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Contact us today for your consultation.
Contact us today for your consultation.

Well now. For those of you whom have sent inquiries.Thank you. I have been cconducting  some various activities and working on refining my Business 101 package. Yes as is said. That’s Business.

And for those if you whom wish I would climb back under a rock…I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!!
Hello Shari thieving Nott and today we’re gonna speak about the Offender Member NVMS. Seems that both of these companies have decided to enrich themselves by cheating labor out if monies. How can I say that? That’s Business.
However, before we speak about That’s Business as usual of Thieving Offender Members of the National Association of Management For Stealing, lets talk about the new Aspen Grove Solutions development for bilking the industry’s Emplactors in their quest for making everyone a fricken employee. If the entire industry does not say no to this development then you are very stupid or you’re lying to yourself about your function and position in the PPI. … No if and or buts. That’s Business.

First NAMES violates all the 501c3 rules when they demand you take and pass their education courses that they stole from Rob Preston over at Fury Learning then to add insult to injury they demand you take the program to become “certified”. Let Eric tell it, That’s Business.
Ladies and Gentlemen…they can not certify you because they are not accredited. This means Aspen Grove CANNOT CERTIFY you either, they are not an education provider, as matter  of fact I bet they really are not qualified to conduct ethical background investigations. They are in a foreign country, Ireland I believe. In addition they have forged documents on record with four different states. But that’s none if my business. That’s Business.
However…none of this may mean squat to the bean counters at the Too Big Too Fail table at this years Fraud Fest after the Courts Decision yesterday in the state of Washington. As I reported on America Matters AM News this morning, via Washington ruled that everything, all work inspections, lawn cuts, lick changes, winterizations etc. being done on the “Pre-foreclosure” in the Property Preservation Industry is in fact illegal. This is something myself and my colleague have been saying for 5 years now. While I have not been pinpoint accurate as Foreclourepedia has been over the years, I never-the-less have stated over and over that everyone in PPI is an employee without benefits.
Keep that in mind as you scratch your head about the independent contractor issue as Aspen Grove and the criminal supervisor of NAMES, Eric ‘the crime boss” Miller, attempts to force everyone to take their stolen education module. Keep this in mind as they tell you it’s for the betterment of the industry. Keep this in mind when they tell you it’s for the “preferred insurance” providers. Keep this in mind as we start watching the National Association if Management For Stealing, Offender Members not pay you and try to charge you $50,000 dollars because you went to an attorney and they claim you violated your contract. That would be the illegal contract you signed in the Offender Member’s instance to receive work orders. That’s Business of an illegal nature.
Yes, keep all that in mind as they keep you in the dark on business matters. I have long stated I can train a dog to pick crap up and put it in the truck…I can train a monkey to clean the ceiling fans…but I can not teach them to perform a break even analysis or a break even point analysis on bulk services. That’s Business functions they do not want you to understand.

THAT’S BUSINESS…Are you Business Savvy??????

I would like to ask all you Mom & Pop companies a few questions before I get out of here today.
Are you struggling to stay within local rules, laws, and regulations and make the PPI numbers work?
Do you truly understand the intricacies if business?
Do you know how to find out if you will lose money on a service before you accept the work order?
Would you like too?
On this site you will find a video that explains and demonstrates break even point. If you’d like more Business 101 type information. My gift to Labor in the PPI this month of August….free Business 101 consultation….contact me today and set up an appointment…and dint forget FAST.
As I field calls and emails on the actions of the offender members I’ll say it again, if you’re owed money, and said amounts are past due, lien the property. Period…least many of you forget I started writing AFTER our company was blacked-balled. That happened because one of  the bigger Offender Members tried to screw us on our money and I placed a lien on 42 properties we we’re owed money on.
That’s Business
And that’s my message for labor today.
Until Next Time
Happy Gardening

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