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Bayer and Monsanto: An Unholy Marriage

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Bayer has just purchased Monsanto for 62.5 billion dollars, cementing one of the most unholy business marriages of all time. The two companies are equally yoked with a history of evil and self-serving business practices are concerned, and it’s important for the public to know what this massive business merger means.

The Bride

Monsanto is the company that is responsible for creating and marketing products like genetically modified BT corn (corn plants with built-in pesticide genes spliced into their DNA) and “Round-up ready” GMOs—plants that are engineered to resist the herbicide Roundup so that fields can be saturated with chemicals that kill weeds, but not the modified crops. Rather than increase crop yields as promised, GMOs have increased the use of herbicides and caused an alarming outbreak of herbicide-resistant “superweeds”.

Despite claims to the contrary, glyphosate (the active ingredient in Roundup) has been shown to cause cancer and other illnesses. GMO crops in India and Central America have caused a deadly epidemic of kidney disease in those countries, and health in America has plummeted alongside the rise of GMO products.

Monsanto has become well-known as a company that falsifies documents, lies to the public, strong-arms farms and businesses into buying their products, and covers up wrongdoing. They have been sued many times, and are currently facing a very large lawsuit involving thousands of people with claims that they have cancer caused by Monsanto’s “safe” herbicides.

The Groom

Bayer has been a household name for generations, but many people are unaware of its sordid history. This company began in Germany under the name of I.G. Farben. In lawsuits, I.G. Farben has been accused of crimes against humanity during World War II—when the effectiveness of their pharmaceuticals was tested on Jewish people who were kidnapped, enslaved, or purchased to use as “human guinea pigs”.

Bayer admits to using slave labor, although it has done its best to minimalize its connection to I.G. Farben. And it’s no wonder they would rather people be unaware of their roots—I.G. Farben was the company that developed  Zyklon B…the poisonous gas used to kill millions of Jews in gas chambers during WWII.

A Match Made in Hell

Monsanto has its own ugly little toxic secret: Agent Orange. Monsanto created this chemical for use in warfare during the Vietnam war, and it was sprayed in large amounts (some 12 million gallons) to kill foliage in South Vietnam. Although not meant to be a toxin to humans, Monsanto’s product proved to be a powerful teratogen—sickening millions and causing horrific birth defects that continue to be a problem even in the children and grandchildren of those exposed. Many children in Vietnam today lie dying in orphanages due to disabilities caused by the toxin, and in America veterans of the Vietnam war and their descendants suffer from a long list of hundreds of health problems associated with Agent Orange exposure.

These two massive companies deserve to be tried for crimes against humanity, rather than be allowed to team up. By distancing themselves from their histories and covering up their wrongdoing, they have managed to continue to do billions of dollars of business despite the damage they’ve done to society.

Bayer has announced that once the purchase is complete, the name “Monsanto” will disappear. In this way, I.G. Farben and Monsanto will quietly blend into one “family” name…and Bayer will hide two companies with a horrible history. They will continue to benefit from their terrible past, building on a history of building a financial empire by taking advantage of the very people they claim to help—and then refusing to take responsibility for the damages they do.

An Uncertain Future for the Rest of Us

This new union will come with a special bonus: Monsanto is facing a huge number of serious lawsuits in the near future that could do real damage to the company. Now, they will have the added money and corporate backing of Bayer—and, with a name change, the hope that the public will soon forget who is responsible for the tainting of our entire food chain and the epidemic of autoimmune illness that is sickening people at unheard of rates.

This union will close a perfect vicious cycle that Monsanto alone couldn’t quite complete: Monsanto’s GMOs require Monsanto’s herbicides to grow; Monsanto’s herbicides cause resistant weeds that require more herbicides to eradicate; these herbicides cause diseases in everyone who consumes GMO products. Now, Bayer’s drugs can be prescribed for the ailments that Monsanto’s products cause—keeping the cycle of toxic chemicals and high-priced drugs all in the same family.

The losers in all of this? Clearly, everyone but Monsanto and Bayer.

By allowing this to take place, the Department of Justice has created the world’s largest seed and chemical company—a company that will control 77% of all seed corn and 58-97% of all cotton, soybean, and canola markets. This promises to be more expensive for farmers and to make it much more difficult for the public to have choices as to how their food is grown.

Please, share this article and let others know what is happening. If the public is aware of the merger, they will know to watch Bayer carefully and to take the steps needed to be informed about where their food is coming from and who is benefitting from it.




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Whom do Your Elected Officials Represent?..Pecuniary Greed

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This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series Pecuniary Greed
So which is your elected Official??? Stupid or a liar???
So which is your elected Official??? Stupid or a liar???

In the days of my youth I was told what it was to be a man…Well about the time that song came out that just about what my father was discussion with me. You see one of the things that make us who we are is the ability to express self autonomy. The Ability to Own what you do if you will. Over the next few days I will be discussion one of the most divisive issues the United States of America has ever debated. GMO and how the products got into the food supply virtually untested all in the name of Pecuniary Greed.


I believe the last time the American People were seriously hoodwinked for Pecuniary Greed was when DuPont had the useless patient for nylon rope and William Randolph Hearst and his Wood Pulp Paper. Refer Madness was name of that Propaganda Campaign. Sure seems like in my life time there have been a hell of a lot of Chemical Companies Manipulating the masses in the name of Pecuniary Greed. However, this time they may have gone too far as they are playing games wit the food supply, all for a little pocket change to send their pathetic offspring to Harvard. Pecuniary Greed sure can make strange bed-fellows.

Apparently when Malcolm Forbes the coined the phrase…He who dies with the most toys wins… The Baby Boom Generation took it to heart as there is only one reason for the massive smoke and mirror…I know I’m moving to a horse ranch but I’m a glass guy…show one need look no farther than Glyphosate. One Chemical Ladies and Gentlemen, one chemical all this deception, sleight of hand, Dog and Pony shows all in the name of Pecuniary Greed for one Chemical called Glyphosate. Amazing how much money is being generated for a chemical that is poisoning us daily because it has gotten into every facet of our lives.

Over the next few articles I will be bringing information from several places one of them the a fore mentioned publication of Malcolm. I will be providing links to information and videos, one of them will be a video from a remarkable young man Birke Beahr…so impressive his video plays on our site while this series will be run. It’s to the right as you read this.

The most notorious ruse the Monsanto propaganda machine is passing around is that “Selective Bredding” is the same thing as Genetically Engineering a new plant. One could even go as far as to say this is Science Fiction stuff playing out right before our eyes. What is so eerie is the fact that there are Scientists, Politicians, Media Empires, Social Media Platforms, all accepting revenues in some fashion to play the ruse out. In addition now the term being thrown around for those that oppose Monsanto and the Big 6 Agri-Chemical Companies “Agri-Evolutionists”. Which is interesting since Monsanto and the Big 6 Agri-Chemical companies seem to want to deny and refuse is happening with their Miss-Information campaign.

We the People need our voice LISTENED too.

I guess this is why it is so IMPORTANT for We the People do something. Just me but at the current moment EVERYONE in Washing DC should be impeached for ethical violations if they have accepted money from Monsanto, Syngenta, Con Agra, Dupont, Dow Chemical, Bayer, or any  other company that is remotely affiliated with any of the mentioned, and proposed, attached, or represented Monsanto interests while in office they should be charged with the crime of GRAFT. As that is what they are doing. Hillary Clinton received $325k to speak to at a Monsanto function. This would be Graft at its highest level Ladies and Gentlemen.

The definition of Graft… Graft, a form of political corruption, is the unscrupulous use of a politician’s authority for personal gain. The term has its origins in the medical procedure whereby tissue is removed from one location and attached to another for which it was not originally intended…..

12400922_10207992903851351_1413593894247738406_nMmmmmmmmmmmmmm not originally intended???? Seems that our Elected Officials do truly Represent their Constituents do they now??? Especially since the intention for one elected to go to Washington is to REPRESENT THEIR CONSTITUENTS and not generate profit via back room deals.

Pecuniary Greed the criminal activity of Graft

This issue has not even been tried to be covered up. The Graft is at the highest levels of our Government. Our Current Democratic Candidate is under and FBI investigation, she wears $4000.00 coats while speaking on income inequality to groups of minimum wage employees and gives speech on how to dress the duck to Monsanto C-Level employees to the tune of $350,000.00 for about 90 minutes of dressing the duck talk.

Steven Savage

The first discussion thread is very articulated article penned by Steven Savage, claiming the same thing that the Famed Astrophysics Neil de Grasse-Tyson made a few years ago. I found the comment and correlation coming from Mr deGrasse when the same almost word for word came from Penn Jillette about a year earlier. Only Penn had to emphasize the point with the statement….Anyone against GMO technology has never watched a child starve to death…With all your money Mr. Jillette, I certainly hope you haven’t either.

For the article written by Steven go here.

Now please keep in mind the Steven has a career in the Bio tech industry and a long history of employment with the creators of the chemicals they want to place in the food supply.

Reviewing some of the commentary on Steven’s article and one can see that not everyone failed third grade science like the scientists working for Monsanto, that would be third grade science the Monsanto employee want to ignore.

Here is what some of the conversation has consisted of so far. This is still an active discussion that you can participate in if the desire is there.

Bill Kelleher

Seriously? This same tired old argument? It didn’t work when Neil de Grasse-Tyson tried to make it, and it not working for you now. There is a huge difference between traditional plant breeding and genetically engineered crops. Traditional plant breeding is outpacing GE on traits like drought resistance and others. GMO crops have increased overall pesticide use and have not increased yields. There is mounting evidence of harm across multiple organ systems from GMO crops, not to mention the ever increasing amounts of known carcinogen glyphosate sprayed on them.

One thing I will say is that “non-GMO” can be an advertising gimmick in some cases, especially when it is used on a food that currently has no GMO equivalent on the market.

Another comment went to the heart of the lopsided commentary provided in the article

Steven. Truly independent researchers, scientists and professors disclose their connections so as to remove any doubt of conflict of interest. The fact that you choose to keep yours secret only backs the opinion that you are a paid mouth piece of the bio industry. Sure, they are not paying you for *THIS* article, but we are all sure they are paying you quite handsomely for other work. A Google search of you turns up a long connected career to the bio industry exposing your lies and propaganda for what it is. The sad part is simply the fools who swallow it as truly independent facts.

Then there is this from Colleen

Colleen Whalen: The entire article is riddled with obsfucation and ad hominum arguments. There is a massive difference between hybridization and splicing genetic DNA and interjecting animal and plant genes into each other. GMO does not exist in any form in nature. Dating back 10,000 when agriculture was invented in Mesopotamia, farmers have always selected drought resistant, pest resistan and more prolific, attractive and tastier plants to breed and cross with hybrids. This has no connecton to what happens in a Biotechnology laboratory where scientists and technician artificially tweak animal and plant DNA and create an organism which never occurs in nature. Trans Species DNA splicing has been strongly criticzed by the Vatican. The entire organic farming industry in Hawaii has been destroyed due to cross contamination with GMO crops through pollen and seeds drifting in the wind. Monsanto has a 400 acre experimental GMO farm in Woodland, which is near Sacramento, California. There are more organic farmers in the Central Valley of California than anywhere else in the world. Once an organic crop has been contaminated by GMO drift from wind currents, it cannot be legally sold as organic. When reviewing the authors biography it was clear he has an extensive work history working for the GMO industry and is clearly guilty of a conflict of interest. Supreme Court Clarence Thomas should have RECUSED himself when he was the deciding vote in 1990 when GMO was legalized for crops in the USA. Clarence Thomas worked as a highly paid legal advisor to Monsanto and owned stock in that company when he voted in favor of legalizing GMO in 1990. There is a revolving door in the USDA of former Monsanto executives – Archer Daniel Midlands, Cargill and other hegemonic corporate cartel Big Ag conglomerates – and then being hired to run the USDA. If there is “no difference” between non-GMO and GMO crops then why do biotech firms insist on obtaining legal patents and charging huge royalty fees to farmers who use GMO seeds? Selective breeding and hybridizing plants is not remotely the same as what is done in Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont laboratories. Can the author name one organism that naturally has both plant and animal DNA?

And of course in all fairness there is the Good Sargent Zim…

sgt_zim…..Thanks, Dr. Savage. My father was in agriculture for 40 years (retired ag. vice chancellor from a large land-grant), and I’ve heard essentially the same from him. I find it more than a bit depressing that people can be so ignorant of science and agriculture. Most of us are not more than a couple generations removed from the agrarian lifestyle and just pig-ignorant of how things like this actually work.

Sandra brought up a common sense fact The poison is in the food with no lace to go….

Steven Savage’s response

Sandra, the biotech “Bt crops” don’t “kill any bug that takes a bite.” They are using the extremely selective, Bt proteins that are commonly sprayed in organic. These proteins have no effect on animals. As for standing up to the “harshest of weed killers” the real thing is also extremely selective. Glyphosate inhibits one specific enzyme that is in a pathway that does not occur in animals. The herbicide tolerant crop has a slightly different version of that EPSPS enzyme which is no longer effected. By the way, there is no lettuce on the market that is glyphosate tolerant or tolerant to any herbicide. Weed control in that crop is highly dependent on back-breaking hand labor, and fortunately today heading towards robotic systems. Chemicals that “build up in your body” have been banned for decades. The residues of chemicals on/in our foods are well documented to be at incredibly low and safe levels. The narratives you seem to have been reading don’t seem to capture the huge advances in all these areas over the past 40 years.

Where did you hear about poison dart frog DNA in beets? There is no such product out there. There is a website where you can see exactly what “GMO” crops exist anywhere around the world. Go to the green tab that says GM approval database.

This website Steven has refereed us to is the International Service for the Acquisition of Agri-Biotech Applications. Now when you run a “WhoIs” search on this website you draw a blank. There is no information available. Wonder why that is? Once you poke around the website there can be no question whom is behind the curtain pulling the strings and providing the information.

In Sandra’s defense the poison dart frog comment was a little tongue-n-cheek.

In closing today allow me to point out the obvious. Monsanto and company are going to tell us there is absolutely no way they could cook up a conspiracy this big…However, remember this folks. The American tax payers are currently spending and have been spending Billions of dollars to undo Refer Madness, that was given to us by…you got it a Chemical Company so they could profit.

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Written by: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs: Steven Savage courtesy his website, Google Images, and of course Refer Madness Poster photo Moi!!!!

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