Pecuniary Greed & Our Food Supply

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In this edition on Whom do Your Elected Officials Represent??? We’ll take a look at some Good, some Bad, and of course some Ugly. The fact they all are playing out in front of our eyes like some strange out of control science fiction movie is nothing mire the Pecuniary Greed involved in selling one chemical, glyphosate.
Let’s get the ugly out of the way. Below is an excerpt from an article out today, it is actually the Bad, the remedy is the Ugly…

..You’d like to think there are certain types of corporate malfeasance that really only exist in the realm of Hollywood fantasy. For example, the soulless biotech company that, through a combination of shortsighted greed and scientific hubris, decides to play God with Mother Nature—only to unleash a host of unintended consequences, which said company then refuses to acknowledge and instead continues to pursue its reckless technology to devastating ends. Sounds like the plotline of dozens upon dozens of dystopian sci-fi flicks, right? Or maybe it’s justsuperng saga of Monsanto and the super-weeds.
Yes, the story has taken far longer to unfold than any feature film, but still, your average teen who’s taken a semester of biological sciences would get the gist in a flash: A generation ago, Monsanto rolled out its patented line of genetically engineered crops that, in a (diabolical?) bit of corporate synergy, were designed to survive being doused with the company’s trademark weed killer Roundup, made with the herbicide glyphosate……


Funny reading that today, as a short while back I penned and published a piece about how science fiction was playing out right in front if our eyes courtesy Monsanto and the Pecuniary Greed of our elected officials. I certainly hope people make a statement at the polls this year. The remedy is to bring back a highly volatile and already known seriously toxic chemical 24D, or as the Vietnam era folk know as Agent Orange.
It’s one thing to make a decision based on fact, to make the same decision out of sheer Pecuniary Greed, well when you hold office, that is the definition of GRAFT. The reality folks, graft in the political system is illegal . So do we have 50 states Attorney General’s looking the other way to crimes being committed against their state? I believe so.

Ladies and Gentlemen…if 90% of us want something and our elected officials vote exactly opposite of that want…not only have they not fulfilled their duty to the people that provided them the avenue to obtain a free ride for their lazy arises for life, they have also disrespected them also, might as well just spit in their face and slap it and right now that is the sentiment on how just about everyone feels about the current state if affairs with the food labeling issue.
One of the biggest dichotomies over this issue is truly understanding the who, what, and why of what we are dealing with.
The Who…The Monsanto Propaganda Machine…would have you believe that rubbing two flowers together, basically sexual intercourse in the plant kingdom is the same as using a gene gun that does some sort if biolistically bomb l’ll allow Gavin to explain it…Gavin really does a much better job than I. In doing so he

Radio advertising. Inquire today
Radio advertising. Inquire today

destroys all the Steven Savage’s with PhD’s in biology illusions that they are trying to assist the lay person in understanding GMO. Technology…. I say this with all due respect…just because one has a scientific degree, well they can still be bought, when that happens a long convoluted process of Misdirection by misinformation starts to be accepted as fact…yes part of the Bad by the Who.

Here is the closing paragraph of an article Gavin n penned.
In conclusion; it is clear that the industry which has built up around rDNA technology (through its carelessness, fraud and deceit) has been involved in the subverting of science and the cause of substantial damage to human life all in the name of profit and politics. The fact is that the methods (rDNA tech) and practices of the biotech industry (have been and continue to be) unscientific and irresponsible. There is a substantial amount of evidence to show that food which is derived from GMOs is unsafe, and zero legitimate evidence that has proven its safety for long term consumption by humans or livestock.

You can read the rest of the article here

This is one of the better common sense articles that I have read in my 6 years of covering this subject matter. This is part of the good.
The second part of the good…Applegate Farms Meats announced they will be offering their customers the best organically raised meats using no GMO grains for feed, antibiotics, chemical nitrites, or nitrates in the process in addition having regular unannounced inspections using the Non GMO Project Verification organization. Applegate will also give the people what they want, proper food labeling.
This flies right in the face of the GMA and what The Big 6 Agro-chemical companies want, of course that is to keep you in the dark about GMO’s and the hazards they present to our health. Keep in mind those profiting from this technology will be gone soon . Of course they will leave their riches to their offspring Their offspring will watch yours parish from the ill’s of their patents…Teach Your Children Well, their health depends on it. That said…..
I contacted the media department at Applegate, when I ask how they arrived at their decision on labeling and transparency there was a pause … Well, its what our customers are demanding, its what the people want.
Now I could be wrong but bet they pick a customers up. Bet the food companies that say to hell with this charade, lets give the people what they want. Make no mistake ladies and gentlemen…every food producing company understands and knows why this labeling issue has divided the country just like Shillary Monsanto and The Donald has. You can bet they also understand what’s a stake. What I can’t understand is the fact food companies have waited this long?

After all its been 25 years since Michael Taylor gave us the “Substantially Equivalent” lie…ummmm…line with absolutely no testing what so ever. A fact that the current EPA Ching-a-dera Gina McCarthy recently confirmed. Since the numbers have not changed for some time…why???? Why indeed has become the question. As a constituent I have the right to know why my representative voted or abstained from a vote as well as why they vote yes. So perhaps it’s time to seriously have our Elected Officials on some sort of “performance rating”. Seriously what’s good for the goose is good for the gander…bet Hillary does a young stud muffin in the oval office…but didn’t our elected officials create “performance ratings” attached to money in our nations public school system’s teachers?
Perhaps that’s how We the People stop the Pecuniary Greed that has consumed everyone in Washington DC and has created a division in this country. Pecuniary Greed, makes strange bed fellows. Pecuniary Greed, has created the collapse of our public school system. Pecuniary Greed has crippled our government agencies created to protect us from harm. Pecuniary Greed has cost numerous lives over lies stated to justify war. Yes Pecuniary Greed, keeps the 1% separated from the 99%.

Hummmmmmmmm just some late night hump day fodder….
Until Next Time
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