PPI WL…NFN & Sheri Nott Criminal or Just Stupid???

269136_219627634742228_2753868_nNational Field Network…or is it National Fraud Network (NFN)??? I’ll let you be the judge. Perhaps we can ask Sheri Nott or one of the other C-Level employees at NFN would care to make a statement?? I have an official media request in to Sheri Nott, we’ll see if she will responds or will the muzzle she has on everyone working under her supervision of theft be placed on herself?

Here is the blurb on the NFN page …

With extensive experience in vendor management, operations, risk mitigation, job automation and field services, Ms. Nott launched National Field Network in 2010. She has assembled a team of highly experienced managers who have been in the industry as both servicers and clients. She is using this firsthand knowledge to build technology that completely automates property preservation. “All of us at National Field Network have been there and done that – and with the Private Label Field Service solution we have a better way,” said Ms. Nott.

With twenty years experience as a senior mortgage operations executive, Shari Nott has spent her career in mortgage operations and banking, including as Vice President of Operations for First American, COO at Ward Associates and as Vice President Portfolio Integration and Vendor Management for Cenlar, FSB. An accomplished self-starter with outstanding leadership, process management and vision, Ms. Nott generates optimum productivity and performance excellence within any organization.

I took the liberty of highlighting Ms. Nott’s quote. I’m guessing her the solution she speaks of is to pay herself and not labor. Quick question to Labor…Do you think the C-Level employees at these Offender Member organizations don’t get paid? Of course Sheri  Nott pays herself and her employees as if she didn’t she would have to address things with the Labor Commissioner and not be able to steal over FIVE MILLION DOLLARS FROM LABOR.

On Sheri Nott’s LinkedIn profile page there is this tidbit…



Success has come from properly balancing financial needs and operational requirements of an organization.

Guessing that means that Sheri’s needs come before paying Labor. Those that make it possible for her to generate revenues to have her quaint office decorating parties.

Sources speaking on the condition of anonymity have stated that not only have they not been paid, however, when  they call  to  speak  with their representative, or in  the MFS industry, their ”Vendor Manager”, they have been informed…

So in So is in ”Stress Management Therapy” class. Perhaps if Sherry made sure Labor was paid stress management therapy wouldn’t be necessary. Perhaps If Sheri Nott did away with all the office decorating and internal employee decorating parties, Labor could be paid and Sheri Nott would not owe out close to $5 MILLION to Labor.

NFN is about to join the ranks of the other notorious Offender Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services. You all remember the disgraced Secretary Heather Berghorst of Berghorst Enterprises, the Buczek’s, Mathis and Lambert, SEAS, Keystone, the Hummel Affect, MRS and Cheap Suit Jay?? Yes they were all under the watchful eye of Eric Miller while collecting his over ONE HUNDRED TWENTY THOUSAND DOLLAR salary to be a crime supervisor. Pretty easy gig if you ask me.

Just sit back collect your money and tell everyone…”We’re the premier Trade Association of the MFS, We’re not a policing agency”. Not a policing agency are you now??? No your 100% correct Mr. Miller. You’re a Co-Conspirator to Fraud in the Inducement, Embezzlement, Fraud, Attempt to Commit Fraud, and I’m pretty sure that I have left something out, since I’m not a Prosecuting Attorney, I just supply information for them to use.

20160605_064126(1)What is so disgusting and appalling about this whole mess is the fact this is not NFN’s first go round with screwing Labor out of monies. Many remember the Buczek fiasco, NFN caused their insolvency issues which led to a six figure settlement with the State of California. What I find so puzzling is how has Sherry Nott has even been able to be in this position once again? One would think that you would learn a lesson the first time round and correct the rudder on the ship sort of speak. One would also think Labor would pull their collective heads out of their butts and tell companies like this to get real, but no, they line up and bend over and scream DO ME WITH NO GREASE!!!!!!

So just how well is NAMFS’s “Business Development” program? Are there no accountants in the organization? Are there no Consultants in the organization? Do they not have discussions with Lawyers? Are they so stupid they cannot figure out the square peg does not go in the round hole?? We know from past records that Eric Miller had knowledge of Joseph Hummel’s fiduciary indiscretions and allowed him to be part of Business Development writing illegal back charging policies. Many still remember when the Hummel Affect swept the PPI with his elaborate embezzlement system of Back Charging after inspections and services had been approved by the client. So is this what Mr. Miller allows as Business Development? Teaching companies how to be criminals and steal from Labor? Have to ask this question… What can one expect from members of an organization that promotes this guy???

I’m not sure how much longer people like Eric Miller can turn the blind eye to the criminal activity his Offender Members are committing on a daily basis. As one whom has spent a good portion of my adult life as a guest of various Gov’na’s…I get no joy watching anyone go to jail, no matter how well deserved the stay is. However, in the case of Eric Miller and low class uncouth dog feces that are the people that Mr. Miller observes every day stealing from Labor, given the fact that Mr. Miller has had six years now to stop what is going on and create REAL INDUSTRY LEADING TRADE ASSOCIATION…no I will rub my chin and say “I told you so” when the dust settles. There will be satisfaction when there are photos of Miller in cuffs.

For the past six years now I and Foreclosurepedia have been asking for one thing. Bring Labor to the table and treat them with the respect they deserve. Miller’s response? “F*** Boots on the Ground, If I hear Boots on the Ground one more time I’ll scream”…he was heard to say at an NAMFS event. The problem Miller has now??? The Boots on the Ground are marching to his doorstep and they want justice.

But let’s forget about how stupid Miller is in respect to stopping the Offender Members from stealing for a bit and get back to NFN…The National Fraud Network. Not only has NFN allowed; but NFN created Fraud within their payment system by refusing to pay for trip fees because Contractors did not use materials or supplies when going to a property under the direction Sheri Nott. Contractors, again under color of anonymity state that they are creating damages to “use” supplies, or have work so they don’t create deficits for their company. Now Sheri Nott knows she has a problem or we…I and Foreclosurepedia would not be writing about her insane company policies and how she has put into motion a payment system that promotes defrauding the United States Government and Labor. In addition a couple years ago Sheri Nott was quoted as saying…

Certain industry leaders have with malice and forethought, kept you cash tight and indentured to them.  When you dare to fight for equity, they have replaced you as an honest hardworking contractor with thugs and transients.  They are morally corrupt and attempting to steal your integrity.  These industry leaders from the Midwest know they are forcing you to lie, cheat and short cut to make ends meet based on the fees they pay, and they are happy with themselves over this.

Guess that mindset has moved to the Jersey Shores of the East Coast.

Now according to the NFN website, Sheri Nott has extensive experience in vendor manipulation…I mean management. Just thinking out loud here but this is where things get dicey. Extensive experience would indicate that Sheri Nott is well versed in all the methodologies to scam Labor, after all she claims over twenty years experience at it. What I have to ask is who will run to the district attorney and attorney general first? Who is going to protect themselves at the expense of the rest? Which one of her minions will break and give it all up…my phone and emails are waiting and yes as a member of the media I can provide anonymity.

NFN is officially being placed on the PPI Watch List. If you are owed monies and said monies are past the due date, NFN has violated the terms of your contract and I suggest you file liens on everything you’re owed on…in addition find out if NFN is actually licensed to conduct business in your state.

Will Sheri Nott escape justice? Will Eric Miller be held accountable as an accessory to Fraud in the Inducement? Will the other Offender Members become part of a chain gang in a Labor Camp? That would be justice. The thieves having to perform hard labor for FREE!!!!

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Written by: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs courtesy NFN website and Aaron Aveiro

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