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MCS Delay of Payments…A Conspiracy???

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Stop and think for a minute…Management has to make the decission…


close your comes Management
close your eyes….here comes Management

Close your eyes as here comes management yet again, and once again Labor suffers at the hands of an Offender Member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services.

Let us talk Conspiracy and just how deep it can be when we speak of non-payment issues or even a delay in your payments.

Something many people do not know is the fact that if you have enough money in a business account, oh just for fun let us say a million dollars, you collect interest on said balance…Stop and think about this for a minute.

This past Weekend well as we finish this Holiday Weekend celebrating America’s Independence, we find Caroline Reeves of MCS is running a muck having a great time while all the Vendors…and you’ll notice I do not say Contractors here. As what MCS has done is make everyone an employee with the Aspen Grove Solutions fiasco…did not get paid. While some may not see the harm in this…I personally disagree. Someone had to discuss this decision therefore making this delay in payments a violation of the contract, a conspiracy.

Now while I have been saying everyone in the Property Preservation Industry are Emplactors…a term I coined two years ago as everyone in the PPI is an Employee incorrectly classified as an Independent Contractor. Now for one minute stop and this about a million dollars..and this is not a far fetched amount of money…if MCS has 1,000 Emplactors that they owe $1,000.00 this equals $1,000,000.00. and they decide with a conscience decision…and make no mistake about this…someone at MCS discussed this payment delay before going out and starting their three day weekend this past Thursday afternoon. Someone had to authorize this questionable decision and action. Once again making this a conspiracy..

Now color me purple and call me crazy but I honestly believe if you are using my monies to collect interest then I should be entitled to some of said monies…to understand exactly what I refer to check here

Now granted when you break it down that 1,000 Emplactors that are owed $1,000.00 would only be responsible for about $30 apiece…times 1,000…well MCS just got a little shot in the arm to the tune of 30k for the slight mishap and delay in payments this weekend…and depending on how the account is set up…that 30k could be PER DAY…just something to think about when they want you to shut up and do what you’re told and wait like good little lap dogs for your money. The money you earned by placing your resource into play. Your Labor, your finances, yes you placed those into play so MCS can be paid before they pay you…once again conversation equals conspiracy.

On another Breaking Story in the PPI…Bowerman v. FAS on the Employee/ Independent Contractor issue. There has been a settlement reached. This means that once again just like in the Berghorst, Buczek and all the other court cases the settlement details will be held under seal. This is how the NAMFS Regime can continue to do what they wish with YOUR monies. In the Case Hurst v. Buczek the courts ruled that Hurst was an employee. Now why everyone in the industry has not made the move to check these unchecked Offender Members of NAMFS that continually wish to steel from them is beyond me.

I will be speaking to someone on this issue this week and will definitely be relaying this information to everyone. One of the issues I constantly hear about a Mom & Pop shop not going after their money is the probably the most ignorant train of thought one can have… If I file on them they won’t send me any more work…HEY STUPIDS!!!!! You’re not being paid now so why spend more monies to complete work for them????

That has to be to most ridiculous justification NOT to do the right thing for your business and an entire industry…

Believe this…Had people started filing liens on properties 6 years ago when the Offender Members blew up the industry I would not be writing this article today. What is it that nobody wants to comprehend about the fact the properties do not belong to those not paying you for your services. Start placing a lien on properties…and the banks start having a serious problem…

The problem is they cannot sell them and that in the end is the goal…get the properties back on the market as fast as possible for as little as possible. Has everyone forgotten how America got into this mess??? TOO BIG TO FAIL and Reaganomics…once again a conspiracy, in this case never prosecuted by the government raising the question, How much in political influence did the “Too Big To Fail” folks pony up???

You did not parlay Toxic Mortgages, the banks did, and the executives that put the scam together got million dollar bonuses for their efforts to dupe the country and crash the economy. Then they went out and found a bunch of puppets to pull their strings and get what they want.

Eric Miller has become the Master Puppeteer with all his sound bites. Let’s not forget that Miller has been in the press for the past 2.5 years collecting over 120k per year while making all the ills of the PPI Labor’s fault.

Least we forget this statement in Housing Wire

“Our goal is to assist our NAMFS members meet the increasing regulatory requirements and costs associated with background screening and we are excited about SterlingBackcheck’s participation,” said Eric Miller, executive director of NAMFS. “The industry standard background check solution obtainable from Aspen iRecord and now supported by SterlingBackcheck allows our members to secure one standardized and compliant background check and reuse it over and over again with multiple organizations.”

He has done a pretty good job with the Propaganda Machine when they brought an experienced Spin Doctor…$8 dollar haircut boy Fatica into the industry to clean up SEAS…which went belly up placing Kim Fatica into the conspiracy fold. You see all Fatica did was prolong something that was inevitable for the failed business model of outsourcing…subbing…Many may remember that it was SEAS that a group Subbers List- No Pay Companies over on LinkedIn. At the same time Fatica attempted to steal the Education programming that was developed and accredited by John Allen of NAARPI International for the Hummel Platt QC University. Remember that NAMFS has no accreditation to their education modules they attempted to force down labor’s throat, essentially make them a “for profit” organization. It was probably Fatica that put Getty Images on me when I used a photo of baby ducks for the Quack Club…he’s the only one sharp enough to put that together…Again all this had discussions thus making everything and everyone’s actions a conspiracy.

Now that is all just me rambling…and I will let you come to your own conclusions…Unlike the Myra and Meg show I do have merit to what I say. In addition the Lunatic in the Bunker has serious merit to what is being said. In contrast the Myra and Meg show is nothing but censorship and rhetoric to protect a failed business model of subbing…One only has to wonder how long it will be before we start seeing Meg Barnes in the Non-Payment category. There have already been rumblings about some slow pay issues. Of course, since Meg’s company is not solvent she passes the blame UP the food chain. Have you ever noticed that is always someone else’s fault when you don’t get paid from those you complete work for??? Never their fault…This has to be the only industry that allows insolvent companies to conduct millions of dollars worth of business every day. On a side note…I left the Group and received email from the group owner for three days then there was this thread…notice you only see the two people commenting on this…there is over 3,000 member in this group that only has two people bitching about my rantings…what neither one of the these dingbat women have said is that I have lied in my “rantings”.  If anyone would like to see the emails from Mrya where she begs me to saty in the group because I am active and have something worthwhile to say I’ll be happy to provide them…I’m guessing the the ol’ leather face has completely forgotten about those…

Folks you must remember this…Your contract is with your client…not your client’s client. So when you do not get paid it is your clients fault not your client’s client, or in some cases your client’s client’s client…so when you lien a property you place three companies at risk…How long do you think the banks will allow this to continue???

Just food for thought as we start the second half of 2015…

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Written By Aaron Aveiro

Photo Courtesy Google Images

Opinions Expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership

Open Invention to all Members of NAMFS

Organics Admin
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Organics Admin

COO at Aladay LLC
Organic Farmer, Property Preservation Specialist and Custom Glass & Wood Worker. Blogger extraordinaire...
Organics Admin
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Opportunity to clear your name…

close your comes Management
close your eyes….here comes Management

This is an open invention to all members of the National Association of Mortgage Filed Services members to go on the record and protect themselves and their companies. Now before you all become defensive you should be aware of the fact that many prosecutors and law enforcement use this website in addition to the one you really hate Foreclosurepedia to gather information. Myself I have been asked and qualified as an expert witness and will be testifying as to how the industry has developed into the mufti-layered pyramided scheme it has become since 2009. In addition I will be testifying to the fact that the membership of NAMFS has gone rouge in the fact they feel they are untouchable in regards to the criminal activity.

It is also important that everyone listed below acknowledge and understand they are now on notice as being advised that the organization you belong to is rife with crime and you, by sitting idle and saying nothing…is committing the crime of “Accessory after the Fact” As a member each and every one of you has the ability to file a motion to start ethics investigation. I highly recommend you do so. If you do not know how to go about it myself and the Lunatic in the Bunker will gladly walk you through the Roberts Rules of Order Procedure.

This publication is your notice to go on record and denounce the criminal members.

I will leave the comments open on this publication so you are not bound to an interview. All you have to do is say that you do not condone the criminal activity that is perpetrated upon labor by some of the bad members of the organization you supply monies to and support. This is your opportunity to clear your name and your company.

Your names are below I do not need to call anyone out individually…

As I said This website and Fopreclosurepedia have become a source of information for law enforcement and Prosecutors. So think long and hard about how you want yourself and your company viewed.

There is only one person that has no company and I will interview on this list…

Hello Mr. Miller….what say ye??????

Eric Miller, Executive Director
Adam Miles, President
Adriana Farelo-Fernandez, Vice President
Paul Magaha, Treasurer
Nickie Bigenho, Secretary
Scott Gilbert, National Representative
Jack Bryant, National Representative
Melissa Bunker, National Representative
Dave Dolan, National Representative
Kathy Campbell, Regional Representative,
Suzanne Phillips, Regional Representative
4HR Field Services Corp
Kennedy Property Management
A City Suburban Service Inc.
Key Asset Solutions Inc
A Cut Above Services
Keystone Property Services, LLC
A Town Properties
Killette Nelms Service Inc.
A2Z Field Services
KMC Landscaping Services Inc.
ABC Home Improvement
KRA Field Services. LLC
Access Information Systems
Landmark Contractor Services
Acclaimed Enterprises, Inc.
Laudan Properties, LLC
ADMP Real Estate LLC
Lenix Enterprise Inc
Advanced Property Preservations Inc.
Leonard Insurance Services
Lone Star Field Services
Aggate Construction Group, Inc
Luis Ferrer Inc.
All American Inspections & Property Preservation
M & M Mortgage Services Inc.
ALL PRO Asset Solutions Inc.
M&M’s Recovery Services, LLC
All Real Estate Service, LLC
Madrissa Group LLC
All Safe Home Watch Services, LLC
Maintain It Now
Allied Field Service
Matrix Field Services Inc
Amazon REO Solutions LLC
Matt Martin Real Estate Management
Amc Reo Inc
MB Field Services
American Inspection Systems
MB Property Inspection Services
American Mortgage Services
McCall Field Services
America’s InfoMart Inc.
Metro Nationwide Field Services Inc.
Ameriguard Properties Management, LLC
MFS Supply LLC
AMI Property Services
Michigan Realty Solutions LLC
Apex Construction Services, Inc
Miles Preservation
APS – Advanced Property Services
Missouri REO Services LLC
ARM Property Maintenance Inc.
MMC Contracting Services, Inc.
Aspen Grove Solutions
Morrison Inspection Services, LLC
Asset Preservation & Restoration Services
Mortgage Contracting Services
Assurant Field Asset Services
Mr. Cleans Property Preservation
Atlas Field Services Inc.
B & B Field Services
Mueller Mortgage Field Services
Bailey Property Enterprises Inc.
Murphy Lawn Enterprises
Baker Inspection Services
N & C Services
Nance Inspections
Barnes Notary & Field Services, Inc.
National Asset Protection Agency
National Field Reps
BaXol Properties LLC
National Field Services
Bay Area Field Services, LLC
National Inspections & Property Preservation
BC Connect LLC
National Mortgage Field Services
Beers Housing, Inc.
National Real Estate Field Services Inc.
Beiting Property Preservation
Nations Property Solutions
Bernat Services, Inc
Nationwide Management Services, Inc
Bishop Inspection Services, LLC
Nats Cleaning Service, LLC
Bliss Contracting LLC
NB Services
BLM Companies LLC
BNM Enterprises
New South Mortgage Service Corporation
Bond Co
No Pressure Environmental Solutions, Inc
Bossman Construction
Noble Mortgage Field Services
Britehouse Solutions Corp
Northern Ohio Field Services Inc.
BroLaw Enterprises LLC
Northland Company
Brookstone Mngt. dba Goody’s Prop Pres
Northland Property Service
Brunswick Companies
Northsight Management
Buc Mortgage Services
NuSet Lock
Buczek Enterprises, LLC
NY Field Services
Bully Maintenance, LLC
Offer and Associates Inc. (DBA – Offer Property
On Call Properties Inc.
C & B Field Services, LLC
OnSite Solutions Inc.
C&S Field Services, Inc.
On-Time Services Inc.
C. Clawson Inspection Services
Opportunities For Life, Inc
Cabal Inspection Services Inc.
P & L Inspections Inc.
CAM Secure Services LLC
P.K. Management Group, Inc.
Camara Home Improvement
Pacific Field Service Inc.
Capital City Field Services
Palmetto Asset Management
Capital Investors LLC
Paramount Asset Management
Cardinal Inspection Services LLC
Pat Neff & Associates LLC
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Carolina Properties and Field Services Inc.
Paul Rippner..
Carrdan Preservation Supplies
Pennington Preservation LLC
Carrington Home Solutions, L.P.
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PGS Field Services, LLC
CDM Services, LLC
Phoenix Field Solutions, LLC
Central Florida Property Management
Pillars of Land Inc.
Central Valley Mortgage Services
Pinelands Preservation Inc.
Platinum Touch Industries LLC
Chutzpa Investigations
Plunkett Enterprises Inc.
Cityside Management Corp.
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Claims Recovery Financial Services, LLC
Powhatan Information & Default Services, LLC
Clawson & Clawson Associates Inc.
PP Materials
Clean Reflections
Precision Field Services
C-ME Inspections & Services, LLC
Precision Property Management
Coastal Mortgage Services Inc.
Preservation Management LLC
Cochrane & Co
Preservation Of Property Services, Inc./POPS Realty
Group, LLC
Colonial Property Group
Prestige Group Services, LLC
Consolidated Restoration
Primestar Field Services
CoreLogic Field Services
PRO Nation Inc
Cornelius & Cornelius, Inc.
Professional Cleanout Services Inc.
Covius LLC
Progress Real Estate Group
Creditsouth Financial Services
Prologiq Business Services LLP
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Property Guardian Services Inc.
Cyprexx Services LLC
Property Inspection Service
D & T Property Management
Property Maintenance, Inc.
DACA Field Services Inc.
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Default Services, Inc
Property Proze Corp
Denver Area Mortgage Field Service Inc.
ProServe, LLC
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Prosper Industries, Inc.
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Real Estate Inspection & Recovery
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Redrock Restoration LLC
Elite Properties and Landscape Contr.
Reliable Real Estate Property Services
Epic Property Services, LLC
Reliable Services llc
Equitable Property LLC
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Eviction Services Inc.
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Residential Maintenance & Restoration, Inc.
F&P Inc
Richard’s Cleaning Service and Property Preservation llc
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Rich-Co Property Services
Farelo Group
Rimes Property Mangement Inc
Fast Cleaning Maint. & Services
Roper Lock Box LLC
Field Connections, LLC
Rowe Enterprises Inc.
Field Property Management, LLC
RSB Field Services
Field Services of America, LLC
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Financial Inspection & Completion Services
Safeguard Properties Inc.
First Call Property Services LLC
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SNG, Inc.
Freeman Built
SoCal Inspectors, Inc.
Garden State Property Services Inc.
Solution Source Inc
Gary’s Field Inspection Service
South Florida Field Services
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Southeastern Asset Services LLC
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Southern Solutions of NC, LLC
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Gryphon Group LLC
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High Level Cleaning Services Inc.
The Taylor Shop, LLC
Hill & Hill Enterprises Inc.
The Trainque Group, LLC
Hocoa Triad, LLC
TLC Preservation Services LLC
Home Bound LLC
TNT Inspections & Contracting LLC
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Total Lender Services LLC
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Inner City
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Ultra Corp
Under Pressure Home Services Inc.
Union Jack Services Inc.
Integrated Mortgage Solutions
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US Hardware Supply
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Verilok Property Preservation LLC.
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Ironclad Preservation, Inc.
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ISN, Corporation
Web-Fair Inc.
J T Stewart Enterprises, Inc.
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
J&R Environmental, Inc.
Western Property Maintenance LLC
JA Mortgage Services
William Hall Inspections and Preservation
Jack Walker Field Services, Inc
Wolverine Real Estate Services
Worksite Benefits, Inc.
JD Wicks Co.
Xactware Solutions, Inc.
Jeff Chambers REO and Preservation Services
Xterra Group
Jeff Little Property Management
Xtreme Clean LLC
JGM Property Group
Xtreme Field Services LLC
JKM Mortgage Field Services
York Jersey Underwriters
John B. Lucivero & Associates
Young Property Management LLC
JSM Enterprises
Zen Asia Group, LLC
Junk Monkey Pickup Co
ZVN Properties Inc.
Kaw Valley Field Services

Again all you have to do is make a statement…

I do not condone the criminal activity that the criminal members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services perpetrate on Labor….

In addition I will interview any employee or former employee of any order mill that feels they are or were forced to use unethical practices upon labor that essentially cheats (cheated) Labor out of money.

YOU MUST REMEMBER THIS…..sitting and saying NOTHING makes you an “Accomplice after the Fact”

Speak up or become part of the criminal conspiracy now known as The national Association of Mortgage Field Services…..simple choice really….


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening