The Vanishing of the Bees….

A lot has been said in recent years about the decline of the Honey Bees. For whatever reason it may be. There has been studies and reasoning from the Varroa Mite to cell phones as to the cause…everything but the truth. One could call the Honey Bee the celebrity of the pollinators. After all we get one of the worlds oldest food and health & bueaty items mentioned in history from the Honey Bee. Honey has been found in the Great Pyramids of Egypt that was still edible after thousands of years in a vessel to accompany one of the many Pharos laid to rest in one of the worlds greatest architectural marvels.
Varroa mites are external parasites that attack both honey bees and brood. They suck the blood from both the adults and developing brood, especially drone brood. This weakens and shortens the bee’s life. Emerging brood may be deformed with missing legs or wings. Untreated infestations of varroa mites will increase and may kill colonies. If the colonies are not examined for mites, losses may be mistaken for winter mortality or queenlessness.
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Almond Production

The Monoculture….some business model. Bigger machine, fancier technology all equate into bigger profits.The fact is almost every food we enjoy, fruits, nuts, vegetables, all that stuff mom used to make you eat “cuz it’s good for you” has become a monoculture scenario when it comes to production. I’m not real sure when this became the norm for food production. Still not understanding why Kansas and Nebraska have to grow the worlds corn supply every year. Whether the monoculture is an Almond Orchard or a field of Strawberries the lack of diversity eventually catches up to the elements that are critical for sustainable care of the land.

Strawberry Production

We the People actually need to become Cognizant Stewards of the Earth, as we know the wonderful Agrochemical monstrosities that are intent in taking control of the food supply only care about profits today and could actually care less what they leave for their children.
While the vast majority of the attention has been given to the Honey Bees, there is a much bigger picture when it comes to pollinators. Monocultures create the need for one thing…the crop. GMO Technology has given us the ability to produce the one thing in the most cost efficient method. In addition the need for commercial bee pollination has become critical. Some commercial beekeepers have up to 7,000 hives.

Commercial bee keeping

Problem with that is that the collateral damage has been overlooked by the very agencies, The FDA, the USDA, The EPA designed to protect the Environment and Food Supply. Our collective Regulatory Agencies get as far as, well it looks safe for humans, so it must be OK. Forget that testing of the environment takes time we must have approval today for our poisons or we lose money. That is what Monsanto said when Georgie Senior said…You need to call me. We’re in the DE-REG business…

One thing I have paid attention to is the Bees as I have traveled from the West Coast to the Midwest. The closer I have gotten to the Mighty Mississippi the fewer Bees there seems to be. Today I attended a Bee workshop put on at the 16th annual Health & Wellness Expo at the Abou Ben Adhem Kerak Shrine Temple ( a architectural gem from the annals of history that I will discuss in a Special Report tomorrow), The Vanishing Bees,
You can see the Movie The Vanishing of the Bees in an Education version here about 35 mminutes
or in a full length International version for $20 here.

This presentation given to a receptive crowd of mainly local folks was organized by The Green Earth & Peaceful Diversity Society. With Drew Holt , Western Ozark Waters Coordinator, The Nature Conservancy moderated this presentation.
The Panel included some very knowledgeable people in their respective fields. Brian Edmond, Habitat restoration, a board member of the Missouri Prairie Foundation & Missouri Native Plant Foundation.
Jeffery Maddox, owner of, Jessie Harworth, Master Naturalist-Urban Outreach, and Shelly Vaugine, Master gardener and Co-Founder of Springfield Community Gardens.
After listening to each give a introductory presentation on themselves I came away still asking…
WHOM DO YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS REPRESENT??? That was the take away. I say this because it is our elected officials that have become victims of something Monsanto et al have been able to successfully tap into, a defect in The nature of the Beast if you will, Pecuniary Greed. The very agencies and Elected Officials that are supposed to do our bidding and protect us have been purchased by the highest bidders to do their bidding regardless of the consequences to the cost of human health. Then again the Chemical company’s always have a chemical to counter the side effects of the latest chemical they wish to stuff down your throat.
Back to monocultures for a minute. In order for a monoculture to be successful systemic methods must be employed. Whether the systemic method be one of feeding the plants or insecticides they are systemic none-the-less. The feeding isn’t so much the problem as the insecticides are. Now let us make no mistake here. The products are scientifically sound. They perform as they are designed. They are designed to kill insects. I’m guessing that someone forgot to inform the wonderful scientists at Bayer & Monsanto that Bees and Butterflies and the other many critters that assist in pollinating our food plants are also insects.
For any scientist to simply ignore this fact and the companies themselves have their lawyers argue it’s safe for humans is in and of itself ludicrous. Make no mistake these folks know exactly what they are doing. The chemical industry gathers some of the brightest minds on the planet to work for them. For anyone to say they do not know the end game is just plain stupid. And in my humble opinion those that wish to accept revenues to assist the propaganda game …. You can fill that blank in. Where the Monsanto Propaganda Machine members like Kavin Senapathy or Nick with Know Ideas Media continue to spread the drivel that glyphosate is safe…sad really when you think about it. They are willing to accept monies to spread blatant lies and assist companies like Monsanto all the time claiming to hate these company’s, these are people who ignore the obvious…common sense.
Ladies and Gentlemen…use a little common sense and step back from the emotional charged arguments that dictate you must have a PhD to comprehend GMO technology and because you are “scientifically illiterate” you must have someone like Kavin, a science communicator, or Nick an Agriculture communicator to explain thing to you in layman terms.


Allow us to stop and consider these two vital positions in our media today. Until the Agrochemical Company’s muddied the waters with disinformation, soiled academia, perverted science we never needed people to “explain” our food to us. Until Monsanto & Bayer et al purchased their science, wrote their own studies, purchased our Elected Officials and the Regulatory Agencies we did not need anyone to explain how our food was being produced to us. Guess that is their way of assisting our unemployment issues here in the USA.

What I find so ironic about these wonderful “Communicators” they don’t haareto have degrees in the area they are explaining. One only has to perform a search on the phrase “Science Communicator” to understand the ironic oxy-moronish position in society this really is.
When you get involved in discussion threads and they tell you how superior their intellect they is to yours. How you must be afraid of science because you don’t want poison in your food. How you have to be so stupid that you cannot possibly understand that putting poison in the plant is safe and does not end up on the table… I simply remind them what goes in the dirt goes on the table. Common Sense. Some how our education system has gotten so wrapped up in confusing six, seven and eight year olds about which bathroom to use they no longer educate our youth in rational deduction.
Yes as one can see this is not a simple subject. Food production has become huge crazy profit driven industry. Food production has become insane. Recently I did an interview with Sheena Alexandra from Sydney Australia, she asked me…What can people do to protect themselves from toxic GMO foods…
Know Your Farmer Know Your Food was my response as everything on the shelves in your local grocery store has ingredients containing the chemical glyphosate. `Unfortunately even Honey.
There are some wonderful local programs to assist in bring back pollinators. Remember when you change local plants to imported plants you change the local Eco System. With those changes you get bugs and other critters that may not belong. You create an imbalance.

Does this mean you should not grow your vegetable garden??? Oh HELLNO!!!!! However, you should learn what plants are local to your region so you have the local pollinators do so e of the work.

When I listen and analyze this subject I’m reminded of the song we sang in third grade music class…I know an Ol’ Lady that swallowed a fly….The song about eating the entire food chain to rid oneself of the fly…That song is not far from reality today. When you remove an insect from the food chain other critters go hungry. They don’t out breed their food supply like humans do. They just die because the humans decided to have convenience.

Until Next Time
Happy gardening

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