Contaminated Irrigation Water and Brian Christy

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Brian Christy while at AMS ordered subordinates to violate state and federal hazardous waste disposal laws.

Brian "Do It Or You're Fired" Christy crew making the news again
Brian “Do It Or You’re Fired” Christy crew making the news again

Recently I have been seeing emails and reports of contaminated water being used for irrigation over in California.

Many of you will remember that Aladay LLC Media broke a story on February 15, 2014, about lower echelon employees of Asset Management Services (AMS), being ordered by Brain Christy, a then C-Level employee of AMS, to pour chemical into the storm drain in a small California community of Carona California. Carona is a farming community and relies on storm drain water to irrigate crops.

Therefore when the information started coming in I immediately reported things to the EPA…but we all know that Monsanto people are in charge of the federal agency so perhaps that is why nothing ever came about this incident.

Here is a portion of the article we broke last year……

I spoke with a former in house employee of AMS today. For the time being this employee will be referred to as JC as I’m sure that character that is buried in the snow covered bunker in Tennessee will possibly want to do a podcast with the Gentleman.

JC was hired by AMS as an in house hourly paid employee. Within three weeks because of JC work ethics AMS promoted him to a supervisory position at $11 an hour with the promise of insurance benefits and a raise to come later. Neither of which JC received, when management changed JC was told that if he wanted health insurance that he would have to purchase it himself.

JC worked under field supervisor Bobby Johnson, another salaried employee of AMS. On day Brian Christy came to the “Depot” as the AMS regional office is referred to located at 532 Mallory Ct in Corona California. Mr. Christy asked JC how things were going and JC expressed his concerns about some of Mr. Johnson actions. Mr. Christy said he would address them with Mr. Johnson and never did so. I asked JC what his thoughts were on Mr. Christy and AMS JC said.

“Mr. Christy is not only lacking in people skills he is not a very good person. Everyone worked hard for these guys, this company has very poor communication and a blatant lack of respect for the lower echelon employees.”

You can read the article here..

Here is an excerpt from an email I recently received…

News has surfaced that in recent months, more and more fossil fuel wastewater — that is, water that’s been used in the extraction of dirty oil — is being sold to organic farms to use for irrigation, especially in drought-ridden California. That means that the organic fruits and veggies we buy may have been irrigated with water that’s laden with dangerous heavy metals and chemicals.

What’s even more disgusting is that right now there are no regulations that directly address the use of irrigation water for organic farms…..

As one whom has been profiling the drought conditions here in Nevada and one whom also does a little Organic Farming…well this water issue hits close to home. Now how was Brian Christy rewarded for his criminal activity? Remember Brian Christy and Lee Mertins were at the AMS Helm when they were busted by HUD for using the same photo with a “cursor” on the front door for over a year to collect payments from HUD for services that were never completed. To follow up a bit on JC…here is what transpired when he was ordered by Brain Christy to dump toxic materials into the storm drains.

The Final straw for JC came when Mr. Johnson instructed JC and another employee to;

“Carry those containers over there and dump the contents and let it go into the storm drain”

The containers were full of LIQUID HAZARDOUS WASTE MATERIALS. JC refused and quit. He told Mr. Johnson, that he would not do this as not only is it unethical but in fact against the law.

JC expressed to me;

“I have children and little nieces and nephews that will be eating the food that is grown from the water collected out of the storm drains, if I did that I would be poisoning my own family.”

Now for all of Brian Christy’s criminal actions Mr. Christy was afforded the courtesy of being able to resign his position over at AMS and head over with his buddy Lee Mertins another financial criminal that rapes unsuspecting Property Preservation Contractors of their money with his illegal “Early Pay” system that charges you money to receive the money you EARN, after they beat you out half of it with fraudulent back charges and bogus photo requests and of course there is always do you have a work order or an email??? After one of their employees authorizes something while you’re out in the field being held at their mercy to complete services right now….to start ASSERO 24. That is how criminal NAMFS members are rewarded under the direction of Eric Miller.

See how helpful it is to be a member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services under the direction of Eric Miller????? What a charmed life those two must lead…anyone else would have had California so far up their ass they would have puked. But then again government agencies in California are about a year or so behind, so there may be hope for jurisprudence yet.

I’m not sure why the first thing that came to mind was the incident with Brian Christy ordering lower echelon employees to dump paints and other chemicals down a storm drain in Carona, California, instead of actually paying the disposal fees that they ask for receipts for before paying the contractor. No, Brian could not do the right thing. Guess that makes Mr. Christy a Bottomline Whore when it comes to the types of C-level Employees I’ve encountered in the Property Preservation Industry. Perhaps Mr. Christy came to mind as drought or no drought as someone living in the desert I understand the value of water. Placing chemicals into a community’s water system could very possibly be classified as a domestic terrorist crime. After-all, ordering someone to perform such an act, well there is that absence of malice thing one cannot get around as ordering is sort of classified as pre-meditated…

Perhaps this video is why this particular incident came to mind…..

I always marvel just how far some people will go for a buck. In the case of Chemical Christy, he chose to risk the health of the 152,374 residence of Carona by skirting California’s Hazardous Material Disposal Laws all to save a buck.

What I always find so ironic is these folks in management in the PPI can just run companies into the ground and then go start another company. How does this work??? And they get a contract on top of it…..Does NOBODY IN THIS INDUSTRY GET IT????

While I’m not sure what tomorrow may bring in the PPI, I do know that Labor seems to take the Lickin’ and just like a Timex keep on tickin’….Now I’m not sure about those whom do not live in rural areas, but out in some of the more remote areas we are starting to see the results of people accepting $18 a cubic yard fees. Yes those Mortgage Field Service Professionals that claim not to be Labor in this area started providing us with new dump site when they started accepting $20 per yard.

However let us get back to the drought. We are being told that a super El Nino   is headed our way for the winter. The past two days we have been chronicling drought conditions around our area. I sincerely hope that the chemicals that Brian Christy ordered dumped into storm drains Back in 2014 in Carona California had no ill affect on the residents or the farming community.

And since we received snow here last night…well it is definitely tome to get ready and go play!!!

Look for some more photos and videos through the winter as we watch how our area adjusts from no water to lots of water…

And let us all hope that Santa brings Mr. Christy and Mr. Mertins Christamas gifts they deserve…like a Ball & Chain…or at the very least a small portion of jurisprudence…and if JC is reading this morning…we sincerely hope things worked out for you and your family….

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening