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Brenadine “Work for me for Free” Biafore

For years I have been writing and providing commentary on the ills of the Property Preservation Industry (PPI) over the misclassification of employees at the hands of the membership of the infamous national Association of Mortgage Field Service, (NAMFS). It has gotten so bad I have coined the term “Emplactor”** and “National Association of Management For Stealing”.
I have spoken out on why it is important to file complaints and go on record. I have spoken out on why one needs not to be afraid of work loads being cut, their business being hurt, filing liens to collect debts. Sometimes it seems like it all falls on deaf ears. Sometimes it becomes rewarding that someone finds something I said useful.
Today I’m going to talk about Pattern Of Behavior (POB). POB is something that is repetitious, an action repeated again and again. Prosecutors look for POB and use POB to justify asking the courts for longer prison sentience’s on criminal offenders. Recently Paul Manafort became victim to POB, over his lavish lifestyle.
Seems that Bernadine Beafore a Real Estate Agent with the Signature Real Estate Group . located in Henderson Nevada, Her Real Estate License Number 34373 (which comes up blank on, has a serious POB of wanting work and services done and not paying for it.

Whether in her capacity as a vendor for Safeguard Properties,(SGP), or in her capacity as a private citizen.
Some of you may remember a few years back Bernadine was the SGP vendor I shadowed in the field to see why SGP’s field work was so subpar. When you say you have winterized a property without making sure the water heater is emptied or the lines are clear, at Lake Tahoe, Nevada, with an elevation of 7-8,000 feet, with temperatures below zero for weeks on end in the winter time no less….yes quite an experience one could say. I was so appalled I reported not once but twice, now for a third time Bernadine has come up on the radar with Signature Real Estate Group. While this incident appears to outside the scope of being an agent with Signature and more of recruiting in her personal capacity for her personal gain on her own home, none the less she is once again in the process of cheating people she entered into agreements with out of their monies after said individuals invested in materials to complete work loads and services.
Being involved in the PPI for so long Bernadine found out how easy it is to beat one out of revenues they earn. Recently I was contacted via our website feature Speakpipe. The parties contacting me were in fact investigating a complaint about Bernadine not paying for services rendered on a personal property. As a Real Estate Agent in Nevada Bernadine is well aware of the “Owner Builder” laws in Nevada. Bernadine knows she can get Contractor services legally provided by licensed Handyman companies. She also knows if she starts complaining from the beginning, something she was very good at when stealing from Labor in the PPI, so she could claim defective work and pay less than what she agreed when negotiating and reviewing bids for services to be completed.
In the past Bernadine perused Craigslist, she wore her welcome out as many complained on line about their actions, now she apparently has found a new platform to seek out victims. Angie’s List, Next Door App, Home Advisor, Thumbtack to name a few. These sites all provide an array of businesses well vetted with background, licensing & insurance checks and feature reputable individuals in their communities providing services ranging from simple clean up services to remodeling services. Naturally if you have a job for a Contractor you should not be hiring a Handyman unless your intent is to cheat someone.
I’m actually honored that folks would have confidence in my reporting and writings. I have tried very hard to provide reliable information. I provide information so when someone goes looking for information they find facts that will pertain to POB…Pattern of Behavior. It’s tough to run from. It is commonly referred to as modus operandi or MO, as we hear the reference on TV and movie police dramas.
In years past one would have to go to county court houses and apply for court records, have attorney’s research for them. Rely on Better Business (BBB) reports. Not anymore, now simple internet searches will turn up past incidents of prior bad acts. Everything is public now, so being able to assist in providing information on POB becomes a great responsibility. It is very easy to destroy people in the court of Public Opinion in today’s hyperbolic Social Media Mentality of “If it’s on the Internet it must be true”.
Now when you chronicle facts about folks business practices you provide a POB on the owner. I’ll go out on a limb here and say that what you do in a business capacity is a direct reflection of ones character. Ask Michael Breese, Heather Berghorst, Amanda Buczek, Carol Boyd, Robert Kapeluch, Bernidine Beafore. They all have one thing in common. They all steal monies that good folks earn. They have displayed this type of POB since at least 2010 when I started reporting and commenting in Social Media.
I really hate to ask a question then answer it , however, at the risk of insulting folks I will.
Why is this important??? Sooner or later Karma catches everyone and soon Bernadine  will have to stand in front of a judge and explain her bad POB and attempt to justify why she choses to steal from Labor.

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