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NAMFS Member AMS: Are You Their Employee?? Part two

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Reports of EPA, Labor Law Violations by AMS employees at the Direction of Brain Christy.


Brian "Do It Or You're Fired" Christy
Brian “Do It Or You’re Fired” Christy


On February 11, 2014 I published a story that started outlining some improprieties of National Association of Mortgage Field Services (NAMFS) member Asset Management Specialists ( AMS ) employees John Wilton and Brian Christy and asked that if any Boots on the Ground Contractors or former employees and anything they would like to add. Scuttlebutt has it the only one that got their feathers ruffled was Mr. Christy. Right now I’m embarrassed and ashamed of myself as the reason I started looking into AMS and Brian Christy is because Mr. Christy demanded our company perform services outside the scope of our companies financial agreements without a work order and agreed upon pricing for said services. Had Mr. Christy conducted business with Aladay LLC according to basic business practices and not demanded we act like a scared emplactor*** I would have never received the information I’m about to tell you. You may want to sit down as this is pretty horrific.

I spoke with a former in house employee of AMS today. For the time being this employee will be referred to as JC as I’m sure that character that is buried in the snow covered bunker in Tennessee will possibly want to do a podcast with the Gentleman.

JC was hired by AMS as an in house hourly paid employee. Within three weeks because of JC work ethics AMS promoted him to a supervisory position at $11 an hour with the promise of insurance benefits and a raise to come later. Neither of which JC received, when management changed JC was told that if he wanted health insurance that he would have to purchase it himself.

JC worked under field supervisor Bobby Johnson, another salaried employee of AMS. On day Brian Christy came to the “Depot” as the AMS regional office is referred to located at 532 Mallory Ct in Corona California. Mr. Christy asked JC how things were going and JC expressed his concerns about some of Mr. Johnson actions. Mr. Christy said he would address them with Mr. Johnson and never did so. I asked JC what his thoughts were on Mr. Christy and AMS JC said.

“Mr. Christy is not only lacking in people skills he is not a very good person. Everyone worked hard for these guys, this company has very poor communication and a blatant lack of respect for the lower echelon employees.”

Mr. Johnson would make demands on JC and fellow workesr to perform work related duties that were not only unsafe but against the law. JC was ordered to “clean mold” without proper safety equipment and clothing. When JC voiced his objections and explained he knew the hazards of cleaning mold with Clorox and painting with Kilz was not only unethical but illegal to call this “Mold Remediation” he was spoken to rudely and was verbally disrespected.

JC said he was aware of labor law violations and the AMS field supervisor would routinely place undue pressure on crews. For example Mr. Johnson would send two men to complete work that normally required five. When the two man crew was not able to complete the work loads because there was not enough manpower to do so in the time constraints demanded of them again there would be verbal abuse.

The Final straw for JC came when Mr. Johnson instructed JC and another employee to;

“Carry those containers over there and dump the contents and let it go into the storm drain”

The containers were full of LIQUID HAZARDOUS WASTE MATERIALS. JC refused and quit. He told Mr. Johnson, that he would not do this as not only is it unethical but in fact against the law.

JC expressed to me;

“I have children and little nieces and nephews that will be eating the food that is grown from the water collected out of the storm drains, if I did that I would be poisoning my own family.”

We all need to tip our hat to JC. At a time when unemployment is still at an all time high and jobs are scarce, while having to put food on the table for his family JC would not sacrifice his dignity for a lousy buck. That my friends takes a lot of guts, courage and fortitude to stand up and say no.

My call to all the Boots on the Ground Contractors out there,  show half the dignity that JC has and tell the NAMFS members like AMS that are demanding you break the law NO.

This should be a call to arms to everyone working on the Property Preservation Industry. JC chose to be a decent human being and not break the law poisoning people for a lousy buck. So why won’t you?

Now for my questions to AMS management.

#1 Do you have the correct permits to transport hazardous materials?

#2 Are you licensed to handle hazardous materials?

#3 Are you vehicles equipped with MSDS manuals?

#4 Do you have Hazardous Disposal licensing?

#5 How do you think The California Environmental Protection Agency will feel about this?

What that you say???  OPPPS guess you didn’t think about that did you?

Be sure to follow this story as this is just the very teeny tiny microscopic tip of the ice berg about to rise out of the ashes and sink the almighty USS AMSREO…Stayed tuned to hear the answer to this saga and find out if Captain Christy will sink with his ship or will he bail and abandon ship?



jail cell
Sould this be the new home of the NAMFS Members???

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Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photos courtesy Brian Christy LinkedIn Business Profile Page and Google Images.

*** An emplactor is an Employee that has been misclassified as an Independent Contractor in the Property Preservation