PPI Breaking News!!!!! Aspen Grove Green Lights Financial & Violent Crimes

xacd [640x480]A flurry of illegal activity this morning, courtesy the Offender Members of the Nepotistic Association of Management For Stealing, is once again upon us. Once again Eric Miller is turning a blind eye to crime so he and other Offender Members can steal from Labor. Yes once again Aspen Grove Solutions fails as they green light FINANCIAL & VIOLENT crimes down in North Carolina.
My guess is that Miller is praying Soros is right and Shillary Clinsanto is a done deal and they are warming the chair for her crooked ass in the oval office. Word is currently circulating that you can pass Aspen Grove Solutions’ back ground check with financial and VIOLENT crimes. Financial and violent crimes…I told someone I would not go here but here I go….

Mr Miller you’re officially being called out. As member of Labor and on behalf of all members of Labor in the PPI….Prove to us once and for all you are not making back room deals and receiving financial kick backs from the shady lot of Offender Members of the NAMFS Membership.

PPI Watch List Honorary Inductee. EDNAMFS For knowingly Allows members to skirt business laws.
Eric Miller. Oversees the criminal network called National Association of Mortgage Field Services or NAMFS

In addition to the afore mentioned Aspen Grove issues going on in North Carolina we get to go to up to the land of a thousand lakes and we find Michael Breeze writing bad checks on a bogus bank account attached to a vacant lot. .. That’s right ladies and gentleman a vavant lit is the business address for Michael Breeze. Another Aspen Grove green light, Mr. Breeze.
Mr. Miller you are culpable here you are an accomplice. Here is my offer to you…grant me an exclusive interview to ease your conscience. This will show prosecutors that you at least have a conscience and will assist in minimizing your  damages.

As always folks you can catch me live on America Matters Media AMNews …normally…between 7:30 and the 8AM hour Monday through Friday. .. Your up to the minute PPI  NEWS. GO HERE
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