so I’m told.

I cannot urge you strongly enough to submit your information into the ISTAR system over on by doing so there becomes a record of the company and these owners that continue to close one shop and open another can be tracked. If this system is utilized properly we as a collective unit within the industry…the labor…we can put a stop to these type of companies like Allied Preservation, South Central Mortgage Services/Central Valley Mortgage Services, Solid Foundation/Triple Crown Preservation. The Bernadine Biafore’s and Jason Mathis’s & sidekick Brandon Lambert will have no place to hide so they may steal revenue from hard working and good people of the Property Preservation Industry. There are a couple media outlets that will assist in telling your story. Contact someone to help get your story told. While no guarantees can be made for recovery of revenues owed your story will go a long way in telling the world about the deceitful Fraud in the Inducement that is being conducted on a daily basis in the PPI. It will also tell the world just how the Pecuniary Greed of the NAMFS membership has destroyed a once proud and respectable form of making a living.

For those of you in the Great State of Nevada here are a couple procedures you can take to take when you need the courts to step in and assist you in recovering your revenues.

First YOU MUST have documentation of everything.

  1. Send an itemized 15 day letter of demand. If you need a template please contact us and we will send you the template.
  2. Outline your intent in the letter. State what court you will be asking to intervien.
  3. In Nevada….this is important…you will want to file in the city where the business is licensed. In this case Biafore is in Las Vegas. If your monies owed qualify for small claims court then file there. If they monies owed are over the amount allowed by Small Claims Court you will want to go into district court. You’ll want to do this as this is where the “subject matter jurisdiction” will be. In addition by filing in the location of the business you will be able to lien the BUSINESS. Remember just because the court rules in your favor…you still have to collect. Should you require further assistance from the courts you will need the legal decision to be made in the jurisdiction the court controls the “Subject Matter Jurisdiction”. One of the problems BOTG’s face when working on foreclosed properties is the may be out of the foreclosure inventory
  4. Now for some of you like Greg Earl that does not have a contract between his company, Dark Star Properties and Triple Crown Preservation, well here is where you can double up and file a complaint with the State Labor Commissioner also. You see if there is no contract between you and another person or company, you ARE an employee of said company. You really should have your Federal, Social Security, and UEID taxes paid.

Should you need assistance in formulating your strategy we’d be happy to assist just drop us a line at Again this is a very strong argument as to why labor in the PPI needs to be organized. Perhaps it’s time your consider the IWW and what the organization can bring to the table for you and your company?

PS: if you are one of these type of company’s such as the Lovely Bernadine Biafore operates you may want to take a look-see at this as the courts are coming down extremely hard on this activity.


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Photos: courtesy Triple Crown Website

Written by Aaron Aveiro

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