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PPI News That Affects Labor

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How about some Monday Night Fodder and do a little catch up on the Property Preservation Industry… I have to say that this week has been entertaining to say the least in regards to PPI News That Affects Labor.

First up for PPI News that Affects Labor

The past few weeks have been traumatizing if you’re on the receiving end at CWIS. Receiving, that would be management as they are the taking sort ain’t they???Where do we start??? How about we beat up Carole Ramagos first? Carole was seen on Facebook this past week begging for a young lady to write her son in prison. Perhaps it’s a mother’s guilt for not being a better parent??? Just askin’ folks just askin’.. then to have your whole clan placed in the same room with Mickey dale Snow and the teen age prostitution ring? Well I’m sure it’s a safe bet to say that There may be better days ahead…unless the courts decide not to be forgiving.

Next in line for PPI news that Affects Labor

The past 48 hours  I have received numerous phone calls informing me that I placed a Board of Director member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services…or as Little Man fondly refers to them, “Management for Stealing”  on the Property Preservation Industry Watch List. So????? They deserve it and the fact that the owner of Imagine Services Group has become an Order Mill, which could not have been accomplished without cooperation of the Offender Members of NAMFS, and this does nothing but reinforce the “Conspiracy to commit Fraud” and “Fraud in the Inducement” theories that have been forwarded on each of the respective subject matters.

While I was verifying that Steven Lefler, (Regional Representative, 2015-2017) was actually on the NAMFS BOD I stumbled upon the following:

Steven L. Lefler is the founder and CEO of Imagine Service Group, Inc. located in St. Cloud, Florida.  Mr. Lefler began his company back in April of 1994 servicing the central Florida region as a one man show.  This has given him over 21 years of active experience in the industry.  Steven has earned his BS in Communications from James Madison University located in Harrisonburg, VA.

Now isn’t that Spaaaaaaaaaatialllllllll!!!

Then of there was this education tidbit…in our PPI News that Affects Labor.

NAMFS rolled out its Initial Industry Training & Certification Program in 2010. NAMFS continues to update and expanded these offerings through The NAMFS Academy.  These courses include various formats of e-learning, including Basic Literature, Video, PP Presentations and Multi-Media.

The expanded Certifications are:

  • Inspection (Inspection & General Industry Modules)
  • Pre-Sale Preservation (Pre-Sale, General Industry & Recurring Services Modules)
  • Post-Sale Preservation (PoTo rub salt in the wounds st-Sale, General Industry & Recurring Services Modules)
  • Preservation (Pre & Post-Sale, General Industry & Recurring Services Modules)
  • Inspection & Preservation (Inspection, Pre & Post-Sale, General Industry & Recurring Services Modules)

Our expectation is that this program will set a new standard for trained, qualified field service technicians so that when hiring companies have a choice, they choose the NAMFS Certified vendor.



Thank you to the Education Committee for their efforts, as well as those that supported through other means!

Our expectation is that this program will set a new standard for trained, qualified field service technicians so that when hiring companies have a choice, they choose the NAMFS Certified vendor.

Excuse me but when did NAMFS become accredited to “Certify” anyone??? And ya gotta love their use of You Tube, I mean after all no telling what could go wrong, especially if someone hacked their website???


How is this PPI News that Affects labor??? Well for starters it leaves the impression that only “Certified NAMFS Members” are qualified to perform services for the clients…er a I mean “Hiring Companies”. In addition, an “NAMFS Vendor” are Order Mills and they do not actually do the work…so I’m told. Kinda like the Background check…The membership of NAMFS is exempt.

Not sure how this will play out in the courts but speaking of jurisprudence. Now for some PPI News that Affects labor that everyone will want to hear…


In speaking with Mr. Duckworth of the Duckworth Peters Lebowitz Olivier LLP law firm representing the Plaintiff’s in the matter before the courts, another in the long line of Independent Contractor v Employee issues that has plagued the industry or many years now.

My understanding is that the Court approved FAS’s questionnaire and so about 10% of the California class will be receiving a questionnaire concerning the case.  Trial is now scheduled for May 2017.

You can find out more on this matter here

You can find our more about DPLO Law whose motto is…

Representing individuals who have the courage to exercise their rights

Remember folks, for over six years now I have been saying, as have others, that the amount of control and direction you’re given in the PPI via an Order Mill, makes you an employee. As a matter of fact that is WHY Imagine Services Group was placed on the PPI Watch List…not because they have stolen monies from Labor, not because they are a member of the Offender Member Network, not because the owner is on the BOD of NAMFS…no because the contract exerts so much control over you, you become their employee. In addition they are starting up a business model that is destined to fail. In addition I have seen their pricing. This means I should prepare to hear from an attorney about the $50,000.00 fine, I do believe their contract calls for since I have divulged their “proprietary” information in the media.

Now this last entry breaks my heart as JJ Batts works for this company and JJ is a decent guy. However, the stories flying around about NFN right now cannot be ignored. It’s being reported that NFN may very well be spinning out of financial control. This would not be the first time this company has owed a lot of money to Labor. It’s rumored that NFN currently owes over $500,000.00 to labor and cannot pay. Could be wrong but the last time I believe the number went into seven figures. We’ll be monitoring the chatter as we follow these and all the PPI News that affects Labor.

In closing this edition of PPI News That Affects Labor, Don’t forget to mark September for the next FAST event this to be held in Ohio, Home to NAMFS….mmmmmmmmmm

Should you come across any PPI News That Affects Labor contact us today and we’ll make sure the industry is updated.

Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

PS: The Yankee Fan that called at 2AM to rub it in…you still suck!!!!!

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photograph Victor Aldrey

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership

PPI Red Flags…Too Many Puts You on the Watch List

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COO at Aladay LLC
Organic Farmer, Property Preservation Specialist and Custom Glass & Wood Worker. Blogger extraordinaire...
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Victor Aldrey
Victor Aldrey

For some time now I have been writing articles on what Red Flags small “Mom & Pop” should be aware of in the Property Preservation Industry, (PPI) by profiling companies that are basically insolvent with this clause in their contract…”you’ll be paid when we get paid”. This should be the First in many Red Flags for not just “Mom & Pop Shops” but anyone looking for new clients. The problem with this procedure today is the same as it was 8 years ago…no transparency. The ability to tell you “We haven’t been paid yet” and you cannot check for yourself to see if they are telling you the truth, well that just open a lot of doors that you can’t walk through. So in this edition of Red Flags to look for in the PPI, I’m going to pick on a company called Imagine Service Group (ISG). Before I get started allow me to point out that I have reviewed about 70 “Memos” from ISG and taking everything as a whole…if you’re completing services for ISG, you’re their employee.

Keep that in mind when should they suddenly decide to sever the working relationship with you. You can file unemployment on them.

Imagine Service Group Insolvent??? Simply put they cannot pay you unless they get paid for your work. The work you complete for them to skim a percentage of the diluted service fee because they sub out someones work orders that are subbed to them.

The following is a memo for ISG.

Date: 05/30/2012


Cc: Steven Lefler, President/CEO

From: Michael Bowlen II, Vice President


This memo is being generated and distributed to all Imagine Service Group vendors to clarify/remind you of our payment process. Once you complete a work order you will receive payment as soon as we receive payment from our client for that specific work order. Refusal to complete previously issued work order due to the time frame of payment is completely unacceptable. Any deviation from this process could include, but is not limited to, a vendor write-up, reduction in work load or termination of contract with Imagine. If you have any questions/concerns in regards to the contents of this memo, please contact me at your earliest convenience. Your cooperation and adherence to this matter is greatly appreciated by our staff here at Imagine Service Group, Inc. Thank you for your continued support out in the field!!



Michael Bowlen II

Vice President, ext. 104

Sorry Micheal but this is the biggest red flag in the industry….We’ll pay you when we get paid. It is the first Red Flag on insolvency. In addition you have a very insecure employee base if you have to place this in your contract…

… . The CONTRACTOR agrees not to hire any current or former employee of Imagine Service Group, Inc., without the expressed written consent of the President of Imagine Service Group, Inc. If the contractor elects to violate the terms of this agreement, the CONTRACTOR hereby agrees to pay Imagine Service Group, Inc. the sum of $100,000.00 in compensation for the training and the confidential and proprietary information that was provided to the current or former employee during the course of their employment or contract with Imagine Service Group, Inc….

I’m not even sure if that is a valid clause. Second of the Red Flags folks as this not only demonstrates some internal instability but…IMHO show poor upper-management skills. If one of their employees quits them and stumbles into your business you have to tell the person no I won’t hire you no matter how qualified you are??? I think not. Pretty sure under the right circumstances a judge would declare the clause “voidable”.

The Third of the Red Flags, their insurance requirements;

“Care/Custody/Control coverage in the amount of $50,000”.

“Personal injury/Advertising injury protection”.

In addition they demand to be “Additionally Insured” and “Certificate Holder” Something our agent will not allow. Our company will allow the Certificate Holder, to show proof of insurance but will not insure another company. To quote our agent…“Let them buy their own insurance”..In addition ISG has to approve your insurance carrier??? NOT!!!!

Excuse me but the last time I checked it is MY business that requires ME to protect our company with insurance for OUR work loads not someone else’s.

DISCLOSURE….Fourth of the Red Flags1

  1. In the event the CONTRACTOR breaches this Agreement or if such breach is shown to be an imminent possibility, the COMPANY shall be entitled to all legal and equitable remedies afforded to it by law as a result thereof, and may, in addition to any and all forms of relief, recover from the CONTRACTOR all costs and reasonable attorneys fees to the extent it prevails in any such proceeding.

  2. Except as permitted hereunder the CONTRACTOR shall make no press release or other disclosure of any kind regarding this Agreement, any discussions or negotiations relating thereto, or the Information without the prior written consent of the COMPANY.

Here is the caveat with disclosure clauses, nine times out ten times they are “severable” .

However, in the PPI many Contractorsdo not understand that should a company do like CWIS did and not pay their “Emplactors” they void their own contract. Keep that in mind when a company for whatever reason does pay according to the agreed upon term of the contract. One cannot just send a memo stating you will not be paid for 60 days while we investigate blah blah blah…Pay schedules are part of the negotiation process. In addition, these clauses above only protect ISG.  A contract is a mutuality of agreement, So in the event “The Company” does not stand behind their contract terms or violates one of them…

Next up and the Fifth of the Red Flags, is the Background Checks. I’m not going to beat this illegal process up any more the horse has been dead for over a year now. PAY ATTENTION…THIS PROCEDURE MAKES YOU ISG’s EMPLOYEE. Don’t take my word for it this is what the IRS says….

Behavioral control refers to facts that show whether there is a right to direct or control how the worker does the work. A worker is an employee when the business has the right to direct and control the worker. The business does not have to actually direct or control the way the work is done – as long as the employer has the right to direct and control the work.

The behavioral control factors fall into the categories of:

  • Type of instructions given
  • Degree of instruction
  • Evaluation systems
  • Training

Types of Instructions Given

An employee is generally subject to the business’s instructions about when, where, and how to work. All of the following are examples of types of instructions about how to do work.

  • When and where to do the work.

  • What tools or equipment to use.

  • What workers to hire or to assist with the work.

  • Where to purchase supplies and services.

  • What work must be performed by a specified individual.

  • What order or sequence to follow when performing the work.

Pual Williams has documented how AGS has forged documents on record and the fact that NAMFS controls the background fees which is illegal for a Non-Profit organization to do.

As I stated many years ago in agreement with Foreclosurepedia on this issue, The CFPB states the people in control of money are required to have Background checks not the guy scrubbing the commode.

And this is an ILLEGAL portion of the contract:

You also agree that we may, at our complete and sole discretion, offset or reduce any monies owed to you by Claims. You, and anyone working on your behalf, agree not to levy any liens against any property for which work has been performed on behalf of Imagine Service Group, Inc. If a lien is levied against any property by you or one of your subcontractors you will be held liable to pay a penalty up to twenty-five hundred dollars for each lien filed. You also agree that we may, at our complete and sole discretion, offset or reduce any monies owed to you by Claims. If any work is late, client may cut your invoice by a percentage or cancel the work order and/or not pay for the work completed as well as possible charge-back to get the work completed by another vendor.

#1 They MAY????  The Sixth of the Red Flags


#3 let me see if I understand the eighth of the Red Flags, You do the work and for whatever reason you can’t get to the office and process the invoice and now you’re not being paid and you will be back charged for someone else to complete the work you just completed????? ILLEGAL. You cannot be back charged when you have not been paid for a service. Ask Five Brothers how fast I filed a lien on their property when they pulled that crap with us.

The ninth of the Red Flags….I must submit in writing to Imagine, asking to have the following counties removed from my coverage area….you need their permission on what your coverage area is????

This is what makes this section voidable or at the very least “severable”

I must also give Imagine two weeks to continue servicing the dropped area so that the client will have time to get a new vendor established in that area. Failure to comply with a two week notice/coverage will result in a two hundred and fifty dollar fine for each county being dropped. The obligations in this section shall survive any termination of this Agreement.

Again this is illegal folks…Fines are what happens in court. Not sure when this company became an All Inclusive Judiciary body.

So we have a total of Nine Red Flags that involve several illegalities in business, violations of the IRS’s Independent Contractor rules.

Now in my humble opinion everything about ISG’s contract screams RUN FOREST RUN!!!!!!!!!! I have no doubt that these are very nice people running this company but the reality of the first of the Red flags, ISG is depending on being paid for YOUR completed services to pay you. Remember that ISG has no financial liabilitiess, you do as you pay to complete services that they will be paid for. This is a procedure that screams STUPIDITY for agreeing to it.

Does this company have a surety bond in case something goes belly up and you cannot be paid? Have THEIR employees been vetted via AGS or any other form of background check as the CFPD states??? After all you’ve just seen several clauses that control your money.

In closing, this company has way too many Red Flags to even consider some sort of business agreement. The fact that every order mill company in the PPI demands you agree to THEIR contract eliminates a very integral part of negotiations, and there is no “Mutuality of Agreement” to ISG’s contract or any other order mill in the PPI.

So without  further ado…this week’s addition the PPI Watch List is Imagine Services Group.

No Matter Where You Are...We'll be Watching
No Matter Where You Are…We’ll be Watching










Written By; Aaron Aveiro

Pgotographs Victor Aldrey & Google Images

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Alladay LLC Ownership