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You Unlock This Door With the Key of Pride and Integrity.

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Beyond it is another dimension: a dimension of graft, a dimension of corruption, a dimension of theft by deception…

close your comes Management
close your eyes….here comes Management

As I sat here eating Circus Peanuts, I couldn’t help but to wonder why some industries have such a collective bunch of nitwits…Management…but then again That’s Business…

I mean how can so many people not understand the basic concepts of business while holding a business License?


Why else would so many with a business license have the “Employee Mentality” thinking they are an Independent Contractor???


Who on earth allows a trust fund baby to speak for them???


Who hides behinds the clients skirts???


Circus Peanuts…m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m-m

Yes as I sat here eating the Circus Peanuts being aggravated with myself for not shifting gears sooner so the transitions from one industry to another would not become so brutal, I wondered just how long Management would continue to support fiduciary crimes and the RICO violation that are currently going on in the industry.

The Industry that spawned Little Man, the Fictitious Back Charge, a whole new meaning to the Ponzi Scheme, Pyramid Scams, Pay for Play, NEPITISIM, and how ever can we forget the following phrases;

We’ll give you volume.

You’ll make up for it over there

Service fee discount

Early Pay…that actually showed up 60 days after services were completed…

And the Infamous….We’ll pay when we get paid….

Not to be out done there is a sister phrase to that….We haven’t been paid so we can’t pay you…

Oh yes….I’m speaking of the Property Preservation Industry.

What is the only industry that calls people business people while they rob you blind and demand you shut your mouth or receive no more work…and who calls them Business People???


Interesting enough that when you act as a business person and sue them for damages due to false claims against your company they cry foul and are astonished you acted like a Business Person… How appalled they are when I say:

Excuse me??? You don’t pay me and I take legal action that’s business, why are you upset???

I’m just supposed do what???

I’m sorry…but I kinda think t-t-t-t-t-hh-h-h-h-at might hurt….

Nope …sorry…not gonna doit….

Yes it’s funny how an industry will scowl at the true business owner at the expense of what is truly desired…Quality.

Don’t ask how this passed any QC photo inspection…

We see it all the time. Four days ago I got a call from a Broker asking me…actually begging me hysterically to go fix a lock a Preservation company working for a company known for unscrupulous false back charges; she said I would absolutely have a ball with the $50 photo I was about to take for her…

I did…here’s the photo…

Quality is what is demanded. But is it “required” ??? We have all heard the stories of one company falsely performing a charge back on a small guy with no attorney. We have also heard that the company behind the 2nd or 3rd tier subber has indeed paid that subber yet they do nothing to assure the one person they need to satisfy is taken care of…NO they simply provide more work to the thief.

Have you ever watched a movie where some innocent traveler passes through some unknown, out of the way town and finds themselves in a nightmare of corruption and injustice? I cannot stand these stories and always end up changing the channel. But this is not a show and there are no channels.

To paraphrase Rod Serling… You’ve just crossed over to the Twilight Zone

I’m reminded of all the cliché’ phrases this industry rings true…

“Being like everybody is the same as being nobody.” Let me get right on that Emplactor Mentality and shut my mouth!!!!

“There is nothing in the dark that isn’t there when the lights are on.”….Hummel where you????

And of course…“Any state, any entity, any ideology that fails to recognize the worth, the dignity, the rights of man, that state is obsolete”….mmmmmm that made ya think for a second HUH????

No, as I sat here eating my Circus Peanuts getting a little giddy in anticipation of the fund raising auction that we will be hosting for Good Time Auctions, I wondered how long it will be before someone has the guts to attach the Industry Crime Observer to a criminal complaint. After all he does have extremely intimate knowledge of the criminal activity plaguing the Property Preservation Industry. In that respect that makes the Crime Observer an accessory after the fact. And that is a crime punishable by prison time. He has been asked several times to open ethics investigations against several members of the Exclusive Club of Theives. Although just like his pal Hummel he can make a deal and become a rat to save is colon from any extra strenuous activity, although one could say if that happened that his roommate has rect’em!!!!! But then again perhaps the Crime Observer is strong enough to handle the culture shock of having everything you take for granite removed from your life.

One thing I have found in life…

“It has forever been thus: So long as men write what they think, then all of the other freedoms – all of them – may remain intact. And it is then that writing becomes a weapon of truth, an article of faith, an act of courage.”


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening…

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs courtesy Google Images

Quotes…Rod Serling

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership.

Are you Being Audited??? IRS Knocking on the Door Of Property Preservation Companies

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Organics Admin

COO at Aladay LLC
Organic Farmer, Property Preservation Specialist and Custom Glass & Wood Worker. Blogger extraordinaire...
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A back door way to investigate the Independent Contractor Employee issue in the PPI.

April 15 comes FAST!!!
April 15 comes FAST!!!


Recently I have received several calls from various clients across the country in regards to being audited by the IRS. This is always a nerve wracking ordeal for anyone to experience. As most people always worry…Did I claim something incorrectly? Have I done something wrong” Or even the “Why Me” question.

To answer the “Why Me” question, luck of the draw. The IRS audits 1-2% of all tax filers every year. However, this year for small businesses that may be different as the current Obama Administration is calling for audits on the misclassified employees as Independent Contractors.. That said the current audit demands are a back door way of finding our if you have misclassified your employees.

For the life of me I do not understand why everyone is afraid to have their contracts and every “mandatory requirement” document and email checked to find out for sure. We sent the PK Management contract in after I put together the video series “Understanding Contracts” together and our local UEID office said there was too much “Direction and Control” involved for the individuals signing NOT to be anything but an employee. Granted, I did this very underhandedly. I pulled PK management out of the contract and inserted Aladay LLC and asked that it be proofed so we would find ourselves in a jackpot down the road. Bottom line? The contract did not pass muster to qualify those signing it to be an Independent Contractor.

Since payroll whether to an employee or the Independent Contractor is a tax deduction, if you’re being audited part of the audit that will be reviewed is your payroll procedures, and as soon as the IRS sees there are no matching payroll tax liabilities, they WILL WANT to see your contracts.

With technology today the days of being able to keep two ledgers as many “gansters” kept 80 years ago are over. There are so many tools out there to assist you now. We even have pre-programmed spread sheets available geared to the Property Preservation available on our web site. So being able the “hide the fact” is nearly impossible now-a-days.

Are there “red flags” that trigger an audit? OH YEAH!!! Currently using the term Independent Contractor is one of them.

The reality is that 99% of all people that are audited come out of the quelling nerve-wracking experience unscathed. So take a deep breath before you hair turn grey or falls out and know that I your records are in good condition you will have nothing to worry about. In addition most mistakes that are made are from misinterpretations of how deductions work.

When I consult with new business entrepreneurs about professional services and I cannot stress this enough, the three most important professional services to help you become established are going to be Lawyer, Insurance Agent, and an Accountant.

Your accountant is going to be able to assist you with the proper structuring of your finances and how to make the proper deductions. In addition they are well versed in the IRS codes as they have to prepare you tax documents according the said codes.

Hope this helps…


Until Next Time…

Happy Gardening

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photo courtesy Google Images.