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Once again Mr. Miller looks the other way at opportunity to mend the bridges with Labor in the PPI


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Over the years I have penned numerous articles chronicling the plights of Labor in the Property Preservation industry (PPI), and how one association is a front for illegal financial activity. I’m speaking of course of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, (NAMFS). There have been numerous articles written about this organization’s unwillingness to police the membership. This article will add one more to that extensive list. Another Badge of Honor for the infamous Executive Director, Eric Miller.
As an “Executive Director”, one would think you’d look out for the best interests of your membership. Not only does Mr. Miller not guide the membership down the correct path he allows and participates in the facilitating of criminal activity. I actually believe a case for “accessory” could be made against Mr. Miller should a state’s Attorney general wish to go down that road. He does so by not enforcing the organizations Standards and Cannons. In addition he has intimate knowledge of the members criminal activities as not only myself but others have mentioned and in fact had conversations with Mr. Miller. One could say without a doubt that Mr. Miller is aware that every member of NAMFS is not in compliance with every state’s laws and regulations, especially when it comes to the IC/ Employee issues. He has known about those violations since 2010.

PPI Watch List Honorary Inductee. EDNAMFS For knowingly Allowing members to skirt business laws.

Today we will examine Mr. Miller’s recent conversation…lip service, (LPS)…in a Facebook group in regards to pricing for a service known throughout the PPI as a “Winterization” or “Wint” as it is called. While I disagree with the big red box encouraging you to spend money with the site as this was an attempt by a member of NAMFS to bilk the members of Labor I refer to as “Emplactors”** it is never-the-less a pretty decent Specification Lesson for the service to be completed.
First, (for those that did not review the link above) we need to understand that there are specific directions and requirements the “Independent Contractor” (IC) MUST follow and complete to be paid for investing their resources (Materials and Labor) to complete the service. Specific instructions that involve the materials to be used, and the time that must be taken, in addition to specific photographs required that actually control the direction of the service being completed with a specific outcome. It is critical that we understand the context of the conversation I am about to blow up. As on the surface one would say, What’s the problem? Well this particular conversation was in regards to the fee being paid by a 4th tier company sub-contracting the work order. You read that right the work order has been subbed out three previous times. Each company subbing this work order has placed rules on the work order in addition to the original work order specifications from the “Client” in this case the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD.

It is also critical that we understand that there is a “National” order mill (NOM), handing off the work order to a “Regional” order mill (ROM), handing off to another company (AOM), subbing out the work order. Keeping in mind that the contract stipulates that the National is responsible for the correct completion of the work order. Never mind that the NOM issuing the work order is located in Ohio, sending the work order to the ROM in Texas, who in turn sends the work order to the AOM distributing the work order 250 miles away from their office in New Mexico. Never mind that each of the company’s issuing the work order will be preforming a “Quality Control” check on this service so they get paid so they can pay the “IC”. Before I interject my opinion let that sink in….The NOM in Ohio will be performing a QC check on the service completed in New Mexico. With mind you, the company in New Mexico will be waiting on to be paid, oh did I mention that the ROM and the AOM are also going to be doing the same. With each one placing another requirement on top each other. I can no longer….well… I must interject here…I have absolutely no idea how a business making an investment would agree to this type of payment system…no accountant in their right mind will tell you this is acceptable practice. The PPI is the only industry where this type of idiotic payment structure is tolerated.
That said, let us examine some of the conversation with “EDNAMFS”. ED is Executive Director, Eric Miller, or as I fondly refer to him Executive Delusional Director, of the National Association of Management For Stealing. Here is Mr. Miller’s opening statement… now before we go any further keep in mind that Licensed Plumbers perform this service they will also provide an inspection should they find issues with the plumbing system. They usually charge $275.00 to $350.00 for this service. The LPS Mr. Miller is providing is defending a $45.00 fee being paid for this service`. When Mr. Miller first became ED, the going pay scale for a Wint was $125.00 to $175.00, and there was only one company issuing the work order, that I might add, was billing $300.00 or more for the service to be completed correctly in order to preserve the integrity of the plumbing system.


I’m going to thank you for your patience thus far as for many of you this is old news and a rehash of the madness Little Man and I have discussed many times. However, for those of just tuning in to the inner workings of the PPI, Mr. Miller has been the problem for labor in the PPI since he took the helm at NAMFS back in 2007. Let’s be real, Labor is the most expensive portion of any operation. I have always said I am Labor, You are Labor, We are labor…Everybody performs some sort of labor, whether physical, mental, visual, auditory or a combination thereof. As we know there are some that just have no respect for labor they feel is beneath them. I believe some refer to these type of individuals as Robber Barons. They prey on Labor for profit. It has been no secret that Mr. Miller’s salary for the 501c3 non profit organization has more than tripled since becoming ED NAMFS. I go down this road because this is not the first time Mr. Miller has provided LPS in a public setting.

The last time Mr. Miller was involved in a conversation that merited my commentary was when he said…We are not a policing agency…in regards to a question regarding the criminal behavior and activity of NAMFS members, whom we now call Offender Members. So without further ado…it’s not what is said that is critical what is even more important is what is IGNORED by the two people in the conversation. Only when the real issue is addressed does the conversation end as there can be no LPS to justify what Mr. Miller has allowed to happen at the expense of Labor.

As Margaret states, the people accepting the fee or “Pricing” dictated to the first IC in line for a slice of your pie, they do not complete the service they are providing a QC service on to get themselves paid so they can in turn pass the piece of pie down the line. Boom JUST LIKE THAT ED becomes a magician and makes himself disappear.
However, what Mr. Miller has done here and the issue I have with this line of rhetoric from Mr. Miller is how casually he interchanges the word “vendor” as it has been used to both identify Labor and the members of his beloved association of management for stealing. Now in the beginning Mr. Miller makes the claim of “all parties”, fair enough Labor has been complaining since the order mills got involved, and the members have been complaining because they could not keep more of the money.
Mr Miller makes reference to “Cost Estimator” a service provided by a third party member. This service tells the NOM what you should charge for your cost of doing business. This service provides the NOM with the fee that they will pay Labor, not the fee they will bill for. Another form of control and direction to achieve the desired outcome for the completion of the wint service. Again diplomatic LPS from Miller as true IC’s use these cost estimators as a guide not as a Pricing Bible.
Mr. Miller goes on to say that “Enough People accepted the pricing” yes and no…this is where Margaret’s statement is critical to understand. The NOM with no input from Labor placed a bid for the Winterization service and it was accepted by HUD. Labor was forced to accept what they will be paid or find work elsewhere. So the fact that the fee was accepted is solely on the membership of NAMFS members not Labor. (Again more control) Not the ROM or the AOM, the NOM made an offer and the offer was accepted and agreed upon. The accepting party was HUD not Labor. Again Mr. Miller provides LPS in an effort to save face with all members of the industry. Let us make no mistake Miller is looking out for his membership not Labor. He has never been on the side nor has he looked out for labor. However, he has become a little more diplomatic about it until he is asked a direct question. Instead of making a feeble excuse for the problem at hand he just slithers away silently into the night.

Once again I ask HUD and Dr. Ben Carson why isn’t HUD utilizing the local offices to recruit Labor on a local level? This would stop all the issues discussed in this article and every article previously written on the subject. In addition you would be building and promoting working relationships in communities. This would also employ more local properly licensed companies something the MAGA movement is about, putting American company’s to work. Just some food for thought for the government organization with “Urban Development” in their title.

I believe Bill stated things correctly. No until the Emplactors say no  and not stop enabling the membership of NAMFS to cheat them things will not change.

In closing today…to All that gave Some and the Some that gave All so I have the this opportunity to address issues of this nature in a public forum…Thank you for Your Service.

**Emplactor is a misclassified employee as an Independent Contractor with specificity to the Property Preservation Industry

Written BY: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs Aaron Aveiro, Mr. Millers professional profile photo and slides are edited screen shots from the internet and what members of PPI labor email me.