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Mindset of the Property Preservation Industry

Mindset of the Industry


For the past couple of years I have been attempting to make the Boots on the Ground Contractor (BOTG) of the Property Preservation Industry (PPI) understand why they need to join forces  for a common good. Their common good. What I have found is that is much easier said than done!!!

Breakdown of participants years in the PPI
Breakdown of participants years in the PPI


One of the biggest fears many contractors have is voicing their opinions or doing something in a manner that the National Preservation Order Mills (NPOM) or Regional Order Mills (ROM), in essence their clients, will hear or find out. Small things like joining an organization perceived to be a threat to the monopolized industry or making statements in public forums. When I ask fellow Contractors about this I constantly hear the “Fear Factor” so I decided to set up some surveys in an anonymous format so members of the PPI could provide some input without fear of reprisal. The pie chart is a graphic illustration of how long the participants of the survey have been involved in the PPI.

What is literally amazing is that 82.2% of the participants feel that organization of the BOTG would benefit them. When pressed a little more specifically and asked; Do you thing the industry would benefit from being unionized only 48% said yes, with 49.3% stating they would join a union if the PPI had one. This came from 88.9% of the participants claiming to be BOTG. Now keep in mind that one of the organizations out there, The National Property Preservation Guild, (NPPG) an organization that claims to be Contractors for Contractors, defines a BOTG Contractor as a contractor that goes out in the field and actually completes services. Interesting that while an overwhelming amount of participants agree that organizing the BOTG would help the industry that only a little over half would join a Union. Perhaps the name Union has a bad connotation and ring to it? Especially when asked; Do you feel that if you belonged to an organization that stood up for Contractors it would affect on your workloads…58.1% said no. On the other hand when asked; Do you feel voicing your opinion about the industry in public would bring adverse results to your business, 56.8% said yes.

While only 75% of the participants responded to the question…If you had the opportunity to implement one policy to improve the PPI what would it be…the overwhelming answers were actually twofold, 1. Standardize the pay scale and 2. Rid the industry of the ROM and companies “subbing” the work. (Something I have been saying for the past three years). While there were a few other suggestions…Get rid of SGP, have a Non Profit Organization go to bat for the Contractors, the main topic was the afore mentioned.

When asked; Do you feel there is an organization in the PPI that truly represents the best interests of the BOTG Contractors…42.7% said no, 37.3% said they don’t know of any organizations representing the BOTG. 80% of the participants feel that there is no adequate representation or know of none.

Currently there are two main organizations out there National Association of Mortgage Field Services or NAMFS and the NPPG. One, NAMFS, claims to represent ALL party’s best interests in the PPI and the later, NPPG, claiming to represent the Contractors. So why haven’t these organizations taken a position on these issues in the industry? Why haven’t they used their resources to conduct surveys and come up with solutions to the convoluted mess called the PPI???? The word gutless comes to mind. However, in the interest of being fair let’s actually examine something here.

The majority of the contractors would eliminate the groups of business that are “subbing” out the work. This creates a very serious dichotomy for both of these organizations. There is absolutely no way they can take a stand against this part of the industry. To do so would be utter insanity to take a position against companies “subbing” work as a business model. You see this would be business suicide for many of the Board of Directors of these organizations. If you look at the members that comprise the Board of Directors you’ll see that their business models are that of ROM, or “subbing” on a smaller scale, what has been identified as Otherwise Unauthorized Order Mills. So the reality throughout the PPI is there is no organization that truly represents the best interests of the Boots on the Ground Contractors.

Where to look for this type of organization or how to develop the solution to this…I have no answer at this time. Except to say that BOTG Contractors need to stop back stabbing each other and start organizing on a local level. The small PPI companies need to start looking to each other as assets and not enemies to each other. The small BOTG guys and gals need to start meeting with each other once a month…hold conference calls with each other once a week…They need to start communicating with each other and quit allowing the NPOM, ROM, and OUOM to stop pitting them against each other with the thought of grandiose streams of fortunes rolling in because they will provide large streams of volume to make that $40 winterization work.

This is part one of a series that I will be writing on this subject. I will place another survey based on the answers to the survey question that was in the survey ( I hope more of you will participate in these surveys. This survey had 75 participants. In addition I have placed surveys to gather information from members of the Real Estate Industry in order to help understand their position on the state of the PPI. Stay tuned as this could become very interesting.

Thanks for tuning in today…have a good week everybody and let’s be safe out there!

Constructing Raised Planter Beds

planterconstruction 109


Constructing raised planter beds

First you will want to choose your growing area. Clean and remove any debris that may contaminate your growing medium, or plant life you do not want growing through your growing area.

planterconstruction 056


planterconstruction 057



Your next stop will be to select your containment material. Here we have chosen untreated pieces of telephone pole which is Spruce tree wood.

One of the major advantages of creating a raised planter bed is you manage the size or growing area. Here we have chosen to use a 2’X6’ size. For this particular application we have only used one layer.





planterconstruction 059

pole2 001

However, should you have back issues that do not allow you to bend or “hunch” over we can construct the beds two tiers, even three tiers high by fastening them with piece’s of rebar.





The next step is to select your growing medium, since this bed is for Cilantro we do not have to add a lot of amenities to our soil as we would if we were going to cultivate chilies (when we would add some bone meal and a little bat guano) in the bed. Remember you can use this style of gardening for flowers and other outdoor plants also. The second advantage to raised planter beds…control and design of your growing mediums..since this is for Cilantro a basic sub-structure of some organic matter that will decompose as time goes on providing food and nutrients to our crop later, in this case some dead leaves from a fall clean up we did last October and a small numbered organic fertilizer to provide nutrients now. Our soil is a mix of organic soil from Nevada Organics located in Moundhouse, Nevada and, aged for three years, manure dirt. We mix the soil mixture and add to the watered landscape debris.


planterconstruction 063

planterconstruction 066planterconstruction 065


At Aladay Organic farms we use proven organic products. We have found by creating our own mixes we can maximize the production of our crops without compromising quality and still provide the healthiest products possible to our customers.




planterconstruction 067

planterconstruction 068


Finally the third advantage of raised planter beds…limited weeding areas…It is much easier to control you weeds in a contained area than an area of row planting.


Spread our seed…and in about 45 days we’ll have cilantro for your salsa’s, Pico De’ Gallo’s or any other dish that requires this tasty herb. Make sure to check with us periodically and see how things are progressing as we will have Fresh Cilantro available at the farmers market in Dayton and also you are always welcome to come to the farm and we’ll harvest for you while you wait….planterconstruction 090

Please visit Community Roots and view the Staggered Three Tiered Planting Bed on display in front of the nursery. If you feel one of these style planters will look great in your yard please drop us a line for a consultation…

As Always…

Happy Gardening