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NAMFS: Treading Water, But Should They Fold Their Tent and Bow Out Gracefully? Commentary, Day 3

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Once Again; The BOTG are Being Asked to Bear the Brunt

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The issue of back ground checks and how the National Association of Mortgage Filed Servicers (NAMFS) appears to be a tipping point for the Property Preservation Industry (PPI). More and more Boots on the Ground Contractors(BOTG) are starting to say ENOUGH!!!

Be real for a minute. There are sites like the one I profiled in “Commentary day 2” about the actions of NAMFS members. However, let us examine something for one second. I’m actually taken aback by the fact that the NAMFS Board of Directors has not issued any statement about their members. Why hasn’t industry leader association addressed the inappropriate financial behavior of it’s members…opppssss..silly me , if they did that they very well may not be able to raise the capital for Mr. Miller’s salary.

Seriously though, I’m little blown away, nothing about how they want to clean up their image..PR people there has to be an opening with this outfit…oh that’s right they have “non-profit” status. Guess that means they have no budget for a good spin doctor. Or could it be there may not be anyone that friggin’ good. Seriously, even George  Stephanopoulos would have an extremely difficult making anything about the recent events involving NAMFS members sound anywhere near palatable.

According to Mr. Miller, Executive Director of NAMFS:

Eric Miller, Executive Director NAMFS
Eric Miller, Executive Director NAMFS

Eric Miller

Executive Director at National Association of Mortgage Field Services

The Background Check Solution proposed by NAMFS does address many of the items you mention Bob with industry leading background check companies, requirement for annual renewals, a tiering structure that addresses risk consideration and the central registry that takes into account privacy of companies and networks. I would invite you to review at the website –




This comment is in a discussion group on LinkedIN. Reading this statement one would think that this organization has the best interest of an industry in mind. One would think, perhaps that is the plan. However, I believe everyone knows, at least those in the PPI know…this is just not the case, anymore.

If any organization is going to support background checks on any level of an industry wouldn’t it hold true that would include their membership? What is going to happen when the membership…well a good percentage at least…will not be able to clear a BC check because of their current financial indiscretions’, mainly stealing monies from the BOTG. Will those members still be allowed to be a member?

I don’t know perhaps I expect too much in the professional business world. Although by the sound of the environment out there perhaps I’m not the only one….Here are a couple comments from a discussion on the Back Ground issue in the PPI:

Mike Wilson

President Wilson Environmental & Preservation Services

Top Contributor

Yes Ray we are getting requests for these also. I will not turn over the info on my
employee`s. It`s my business not theirs…violates employer/employee agreement.
It`s not that I`m harboring anyone, but enough is enough. They want to dictate to us how much they will pay (Nothing is up for negotiation), us how to run our business and whom can work and whom can not. What the hell is this Russia ?

Alex Kasubienski

Owner / Senior Inspector at Kas-Stro Inspections & Property Services, LLC

Well I have not received any and it wouldn’t matter anyways because it is me and I refuse turn information over. I have to agree with Mike Wilson, this crap is getting way out of hand. they won’t negotiate pay, but we are expected to have to jump through all of these hoops. NOT ME!!!!!!


Even long time members of the industry have issues with the way this is starting to play out as there are absolutely NO guidelines given by anyone on this issue…… If NAMFS was be an industry leader wouldn’t they have some sort of recommendation? Oh there’s that membership thing again. I’m wonderin’ if this “industry leader” by and from the actions of it’s membership destroying an industry be one of them there paradox thing-a-am-jiggy’s…

Here is my question to all those that may be owed monies over 45 days;  have you contacted the labor board in your local area. I ask this since there is this current situation of misclassified independent contractors in the PPI and I’m thinking that one inquiry from a labor board could be that proverbial “straw” the breaks the camel’s back…bet you’d get your money quick though…especially if one of those NAMFS members wrote you a bad check.


Something I have always questioned for a while now…Until the well chronicled escapades of the Mathis and Lambert team the team that was continually hired by NAMFS members over and over even AFTER they had been convicted and exposed for the frauds they are. I bring this up as there was not this big push for background checks until the nationals, yes the NAMFS members that had continually put them in play…now they have to save face so once again the NAMFS members turn to the BOTG’s that are so broke from working for less than minimum wage for the past three years to foot the bill so they look commendable.

Yes the membership which by proxy is NAMFS want all the BOTG to foot the bill at $65 a pop…when the initial cost is $6..come on…now who’s the criminal??

Just me…well a few other also But our company has hiring policies and procedures. We are happy to discuss and share them. However, we will not provide our employees personal information to anyone.

That said should you be in the group that just shrugged and sent the fee and info in because you were in fear of that infamous statement, “this will affect your workloads if you don’t” well you just may want to check with your local unemployment office as with all the other “Mandatory Requirements” that you bought into, you just might be an employee.



Writen By: Aaron Aveiro

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