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Who Else but the Membership of NAMFS…


Well…well…well…Hummel in the news again…As is the National Association of Mortgage Field Services. Is it any wonder that this comes as no surprise to anyone? Now it appears there is some serious credible information that Hummel received a bad conduct discharge from the United States Navy in addition to the crimes that have been brought to light of late. Allow me to regress for a moment.

About 18 months ago Hummel stated in one of the social media groups on LinkedIn, when he decided that he was better than everyone else, that when I was down and broke without work or a job the he would gladly employ me. Well it will be a very cold day in hell that I would ever work for a crook. Most of you know I have a past. We all do. Now one thing about my past…I own it…yes I did what I did I cannot change it, none of us can. History is written about so we do not repeat it…so they say. That brings us to the NAMFS criminal issues that Labor in the Property Preservation Industry is forced to deal with every day.

There is a reason that Aladay LLC does not work with any of the order mills any more. We are sick of the crime elements that you are forced to deal with on a daily basis. When in reality none of us should not have to do so. You know what I’m talking about, the multiple bid requests that are demanded so the the final bid is not yours but what they want to pay for the service, the illegal back charges, the BS non-payments, the pay for play system the industry has adopted. Now we have someone involved on a Management level writing policy for companies, someone that by the rules should not even be employed at the level or the position he is employed. While I have always felt that people can and some do in fact change, it appears here that Hummel is status qua with the “New Rules” he implements at the new companies he becomes employed with as a “business development” expert.

Not only did he perform on a criminal level at Keystone writing policy that involved Labor’s money he is dong the exact same thing at Integrated Services. You see folks the reason I have some modicum of respect is based on the fact I tell it like it is, I own what I say and do…and I do not run from my past. Unlike Mr. Hummel that has chosen deception as a cover instead of the truth.

At the time I committed my crimes I was one of the most sought after Little League Coaches in the Bay Area. This is an activity I can no longer participate in because of my behavior. This is one of the “punitive” types of punishments that accompanied my prison time. This was one of the issues that never crossed my mind while I was involved in a life with the motto of…Sex Drugs and Rock-n-Roll. You see many times when someone goes out on a limb and breaks the law there is no thought of the repercussions of your actions. You’re in the moment as they say. But what builds character is how you deal and address the adversity created by your past. It pains me to this day that my actions have dictated what I can and cannot do. Fortunately for me the community I live in understands it was a long time ago and they have given me the opportunity to prove myself. While it has been a very long road to hoe…it has however, been very rewarding. And who knows perhaps someday the community will completely forgive me and allow me to coach again, you see everyone that knows me knows…I have forgotten more about baseball that most learn in a lifetime and the one thing I know how to do is communicate to teach the game I so dearly love. You see this is the one thing that hurts the most. I know I am very good at coaching; I’m one of the best. But my actions have taken that opportunity away from me. And to those that read this, and have asked me on a personal level to assist with showing their child how to throw a slider or a circle change up, how to watch the ball into the glove or watch the ball come off your bat, how to turn into a ball so it does not hit you in the head…those little thing s that are so important to the game…from the bottom of my heart I thank you. Because of how I have handled my past I do have respect from many and they know and understand I have made amends. They understand that I understand the levity of my situation, and they respect me for the way I have handled my past.

Myself I chose to have open dialogue with folks. People like that of the radio station I work with. They understood that the truth will always come out. They understood that people change. When They looked into things and found that my crimes were over 20 years old and had not been repeated that there was some hope for myself and they provided me an opportunity to make good on my family name and show the community that I have changed and that there is some good in me to be a productive citizen in our local community. You see prior to me going on the air, this was a discussion I had with everyone. Just Like when I assisted in developing the NPPG I informed everyone involved…only to find that after I served their purposes the Mutt & Jeff team and the sorry POS for a Chairman Thomas Clarke…the funny black guy in Ohio that had a contract to a “subber” for SGP all decided they would try to shame me out of the industry…So Why am I still here???

The Executive director of..."We're Not a Policing Agency"...
The Executive director of…”We’re Not a Policing Agency”…

I tell the truth…I tell it like it is. Something the Mr. Miller does not do. He wishes to brush things off with statements like…”We’re not a policing agency” when asked to address the activities of the membership.

While there are a few members of the NAMFS organization that have joined with very noble intentions, you have to ask; Why? Why give monies and support what is going on? While I do not feel their answers are justified, it is an issue that everyone has to deal with on an individual level. Perhaps NAMFS has helped their business. However, when I see a member state that they wrote off 10k from non-payments, and the fact that they did not go after the member that cheated them, that is not help that is theft and a crime. Period…no if ands or butts.

My issue with NAMFS and the membership is well documented. I have an issue with graft and corruption. When placed in perspective that is all NAMFS and the membership is about. Why some of the members that are actually good companies feel that silence is the answer to the mess that the organization has created in the PPI is well beyond comprehension. When you sit by idly and observe crime happening it is called “Accessory after the Fact” and that in itself is a crime. So in reality every member with the exception of a very few that have spoken out publicly against the wrongs of the other members is committing a crime also.

Now we have serious irony with the latest development of the member Aspen Grove, a company that was established with forged documents, making this an illegal company performing background checks on LABOR… when in fact it is the Order Mill Employees that are the ones that are supposed to be BC’d… now that’s rich…Now we have Hummel that By Wells Fargo’s rules should even be in the picture making fiduciary policy for companies that allows for a company to literally STEAL from LABOR. Yet he does not have to go through the BC process as lined out in the Wells Fargo Background Check Policy

Joseph Hummel
Joseph Hummel

Even though it clearly states that the BC’s are to be performed on Third Party Servicers. Enter the NAMFS protection racket. Hummel is now being protected by Miller and NAMFS just like NAMFS protected Berghorst and Buczek, Boyd, allowed the Lambert and Mathis team to repeatedly set up operations to bilk unsuspecting members of Labor, continued to allow Bernadene Beafore to open new companies to continue to steal from labor, allowed Smith Preservation to repeatedly gain new contracts to do the same.

So Allow me to say this…yes I have a past, we all do…there has actually been only one time I witnessed a clean closet…I really was amazed that the Republicans found a squeaky clean man in the person of Kenneth Starr …we all remember him don’t we??? Mr. Star was a very unique individual in the fact he had no skeletons in his closet. Definitely not the case in the PPI!!!! The point here??? How you handle the adversity of your life is what makes you what you are today. Should you decide to stand up and be counted then people will show some respect. Should you do what Hummel under the guidance of Mr. Miller and play some sort of charades about your past you will be exposed for the fraud you are. In addition so will the crimes you’re perpetuating on folks.

So as we all prepare for the temperatures to rise as summer knocks on the door pushing spring into the past let us all remember this…the only reason one wishes to hide their past is so they can continue the behavior that created their past.

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Written By: Aaron Aveiro

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