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PPI Watchlist…Once Again NAMFS Membership Stealing from Labor

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11_26_14_MY_PHONE 509This weeks addition of the PPI Watchlist, boy what a tangled web the Membership of the national Association of Mortgage Filed Services, or as Little man claims…Management For Stealing. There is a very disturbing “common denominator” in this weeks additions.

For some time now myself and associate The Lunatic in the Bunker back in Tennessee have been screaming about the multiple layered labyrinth of companies that call themselves members of the national Association of Mortgage Field Services…Back in 2011 paul Williams drafted a white paper on the industry…not much has changed sine then. Maybe some of the places, but certainly not the faces, Case in point;

Michelle Nicklas. Michelle is recruiting for a company by the name of NFS…you may remember Michelle was smack dab in the middle of SEAS theft of over ONE MILLION Dollars from Labor. NFS…just made the  PPI Watchlist.

Next we come to a company that really needs to be arrested just because. DEA Home Inspections,, they are currently recruiting in Nevada, They have been reported to our Secretary of State on Attorney General as they are not properly licensed to conduct business in the Great State of Nevada… PPI Watchlist entry number two

Now this starts getting real good. CWIS…not many details here, that tells me there is serious trouble in Gotham. Just me get those ducks in a row and if you’re owed monies…again just me, don’t let them get too far out of the payment arrangements in your contract. I have been receiving numerous calls and emails saying that Management at CWIS has been contacting them changing pay dates and trying to enforce a $50k clause if the bitch about not getting paid??? First ladies and gentlemen they can not stop you from talking to anyone. Second I can say what I said on the radio this morning….

Number three on this weeks PPI Watchlist…

Commentary before I go on here today…any company putting that type of clause in their contract is going to steal your money. So quit being stupid and signing crap like that…and to the administrative punks that attempted to steal 42 bucks from my colleague are you for real…What Jack A Bobo attorney suggested you put that clause in a contract???  May want to let them go…

2016-05-06 14_15_42-Greenshot

Our Fourth and Final entry in this week’s PPI Watchlist is PK Management. AWE….Yeeeeeeessss….you listening Les???? Now I have a few emails and have in fact left voice mails at PK MGMT for Chloe Gray as of this writing no response or comment on accepting work orders for inspections from CWIS…nothing from them…my experience is no comment is better than any comment…however, conversation in a podcast with Foreclosurepedia confirms this is not a rumor but fact.

Be sure to listen to my radio spot from this morning as there is a gift to Labor and should you need an assist do not hesitate to contact me…

mickey-dale-snow-jpgNow here is what is very disturbing about everyone of these PPI Entries entries this week… the background lurking in the shadows is Mickey Dale Snow

Until Next Time Folks

Happy Gardening…

Written by: Aaron Aveiro

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PPI Watch List….and of course Labour

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Organics Admin

COO at Aladay LLC
Organic Farmer, Property Preservation Specialist and Custom Glass & Wood Worker. Blogger extraordinaire...
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Labour…time to step up and say Hello to PPI Management… is decision time????
Labour…it is decision time????

In light of all the happenings lately in the Property Preservation Industry lately, combined with everything that is going on with our company and the blog time has been an element that has been in very short supply. For that I do apologize to everyone that follows us. However, that said please don’t forget to check the Agriculture Events page for upcoming events in the area. There will be seminars on building raised planter beds, soil amenities, in addition to the Framers Markets Schedules for the upcoming 2016 Farmers Markets Season.

First allow me to address Aladay LLC and the Blog. Many have inquired if I’m OK as my writings has been few and far between lately. Well I’m thrilled to announce that Aladay LLC and Wynema Ranch will be collaborating together for the next year or so. I announced this last week on America matters and Nevada Matters. On a side note here, while America Matters is located in Nevada, your state matters also so why not contact us and inquire about an Idaho or North Dakota Matters show??? Just a little mindless rambling this morning while the Sumatra Mandehling swirls around permeating the air while clearing the cobwebs of sleep from my mind. However, one inquiry has humbled me this week out of all the inquiries. To all that have inquired about the health of Little Man, well I’m happy to say he is fine, and make no mistake he will make more appearances in the blog. Thank you. For those of you that have not had the pleasure of meeting Little Man, some background. Little Man is a character I created to help bring light to Labours plight in the PPI. You see a fictitious character can say things that I can’t…and boy does Little Man come with some doozies…It was actually Little Man that Brought attention to the Hummel affect on and in the PPI with the policies he was writing for companies that bordered on embezzlement, and in fact Hummel has a history of embezzling, something neither Little Man or I knew about when Little Man formulated the concept. Turned out NAMFS should have never allowed Hummel the in the PPI to the extent he was allowed. An Issue the infamous Eric Miller will have to live with.

While we’re on the subject of the PPI, some of the issues this past couple weeks in the world of PPI has seriously been a little out of pocket. There is a non-payment with Pacific Preservation, a company that has managed to stay out of the non-payment scene all these years. However, allow me to say this. It really doesn’t matter if Labour is cheated out of a nickel or a million dollars for their services. Fraud is fraud and so is stealing. In light of the fact that Mr. Mingham has always been one to be above board I would think this fiasco will be addressed and resolved. Also giving into the fact there is an old saying     … **it Happens..just me but given the circumstances and the fact that Pac Pres has always made good to labor, albeit with low fees, which as we all know this is an issue Bret Douglas with Team Ironclad is attempting to bring attention to with the organization FAST, this may be one of those situations that something got over looked??? In that regard one might have to give the benefit of the doubt??

Another very disturbing issue that has developed is that the Buczek folks are back in business with Beers Housing, after defrauding Labour of millions of dollars.  When I was informed of this my first thought was Good they are out of the PPI and operating a bar. Sadly I was wrong. One has to wonder…well actually there is no wondering about it…Chad and Heather what the hell are you thinking??? I don’t understand why any business would hire Million dollar thieves, especially ones that lost a court case on the Employee and IC issue and was in fact found in breach of contract and violated Business laws across the entire country, but then again this is the Mortgage Field Services Industry. The second question on this issue is directed to Labor, When the hell will you wake up??? Why in the world would anyone conduct business with a company that hires embezzlers, fraudsters, and con artists??? Take this a step further. Chad and Heather climbed in bed with the Buczek’s, what does that say about them?? The sooner Labour makes a stand on companies like this the sooner the issues will go away. I’m not sure many understand the frustrations of those assisting Labor when Labor lines up to be walked through a licensing and insurance process and then are dictated to, then again that speaks volumes on our country’s unemployment issue that has been swept under the carper because the numbers on the true amount of unemployed folks is seriously flawed. This tells me that our elected officials are lying about more than just proper food labeling to get our votes.

To make things extremely convoluted is the fact these folks are right in the backyard of Mickey Dale Snow and Snow Enterprises.  I have sent a request to NAMFS for a comment on the Snow debacle, so far nothing has come forward…understandably so as if I were NAMFS I would also be mum on this issue. That said, folks at NAMFS better hope there is no paper trail as “accessory after the fact” will definitely come into play on this matter.

Now we just can’t over look the latest shenanigans and financial improprieties of MCS and Corelogic.  Just a side note here…MCS Owns Corelogic if I’m not mistaken, so this is a serious slight of hand when it comes to book keeping. In addition we now have Bill Garlock formerly the owner of Extreme Properties whom made  the PPI Watch List one year ago this past January for screwing Labour is now in California going under the title C2C Preservation “subbing” put MCS work. Now correct me if I’m wrong someone Cheating Labour out of their hard   monies for their own profit then moving across the country setting up a new company…Malice…forethought…equals premeditation. RICO. Where is Law Enforcement on this??? Why is Labour not placing Liens on the properties?

In case you receive the same email from this RICO violation committing piece piece of garbage…notice how you can contact the person with out a name directly????


We are currently looking for Contractors to complete Property Preservation Work. We work through our vendor network to keep vacant properties secure, safe and well-maintained inside and out. . Our contractors evaluate and report potential damages or issues so they can be addressed in a timely and cost-effective manner. We have acquired several new clients in the state of Ohio and we have orders ready to go.

Initial Secure


Debris Removal

Snow Removal

Bid Approvals

We pay (net 14) with payments available via direct deposit every two weeks.

You can speak with me directly if you have any questions by calling my direct line below or via email. I can also send you a packet directly as well.

Thank you,

C2C Preservation

 Recruiting Specialist

(800) 951-8592 Ext. 103


PPI Watch List Company Vehicle
PPI Watch List Company Vehicle

When searching for a website I found a one page website with absolutely NO information about Who, Where, or About the company. Nothing but a form for you to start the embezzling and RICO violation processes. With this photo

Now I’m not a rocket science kinda guy but if I’m not mistaken this is one of the oldest business hustles there is in an organization…mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..You got it folks they are members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services. Unless of course…I always wanna say A Horse is a horse…but seriously think about who is the “who” in all these matters in the PPi well shucky-darn Ma’am if it aint the hard workin’ folk of the USA. Folk like our Military Vets, the Garbage Collectors, The Landscape Maintenance Engineer, The Hazmat Servicers, The Roofers, and Plumbers, the Glaziers, Carpenters, and Masons. The Carpet Technicians, Painters and Mirror Specialists. Well shuck my corn Ma’am…I just described me a property Preservation Specialist…Now ya get it??? Just in case I’m not clear here..Labor I just poked you in the eye. Just me but there is a reason these companies recruit the way they do…

On that note…On the FAST front. I caught up with a convalescing Bret Douglas and this is what he had to say…

Fast continues to grow. We’re getting word that groups of labor are carpooling down. Maybe this year the message is finally sinking in.

Mike McCormick with JMC Property Management and Preservation will be the opening ceremony speaker talking about new ways to make money in this changing industry.

While we have been delayed by the city again in over the new permit. We meet with the GC on Thursday, hopefully have things back on line soon. I don t know how much we can finish in a week, however, we will have it one hundred percent built by next FAST.

Some scuttlebutt about HUD new servicing letter; Apparently allowable will be inclusive. I don’t see how that’s possible. This will be a hot topic on our industry panel

We will be broadcast live on Friday the summit day. We will also catch live clips on  Thursday and post as they occur.

I’m trying to return to work. I am weak but alive.  Seems old age and my service time is catching up to me. Proves that life is not always managed on our schedule.

We will have a good time regardless.

Just an Observation…There was a time when the Property Preservation Industry couldn’t find enough Labour to satisfy the needs of the Property Preservation Industry. Now here’s Labour’s quandary, I believe you all know there are more of you than necessary to satisfy the needs of the Property Preservation Industry. Which means there’s not an availability of …sorry but I gotta call it like I see it…people working at SCAB LABOUR WAGES…so I gotta wonder folks…yes I gotta wonder, what will it take for Labour to understand some of the nuances of business? Attended FAST and say you saw it here and receive my Business 101 Package absolutely Free. That has always been my gift to Labour…You’re expected to conduct business, however, when one has never really been a business person…now I may be far reaching here but isn’t that called a “MARK” in some circles?? I don’t know perhaps it’s just a happy guy that won his Super Bowl Wager and got lost for a bit. Then perhaps it’s just me…

Yes the PPI Watch List for this edition is C2C Preservation and MCS. Labour, the ball is in your court. Support each other and BOYCOTT MCS and C2c Preservation.

Until Next Time

Happy gardening


PS: One last item before I get out of here…

One of the definitions of Labour..the French version of LABOR…..Contract labour or Employment, a relationship between an employer and an employee…

Employment is a relationship between two parties, usually based on a contract where work is paid for, where one is the employer and the other is the employee.[1]

Just some food for thought to help you on the way for the week….