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PPI Watch List.., Offender Members Run A Muck!!!!!

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Contact us today for your consultation.
Contact us today for your consultation.

This week’s Property Preservation Watch List of Offender Members will be combined with some Business 101. For some time now I have been telling everyone along with my colleague The Lunatic in the Mountain that most of the clauses in the contracts the Emplactors sign are at the very least voidable, if not illegal in some states.

The biggest illegality is the “Lien Waiver” that is placed on each work order by the order mills. The following are excerpts from this week’s Watch List inductees.

Before we go there I need to address something that many of you have been inquiring about. Doug Uneberg and the Storm Restoration nation, Storm Watch, whatever he is calling the dealy-bob thing he is claiming to be “Educating, Elevating, and Uniting”. After some cursory investigating, I actually think the guy is attempting to do something good he just doesn’t know how to go about it. And since he has chosen to make unprovoked attacks on me and others in the industry he can hang in the wind. That said, He does not deserve to remain on the Industry Watch List. However, should we be able to connect him and Joseph Hummel…all bets are off. At this time as I said, I do believe he is attempting to do something decent and just doesn’t know hoe to go about it. So if you’re going to jump on his bandwagon and Educate and Elevate be sure you’re in a working elevator and proceed with caution. If you’re truly interested in assist the bozo..he really does need a lot of help as I sent his website link to 27 people and they all said the same thing…the site says absolutely NOTHING…Here you be the judge.   after spending 3 minutes on the site you’ll understand his need for help.

Now on to this week’s Offender Members of NAMFS and the Watch List entries.

First  The Northland Company supposedly located in Minnetonka Minnesota, but there is a possibility that Daniel Ogden and his sidekick Stacy are actually in Las Vegas. At this time we have a call in to Daniel to hear his side of the story. However, there are several people that claim unscrupulous fiduciary actions on the part of Daniel and Stacy. Currently we have a Media Request for comment to Daniel but it’s been 24 hours so more than likely he will not respond.

Let’s take this section first…….

I authorize Northland Company and the financial institution listed below to initiate electronic credit entries, and if necessary, debit entries and adjustments for any credit entries in error to my account. I understand that this authorization will remain in effect until I have cancelled this authorization in writing. I understand that Northland Company requires at least 10 days prior notice to cancel this authorization……

BUSINESS 101 TIP…        

NEVER!!!!NEVER!!!!!NEVER!!!! Allow anyone Carte` Blanc to you company financing.

If you agree to this agreement then I have this wonderful beach front piece of land snuggled right next to Area 51 for you…complete with canals bridges and Gondolas with singing Italian Gondoliers…anyone?????

  1. Proprietary Information. Contractor/Employee recognizes he/she will acquire and have access to confidential and proprietary information of NLC, i.e. trade secrets and confidential information, including, but not limited to, unique business methods, policies, processes, procedures, operating techniques and “know how”, training manuals, improvements, secret data, plans, documents, the names of NLC customers, inspector and Contractor/Employee lists, price lists, checklists, and customer and supplier information (“Proprietary Information”). Contractor/Employee recognizes and acknowledges that such information is highly confidential, and, if revealed to outside sources, including potential competitors of NLC, would seriously and adversely affect NLC’s business; and that such Proprietary Information is of such value and nature as to make it reasonable and necessary for the protection of NLC’s business interests that Contractor/Employee comply with the terms, provisions and covenants of this Agreement on his/her part to be observed or performed.
  2. Agreement Not to Solicit. Contractor/Employee agrees that during the term of his/her retention by NLC and two years thereafter, he/she will not, either as an individual on his/her own account or as a partner, Contractor/Employee, agent or salesperson of any other person, or as an officer, director or shareholder of any corporation solicit orders from any of the customers of NLC for any of the services which, on behalf of NLC he/she participated in providing or furnishing in any way to said customers.
  3. Enforcement. Violation of the foregoing provisions may result in the immediate termination of Contractor/Employee by NLC and/or the seeking of monetary damages. Further, recognizing the irreparable nature of the injury that could be done by Contractor/Employee’s violation of the provisions of Sections 1, 2 or 3 of this Agreement, and that monetary damages alone would be inadequate.

Now I have not had the opportunity to review their 180 page employee manual completely but that is a story for another time as everything about Northland say you are their employee. Hopefully there is someone out there that has only worked for them and will file unemployment so the IRS and the UEID start their investigations into the Offender Member Everything about this companies documentations make you their employee…think I’m kidding??? File unemployment on them. People wake up their own contract states you’re an employee.What more do you need????

Now before I get off the Northland wagon let me address the fact that their phone numbers are in Minnesota yet when you call and speak to them they are located in Las Vegas Nevada. Mmmm …Now we are going to profile this company as they are OFFICIALLKY on the Watch list. Ya know Perhaps Daniel and Stacy have taken a page out of Cheap Suit jay’s book and are on the crap tables with the monies they are defrauding Labor.

One other item of note here for Northland …only employers reimburse for gas and mileage…

Paul Willaims and I are working on a radio show to highlight this company and Daniel Ogden’s fraud If you’d like to call in and speak about your experiences please contact us and we will get the information out to you…as always you’re invited to participate Daniel.

Now to the illegal background checks once again.

Now how about the background check thingy…Yet another in the long line of Offender Members NVMS.

Option 1: Advanced Data International
The advantage to using ADI is that it is less expensive (typically $35, or more if you have been a recent resident in NY or VT). The downside is that the background check is exclusive to NVMS, meaning it will only be delivered to NVMS, and if you need a background check for any other company for whom you perform work, you may need to apply for a separate background for them. Please use the below link to start the process, and be sure to read their complete explanation of fees and requirements.

Link to start registration process with Advanced Data International:

Option 2: Aspen Grove Solutions
Although this option is more expensive (typically $50 to register and $62 for the background check, and more if you have been a recent resident of NY or VT), this option does have an advantage. Note that this is a discounted rate they are offering for the first year, and it then will be $75 to renew your account each following year. If you work with any other industry providers who also have an account with Aspen Grove, your background check can be used for all of those other companies. Many of our Field Reps already have background checks through this company, which then allows them to use that current background check to meet our requirements. Please see the attached document for a complete explanation of fees and requirements…

Again what they are not telling you is that this avenue is exclusive to the PPI only.In addition you really need to think about what the CFPB states, and the fact the Eric Miller the Executive Director of the Offender members, the very same Miller that sold Labor down the river while smiling in their face. The CFPB specifically spells out that those people in the Mortgage Field Service Industry with access to monetary records of the money must pass a BC. So please, tell me why none of the Offender Members like the listed thieves and folks like Michael Breese are required to have a BC? Why is it only the folks that go scrub the crappers have to pass a BC? You see they want you to give them Carte` Blanc to your banking so they can steal your money and make it appear legal. Yet the Offender member crimes go rewarded with contracts to each other diluting the revenue pools that are intended for Labor. In addition this is nothing more than a revenue stream for Offender Members.

Now a third company this week is Beyond Home Solutions, yet another subber in the list of Offender Members, MCS. Yes another MCS subber not paying Labor. You’ll remember that MCS has lost Wells Fargo because of their scurvy business practices. And Beyond Home Solutions is right there with MCS is their business practices of “ oh it’s not our fault that we can’t pay you, MCS has not paid us!!!!!”

When will Labor learn that any company that is depending on someone paying them to pay you is a bad business model? I have been writing about this issue for the past 6 years and so has Paul Williams…Labor has to make these decisions and stop the Emplactor mentality.Not only a bad business model but this business model is one that Eric Miller Condones as Executive Director of NAMFS as he will do nothing that would lead anyone to believe they don’t condone thieves and con artists as Members. I honestly do not know how he can hold his head up and act as if nothing is wrong with the system he has allowed to fester within the Mortgage Field Service industry. Perhaps he’s half ostrich and feels by hiding his head in the sand the problem doesn’t exist?

Now we also have a fourth entry this week.

Secure Asset Management Or SAM…personally..just me now…if you agree to go to work for this company then you’re a SAP!!!! This is also another company I have an official media inquiry into as I can find no license for this company in the following states… FLORIDA, LOUISIANA, MISSISSIPPI, NEW YORK, OHIO, TEXAS, VIRGINIA, WASHINGTON, WEST VIRGINIA and as always I will be sending a link to this article to those Sectary of States.

2016-03-15 05_55_33-Greenshot

To this company’s credit someone has returned my call and we will be having further discussions. SO THERE IS NO MISUNDERSTANDING. THIS COMPANY HAS NOT MADE THE LIST BECAUSE THEY ARE STEALING MONIES OR COMMITTING CRIMES OR DEFRAUDING ANYONE. They have made the list for licensing issues and the fact that their pricing is so low…well pricing as I told the representative of SAM is between the parties signing the contracts. The company is obviously s\”subbing” others work. Another issue with this company is the Hazard issue. They will pay you 10 a cubic yard for Hazard Removal. For those of you whom do not know. There are 336 one gallon paint cans in a cubic yard, there are 12 16″ tires in a cubic yard. So you be the judge if you can make that work LEGALLY.

When I explained the courts decision on licensing and the fact that anyone profiting from workloads completed in a state said state in entitled to tax revenues…well needless to say they were not aware of this and the representative stated she would have company personal higher up the food chain look into this matter. It’s the law folks, something that Eric Miller should be monitoring and demanding the membership be in compliance of all laws and regulations just like the organizations Offender members demand of you.

 Should any Offender Member of NAMFS come calling so they can scam you out of your monies, well prior to signing a contract with any company that will profit from your work then you should be checking their licensing in your state. If you find they are not licensed then report them. With the business model of…I will pay you when we get paid they are not liquid and will not be able to pay the fines associated with cheating the business laws. In addition think about this…if they are going to skirt the business laws in your state, what makes you think they will pay you?

In closing this morning Foreclosurepedia and myself are working on a couple shows at this time. Should anyone wish to participate in a live call in format with these companies as the subject matter please contact me today and we’ll get you the time and place to call.

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening.

PPI News…MCS…Hummel…and the Emplactors

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Organics Admin

COO at Aladay LLC
Organic Farmer, Property Preservation Specialist and Custom Glass & Wood Worker. Blogger extraordinaire...
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Joseph "I am the Embezzler COO_COO_CA_CHOO" Hummel
Joseph  Hummel

For years I have been saying that there are no true Independent Contractors (IC) in the Property Preservation Industry, (PPI). MCS not one to let me down with their company actions that dictate you are an Emplactor is slashing prices once again while moving into a larger building. Of course the idiot Emplactors that are still working with this company are accommodating MCS as they use the monies from illegal back charges (IMHO, remember I’m not a lawyer) and of course the way they beat ones E&O insurance up after you quit them has to be considered a highly questionable form of incoming revenues.

To make matters worse companies like MCS, has some very questionable back charging practices. Here is what I do not understand. How the hell does this company and the other members of NAMFS continually get away with IRS violations, RICO violations? This question has follow up, why the Sam Hell does Labor do absolutely nothing about this? Why does Labor have no Balls???

Another bit of disturbing news is that there is more bad news for Ocwen’s , and his very close relation and ties to Altisource, has landed in the crosshairs again and more loses.
“investigation also found that Ocwen’s close relationship with Altisource Residential, Altisource Asset Management Corp, Altisource Portfolio Solutions, and Home Loan Servicing Solutions and William Erbey’s role as the chairman of each company contributed to the faulty financial dealings.
Erbey founded Ocwen, and served as chairman of the board of Ocwen, Altisource Residential… is decision time????
Labour…it is decision time????

When I think about the past SEVEN YEARS of writing about these companies and bring light to the matters of the Property Preservation Industry it seems that Labor has become even more pathetic than they were SEVEN YEARS ago. Labor did nothing then and now they just lay down for any ‘ol bullshit that these companies come up with. I don’t even want to hear “Back in the Day” crap. The fact is that MCS has lowered their pricing once again, Ocwen’s troubles will no doubt force Altisource to lower pricing once again and the IDIOT EMPLACTORS will line up by the dozens and continue to allow this crap to continue.

Any of you ask why those writing on this industry have diversified into other arenas. Or why we refuse to remove debris for less than $35 a cubic yard, or perform winterizations for less than $125? Or how about this issue, all this crap of including Hazards in your debris counts, while you have to pay different fees to dispose of the materials??? You do realize that the nationals are using your photographs to get paid for the hazards they are not paying you for???

Currently there are new companies recruiting. Where they have come from I have no idea. However, it give credence to the ongoing cycle that the PPI has had for the past 7 years. The ongoing cycle of use ‘em up, spit ‘em out. That is all companies like MCS do. The use the Emplactor to finance their work then cheat them out of their monies with frivolous back charging and missed photos. The issue that MCS is notorious for though is one that I have yet to seen investigated.

The E&O hits AFTER you have decided not to work for them. Years ago MCS came calling on us. We looked into them and we discussed this issue with our insurance people. They said no way would they list this company as “additionally Insured” or even go as far as to allow them to be a “Certificate Holder” with this type of “known activity” in the form of conducting business.

Everyone asks why? Well simply put unless you are the one being abused by MCS you cannot go after MCS as you have not been wronged. I also do not understand how the insurance companies allow this to go on and on and on!!!! Perhaps that is why your insurance company has to be “Industry Approved”?????

Sacred Emplactors...come out come out where ever you are!!!!!
Sacred Emplactors…come out come out where ever you are!!!!!

I have not yet heard about the presentation by the insurance folks at FAST, hopefully we’ll hear from them in the upcoming months. I say this as should you have a decent insurance company…oh say like OREP, they will write a policy for your business. But then that would make you a business and not a PPI EMPLACTOR!!!

I received a recruitment email yesterday…here was our company’s official response….

I’m not sure if we can assist you.

It is our policy to negotiate fees not be told what we will be paid.

While I understand this may be an industry practice, we are a company and we are not looking for employment.


That said…I do have some questions.

Who are you guys?

How long have you been involved in Property Preservation?

Whom do you receive work orders from?

Does IPG have a conflict resolution policy/program?

Is IPG a member of NAMFS or any other type of trade organization?

Will IPG negotiate fees or are they written in stone?

While I can appreciate your circumstances.

The fact of the matter is you asking for coverage for about 40,000 square miles. And there is absolutely no economically feasible way we could accept being told what to do when to do it and then be told what we will be paid.

In addition I reviewed an initial clean specs. $250 is completely unreasonable. To provide a proper janitorial per specs consumes about 12 to 18 man hours, even paying employees 10 bucks an hour makes this impossible to complete at that fee.

Unless I have missed something, I’m currently in the mountains with no power so I’m working off phones and tablets so my screens are difficult to read…

Your fees will only allow one if they’re lucky or they cheat the dumping to break even. And as a company we do not provide financing for free. If we are being asked to foot the bill and carry you for thirty days on the “when photos and work orders are approved” then we bill accordingly for our services.

I network a lot with the other companies here and I will ask around.

If I have missed something please feel free to call me. I will be talking to a couple of companies today,and over the weekend and can pass your information along.


Aaron Aveiro

COO Aladay LLC

Aladay LLC Media

America Matters

AMNews Corresponden

Foreclosurepedia Contributor


Now if only more of you would do the same. As the COO of Aladay LLC it is my responsibility to make sure that our company stays solvent. When you’re asked to perform services for less than what they cost you to complete you cannot remain solvent. So when I discuss the fact that we bill for our services the recruiters don’t understand this process. They tell me that is unacceptable. I respond then you do not receive the services o the best company on the west coast. When I inform them of our procedures…

Day one: We inspect and provide a PCR

Day two: we negotiate fees and make written agreements for the work order in question.  At this time everything is discussed and we have everything put in written form for our records.

Day Three work orders are complete

Well let’s just say you can hear the proverbial pin drop in THEIR office. Just some food for though folks.

Gotta Love It....
Gotta Love It….

Now here’s something for EVERYONE to jump on…It appears The Hummel Affect is back in swing. I received an email that is a post by Mr. Hummel on Face Book. It has been confirmed by a source that prefers to remain anonymous that Mr. Hummel is starting or forming a new organization, in light of the fact, Mr. Hummel’s prior actions in the PPI were that of writing policy to cheat Labor out of the money, well let’s just say there is a heightened alert with any action he makes in the PPI. Now Hummel wants Labor to jump up and come running and welcome this guy with open arms by joining The Contractor’s Alliance Network in Salisbury North Carolina. If I’m not mistaken the latest idiot I have encountered, Dougie, is in that same area with his Storm Watch Nation thingy he is doing.

Now please do not think for one second I am saying Dougie is involved because at this time I do not know. I’m just saying they are in the same part of the country. But perhaps they should work together since they both have enough common sense to rub two nickels together and call it a dime.

Here is what is so disturbing about this chain of events. You go to the website to gather information about this and there is nothing but jiberish crap. No contact info, no idea of “who are we” is as it must be a secret, yet the site asks for your personal information. You must remember this…fiduciary crimes+personal information…..mmmmmmnot sure about that is what the site says….

Welcome to Contractor Alliance Network. This network was created to offer contract opportunities within the Mortgage Field Service Industry.

As a premier network, we offer only competitive contract opportunities with companies that care about the relationships with their contractors completing the repairs. We value our network to bring an ‘eyes and ears’ mentality to assist all parties. The alliance that is created from this network allows all members of this unique industry to share ideas, bettering the business practices within.

If you are interested in finding work within the Mortgage Field Services industry, we connect maintenance contractors with Mortgage Field Service companies. We offer full training for introduction into the MFS industry, and offer immediate contract opportunities.

Please fill out our short survey, and a representative will be in contact with you

But let us see if Mr Hummel is paying attention….

Mr. Hummel;

How have you become a premier network within the past 30 days?

If you would…What is a “Competitive Contract Opportunity”?

Whom will you be connecting “Contractors” with?

Who  or what agency endorses your Training?

….side note here. Mr. Hummel was recently involved in the QC University debacle when Kim $8 haircut fatica tried to scam John Allen and NAARPI International out of the education platform for Mr. Hummel and the Gulf Thunder guy Terry Platt for QC University….or as I referred to them…The Quack Club.

How will you assist folks in bettering “Business Practices”????

Now this is a burning question that several people have said to me. so I have to put into a question.

Mr. Hummel you single handedly ruined two companies while alienating Labor, now you’d like us to believe you’re going to put them together …labor and management…and all will play nice in the sand box???

Should Mr. Hummel, and yes Joseph knows he will get his side presented all he has to do is contact me or, should that be too much of a strain he is always welcome to email me as we all know he has that address. Of course, I will have more information on this later this week as I’m in the mountains today and tomorrow doing a little excavating for my new abode. It’s really refreshing to wake up to the sound of the world waking up. Good for the soul if you will. And of course, the mind, what a great way to clear the cobwebs and get perspective, inhaling crisp fresh mountain air. Unlike the idiots that you show how they are breaking the law and they try to justify their actions with drivel that only sounds right in their little tiny pathetic minds.

Perhaps this will be an awakening to Labor and many will say no to these lower pricing efforts by Management. On a side note here, I’ve started sending contracts to an attorney to see if they pass Independent Contractor status, when I get the results I will not only publish but report to the IRS, CFPB, the UEID, and anyone else that will act on behalf of Labor since they seem unacceptable of acting as responsible business owners for themselves. On a second side note…I may have some terrific news for Labor as I just may have found a company that is willing to negotiate fees, you can bet I’ll update that subject over the weekend.

So We must place MCS for the THIRD time on the Industry Watch List.

In this instance we are Placing Joseph Hummel and the Contractors Alliance Network on the PPI Watch list and I do sincerely hope that I am writing you over the weekend to remove Mr. Hummel. At this time all he has done is start an organization. No information to see if he wants a fee for this service but what do you think????? And since that Idiot Dougie wants to continue to break the law and attempt to sell his federal crimes a a public service he stays on the list…

No Matter Where You Are...We'll be Watching
No Matter Where You Are…We’ll be Watching

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Written by Aaron Aveiro

Photographs courtesy Google Images

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership