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Well with last nights elections the residents of two more states, Missouri and Utah have spoken in regards to Medical Marijuana. Those two states join the other 30 states that have already seen the benefits of repealing seriously delousional draconian type of thoughts and laws governing marijuana. Let’s be clear here, it is We the People speaking when it takes an election to pass a medical issue . It is NOT our Elected Officials doing our bidding when our taxes pay them to do the job of representing our best interests.


Missouri voters on Tuesday approved Amendment 2, a ballot measure backed by a coalition of patients, doctors and veterans called New Approach Missouri. It was one of three unrelated medical marijuana measures on the ballot.
Under Amendment 2, post-traumatic stress disorder is among the conditions that qualify for use of medical marijuana, along with cancer and other serious illnesses. A 4 percent sales tax will go to a newly created fund for health and care services for veterans. The sales tax revenue also will be used to administer licensing of medical marijuana businesses

I was speaking to the Johnny’s Tendergrass developers today about the process in which the Pharmaceutical Industry took to make marijuana illegal. It is a recurring theme, Pecuniary Greed, it always comes back to the al mighty dollar….

Meanwhile in Utah…

Utah’s Proposition 2 allows patients to obtain medical marijuana cards via a doctor’s office for certain qualifying conditions, such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, chronic pain (if someone is at risk for opioid painkiller addiction or overdose), and multiple sclerosis. But it prohibits smoking marijuana, instead allowing vaping, edibles, and other means of consuming pot. And it imposes some restrictions on doctors, including prohibitions on owning or working for a medical marijuana dispensary and on recommending a card to more than 20 percent of their patients

Why is it that when we look at history it is always those with the money that turn up.? When you research politics, food production, medical delivery, prescription medicine, education, product delivery, it always goes to money. Maybe that is why during an investigation you’re always told to follow the money.…RockefellaCarnegie….

Robber Barron’s they were called. Their portraits display a steel jaw, squinty eyed stare at the camera. It’s a  glare of miserable disdain for fellow-man you see staring at the camera lens. You stare back at them wondering how small the cameraman felt as he photographed these Gods of the Gilded Age. How can they can look so disturbed while being worth so much. You wonder how they stumbled upon their position in life to be in the right place at the right time. You wonder if it was by happen chance or part of a larger picture. When you chase the name Morgan or Rothschild’s a sudden chill will come over you…Then echoing in the canyons of your mind you hear…root of all evil…

Rockefeller, the monopolist, had to figure out a way to get rid of his biggest competition. So he used the classic strategy of “problem-reaction-solution.” That is, create a problem and scare people, and then offer a (pre-planned) solution. (Similar to terrorism scare, followed by the “Patriot Act”)……

Sometimes I wonder if we have  been programmed. I mean when I speak on issues I feel passionate about, GMO Technology abuse, the propaganda game the Monsanto Propaganda Machine created 95 years ago to benefit a burgeoning chemical industry…to name a few…part of the propaganda game plan the Monsanto developed ninety or so years ago has also benefited many big business industry’s.

The Pharmaceutical Industry especially. Which brings me back to Marijuana on a medical platform. In 1850 the US Pharmacopeia recognized the medicinal properties of Extractum Cannabis and Extract of Hemp. We’ve all heard of Squibb, Lily, Smith Brothers, Parke Davis….They all sold Marijuana on a medical platform. Enter Rockefeller’s scientists and we get the Flexner Report with the assistance of his good buddy Carnegie and in 1907 we get streamlined medical education with specific guidelines and by 1913 we got the American Cancer Society.

….Many American medical schools fell short of the standard advocated in the Flexner Report and, subsequent to its publication, nearly half of such schools merged or were closed outright. Colleges in electrotherapy were closed. Homeopathy and natural medicines were derided; some doctors were jailed.

It was 1942 when Marijuana became illegal via our governments. Now we are finding out that marijuana can help more than just the sore back. We are finding out that the various cannabinoids in the THC of marijuana and various products that Hemp produces there are serious medical applications for both.
We always hear regulations are bad, yet when we examine that closer who benefits from the “regulations” that are put in place? After when we step back from our emotions and look closely at the “regulation” someone benefits or there would be no need for said “regulation”. Who has benefited from a regulated and streamlined medical education system…chemical industry. Who has benefited from unregulated GMO Technology and a “regulated” Organic agriculture industry??? Chemical Industry. Who benefited from Marijuana becoming illegal??? The very same Chemical Industry.
No this isn’t “tin foil hatter” stuff, just facts. Those pesky things that won’t go away. I have to ask with all advancements in Chemical Medicine that have been made in the past 100 years, how far would the organic medicine been had it been allowed to develop with the same technology. Where would medical marijuana be if the same technologies were used to develop the THC, CBD, CBG, CBN, THCV, instead of Chemical Maintenance Drugs? Where would we be without the Flexner report?
Here is a more important question. We have all heard of “Witch’s”, “Medicine Men”, “Shaman’s”, these were our ancestor’s original herbalists, Doctors and Healers, they still are for that matter. However, stop and examine that thought for just a minute. It was the women that gathered the plants/herbs that medicine was made from. That we as people used to medicate our ills. Somewhere along the line knowledge was passed on from generation to generation on how plants could be used. How the Mugwort could help ease the congestion or the Horehound would sooth the throat. Whether they were dried, chopped up used fresh, chewed and made into a poultice, it was Women/Witch’s that gathered those plants. It was man who figured out to administer them, together Man & Woman worked together gathering herbs and administering medical assistance to their tribe, clan, village….can you imagine being jailed for something like that?
Yes funny how following the Pecuniary Greed trail always comes back to the same ‘Ol names. I have said it in the past and I stand by this statement still today…
Since man has been writing about themselves the only thing that has changed in the “Nature of the Beast” is the way we execute each other. When you go back into history those that took a different view from those …running the show, if you will…were ostracized, one only has to witness the treatment of the award-winning investigative journalist Carey Gillam. Once she wrote about the facts she found on the chemical glyphosate she was persecuted as an evil uneducated crackpot that sold out to the Organic Industry. If Monsanto could have had their way Ms Gillam would be locked away.
The premise of our very first Constitutional Amendment, was based on the experiences of a long history of a type of oppression, after all it was the church that gave men and women healers the name “Witch” and of course, who was the Feudal Lord to argue or go against the church. After all..they approved of each other and borne to us the Witch Hunt. That said, is it the Robber Baron’s that now do the Church’s bidding? Yeah…there goes that tin foil hat stuff again.
However, you have to ask yourself, with the 5G and Agenda 21 information hanging out in the background just how far for the truth that is. Here in lies the rub as the Bard would say…Thirty-two states is 64% of the country Roberts Rules of order require 67% to carry a majority, the Convention of the States, to change the constitution requires slightly larger majority 38 states or75% of the states in the United States. One more state would create that 67% and a case could be made that our Federal Government needs to acknowledge We the People on this issue or We the People could start asking the most important question we should be asking our Elected Officials….
Whom Do Your Elected Officials Represent????

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