A Late Watch List Addition…Bernadine Biafore: Violating Child labor Laws???

The Bernadine Biafore Saga Continues…

Brenadine "Work for me for Free" Biafore
Brenadine “Work for me for Free” Biafore




We profiled Bernadine Biafore on December 18, 2013, in regards to her thievery of unsuspecting Boots on the Ground Contractors (BOTG) and employees.

Well this scandalous woman is at it again. Today I received this from a young man,  while Travis Davis only has a verbal contract with Ms Biafore.There are still avenues he must pursue for relief.

My introduction to Travis was about a month ago when he saw our profile article, this is his first email to us in regards to Ms Biafore;

 I have been working for Bernadine Biafore and have observed some questionable business practices. I have spent a lot of money out of pocket to complete clean ups, tree trimming and other projects for her. I am becoming more and more concerned about her paying me. She said that she wasn’t getting paid on one job that I did because it wasn’t completed by the deadline date. She didn’t even hire me to do the job until the day after the date she said was the deadline??

Really??! She didn’t get paid for my work that was supposed to be completed before I was hired to do it??? Help please. I am in serious financial crisis. I had to pawn everything I have of value to cover expenses on her jobs. Get back to me soon please and tell me what you know about her. Thanks, Travis

Now in conversation with Mr. Davis it was discovered that Mr. Davis had no contract with Ms. Biafore and I counseled him on how to approach the situation from an employee position as that is what the relationship between Ms Biafore and Mr. Davis is.

This morning I received this email form Mr. Davis.

Aaron, she only paid $180 of the $750 she owes. She is doing exactly what you, Greg Ellis and Jennifer Massey said she would. I emailed her a notice of past due payments. She emailed excuses as everyone said she would do. If she does not pay in full by Noon tomorrow feel free to use any and all of the emails that I have sent along with all of the emails, text, pictures, that I will be forwarding to you concerning Bernadine Biafore. I will be publicly exposing her labor scam on Scambook that way  anyone who Googles her or triple crown will find out the truth right on the same page as her pic and resume. I’m also going to flag her and post her scam with Craigslist. Channel 8’s “on your side” is interested in interviewing me since there has been so many local complaints on what they call “Subbing contractors” damaging and stealing personal property. I’m also going to file a complaint with Safeguard for changing my locks and “winterizing” my house where I am living now. The house is by no means abandoned and not in foreclosure, it is in short sale status only. That’s how I met Bernadine. I came home to find her changing my locks. There was a boy around 10 years old in my room messing around with my things and an older lady taking pics. Her outstanding balance is only $570. Punitive damages, late fees, and collection fees will be added as an attorney has advised me to do. I am grateful for people like Jennifer Massey who has paved the way for me in court. Thanks for your interest in helping me prevent Bernadine from doing this to others.

Not only is Ms Biafore steeling from Boots on the Ground as reported in our previous article but now it appears that she may be violating child labor laws, or at the very least teaching children how to steal peoples personal property in homes that she is not even supposed to be in!!! Are you kidding me, a 10 year old child in the home while the property is being winterized and locks were being changed? In addition, we have a third individual inventorying the property. This is starting to sound like a small gang of rouge Safeguard Properties unqualified and unskilled employees that SGP incorrectly classifies as sub contractors. Yes the dreaded Emplactors***. Now Ms Biafore is not a member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, however, Safeguard Properties, Five Brothers, and Asset Management Services , companies the Ms Biafore has been known to sub work for apparently could care less about what is right as  long as they get their money.

I would like to add here, Mr. Travis also has a couple other avenues that I would recommend to everyone that is owed money by someone that is subbing work from someone else. I have stated and still maintain that unless the company you are receiving work from does not have a direct contract with a lender or financial institution that accepting work orders from them is not only hazardous to your financial future and well being but you are in fact an employee. Regardless of the content of the contract you have.

Should you find yourself in Mr. Davis’s position you should do the following; make a complaint with both the Labor Commissioner and the Unemployment Insurance Division for determining employee/IC issues. The money that is owed to Mr. Davis exceeds the $600 threshold the IRS places on being allowed to 1099 someone and having to pay payroll liability taxes. In addition, Mr. Davis can ask the courts to intervene and force Ms Biafore to pay up with a court order. I would also suggest placing a report on Ripoff Report.

For those of you who may need lien information here are a couple of links courtesy a networking comrade on LinkedIn, Tanisha Kelly…Thanks Tanisha our readers will definitely appreciate the information!



Also of note, we have reached out to Channel 8 (which may be a typo as the listings come up Channel 8) to assist with any information we have on this matter. To all the BOTG out there, when opportunities present themselves you should step forward and share information, provide comments on articles you see about issues in the industry. It is important that our voices be heard. Remember a group of people make a lot more noise than one or two…


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Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photo Courtesy Triple Crown Website

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Emplactor is an employee that has been  incorrectly classified as an Independent Contractor with specificity to the Property Preservation Industry.

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