NAMFS Offender Members Cost HUD 2.09 BILLION


This past week has seen a lot of activity in the Property Preservation Industry. Sources have been sending information from NAMFS Offender Members suing each other while a 264 million dollar contract sits on the table unserviced then the OIG states…

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), Office of Inspector General audited HUD to determine whether it paid servicers’ claims for properties that did not foreclose or convey on time. We initiated this audit due to concerns that HUD overpaid servicers’ claims for FHA insurance benefits.
HUD paid claims for an estimated 239,000 properties that servicers did not foreclose upon or convey on time. HUD paid an estimated $141.9 million for servicers’ claims for unreasonable and unnecessary debenture interest that was incurred after the missed foreclosure or conveyance deadline and an estimated $2.09 billion for servicers’ claims for unreasonable and unnecessary holding costs that were incurred after the deadline to convey.
We recommend that HUD issue a change to 24 CFR (Code of Federal Regulations) Part 203, which corrects deficiencies that allowed an estimated $2.23 billion in unreasonable and unnecessary costs to the FHA insurance fund. These changes include a maximum period for filing insurance claims and disallowance of expenses incurred beyond established timeframes. We recommend that HUD develop a strategic information technology plan to make significant operational changes to HUD’s monitoring of single-family conveyance claims to ensure that servicers comply with foreclosure and conveyance timeframes. We also recommend that HUD develop and implement controls to identify noncompliance with current regulations at 24 CFR 203.402.

An example of one of these Offender Members managed properties can be seen here.

Keep in mind ladies and gentlemen, that 2.09 BILLION, you and me, the tax payers. Who do you think the Offender Members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services wants to blame??? As always with Eric Miller and the nepotism network of Offender Members thieves Miller supervises on a daily basis, Labor.
Make no mistake about this organization of cut throat bottom feeders. They will find away to blame Labor for their illegal actions. They will attempt to pass the buck and act as if the powers to be “made them do it”. They will say anything. To avoid culpability for their criminal activity.
However, I think different…No I believe we’re going to see some change. Albeit forced change as the gutless Eric Miller is not smart enough to supervise constructive change.
There may also possibly be some charges. As the debate time approaches I’m guessing Millerand the criminal Offender Members is pulling up a seat hoping Shillary Clinsanto does well after all she has mortgage and FBI buddies that Miller may be able to end round things should he be able to grab an assist from Wells Fargo, another Offender Member of the National Association of Management For Stealing,(NAMFS) .
Also of note this week a ruling from the Nevada State Supreme Court should have a serious bearing on the PPI.

Owners, contractors and subcontractors need to be aware that they may be liable for liens on a project even if proper contract payments were made. This is true even if an unconditional release has been received because lower-tiered contractors must actually receive payment for work that benefits the owners, contractors or subcontractors…

Wonder which of the Offender Members will be the first Offender Member to get slapped for not paying a Nevada PPI Contractor??? Which of the Offender Members do you think it will be?? This ruling opens doors for slam dunk cases. If you’re literate and can fill out a form you should be able to collect, that if you have the guts to actually demand your money. So many people eat contracts so they won’t rock the boat. Afraid they won’t get any more work orders they won’t get paid for completing.
As more court cases and investigation start coming to fruition involving Offender Members one has to wonder where Miller’s head is??? I would have thought the Hurst v Buczek case would have woke him up and and adjustments would have been made. No, but then Pecuniary Greed never thinks rationally. No, Pecuniary Greed just like the Offender Members continue to say feed me.
It will be very interesting to see how things with Crono Solutions, Q Integrated, Matt Martin Real Estate, and Caliber all plays out. After all 264 million dollar contract currently sits helplessly on the table while any fines for late services HUD will be forced to pick up, ie…the tax payers. Same people that will pick up Well Fargo’s fines for cheating people, but that’s none of our business.
As always folks you can catch my daily updates on American Matters AMNews or stop by Foreclosurepedia for the latest in breaking news on the Offender Members in the PPI.
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