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Constructing Raised Planter Beds

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Constructing raised planter beds

First you will want to choose your growing area. Clean and remove any debris that may contaminate your growing medium, or plant life you do not want growing through your growing area.

planterconstruction 056


planterconstruction 057



Your next stop will be to select your containment material. Here we have chosen untreated pieces of telephone pole which is Spruce tree wood.

One of the major advantages of creating a raised planter bed is you manage the size or growing area. Here we have chosen to use a 2’X6’ size. For this particular application we have only used one layer.





planterconstruction 059

pole2 001

However, should you have back issues that do not allow you to bend or “hunch” over we can construct the beds two tiers, even three tiers high by fastening them with piece’s of rebar.





The next step is to select your growing medium, since this bed is for Cilantro we do not have to add a lot of amenities to our soil as we would if we were going to cultivate chilies (when we would add some bone meal and a little bat guano) in the bed. Remember you can use this style of gardening for flowers and other outdoor plants also. The second advantage to raised planter beds…control and design of your growing mediums..since this is for Cilantro a basic sub-structure of some organic matter that will decompose as time goes on providing food and nutrients to our crop later, in this case some dead leaves from a fall clean up we did last October and a small numbered organic fertilizer to provide nutrients now. Our soil is a mix of organic soil from Nevada Organics located in Moundhouse, Nevada and, aged for three years, manure dirt. We mix the soil mixture and add to the watered landscape debris.


planterconstruction 063

planterconstruction 066planterconstruction 065


At Aladay Organic farms we use proven organic products. We have found by creating our own mixes we can maximize the production of our crops without compromising quality and still provide the healthiest products possible to our customers.




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Finally the third advantage of raised planter beds…limited weeding areas…It is much easier to control you weeds in a contained area than an area of row planting.


Spread our seed…and in about 45 days we’ll have cilantro for your salsa’s, Pico De’ Gallo’s or any other dish that requires this tasty herb. Make sure to check with us periodically and see how things are progressing as we will have Fresh Cilantro available at the farmers market in Dayton and also you are always welcome to come to the farm and we’ll harvest for you while you wait….planterconstruction 090

Please visit Community Roots and view the Staggered Three Tiered Planting Bed on display in front of the nursery. If you feel one of these style planters will look great in your yard please drop us a line for a consultation…

As Always…

Happy Gardening


NEVADA GROWN; Up Coming Events and Workshops for Nevada’s Organic Farmers


We will be bringing you updates periodically on local educational events throughout the community. One of the organizations that has been instrumental in promoting Nevada farms and assisting with Nevada Certified Farmers Market Association is NevadaGrown.  NevadaGrown also helps in the promoting of agricultural education programs that are produced by Western Nevada  College.

NevadaGrown is a nonprofit Nevada corporation whose mission is to foster the success of sustainable agriculture and to encourage healthy eating for Nevada’s communities through education, support and promotion.

I love the motto this organization has,(which is actually from the USDA) . As you all know my pet peeve in the food industry is some of the products produced by Monsanto*. I consistently hear people at markets we participate in ask about his company . It is terrifying at times when I hear the concern and fear in their voices in regards to the food they put on the table for their families. People want to know their food is safe they also ask, how do I find out? My response…buy local. Support your local farmers. Knowing many of the local farmers in the area…we all work hard to bring you the best, healthiest products free of chemicals and toxic substances that are not fit for the dinner table. In addition when you support your local farmers you help keep the revenue in the community. I don’t know how “farming through chemistry” became the ideal way to produce our food but I do know that “living through chemistry” was not a very healthy lifestyle for Timothy Leary.

Their motto which is a national promotion of the USDA…

“Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food”


The organization has some pretty simple goals which are…

Our goals are to:

  • Educate our communities about the benefits of using Nevada-produced foods
  • Encourage healthy eating habits that include seasonal foods from Nevada farms and ranches
  • Provide educational opportunities to increase the knowledge and skills of Nevada’s agricultural producers
  • Create and promote a sustainable local food system
  • Strengthen the bonds between farmers and consumers


The organizations website has a list of farms, Farmers Market locations, Nevada produced vegetables and meats, and is a source of information for anyone searching for a local farm or market in your community. You’ll find the website to contain a plethora of information in addition to being very easy to navigate.  Nevada Grown helps promote the agricultura workshops produced by Western Nevada College with educational institutions agricultural departments to help promote workshops for farmers and students in the state of Nevada. Workshops are usually one or two days and cover a variety of subjects. the next event will cover Lavender Crops. Lavender has many wonderful uses, from  aroma therapy to teas. Should this be of interest to you or if you have been wondering how that lavender gets to your body lotion, shampoo or the potpourri then you will want to inquire and attend this event. . The information is below

As always…

Happy gardening

Monday, August 19, 9 am – 4:30 pm

Campie’s Lavender Patch, 12390 Shawnee Road, Stagecoach & 
WNC Carson Campus, 2201 W. College Parkway, Carson City
$35 Early Bird – $45 after August 12 – includes lunch

Registration required – Limited enrollmentts


Lavender 4

WNC Specialty Crop Institute presents
Adding Value to Lavender Workshop

Local lavender growers are developing value-added produc to increase sales and boost farm profits. In this workshop, two successful farmers share their strategies for product development. Workshop includes a farm tour and classroom lecture.


Attendees will begin the day at Campie’s lavender Patch where owner Mike van Camp will demonstrate the distillation process for lavender essential oil and hydrosol. In the classroom, students will learn the benefits  and strategies of developing successful value-added lavender products and the best varieties to grow.



Elizabeth Inman of Purple Adobe Lavender Farm in New Mexico has been growing lavender commercially for almost a decade. The three-acre farm is home to farm tours, educational programs and a retail gift shop. Elizabeth has created a successful line of bath and body products that are sold by regional retailers, on the Internet, at farmers markets and on the farm.

Mike & Diane van Camp of Campie’s Lavender Patch have been growing lavender commercially for more than nine years. With more than 30 varieties, they are Nevada’s premier source for lavender plants. They also sell several value-added products.


Past Workshops
Pollinator Conservation Planning Short Course, May 2013



 Honey bee
More than 50 participants attended a full-day workshop on attracting and protecting native pollinators. Featured speakers Jennifer Hopwood and Jessa Guisse from the Xerces Society gave amazing presentations on topics from pollinator biology to habitat restoration and landscape management. The Xerces Society is a leading organization in pollinator conservation. for more information on the organization.

Upcoming Events

Agritourism in Northern Nevada

August 12

Direct Marketing Local Meat

October 12
 Direct Marketing Local Meat
November 16
Visit our website for workshop details.
 Nevada Small Farm Conference
Wagon ride
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