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Flirtin’ With Disaster…

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Snake charmer
The workers of the PPI are literally flirting with disaster. As the companies the receive work from are no better than a snake.




When does it stop? When will the Contractors of the Property Preservation Industry (PPI) say enough? The latest “mandatory requirement” in the PPI  that members of the NPPG seem  to be supporting is a “Dress Codes” for your employees. Last time I looked the person that signs my check makes the decisions about company apparel, not some clown in a cubicle 3,000 miles away fighting off litigation concerning RICO violations.

I’m wondering who truly has the death wish? Is it the company issuing the back ground check forms stating that all employees must sign and return or is the NPPG for allowing its members to scream in public forums about how everyone should just shut up and do what they’re told…my father didn’t even speak to me like that, so why would a member of a nonprofit organization be allowed by the BOD to do so? Over a dress code mandatory requirement no less. I don’t know perhaps it is just my sense of understanding that the only person in a position to dictate to me about what I wear is my boss, after all that is who I represent.

Statements like this that are made in public forums…***
Background checks oh no! They CAN’T do that! I am my own business!!!” When I read crap like this, it just goes to prove you are NOT a business person, but one that has something to hide, and the one who most needs to be checked out…
This is someone talking out of school as a business owner. No respectable business owner thinks this way, employees do.  Business owners are something the PPI lacks. I have been beating the IC/Employee drum for a very long time. You can make book on this; 95% of the people performing services in the PPI are employees and just don’t know it…OK maybe only 85% but the number is high enough for investigations to be conducted, and litigation for RICO Act violations to begin.
Let’s examine one element of the PPI for a minute. Recruiters for NAMC order mills like SGP or FAS, MCS, LPS, etc when they need someone for an area they go to craigslist and find a posts with titles like” Will work for Food” or “Need Youre Cleande?” they target these types of posts as they show a lack of business sense. Once the contact is made the volume card is played and wha-la we have a new business owner as the person has run out and spent their $125.00 on a business license and a couple hundred more on a retainer for insurance. Forget the fact that the lawn service business license doesn’t allow for plumbing or electrical work, let’s not even get into roof repairs, glass and window replacements, no this license covers someone’s butt because they were told that the guy they just talked into becoming a business owner has a business license. Forget the fact it is not for the work said person will be required to perform.
filthy toilet
So now after a long three and a half years of “mandatory requirements” that have completely stripped the PPI of having all but a handful of Independent Contractors we get mandatory dress codes for empl…oopps the Independent Contractors. Forget the fact that these dress code requirements set aside Personal Protection gear that is required by OSHA (sorry but with HUD, FNMA, FRMC,VA, FHA being clients, OSHA regs are in play). No let us not worry about that just run out and purchase slacks and polo shirts with your company logo embossed on the upper left side of the breast with a photo ID pinned to the shirt of your employee. Oh did I mention said employee will be removing hazardous materials and raw garbage from the property. Let us not forget the janitorial crew members inside the house will be scrubbing filth that has accumulated for the past two years after someone left their animals in the house for 18 months while they fought the bank prior to the actual eviction taking place.
So let’s see if we can put this in perspective for one minute. Over the past years members of the PPI have been blindly  following the demands  made on them in the form of “mandatory requirements” ;
Provide free services in the form of attaching reports to lawn services.
Have had photo requirements increase by 50%
Have been instructed how to perform specific tasks
Have been told whom they may purchase insurance from
Have been provided “mandatory training” or told they would not receive work
Have been told when they may provide services to properties
Have been told when to complete services on properties
Have been told what type of equipment they must use for specific services
Have been forced to increase workloads in the form of covering larger square footages
Have been forced to download programs for tracking purposes on their cell phones
Have been told they must provide unencrypted personal information via unsecured lines of communication
Have been told they must take and pass education modules and testing from specific organizations
Have been told then asked to voluntary partake in a fraud policy
Have been told how they must dress while they are not representing the company that sent them to the property.
 Now I may just be stuck in the stick sucking the dust the wind stirs up but that sure appears like a little “direction and control” to me..
But hey according to one of the members of that organization that advocates for the contractors, we should all…
Can everyone just TRY to be professional? If you can’t, get the f*** out of the kitchen then because it is people like you that are this industries biggest problem…no, the nationals and regionals and order mills are not the biggest problem, the biggest problem is YOU!!! So BE A PROFESSIONAL do not just ‘act like one on TV’, or in this case, Facebook.***
Here is something from the IRS website that sheds some light on the legality of this issue.

Statutory Nonemployees

There are three categories of statutory nonemployees: direct sellers, licensed real estate agents and certain companion sitters. Direct sellers and licensed real estate agents are treated as self-employed for all Federal tax purposes, including income and employment taxes, if:

  • Substantially all payments for their services as direct sellers or real estate agents are directly related to sales or other output, rather than to the number of hours worked, and
  • Their services are performed under a written contract providing that they will not be treated as employees for Federal tax purposes.

Companion sitters who are not employees of a companion sitting placement service are generally treated as self-employed for all federal tax purposes.

Refer to information on Statutory Nonemployees located in Publication 15-A, Employer’s Supplemental Tax Guide (PDF) for additional information.

Translated into layman’s terms. SGP can not dictate to your company how to dress your employees.
So it would appear that in the NPPG’s members need to concern themselves with a little more education than just how to perform winterizations correctly…





I’m sorry but I do believe the biggest problem is the lack of understanding what a true Independent Contractor is all about. Perhaps I missed something and I need to go have another conversation with the Little Man…







***Taken from a thread on Facebook Group PPCIE

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Shone House Hotel: Long Overdue Facelift

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COO at Aladay LLC
Organic Farmer, Property Preservation Specialist and Custom Glass & Wood Worker. Blogger extraordinaire...
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First Sunrise
Sunrise greeting us on our first day



This past week spent in Winnemucca Nevada has been a blur of activity. When you have a company in the property preservation listings sometimes you just get lucky. It also doesn’t hurt to have a background in Queen Anne Victorian style construction and have a passion for working on old buildings. We recently received a call asking if we could perform some exterior rehabilitation work on a building called the Shone House Hotel in Winnemucca Nevada. At first I was somewhat hesitant until I learned the building was 114 years old. It’s always nice to become a positive part of a community’s history.



West side work On exterior
Removing old paint preparing for new Winter Sky Grey paint.




The Shone House, according to the title was built in 1899. Originally a rooming house for railroad patrons, workers and seasonal sheep ranchers, now has become a mini apartment’s complex with communal kitchens and baths. This fantastic piece of antique architecture has  an historical marker at the corner of Sixth and Bridge streets

At one time The railroad was the fastest mode of transportation, the tracks are less than a block away. In addition Winnemucca has a rich Basque sheep ranching history in addition to the deep roots in rail transportation.

Having a construction back ground in the glazing industry, one of the first things that goes through your mind when being asked to work on building this old is what has been done in the past? Do we need to apply for lead paint abatement? Will there be asbestos issues? You can imagine our relief when we were informed that the building had been stripped and repainted in the late ‘70’s.



Korbles at top of parapet.
Korbles at the top of the parapet





I have been involved in several historical buildings in the past but nothing compared to what we experienced this past week with the Shone House Hotel. When we first got there and informed residents, (some of which are couples, single parents with children, dog owners), they would be inconvenienced with noise from work and that we would be putting in some long hours to stay on schedule they, of course, were a little upset. However, as the work started and the residents , warmed up to idea their home was about to get a long overdue face lift.

Long time resident, Gary, or grandpa as many of his fellow tenants fondly refer to him, told us…………I have lived here seven years now and no one like this owner has attempted anything on this level. This place needs [rehab] this so badly. I was ready to find someplace else to live. I’m glad I stayed. This is exciting. Gary was great, he would have a pot of coffee waiting for us when we arrived at 6 am every morning.

What made things very nice for us was that no matter where we went in Winnemucca, once people found out we were working on the Shone House we were welcomed with open arms. Seems the whole town, from police officers, road construction workers, neighbors, store clerks,even the waitress that brought us our biscuits and gravy at Winners Coffee Shop…everybody is excited to see this old relic  receive a face lift with the possibility of the building looking like the grand structure it once was.


The hotel has basically been let go for some time now.  Enter lifelong resident and business owner Ken Bricker. The son of Tom and Carole Bricker, Ken was born, grew up and went to school in Winnemucca. While Ken admits to being an “obnoxious hell raiser” at times growing up, I would venture to guess his shenanigans  were no more wild than any other kid growing up in a small town in America. Ken had a small local band and was working in the mines years ago when he was told that the mine he was working would close. His foreman told everyone one day. “We will be closing in two years. If you’re still here then and have not made any other plans you’ll be out of a job” Having time and a little money saved to invest in himself, Ken mulled over options for a while.

Seeing that mine vehicles were always getting chips in them Ken decided to learn how to fix the chips. The fact that he knew many of the mine upper management helped him to get his foot in the door and soon he was being asked to replace windshields. It wasn’t long after that windows for houses and other auto glass followed and in 1997 Viper Glass was born.

Seeing the Shone House Hotel was up for sale and against the advice of many Ken decided to purchase the building.

“It was somewhat of a business decision as I wanted to find an investment for my family’s future and be able to leave them something.” Ken is married to Luz, (one of the most talented cooks you’ll ever meet in your life, for the life of me I cannot understand how Ken is not 800 pounds!!!) Together they have four children, which are the most important part of Ken’s life.  “In addition I remember how this hotel was talked about when I was a kid. It was a spectacular building and I was thinking maybe  I could do something for Winnemucca since the community has been very good to me and my family, perhaps I could restore the Shone House to its glory days”. 

Building cleaning
Cleaning the building sides with powerwashers

In addition to the exterior of the building being stripped, small repairs made to the wood work, old wires no longer in use removed, so this grand structure can receive a new coat of paint, the rooms on the interior will be receiving new flooring and paint and new energy efficient windows.

The manager, Rob, definitely like this aspect of being inconvenienced as these upgrades will make his job of finding good tenants to keep the rooms full so much easier.

floors and new paint
The rooms will all receive a face lift also





The building still has the original ceramic wire  holders from the days of AT&T, that would be telegraph, and electrical wire holders in the attic, some of which are still holding the original electrical wire. Ken wants to keep them. In addition when the doors are replaced the plan is to have the relief removed for the old doors and placed on the new to maintain the feel and historic integrity of the appearance.


Winter Sky Grey and Cream trim
Almost completed. This will be the Shone House Hotel’s new colors. Winter Sky Grey and with a Cream Colored trim.


Most of the time when you get a project like this you are excited to start and by the second day cannot wait to get out of town. However, there was a touch of melancholy we started to wrap things up. I’ve worked on many projects that involved older construction, but nothing quite like this one. It’s nice to see a community come together and enjoy the resurrection of an old dinosaur. This week the face and balcony will be painted with the rear stair case. We will have to return to this magnificent building once the old broken down windows have been replace with newer energy efficient multi-light windows. Ken feels that this would definitely give the building that aesthetic old time look and feel, on that I have to agree.  Whether or not the hotel can be restored to it’s Glory Days is yet to be seen but Ken has definitely made am excellent  start to restore the Shone House Hotel.


Before I go today here is a little bit of history about Winnemucca,

The town received its name from a local Indian chief of the same name, which is loosely translated as “One Moccasin.” His daughter Sarah Winnemucca was an advocate for education and fair treatment of the Paiute and Shoshone tribes in the area. On September 16, 1868, the Central Pacific Railroad reached Winnemucca, and was officially opened on October 1 of that year.[3]

On September 19, 1900, Butch Cassidy’s gang robbed the First National Bank of Winnemucca of $32,640.

Winnemucca is featured prominently in the novel Revoltingly Young by C.D. Payne, and is also a setting in More Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin. The city is also referenced in the North American version of the (originally Australian) song “I’ve Been Everywhere.” The song begins, “I was totin’ my pack along the dusty Winnemucca road.”

Winnemucca’s brothel district is known as “The Line”, and sex workers in the town must register their vehicles with the local police.[4]

According to a billboard spotted along State Route 140 (the “Winnemucca to the Sea Highway”), Winnemucca styles itself “The City of Paved Streets”.

Winnemucca is home to the Buckaroo Hall of Fame and Heritage Museum. It is also the headquarters of the Flawedcast Network.

We will bring you an update on the fantastic building towards the end of the week and continued reports on the progress so you can tell us what you think…



Until Next Time…

Happy Gardening or painting….


Photographs; Aaron Aveiro

Sources; Wikipedia, Historic Marker Society. Local Residents