Whom do Your Elected Officials Represent???

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With 90% of We the People wanting proper Food labeling why don’t We the People have? It is time to start asking Whom do Your Elected Officials Represent???

From San Jose...Wilson on tour with the Infamous Miss LJ...
From San Jose…Wilson on tour with the Infamous Miss LJ…

In this edition of Whom do Your Elected Officials Represent??? We are taken to Petaluma, California a town I highly recommend stopping to say hello to the downtown folk. You’ll find Good People, Good Food & Drink, Good Architecture, and dang if you won’t find a Good Time!!!! This an Election Year and for the most part I’m not really “political” but some of the issues currently going on in our Society that now affect “We the People” I must do what I can to bring attention to issues that are not only close to me but they affect you and your family and friends…As many of were expecting this article last Wednesday I do apologize. We were unhappy with the last hosting company so we have found better service…That’s Business for you Business 101 followers…Enjoy the Videos and hopefully the reading as well!!!! Special thanks to the infamous Miss LJ in Santa Clara for making this excursion possible!!!

Whom do Your Elected Officials Represent???
Whom do Your Elected Officials Represent???

One of the most critical elements on the planet is water. Water, it’s not just for bathing. We need water for drink, people make booze with it, we provide water for our animals and pets to drink, and most of all we grow food with water. Put in perspective that makes water as vital for sustaining live, well as oxygen is to breathing healthy air.

Water over the years has gotten people killed. Movies, like Chinatown with Jack Nickolson and Fay Dunaway, for example, have been made over water wars. It is a very precious commodity. Without water we most certainly would die. This is evidenced by all the activity on Mars. Just look at how excited scientist have become when the Mars Rover found traces of ice….

For the past few years the entire west coast has been engulfed in a drought. Probably the hardest hit state on the west coast has to be California. Of course the hardest hit industry is Agriculture. This just happens to be the number one revenue generator in California. Naturally there is extreme suffering on the entire west coast when we talk agriculture.

For the past year I have been traveling around chronicling our drought conditions. While this current trip to California was more pleasure and an opportunity to catch up with some dear friends, I did do a little work on this journey. A journey that found me in Petaluma California, Petaluma is a quaint little town with a Historic District and boy did Wilson and I see some awesome architecture…awesome architecture. I was actually reminded of the personal enjoyment I used to enjoy working on the Queen Anne Victorian style homes and windows. Learning the glazing industry in the San Francisco Bay Area if you don’t know how to work on that style of architecture you’re truly nothing but an also ran in the glazing industry. And Petaluma, well needless to say they have a few of these buildings.

One of the first stops we made was Togos Sandwich shop. I mean seriously what is a trip to California Bay Area without a stop at the best Sandwich Shop on the planet???? Next up was the Petaluma Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Bank Store. Talk about an awesome two story building store full of local organic gardening and farming supplies. There are over 1500 verities of flower, vegetable, herb seeds in stock. I won’t go into too much detail here as I have an interview with the folks at the main office headquartered ironically in The Big Mo!!!!!!! You read that bright folks right up the road lies the world’s largest chemical and most manipulative ruthless Agriterrorist company on the planet, yes the company that could care less for human life, Monsanto…well actually the Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds main offince is located in Mansfield, about 200 miles up the road. Wilson and I shot a Video in the store…hope I didn’t butcher the name in the video. I will have another article with these folks later in the week.

Another stop on our journey was a store called Earthsong. Colene, an employee of Earthsong…I might add a very cool store, Clothes, handcrafted items, kinda hippish with a pinch of today into the mix. I spoke with Colene and she agreed to a future interview about her work in the NON GMO arena. You’ll definitely want to check back for this interview folks as I have no doubt it will be riveting!!!

We stopped by the Library, and old Movie Theater, where the individual in charge appeared to be having a very bad day as…well a “little testy” may be the appropriate term…the building was under construction for remodeling purposes and knowing the construction industry from my glazing days I can relate to having to deal with electricians, plumbers, masons, wood workers, glaziers, all day and answering to the public…however, the Marque…well worth the rant!! Perhaps the next time he sees some nitwit with Wilson he might take pause and say hello…

We did talk to several locals on the GMO subjects and asked the question; Whom do your elected officials represent??? I was expecting something different in the responses….However, It did make me pause for a moment and ya know…well here was the response by everyone that was local. For the most part not many wanted to go on camera; however they were very cordial with warm friendly attitudes and comments. The response from every local person I spoke with on the streets of Petaluma said they were very happy with their local representation but disgusted with the federal representation. If we put that in perspective for just a moment, I started thinking about right here in Nevada, well that is how our Federal Elected Officials got elected to the positions they hold. They did a good Job on the Local Level.

Another place I had…well Wilson had to stop and make friends was with the Thistle Meats Pig. This is a nice little old fashioned Butcher/Meat cutting shop. The folks at Thistle did not wish to be a camera but the folks were very friendly helpful, and what I feel is a key to any food producing establishment…they only purchase grass fed animals for their customers. They refuse to purchase any animal from grain fed ranches. On that note I was extremely happy to see cattle grazing in fields that were empty except for the brown dead grass a few months ago.

Another stop Wilson made was to take in a window display at Petaluma Textile & Design. What captivated Wilson was a large what appeared to be a Christmas Ornament, upon closer inspection it is actually an ornament of the World with the words Peace on Earth…and in 19 other languages you’ll find the phrase Peace on Earth. Now I spoke briefly with the gentleman the poked his head out the door. And I got the distinct impression if you show up at the door and offer the phrase Peace on Earth in a language he doesn’t have…he’d find a place to put it in the windows. They are located at 15 Western Avenue…worth a stroll down the street just to take a peek at the display. In addition the billing is “Fabric Library” you just may find that hard to find material for your project you haven’t been able to find.

Then we ventured to another area of Petaluma, one that made us take pause and say thank you to all our Vets. Penry park is a Memorial to all our Vets and is specifically dedicated to US Army SGT Richard A. Penry. I’ll let the video speak for this stop…again…to ALL OUR VETS!!! Thank you for your service…

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs and Videos Aaron Aveiro, GMO Congress photo courtesy Google Images.

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