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Offender members stealing from this country’s Vets

Boy ya know sometimes I feel like a prophet, well that’s cuz I just get lucky,  ya you know like the dog that gets a piece of the warm sidewalk every now and then. We wrote about NFN Now LLC and the possibility of them being insolvent and wouldn’t you know bingo I get bombarded with nonpayment issue concerning NFN Now LLC. A couple years ago I wrote about how one could become a millionaire by becoming an Offender Member of the National Association of Mortgage Filed Services, or now commonly referred to as National Association of Management For Stealing. Remember Folks, should you need to do anything in the legal front that NFN no longer exists, NFN Now LLC et.al. is whom you’ll need to sue. Dores this qualify me as a Prophet?

When I went back to review the articles, low and behold there was Offender Member, Shari Nott and NFN. Not sure if that makes me an “Official Prophet”.  However, for the past five years there have been issues with getting paid from this second tier Offender Member. The difference this time being there is scuttlebutt that upper management has grave concerns about being paid. Although I have to wonder since Shari Nott will not allow anyone to speak to media including herself perhaps Shari has “leaked” the scuttlebutt so as she can go play in Vegas with Cheap Suit Jay?? Now correct me if I’m wrong, I believe that’s where all the skimming money goes is through Vegas right??? Unless of course you’re in Colorado then you just build three million dollar homes like the good folks at CWIS do instead of paying Labor. The articles I refer to can be read here and here. You be the judge, Prophet or did I just get lucky.

And now a word from our sponsor…

Claims of upward of $500,000.00 dollars is owed for over 90 days to a handful of small businesses across the country. From the Sunshine State to the Golden State up into Apple Country NFN has stroked the very people that allow Shari Nott and company to live high on the hog while owing MILLIONS.

Has Ms Nott made me a Prophet by stealing my theory???

Reports have been circulating for a while now about insolvency of this company with a proven failed business model. How much long can the National Association of Management For Stealing tread water?

My gut feeling is that should those that are owed get this company into the courts across the country the Crime Lord Eric Miller will have a very difficult time not being named an accomplice to the fiduciary crimes that will most certainly be filed in several states. Let’s not forget the courts have excellent memories and NFN was behind Buczek going belly up and there is no doubt the name came up in proceedings. But that’s none of my business…nor does that make me a Prophet, damn you Mr. Miller.

So at this point one has to wonder is there another “Super Regional” Offender Member that will go belly up while Shari and company go on about their merry little way. One never really knows about this type of activity. Then again the layered payment system of you get paid when we get paid is nothing more than opening the vault for theft.

Now I’m not sure why anyone, well I do understand how the numbers get so high so fast. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is why you do not accept…We’ll Pay you when we get paid. It is this scenario that allows me Prophet Status as it is very easy to predict outcomes.

I might think different if there was transparency. But there is not. What I find so disturbing even one of the most respected company owners in the industry, Brian Mingham has even gone this route. Why??? Because of the mess NAMFS, the National Association of Management For Stealing, created with the multiple layering of the industry so Eric Miller could receive raise after raise and supervise the members like Cheap Suit Jay steal from Labor.

Perhaps someday Labor will be allowed by Eric Miller to sit at the table. That day will probably come after Mr. Miller has been arrested for Accessory to all the crimes he is currently supervising. Funny Mr. Miller has been given opportunity after opportunity to open his yap and say enough to salvage is career. Guess he likes the idea of Bubba waking him up in the morning. But hey, that’s none of my business.

The fact that an organization can have a membership as corrupt as NAMFS is absolutely beyond me. I guess it is nothing more than “like minded” people hanging out together. When I see things like the Mickey ale Snow issue and think of all the time that Miller has tried to shut me up by having people bring up my past it always amazes me. Anyone know where Mutt and Jeff are? For that matter any of the idiots that illegally posted information about me? They have all faded into obscurity.

Now I see that NAMFS once again is making a run with education. Once again Mr. Miller is pulling out the same ‘ol repertoire of BS on how they are going to educate the masses. I’m guessing that Mr. Miller has forgotten that by “selling” an unaccredited education program that he will effectively turn NAMFS into a profit center. However, considering the many companies that are fleeing the grasp of the graft from the upper Offender Members. Compound this fact that the organization is struggling financially, as members dummy up and say good riddance to the Theft by Deception and Fraud in the Inducement. It’s no wonder Mr. Miller has to find other revenue stream to keep his annual salary coming in that has doubles since he took office.

Now this recommendation I know does not make me a Prophet but it sure will make look like I know what I’m talking about. If you’re looking for some sort of educational & training material contact John Allen at NAARPI International

But hey I’m gonna go get me a Root Beer Float and me and Wilson are going to watch some BBQ and Fireworks and celebrate Independence day.

In closing all I can say if you are owed any amount of money, I’ll place a lien for a $50 grass cut if you try to screw me…place a lien on any property that is past your contractual payment agreement.

Before I get out of here I must than Mz J up in Oregon for this week’s humor moment. Seems that last week a year after Mz J’s company quit accepting work order from 5 Brothers, the company that has so many lawsuits against them lawyers are having to take a number and stand in line to sue them. Well this is just too good to pass up.

Seem that Mz j received a back charge from 5 brothers this past week. Now keep in mind she has not worked for the siblings in over a year. Here is a couple of the comments when I spoke to Mz J.

Q…5brothers has attempted to get you to do free work, yet you no longer work for them?

Well yes, that would be the crux of the latest email demand. The call backs. Seriously. Got one to replace a fence at my cost because when we were there last (a year ago) we didn’t report it. A year ago it didn’t need replaced and there was a trash out by someone else since then who threw a bunch of the fencing out. Insane.

Q… Are they attempting to do a charge back?

If I don’t go replace the fence for free, they will do a charge back. I haven’t worked for them in almost a year and they don’t owe me any money. I told them to charge away…

Talk about dumb as a box of rocks. This weeks Prophet award goes to the idiot cubical  paraphyletic primates at 5 Brothers…

New Kids on the Block

On brighter note this Independence Day Weekend. There is a company out there that is asking for Preservation services by the name of Vision Property Management. Questions were coming in so I started digging around a little bit. Now I’m not sure if these folks have figured out that the Emplactors of the PPI will work for dirt cheap if they got lucky??? From their Website”

Founded in 2004, Vision Property is a family owned and operated business and the country’s largest provider of affordable Lease-to-Own property opportunities.  We take great pride in creating an available inventory of affordable homes for individuals and families that may not currently qualify for conventional property purchases due to various employment, health, divorce or other financial reasons.

Vision is a national real estate investment management firm focused on single family residential properties.  As an owner/operator, Vision acquires, manages, services, and disposes of assets alongside of its institutional and mid-tier strategic capital partners.

From a Company performing services for VPM:

We have been doing work for these guys for a couple of years. We were looking for another option to the nationals and gave them a try. They are basically a hedge fund buying properties in blocks then reselling them on contract.

They don’t have much volume, they try to lowball prices, we basically have to renegotiate every order or refuse it. They do pay and they pay like clockwork but the way they do it is difficult to track.

My advice on these guys is if you have other things going skip them. If you NEED the additional work their work is easy and the pic requirements are minimal. You won’t be doing any work besides grass cuts, wints, lock changes, placing their signs.

The guy to ask for down there is Jim Anderson. Super nice guy.

Hope this helps.


Apparently VPM purchases blocks of real estate. In those blocks they get some distressed properties and some decent properties. I’ve been to a couple of decent ones but the majority were in poor condition.

The way they make money is rent to own. They purchase the properties for a very low price. They get a down payment that in many cases covers their cost for the property. Then they get the monthly payment and that is all profit. IMHO eventually the occupant defaults they get another strong deposit and get more monthly payments which is even more profit. sort of a lesson from the Too Big TOO fail folks…

But they do pay if the come knocking at your door. that is always a good thing.

On that note folks it’s definitely time to go get some Linguesa and eggs and do some Rootbeer Floarts with Wilson…Hope you all enjoy this celebration of AMERICA.


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

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