Whom Do Your Elected Officials Represent???

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Today in

Whom Do Your Elected Officials Represent??? 

We talk about the movie Consumed…


Today in our on going series Whom Do Your Elected Officials Represent??? we bring you information on a movie opening this week. As many of you already know GMO technology has been brought to us by our Elected Officials selling the American and ultimately the world’s agriculture out to Monsanto. I received word from Dave Murphy at Food Democracy Now! about a movie titled Consumed that is being released via Gathr Films. CONSUMED has partnered with Gathr® Films to allow individuals like you the opportunity to bring the film your community.

In addition to me assisting in promoting everything to bring attention to the issue of GMO’s in our food supply I have started asking every one to join the campaign and ask the burning question….Whom Do Your Elected Officials Represent??? 

You can view the trailer here

From Food Democracy Now!…

We received some disappointing news this week and I think it’s important to remember what this movement is all about. Despite the FDA’s recent approval of GMO salmon, in the past 4 years, a national movement for basic transparency in our food supply has sprung up across the United States and inspired millions of like-minded citizens like us around the world.

Whom Do Your Elected Officials Represent??? 

This massive awakening has only happened because millions of people like you have become educated about the complex topic of GMOs and decided to take massive action. From shifting to a more organic and non-GMO diet, to voting for GMO labeling to signing petitions, to supporting the organic and non-GMO companies that produce our food responsibly and with basic transparency, we’ve sparked a movement whose momentum is just getting started.

Whom Do Your Elected Officials Represent??? 

From the very beginning, we knew this would be a difficult battle. But right now, even though they’re continuing to rig the regulatory system against us, major American food companies are scrambling to keep up with the growing demand that the GMO labeling movement has created for healthy, organic and non-GMO food.

And now we think it’s time to get creative! Which is why Food Democracy Now! would like to bring your attention to a must-see new movie about GMOs.

Whom Do Your Elected Officials Represent??? 

In case you haven’t heard about it, CONSUMED is a new dramatic thriller  (not a documentary) that sheds light on Genetically Modified Foods, champions the Right To Know movement, and promotes GMO labeling of foods sold in the United States.

Consumed tackles the complex issues of how corporations have taken over our food supply, bully and intimidate family farmers, corrupt science and the realities of improper safety testing from the American public.

Whom Do Your Elected Officials Represent??? 

Right now, you have a chance to help grow this movement even further, by making sure your friends and family go a see this dramatic new film, which could literally be the first blockbuster to tell the story of how companies like Monsanto have consolidated power in rural America and forced their products to be sold unlabeled here in the U.S. for more than 20 years.

To get tickets for Screenings in Cities Across America, click here:



Whom Do Your Elected Officials Represent??? 

Please ask the question…90% of us want proper food labeling. Haven’t you had enough of Graft by our Elected Officials??

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Written By Aaron Aveiro and Dave Murphy Founder / Executive Director Food Democracy Now!

Photographs courtesy Food Democracy Now! and Debbie Stabenow’s website verbiage on photo courtesy yours truly and solely my opinion

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