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NAMFS and the Criminal Conspiracy…Is Silence a Crime???

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Accessory After the Fact…

No Matter Where You Are...We'll be Watching
No Matter Where You Are…We’ll be Watching


This morning I decided to have Biscuits and Gravy for Breakfast. Now that Bucky and Charlie are no longer with us the Sunday morning ritual of Blueberry Pancakes that they loved so much is rather empty without them. So I now have a different Sunday Morning ritual so not to get too melancholy over their passing.  Life is full of decisions. We make them every day. Some are good and some are bad. The Maker definitely knows that I have made some seriously boneheaded decisions in my time. Last night in the game four of the World Series, Alcides Escobar’s decision with bases loaded in the sixth inning with one out, to throw home for a force out and keep the game tied was made in a split second. The alternative was to attempt to make an inning ending double play with Hunter Pence, whom had already, beat out a double play attempt on him earlier in the game, racing down the line. Escobar’s decision to go home and keep the game tied looked like the wise choice at the time. The next batter, “The Panda” hits a two run single and Kansas City not only gives up the lead but loses the game.

Escobar’s decision was made in a split second, .oooo1 of a second. I’m sure by now you’re wondering why I mention this. Well, I mention this as a decision that must be made in a split second can be forgiven should the decision not go the way you plan. What can’t be forgiven is when an individual or organization has FIVE years to make a decision and does nothing.

Yes today I write about the non-decision. The inability of an organization to make an informed decision, even after numerous attempts to reach out to them has been made. The inability of a decision making process when provided facts from numerous sources and the players know that they are in the wrong. I’m sure by now you know that I speak of the code of silence that is similar to the Skull and Crossbones Society. That same code of silence the Eric Miller and the NAMFS Regime demonstrate every day.

You see Eric Miller cannot play the “Stupid Card” here. Miller and his Regime have known since 2009 that the members of NAMFS have been stealing from other members and non-members of the organization. Now for one second one split second let us be real here. There is ABSOLUTELY no way the member’s or Miller does not know of the illegal activity the membership of NAMFS participates in a daily basis.

Miller has been approached on several fronts to bring labor to the table. Most recently the event hosted by NAARPI International. Miller stated to some that he was not invited to Dallas. Miller, that is a lie, I invited you three times and I personally heard John Allen invite you twice. You were sent emails and left voicemails and I even extended the invitation in several articles.

Paul Williams actually had a conversation with Miller in 2009 asking that for transparency that NAMFS develop a committee for conflict resolution when there were non-payment issues. Mr. Williams suggested a Blue Ribbon Grievance Committee.

Miller’s response??? “That will never happen” True to his word this has not come to fruition as Miller “wanted no part of this” . So, while the conversation was amicable the end result was negative.

Think about that folks. Wouldn’t it be much easier for the folks involved to police themselves instead of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?  An agency that will extract the pound of flesh from this nightmare the banks created. Yes they will extract the pound of flesh for the American people that our pathetic government failed to do while providing all the financial criminals more money labeled “Bailout” only to have the banking industry say F*** off and gave those responsible for the financial collapse and criminal activity, million dollar bonuses. Yes the CFPB will get their pound of flesh.

You can bet that part of that pound will be NAMFS. Especially, since they have had the last FIVE years to make a decision. FIVE Years of no decision. FIVE Years of staying the course and allowing their members to steal and extort monies from innocent women and children and our country’s Military Veterans.

No the NAMFS Regime can no longer play the stupid card. Regardless of how stupid they really are, this is no longer an option for Miller and his pathetic bunch of scandalous thieves. While the first members that will feel the blows of justice will be the Board of Directors, the membership is also guilty of the crimes that other members commit as they sit by allowing the corruption to continue in their pathetic code of silence. This can no longer be a case of “Outta-sight Outta-mind” for there has been far too much published in public media.

My guess is that Spin Doctor 101 Fatica has advised the silent treatment to the public. However, even at best the industry’s $8 haircut pretty boy cannot stop what is about to happen because Miller will not bring Labor into the talks. The fact that NAMFS will not allow a seat at the table for Labor while claiming to be the voice and leader of the Mortgage Service Industry speaks volumes about the organizations end game. I have been saying for the past FIVE years that everything involved with this organization is a “Money Grab”. To this date the organization has done nothing but prove me correct.

So as I sit here thinking of the next decision to make about calling this organization out on the carpet I have to wonder. Does Miller truly understand his ability as an Executive Director that under Roberts Rules of Order he does have the ability to make suggestions? Does Miller understand he has the power to make motions, call for investigations, or enforce the organizations Canons and Standards?

My guess is that the membership is in over their head and that they are a bunch of common folk that if in another industry that has some oversight they would have gone bankrupt years ago. Does Miller feel he is only a figurehead and has NO power with the organization? Does the rest of the membership know they can make motions? I’m asking this question as there is some scuttlebutt that the membership goes beyond just the companies they list on their website, where the thief and illegal claiming bankruptcy BERGHORST’s are still listed as a member in good standing. The scuttlebutt consists of this tidbit…the companies that are listed; all their employees are also members. If this is true then there are about 7,000 accessories to the fact involved here. About 7,000 people that are guilty of Conspiracy to Commit Fraud and Fraud in the Inducement.

So if that is true and your one of the “Token” members of NAMFS you’re also complacent in the facilitating of the crimes that the Miller Regime is allowing to go on every day without a word. Yes this means you’re all guilty of Conspiracy to Commit Fraud and Fraud in the Inducement. Another charge that the members could face…

Accessory After The fact


Someone who assists another 1) who has committed a felony, 2) after the person has committed the felony, 3) with knowledge that the person committed the felony, and 4) with the intent to help the person avoid arrest or punishment. An accessory after the fact may be held liable for, inter alia, obstruction of justice.

I spoke to Paul Williams briefly this morning as he has extensive knowledge and information on the organization. I really only wanted a sound bite. My question to Paul was;

What do feel is the true state of NAMFS?

“For all intensive purposes NAMFS poses a clear and present danger to civil society, unless and until their methodology are brought in line with modern society”

Allow me to elaborate on “methodology “for a moment. The organizations methodology is to create a layer of profit for their members by allowing them to break the law and sub to each other two or more times until there is no revenue left to pay Labor. Labor, the people financing the industry with the upfront costs of completing services, and insurance, and background checks all purchased from members of the organization. For all their efforts, Labor gets screwed out of the monies they EARN. Where the laws become violated is when these companies start sending the work over the internet into another state without being properly licensed in that state, or better known as RICO violations.

An industry leader yet they have only created a system so convoluted that attorneys have no clue where to start when suing someone. The INDUSTRY LEADER???? Yet NAMFS has done nothing to establish a Standard of Service. Is there any wonder why Eric Miller will not respond to the constant outreach and extension of the Olive Branch by NAARPI International when it comes to Education and Training? Think about it folks…

It has been established that NAARPI International’s Education and Training is far superior to the offerings that the NAMFS Academy has to offer, by the organizations members no less!!!! Yes NAMFS members have participated in the NAMFS’s bootlegged Rob Preston education model and NAARPI International’s. So why you ask, would NAMFS not want to come to the table???

Because…IMHO…if they acknowledge NAARI International’s program it will set a standard for the industry. A standard of Minimum Standards for completed services. Which if established would stop every member from making up their own rules to enable them screw the BOTG over financially on a daily basis. This would eliminate the “Mandatory Requirements” that increase the cost of completing services with no ability to pass the cost of doing business on.

I remember once this gal, Linda from A+ said she needed a specific lock installed. The lock cost $75 and the payment was going to be $100. I told her, with having to provide a $75 lock setup we would need $175. She asked why and I proceeded to spell it out.

Her response, well that is the cost of doing business.

My response??? Yes and the costs of doing business are ALWAYS passed on to the consumer, in this case you…

Needless to say we never got into bed with Linda and A+…

But that is what every NAMFS member wants you to do. Get on board with the BS of paying you what they want to pay.

I can understand the inability to write technically. I have designed and written more than one educational program in my time. I used to tutor an Architectural Drawing Vocational program for the Nevada Department of Corrections. I not only wrote the procedures for the program, I also wrote the curriculum for the program. If you think it is easy to write on a technical level, try this.

Write a technical statement on how to hit a curveball. Yes, I want you to tell me and everyone how the ball leaves the pitchers hand at 90 miles an hour suddenly drops to 81 MPH and drops 12 inches, tell me about the velocity of the ball leaving the bat at 125 MPH. Tell me about how the spin on the ball changes when leaving the bat, tell me about what the batter sees as his mind has that split .0001 of a second to make his decision to swing or let the ball go by.

While Escobar made a decision that turned out to be an adverse one. He made a decision. As a baseball person, I think he made the right one. The ball he had to grab was not right at him, he had to move to his right, and he did have a guy running 21.3 MPH down the first base line, a runner that had previously beat the double play attempt on him earlier in the game, so there was no guarantee the double play attempt would be successful. No, in the split second decision that Escobar made…win, lose, or draw…he made the decision.

Something that Eric Miller and NAMFS have had the ability to do for the past FIVE years.

Here is something for all the Jeffery Lyons and William Heggins that are doing $40 wints and attempting to justify them by lying about purchasing two trucks while completing $40 winterizations, in Social Media.

There are two pricing lists. One the banks pay and then there is the price list that the industry pays the Brokers. Wints…$250…Our company bills out a minimum $125 for this service and if we are performing a wint for a Freddie Mac Broker…we bill $275

With the SYSTEM MOVING BACK to brokers…something that everyone should be cognizant of. Just as NAMFS members under the direction of Heir Miller and his Regime shrouded in their insane convoluted code of silence as the membership routinely steals and defrauds our country’s Military Veterans and other innocent women and children, the membership of NAMFS should be cognizant of the fact the party is over…allow me to say this…

Miller and company…you have been afforded numerous opportunities to rectify the mess you have created. Whether or not you and the “Industry Leader” group of folks are scared of success or you all do not understand how Parliamentary Procedure works, you call yourself a leader, yet you have done nothing to establish and create definitions and standards with the exception of theft…your membership is pretty good at that…NAMFS bills themselves as a Trade Association, and they have had 25 years to establish some standards for the industry. What have they have done is provided the industry with Definitions and Standards of THEFT!!!

The industry has always had need for education and training and anyone calling themselves the Leader of the Industry should be the gatekeeper of such. But for the past 25 years NAMFS has been fumbling around like they are having trouble unbuttoning the girl’s pants on their first date.

Perhaps the Gatekeeper of the Education and training for the industry…perhaps the title of Gatekeeper belongs to NAARPI International since they are the only organization that has gone out and had the material reviewed and endorsed by someone other than one claiming to be the Industry Guru.

In closing….Mr. Miller we are not going away, as I stated in 2012 to Deanna Alfrado…once again I will continue to beat the drum, this afternoon I go purchase bigger drumsticks.


Written By; Aaron Aveiro

Photographs Courtesy Google Images.

Opinions Expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership

Business 101….Evaluating Yourself

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Organics Admin

COO at Aladay LLC
Organic Farmer, Property Preservation Specialist and Custom Glass & Wood Worker. Blogger extraordinaire...
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Not as easy as it sounds…so here’s…

Contact us today for your consultation.
Contact us today for your consultation.


I speak a lot against “subbing” work that isn’t necessary to sub in the Property Preservation Industry. As one whom oversees “employees” and advocates for labor at the same time I did me some shopping around…I have to admit with no “PPI Industry Standards” it suddenly dawned on me that there probably isn’t any such thing as “ Best Practices” when it comes to the PPI. Well I found that there really isn’t, however, as in many other areas of business there are “Best Business Practices”.

In today’s challenging business environment a successful company needs to be highly focused throughout the organization on maximizing profits. Employees should be empowered to do their jobs, but they must also be held accountable for the results. A management system needs to be in place to drive sales and profits! This one-page self-evaluation checklist will determine how your company compares to the industry’s “Best Business Practices” that are required for success at the highest level.

Here are a few that have helped us…


Industry “Best Business Practices” Self-Evaluation

Check only what is fully implemented at your company. Please be 100% candid….Sometimes it is hard to be honest when it comes to ourselves as it is not easy to say you’re wrong or made a mistake. But in order for you to truly understand your business the sooner you’ll be able to make the adjustments that are necessary for maximizing your potential an accomplishing your goals.

  • Every employee knows and understands the top priorities of the company and their job activities are focused accordingly.
  • Every employee understands how their role fits with the priorities of the company.
  • Employees are empowered to do their jobs and understand the need to link empowerment with accountability.
  • The strengths and weaknesses of the company are known and being acted upon accordingly.
  • All employees are accountable by specific, measurable and time framed individual objectives contributing to the success of the company.
  • Priorities, objectives and accomplishments are periodically reviewed and, as appropriate, adjustments are implemented.
  • The employee appraisal process and salary administration are linked to what makes the company succeed.
  • All employees know what salary increases are based upon.
  • Incentive compensation plans are linked to what makes the company succeed.
  • A formal annual planning process is in place involving management and staff.
  • Managers and staff embrace a management system that enhances the company culture, promotes teamwork and makes everyone more productive and effective.
  • A current and easy-to-update Strategic Business Plan is in place that inherently drives sales and profits.
  • Sales and profits are maximized in all phases of the economy taking into consideration industry “Best Business Practices”.
  • The company has happy customers, happy employees and happy owners.

If only one to seven criteria for success are checked, you need to make significant changes to maximize profits. We would be happy to help you make the changes. If eight to 11 are checked, you may need to “fine tune” your management system. If you checked 12 to 14, congratulations on a great management system that drives profitability…

As always I will stress again for those involved or if you’re considering becoming involved in the PPI section of the Real Estate Industry, if you’re going to hold business licenses, carry insurance then conduct business with those that have fee structures that support your business model.

During a recent conversation with a client she asked;

How do you get around these companies that are second or third in the line of subbing out the work orders?…

My response…We just tell them their pricing is not conducive to our business model…

I just love how quiet the 20-something’s with the cheat sheet get when I say that…The point I make here is if you are assuming all the risk, and make no mistake about it, when you accept a work order in the PPI YOU ACCEPT ALL THE RISK., why not start acting as a responsible business owner that accepts risk…and learn how to properly bill for your services…

Have a question??? Look to the right and send us a voicemail…have a great day!!


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photograph Aaron Aveiro

Business 101 is a course offered through Aladay LLC. We also have NAARPI International Courses available.