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PPI….Once Again the PPI comes to a Crossroad

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Emplactor or Employee Status versus Independent Contractor,….

As we remember those that came before us and those that have given their all so I may write and publish my thoughts without reprisal. Today the thoughts are about how fickle life can be. As I watch the next struggle in every aspect of life…lotta struggles. However, today I write for a couple reasons.

The first is to see…see just how far I can reach with some common sense thinking and sharing. The second, of course is to wish everyone a great Happy CHRISTMAS and give some of my wimsy wit.

Property Preservation…

Author, interviewer, consultant, and most of the time just a crazy loon…Aaron Aveiro…

The elephant in the room is the issue of Misclassified Employees as Independent Contractors.  The reality is the Banking Industry has found a way to once again screw the American Taxpayer. Let that sink in…

The Property Presertvation Industry is the Banking Industry’s dirty little secret. Like the Democrats with the Russian story the Banker wring their hands in the back rooms plotting their next course to squeeze anouther drop of blood out of your dollar. You see the coursts have said as a matter of law that you have employee status. Now since the banks have to pay, or so they say, to get these foreclosed properties cleaned up and back onm the market for sale versus taking a drastic loss via the auction houses. In their quest to be at the top of the Pecuniary Greed heap they not only cheat the American Taxpayer they are cheating you the Emplactor that believes you are an Independent Contractor, because the reality is you are an Employee. An Employee with out any taxes, insurances, unemployment, no benefits what-so-ever. All those taxes are called “Payroll Taxes” which are paid as part of the Employers tax contributation.

Background for context…

It is common knowledge the Banking Industry adopted a Too Big to fail Mentality and collasped the American Economy causing a flood of forclosures throughout the country. Then the Bankers that were responsible a financial catastrophy,  came slithering on their bellies to our Elected Officials for help. The necessary help to remedy their current circumstances? Cash. But not just any cash, your cash was the solution.  Where do our Elected Officials get cash???? Our tax dollars, so now we have the folks that took our money and basically parlayed it on a  lohgshot proposition and lost. They lost and now they were asking for more of your money!!!! Congress, Our wonderful Elected Officials lookingh out for our best interests to create a dependent society gave it to them. They giddy as a kid in the candy store imediately gave themselves bonuses. Giving the finger to the American Taxpayer.

Now today the Property Preservation Industry, a viable industry that in reality the banking industry operates under the radar.  I want you to stop and think why the bank will finance anyone wanting a property. You cannot take the dirt with you, build a house it stays also.  So in reality the bankers never lose money. Even when they 1099 you for the interest they claim to lose on the last ten years of a loan. They resell the property.

In reality the bankers are playing the money game again. Auctioning Properties versus paying the bills to clean the messes up they are responsible for is the “in vogue” subject for the bankers. They can eat the loss because whoever buys the property…will need financing…where do you get financing????

Now today’s podcast is below and I ask the The Gentlemen that I have called out over the past year, you know who you are, start a dialouge and include labor. My company was not only efficeint and profitable, until the day came when negotiations were longer accepted as a business practice. The day when the members of the Leading Trade Organization in the Property Preservation Inbdustry flipped the industry from a 1099 industry to a W-2 industry. You can not have it both ways.

The time has come to address the industry and organize it in a manner that will resolve many issues that plague the PPI. The first place to start is by addressing Labor. How many of you Emplactors have insurance, have unemployment insurance, or any form of slush fund to live on because you will not be able to collect unemployment benefits inbetween jobs???

In closing please tune in for my interview with Satsyi Barth California Gobinatorial Candidate for 2018.

Stasyi Barth is a happily married mother of three, Constitutional Conservative, USAF Veteran, and seasoned political activist who’s running for Governor of California in 2018 on the Republican ticket.Pro Freedom – Pro Liberty – Pro Constitution – Pro Growth – Pro 2nd Amendment
Small Government – Low Taxes – Religious Freedom – School Choice
Family – Life – Love
 I will be asking questions from the agriculture GMO industry and of course issuse involving the Property Preservation Industry. Are you in California? Have a question concerning policies in the PPI??? send them to me and we’ll ask Mrs. Barth

Have a Great day and remember,

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Happy Gardening

Monsanto’s War on Seed Banks Must End

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Organics Admin

COO at Aladay LLC
Organic Farmer, Property Preservation Specialist and Custom Glass & Wood Worker. Blogger extraordinaire...
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This entry is part 10 of 18 in the series Whom do your elected officials represent???

Calling all farmers and gardeners – be a part of the resistance this fall and save your seeds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seed saving is fundamental to preserving biodiversity, plant genetic diversity, and protecting our food independence. For millennia, people around the world have been collecting, processing, storing, and saving seeds. But, in recent years, small, local seed breeders have been replaced by large corporations that now control our seed supply, producing primarily genetically engineered crops designed to be grown with toxic pesticides (which these same companies make and sell). At their hand, we are losing plant diversity at an alarming rate. But we have the power to fight back by growing and saving seeds in our own backyards. Don’t worry – this ancient tradition doesn’t require you to be a formal botanist to participate. Below are a few tips to get you started.

1. Assess the condition of the whole plant.
When selecting which plants to save seeds from, you’ll first want to check the plants for disease and insect resistance, drought tolerance, vigor, color, earliness or fruiting, lateness of bolting, hardiness, uniformity, and trueness. You can influence your future crop characteristics by selecting seeds based on these characteristics (though it’s not guaranteed the same traits will be expressed in the next generation, over time you’ll be able to influence the traits of your seeds).

2. Remove unwanted plants prior to flowering.
This may be challenging for those of you who are small-scale gardeners since it may mean pulling out plants that would otherwise produce edible fruit, but removing plants with undesirable characteristics prior to flowering will ensure their genes don’t influence your seed stock.

3. Collect seed from the most plants possible.
In order to maintain genetic diversity in your seed collection, it’s important to collect seed from the greatest possible number of desirable plants. This diversity is critical for hardiness and vigor, which will influence the ability of plants to adapt to varying environmental conditions.

4. Learn how to harvest seeds, experimenting with different techniques to learn what best suits you and your plants.
There are two types of seed harvesting used for different types of crops: dry processing and wet processing. Seeds that grow in pods or husks, like corn, lettuce, radish, and legumes, can usually be left on the plant until they are completely dry and are then harvested individually by removing the entire plant (dry processing). By contrast, seeds embedded in the flesh of fruits, like tomatoes, squash, and berries, are harvested when they are ripe and processed right away before the fruit rots (wet processing). It’s important to know when your seeds are mature, as sometimes this can be after the fruit is ripe for eating.

5. Store your seeds safely.
Store your seeds in airtight containers, preferably glass or metal, and keep your seeds in a cool, dry, dark location. Glass jars with rubber gaskets, like baby food jars and canning jars, are perfect.  Plastic bags, like Ziplock, are not moisture-proof and should not be used.

6. Keep good records.
Be sure to label your seeds! The most important information to record is the species name, variety, and date of harvest. If possible, it’s also useful to include other information about the seeds in your records, including: common names, historical or cultural information, location grown, germination rate, days to maturity, plant descriptors (height, fruit size, color, shape), productivity, ideal growing conditions, and theoretical seed viability.

For more information and to connect and share your seeds with a community of seed savers, visit Center for Food Safety’s Global Seed Network. Happy seed saving!

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Happy Gardening

Courtesy Center 4 Food Safety

Photographs Aaron Aveiro