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Monsanto Tribunal Update

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This entry is part 7 of 8 in the series Monsanto The Hague

I will be updating this article throughout the day.

Here is the Courts Opinion for the Tribunal that was held last year in the Hague in the Netherlands.

Keep in mind there are 140 countries that have environmental law, 64 countries that have strict rules on labeling foods, UN addition to the EU and India recently saying no to new GMO crops.

To insult to injury even in Japan’s current potato crisis they refuse to import potatoes because of the uncertainty of the heath risks that GMO potatoes may present.

Tune in later as I will post podcasts of today’s AMNews segment and GMO Tuesday….

IAFST…Conversation with Tony Newman

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COO at Aladay LLC
Organic Farmer, Property Preservation Specialist and Custom Glass & Wood Worker. Blogger extraordinaire...
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This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series IAFST
Author, interviewer, consultant, commentator., and most of the time just a crazy loon…Aaron Aveiro…

I recently spoke with Tony Newman, a ten year industry veteran  and sitting chairman of the recently developed trade association,; International Association of Field Service Technitians. (IAFST). For now we’ll call them the new kids on the block.

However, They do bring a vast awry of industry experience to the table. As we move along through the introductory  phase of the organization and it’s Board of Directors, yes I know making this article the introductory to; is making this the beginning of a series  of articles.

The New Kids on the block…

In my defense and IMHO… The recent and inevitable future court decisions are going to have a dramatic effect on the PPI, affecting a well over 50% of the PPI’s “Leading Trade Association” membership. No I’m not gonna do it. However, I will allow it’s individual organization to speak for themselves.

Each week as we get to know the Board of Directors of IAFST, we, that is Labor will pose a question for each organization to answer. Pretty sure that would allow everyone to make a solid business decision about their business and memberships to industry specific trade organizations. After all…knowledge is priceless.

Here is my interview with sitting Chairman Tony Newman;

Who are the board of directors?.

 Tony Newman (Chairman) Presentable Property
Joel Irish: Hawkeye Field services,
Jerry Hahn :Precision Property Management (Membership Chairman)

Jeff Markee : Paramount Asset Management,

. Kelly brown: PMT preservation( Treasurer)Education Subcommittee Chair;

Todd Schneider is Real Estate Subcommittee Chair..

Where. Did the education program come from and can it be reviewed?

A. Modules are being built as we speak. Membership will be able to view and use as completed.

What separates IAFST. From NAMFS?

A. We are concerned about the relationship between Management and Labor. We want to bridge the gap and create a marriage between the two. We are concentrated on Labor then upwards, not the other way around. Labor and management will have unfettered access to each other through the membership rolls. We plan to educate the membership as a 3rd party entity in Business Organization, Client specific needs, Certification and the overall health of their business. This will be accomplished thru a mentor system for those who desire the information.

SALARY. Are there any salary positions in the organization?

A. Not at this time and there are no plans to create.

How will the organization support itself?

A. The payment of memberships, education modules and we ask membership to fund the association with a 1% commission on all work entered into with and through fellow members.

Will organization support and represent the best interests of the membership?

A. Our sole purpose is to help all those associated with IAFST to earn more money. That is attained with certification and relationships built with in the IAFST.

Will the organization have/support a conflict resolution program. And ensure that all levels and business models are treated fairly?

A. We are built on the premise that all parties will be represented equally with in IAFST and we promote a free and open market place. We will work in whatever capacity that is needed in order to facilitate that idea.

How do you think the recent federal court decision in Bowerman v FAS will affect the industry?

A. Until a directive is given by the federal government defining W9 verses W2 in the same language as the decision in the Bowerman case, I don’t believe the industry will change.

Many suggested that the order mills (me being one of them) need to go and that the work needs to directly to the BOTG. Will IAFST be able to assist any transition actions should this happen?

Answered above….you can be the judge if that response.

I have commented in the video below.  This will be the first in the series of articles we roll out in the new promising upstart trade organization for the Mortgage Field Service Industry. As we get to know the BOD members and their companies we’ll explore various issues that are PPI related and pose a question to both NAMFS & IAFST….  Then of course we can let the potential members make conclusions based on fact presented.

I had to give a couple plugs at the end and just do a little ranting… Remember we are looking to develop a radio show for the MFS if you’d be interested in sponsoring or if you need a little promotional assisstance I’d be happy to help…give me a 📞

Have a great day folks…as always

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