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Me on the Radio

On July 9 of 2013 I posted my first blog article. While not really having a following to speak of I did and still do have ideas that are helpful whether for your business or garden. These were the two main focus areas I wrote about and still write about over the past 5 years. Occasionally I have had Guest Writers, a feature I still offer, but for the most part the subject matter has been the same. I have had fun with Little Man articles as have those that read them and encourage me to bring him back. To those folks I say don’t worry, Little Man is always lurking in the shadows.
While I have not taken the world by storm I have had a great deal of personal satisfaction with the people I’ve meet and the doors that my writing and You Tube rantings have opened. Many say that I’m a pretty good writer, myself I say modest at best. However, the accolades are always welcome and do boost the self esteem. I actually started writing on the encouragement of a Sociology Instructor I had many years ago, Mr. Robinson. He provided me with some great insight. He would give me projects to write about and I would turn in one, two maybe three sentences for the assignment, always receiving an A. I baffled him at times, Mr. Robinson wasn’t the first to tell me I had an uncanny ability to put my finger on an issue and unabashedly speak on it. Issues that others would never dream of speaking on. I remember I once told him…for an assignment…Over time, at least since man has been writing about themselves, the only thing that has changed in the “nature of the beast”, is the way we execute each other. It was the only time he got a puzzled look on his face then that wry smile crept into his face and he said, Now you understand what it is to be a human being. So with his encouragement I proceeded to write a paper on how Rock-n-Roll has changed pushing the envelope with each new generation. He insisted that I had talent and should find my niche’…
I like to write, sometimes it helps me escape from the day to day nonsense that surrounds all of us. Sometimes it is difficult to write on a daily basis, sometimes the words just flow like the damn burst. Today I want to address some of the madness I see in a specific industry. Yes the industry that many love to hate but just can’t seem to walk away from. Property Preservation.

Hard at Work…

To be honest I’ve grown weary of writing on the criminal activity, however, it must be done. After all I made a commitment to always speak on behalf of Labor when I see unjust or criminal activity in the Property Preservation Industry, or as we have come to identify the acronym PPI. PPI it has gotten me tagged in Europe and my writings go around the world. That is kind of a bragging right thing huh???

The New Kids on the block…

I address the members of PPI today because I need your help understanding why. Why the larger percentage of you will not stand up. Why the vast majority of you will not say enough, stop, hell you won’t even say slow down. Let’s examine this for a moment.
It well documented that the recruiting process is conducted via the “Help Wanted” sections of various social media platforms, I get screen shots every day from someone on Facebook or LinkedIn looking for “Contractors”. On Craigslist and Backpage (when it was operating) the solicitations were always in the “General Labor” or “Jobs” listings. Never the “Business Opportunities” section. The routine is always the same. Someone representing a National Company walks you through the licensing and insurance portion of becoming an “Independent Contractor” then demands you get a “Background Check” through their approved third party Background Checker….yeah that’s rich. They asks you sign contracts, make commitments with your finances, property, equipment, and lets not forget you’re being asked to place your reputation and integrity on the line when you climb into bed with them.
Things are hunky-dory for a while. Then the National Company whom is nothing more than a glorified Order Mill placing a million conditions on you so “they” can pay you, stops sending the checks on a regular basis. They provide you with numerous excuses that all sound acceptable to the lay person. However, they do not sound acceptable to the Business Person. Hence the recruiting process modus operandi.
No I’m afraid not, The business person understands terms like “cash flow”, “accounts receivable” “accounts payable”, “risk assessment”, “profit and loss” to name a few. The business person understands how those functions make their business run smoothly. The folks that answered the posting under General labor were looking for a job and they do not understand these terms. It is this time when they start to understand some of them, especially the “Profit and Loss” and “Accounts Receivable” terms. Only when they do not get paid, (my observation), only when they feel helpless, and their bills have become past due, do they start doing what we call “Due Diligence”. Yes only then do they start looking around for information. I often ask if they would have sold their soul to these order mill crooks had they performed these searches prior to going down the road of perdition with members of the organization that claims to unite the industry.
What still baffles me is the fact that there are numerous court decisions out there that spell out the “Control and Direction” issue that plagues the PPI.  A subject of many and one that I will touch on again this week on Preservation Thursday. Yet no one will stand up about this. WHY??? There have been several national order mills that have fought this issue and lost, lost to the degree they are no longer a viable business entity,  yet no one will stand up. No one will call the association members on the carpet for their bad behavior. Why?
As I turn the page and start a new chapter I will start to delve into this a little more by bringing a different approach to the weekly podcast/vlog I guess it is called. I will bring more business 101 tips on how to protect yourself, the new entrepreneur, from risk and liability in the business world. I will bring you the latest in court cases and legal decisions. In my quest to find advertisers for my weekly Preservation Thursday I will bring you accounting tips, insurance tips, I will even attempt to garnish interviews from those that are considered pariah in the industry. Not saying I will have any luck with that but after receiving a yes for a couple of upcoming interviews, I have to start asking for more interviews.
That said…as is said, just like any investigative journalist I am always looking for sources of information on subjects. Not bogus information because one is all butt hurt over something that went sideways, but solid information of criminal type activity in the PPI. Interviews from company employees are always welcome. While still a “Newbie” in the media world, I have been recognized as a media outlet, something I consider as badge of honor. This allows me to provide anonymity, remember I will protect myself from liability, so I will have to be able to verify for anonymity. I have yet to receive a cease and desist request or been accused of lying, a fact I’m extremely proud of, and something that will never change…well a cease and desist order from the right place would be another badge of honor but that is a story for another time.
Before I get out of here today I would like to thank the Lunatic in the Mountain for his encouragement and assistance in converting my website to the blog format. It was his insistence that pointed out once again I have a very unique way of putting my finger on something and being able to have it make sense. Who knows perhaps he’ll come out of the mountain long enough to do an interview.

Until Next Time
Happy Gardening

PS: be sure to tune in to Weekend Wrap later today for PPI updates and why a sleepy little town in France told McDonalds to shove it…