Hemptress LLC…on The Fledgling Marijuana Industry

As the truth starts coming out views on Marijuana change…Now we have job, business, and investment opportunities…and it’s legal to SMOKE!!!!!


As a country and people we have come a long way on the perception of Marijuana being the gateway drug. The USA now has 23 states that accommodate the Medical Marijuana Industry, and four that allow Recreational use. Myself I have always maintained that if the government reversed their position and legalized and regulated the product the USA would have a balanced budget within the year.

I have also always maintained that if the American people actually understood and knew the brainwashing and tainted information that William Randolf Hearst and Dupont generated to give us Refer Madness that they would scream and demand that Marijuana be declassified as a Class 1 narcotic and be used for medical purposes  as it was once used and prescribed in this in this country before patient profits became more important than the truth.

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Kelli Brown of Hemptress LLC about her company and how it is viewed publicly. The reality is Marijuana is still a very controversial and HOT Topic for the candidates this election season.

With this weeks convention…The Marijuana Investment Summit…The Cannabis Growth Capital Conference and networking event brings together leaders in the cannabis public markets as well as up and coming private companies.

You’ll be able to find the Hemptress at booth number 10 at the event hosted in Las Vegas, or you can find MIGraphics here.

Here’s our interview


We have come a long ways in the perception of Marijuana…as a company providing services to the newly developing marijuana Industry….How long has your company been in business and how has your company been received?

Hemptress, LLC has been in business since mid 2014. Prior to that I was a busy school teacher.

Education is a passion which I still hold today. For many years I spent my days educating children on reading, writing and math. What I found during this time was another passion – creating visuals that helped my students easily absorb and remember complex information. The visual aids I created in my classroom were extremely effective and I enjoyed making them.

When I left the teaching profession I did not leave my passion for education or visual content creation. Today I use both to teach people the cannabis industry and I have received an overwhelming response. Individuals, businesses, doctors and the media have all taken notice and lavished my content with praise.

Please tell our audience what is the products/services that Marijuana Infographics provide?

We provide all types of graphic design, marketing, branding, social media management, print collateral and content creation with a focus on the cannabis industry.

When did you perceive the need and how did you implement your business plan so not to bring negative attention to your company?

I got started in the industry with the marijuana stock boom of early 2014. I began to closely
follow the publicly traded cannabis stocks. During this time I noticed that a lot of these companies were not harnessing the power of social media. I started making little fun graphics and people took notice. This quickly turned into the full time graphic and social media work.

Do you strictly work with Licensed Medical Marijuana Businesses or…say someone wanted a gag gift for someone…would your company accommodate that type of customer also?

We work with all types of businesses. We have several clients who are not even involved in the cannabis industry at all. We can create compelling branding & content for any type of business & any budget.

You’re currently recruiting for Independent Sales Contractors…Can you tell us what you look for in an IC or employee for MIGraphics??

Yes, we are always on the lookout for independent sales people. They have to be driven and it helps to have industry experience or connections.

The Hemp industry probably took the biggest “Hit” as far as an industrial business being shut down when Dupont and Hearst gave us Refer Madness…I have seen several new Hemp studies and products out there now…Have you seen an increase in Hemp business and products requesting your services??

Absolutely! I live in TN and grew up in GA. The south has the opportunity to become a massive industrial hemp producer once again. This plant is amazingly versatile. We have done several infographics on the history of hemp and the economic possibilities of hemp farming on US soil. In my opinion, the hemp industry may end up out doing the medical and recreational cannabis industry before it’s all said and done.

How is your blog received? Do you ever get the negative “you’re a drug addict you” type of comments on articles???

My blog, social media accounts, etc tend to get very positive responses from people. Overall, the people in the cannabis industry are extremely supportive and helpful folks. At times it feels like one big community working towards the same goal.

You’re participating in an event this week in Las Vegas…tell us about this event and what…as an organization…you hope to accomplish?

The Marijuana Investor Summit will be held November 10-11, at the Westgate Las Vegas
Conference Center. It is followed by another cannabis event The Marijuana Business Conference and Expo. The Marijuana Investor Summit will be held November 10-11, at the Westgate Las Vegas Conference Center. It is followed by another cannabis event The Marijuana Business Conference and Expo. We will be at booth #10 for the Marijuana Investor Summit.
What we hope to accomplish is meeting up with current clients and introducing ourselves to new ones. We were given the opportunity to create some great retractable banners and signs for the event.

OK now the biggie…It’s Election time….two questions come to mind…

A)…Will Migraphics endorse a Candidate??? B)…if so…who???

First off – We love politics! However, at times it’s frustrating to see people poised to lead this nation who are so ill equipped to discuss cannabis regulation. For example, when Carly Fiorina suggested that marijuana wasn’t like a beer (meaning it’s way more dangerous) this type of talk gets under my skin. Statistically, alcohol is FAR more dangerous and costly to our nation.
As far as endorsing a candidate – obviously, Bernie Sanders has been the most outspoken in favor of cannabis. However, we are hoping that few more candidates will get on board.

There has been some scuttlebutt about Monsanto becoming involved…of course…on a GMO Level….Your thoughts?????

This has certainly been discussed within the cannabis industry. I think once people get over the initial excitement of just being able to have safe access to cannabis – then they start to really think about where their product is coming from and what’s being added to or taken away from its natural state. I believe that organics, pesticides and quality are going to become even bigger issues in this industry.

So are you looking for an investment? A new business opportunity? Perhaps a job??? The Marijuana Investment Summit may just be the place for you to stop by the next couple days…

Should you be looking for some promotional help stop by booth 10 and say hello to the Hemptress and tell her Aladay sent you!!!!!

Let us hope that more and more political people will not follow Mr. Christy’s outdated thoughts about the “gateway drug” and will come to their senses about Marijuana.

In closing allow me to say…you all know how I feel about GMO and it’s illegal use in this country….we really do not need any  GMO weed…not from the likes off Monsanto and the Big 6 Ag companies….

Thanks to Kelli Brown for taking time out of her busy schedule…hopefully we can get a sound bite from the event for the radio….never know technology assists with many things today we only thought was science fiction years ago!!!

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

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