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It’s Order Mills & Industry Day….

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Contact us today for your consultation.
Contact us today for your consultation.

Well what do you know, Mr. Karnes announces Industry Days in Atlanta and the bottom feeder order mills come out. Yes last week a slew of bottom feeder Order Mill came slithering around sending a bevy of email to find employees that they migh be able to cheat out of monies. Now please do not think I am calling these companies thieves…I’m just letting the record speak for itself. As  this company has a bit of experience in cheating Labor out of the monies they earn. Yes the typical second and third tier Order Mill have come wanting you the Ignorant Emplactor to step right up and get in the Fraud Fest line…

Below is a current CraigsList posting from Bankers Maintenance and Inspections LLC, a company that has ties to CWIS.

Of course this is the very same CWIS that has several non-payment issues to Labor Contractors in recent weeks, and oh by the way…again we see Mickey dale Snow lurking in the background.

Property Preservation Sub-Contractor (Sarasota, Fl) hide this posting\© craigslist – Map data © OpenStreetMap

931 12th Street at US1

(google map)

compensation: Pay is sent out on the 1st and 15th of every month
employment type: full-time


We will need a copy of the following documents for our records before you are assigned any work and receive payment for completed assignments:
• A copy of Valid Driver’s License
• A copy of Social Security Card for Background Check
• A copy of your current Car Insurance
• A copy of your current Company Insurance with Bankers
Maintenance and Inspections LLC Being named additionally

• A copy of your current Business License
• A copy of your current Workman’s Comp Insurance (or proof of Exemption)
A copy of your Articles of Incorporation including Document #
** You MUST keep your License & Insurances up to date at all times. YOU are completely responsible for your crew members **

The color is me to point out well you figure it out….

ARE YOU FRICKEN kidding me??? Full time employment???? Yet you’re called an Independent Contractor??? Copy of your personal information???  Now I won’t get too carried away I’ll just point out the obvious. Go to work for this company and when you  find out how many  others there are, I’ll save you the time, they cover 19 counties and have 87 “Trusted Contractors” which means they have about 150 or so employees. Now that you have that information…well then may I suggest you inquire about your health benefits per the IRS…an employer must have had an average of at least 50 full-time employees (including full-time-equivalent employees) during the preceding calendar year. ….here is all the IRS rules on employers with over 50 employees…

Remember this is a “full-time” employment position that you’ll have to pay for. Yes you will have to spend arpoximately $97.00 for every $100.00 you invoice. Oh and then there is that Background thingy they want you to do. And let us not forget all the personal information they demand. The very same personal information used in Identity Theft, they are demanding that you email this information to them on unsecured lines. Oh yeah and they want YOU to insure THEM!!! Ain’t that a HOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now should you still be persuaded to be an idiot and go to work for these particular folk here are some comments going back a couple years…Feb of 2014, and a couple from last month. So this is a company that has been in the Defrauding Labor game for a bit now. So you really may want to reconsider jumping on this bandwagon if you’re a new-bee…I managed to find some commentary in various places out in Cyber-land. As they attest…there has been a history of Fiduciary indiscretions for a few years now…



crooks donot pay there clients

Beware of working for this company they donot pay there contractors, and if you ask them or try to get an awnser they fire you… owner lnb property mgmt

R C.02/06/2014


Beware working for this outfit………Im a contractor with them and they stopped sending out checks.

Sarah Hoskins

a month ago

DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY! They commit fraudulent acts. I worked here in the money department, and I found over a thousand items in jobs that contractors did, but they were never paid for. Instead of paying their contractors, they would …More

Amy Bowman

2 months ago

Actually Mike Hooker, it is true. BMI owes me about $3000.00 and I KNOW you owe Joe Walker more than $10,000. That’s not good business. BMI is the worst company I’ve ever done business with. They find every excuse not to pay up. Very disappointing!! This company has worked for CWIS in the past and has ties to Mickey Snow, so I’m told.

And now a trip down memory lane with the Queen of Order Mills

Heather  Berghorst.
Heather Berghorst.

Now when I see this I have to bring up something from a couple years ago. When the Berghorst’s went belly up and it was discovered that Heather Berghorst should not have been granted the Women Owned business distinction while her and the mister were living high on the hog while stealing from Labor, something came to light then in an article I published…I was bold enough to state, and I stated as such based on the fact that Heather was the now disgraced Secretary of NAMFS…the Board of Directors had to discuss this. This was stated by a former employee..

I know for a fact that Berghorst had received pay on 99.9% of the orders that contractors called asking about pay on – had funds received from the client. When I asked about this, and believe me I asked continually, I was told that it had “not been 60 days yet”. Berghorst spent all this time and gave all this lip service to utilizing an updating system that would “be transparent” to the contractors – yet they hid pay from them every single day. And when employees asked – they (the accounting person) stopped putting payments in the system so that no one would see what we had been paid on.

Those are just some of the reasons why I left Berghorst. The multitude of other issues were just the icing on the cake. Things like “charging back” contractors who gave notice so they would not have to pay them the entirety of what they were owed. Things like being told that I needed to keep recruiting so that there would be new people doing work to cover the people who could not work because they were not being paid. It was a classic Madoff scheme – Paul is 100% right.

But hey, they all had the cavalier attitude that everyone was doing it, so it must be okay” Yes, they discussed this at NAMFS and imagine this – no one knew what to do to fix it.

“IT” is a reference to the multiple layering of the industry with order mills that were NAMFS members…You see Heather the Certified “Woman Owned” business, (BTW to be certified you have to demonstrate that you the Woman owner does at least 60% of the work) was a second level Subber as was SEAS at the time. Both second tier order mills were working an Altiscource contract…

 Well, this might come as a shocker to you – but Altisource pays in 14 days or less. That is the problem, they are not paying contractors when they got paid. If that was the case, none of that would have happened. What it is is poor management, greed, staff that could not handle the volume – as someone has to update the orders to the client, inefficient updating systems, etc. The list goes on and on.
Telling members of Labor 60 days after services had been approved they had not been paid…


While we are on the Alti-Wagon be sure to tune in later this week as I will have more Cheap Suit Jay and his escapades that Eric Miller is directly responsible for. Yes remember when EVERYONE was screaming not to let Cheap Suit jay become a member and Miller said…” We’ll monitor his activity and if he does anything unethical we will remove him. Well by not removing him Mr Miller you have conspired…but more on that in my next thinking out loud commentary…Tick-Tock Tick-Tock.

Victor Aldrey
Victor Aldrey

Here is how stupid Mr Miller is…over the past 6 years the “Subbing” business model has proven over and over again to be a failed Business Model. Yet NAMFS has THREE NEW REGIONAL SUBBERS TO BE APPROVED FOR MEMBERSHIP…and the band played on….



Written BY: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs courtesy Heather’s profile. White Tiger, Victor Aldrey from Venezuela and Aaron Aveiro

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership

PPI Survey Links….Business 101

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Organics Admin

COO at Aladay LLC
Organic Farmer, Property Preservation Specialist and Custom Glass & Wood Worker. Blogger extraordinaire...
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Contact us today for your consultation.
Contact us today for your consultation.

In this edition of Business 101 it is PPI Survey time. Now that we have so many C-level employees lining up at lawyers doors to get in before the immunity offers fall off the table perhaps it is time to see what members of the PPI have to say. PPI Survey links are below and the subject of the survey in brief. To say the least the Property Preservation Industry is and has been since 2009 in shambles, with nothing but Pecuniary Greed dictating the way business is conducted.


First up for our PPI Survey is:

PPI Organization:

Organizing the PPI into a different system than the current multiple layering of the industry courtesy national Association of Mortgage Filed Services Members.

Take this survey here

Next PPI Survey is:

PPI Educational Certification Survey

Currently there is no set standard, or what many have called for in the industry. A Minimum Standard. Would an accredited Education Platform assist with this issue? Should education be provided by a neutral third party that specializes in on-line education platforms???

Take this survey here

Conflict Resolution in the Property Preservation Industry

Our next  PPI Survey we have a survey that asks the important question…

Should there be a Conflict Resolution Program in the PPI??? What are your thoughts on this lacking process in the Property Preservation Industry?  Does the PPI need one?

You may take this survey here

The next PPI Survey concerns paying the bills….

Fee structures in the PPI

This is one of the most disturbing issues in the PPI. Due to the multiple layering of the industry by NAMFS membership by time the money, if it does, gets to Labor the fees have become so diluted they do not cover expenses. Your Thoughts???

you may participate in this survey here

Last but not least our next PPI Survey concerns the biggest issue of debate in the industry.

Business Owners Entrepreneurship Survey

This is a lightening rod issue. The courts have been clear on this issue. However, the courts have been ignored by the membership of NAMFS. NAMFS has done nothing to ensure their membership follows any of the latest court decisions…some of these decisions go back 5 years or more. Plenty of time for the Executive Director to institute changes in the organizations policies.What are your thoughts??

You may participate in this survey here

Please participate in these surveys they are no more than 10 question each but will provide valuable information for many of us working diligently behind the scenes  to assist Labor.


I am Labor

You Are Labor

We are Labor….

Also if you would please tell us which one of these issues is most important to you in the comment section below…

Until Next Time Folks

Happy Gardening

Surveys questions compiled based on current & past conversations in various social media platforms…

Prepared  by Aladay LLC with input from Foreclosurepedia