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Organic Farmers Promote Sustainable Practices

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Organic Farmers Promote Sustainable Practices

Organic farmers grow and process foods by following guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to ensure sustainable practices.

Soil:  Organic farmers maintain the health of their soil by using manure or compost and other organic materials instead of synthetic fertilizers.  Biological fertilizers like compost release nutrients slowly, build up organic soil matter, increase the capacity of soil to retain moisture and reduce leaching of nitrates into groundwater.  Up to 40% of synthetic fertilizers used on conventional farms end up in ground and surface waters, eventually polluting rivers, lakes and oceans.

Beneficial insects:  Some organic farmers introduce beneficial insects such as ladybugs, soldier beetles and beneficial nematodes that eat harmful insects.

Crop rotation:  Organic farmers often do not grow the same crop on the same fields year after year.  Crop rotation naturally replenishes the soil because different plants contribute varying nutrients to the soil. Disrupting the habitats of insect pests and weeds helps control them, as well.

Cover crops:  Cover crops such a clover, rye and wheat are planted between growing seasons to help replenish the soil with nutrients and prevent soil erosion.  They also help maintain populations of beneficial insects.  Cover crops can control weeds by smothering and shading them and outcompeting them for nutrients.

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Thought I’d start the weekend off with some organic news since it time to start planting once again…

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Photo and artice reprinted courtesy only organic and Tahoe Farmers Markets

Are Bloggers Journalists or merely Entainers????

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COO at Aladay LLC
Organic Farmer, Property Preservation Specialist and Custom Glass & Wood Worker. Blogger extraordinaire...
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The Courts have said they are to be afforded the same privileges and protections as Journalists.



I always get a kick when people call me a “voice” of the industry and then call me wishy-washy. I , like the Lunatic in the Bunker have never strayed from what I started saying 6 years ago. I have never wavered from the following.

  1. Property Preservation is an industry and must be treated as such.
  2. There are no true Independent Contractors in the industry, only employees with no benefits.
  3. The PPI needs the correct licensing in each state.
  4. The Industry needs accredited education and training.
  5. The NAMFS members “subbing” to each other has to stop.

Perhaps not in the order, however, I have never strayed or varied my mission to bring attention to those areas. Along the way there have been instances where I wrote about individuals and companies. When you write about individuals and companies one day things have a tendency to change with day to day operations in business. Today SEAS LLC may get a good write up because they are trying to do the right thing. Tomorrow their business model may prove to be unsustainable and well, I write about that. I present the facts to you as they come to me.

So I really get a kick when I get sent comments like the following;

Terri Bartlett Berry I only believe half the rhetoric. Remember these are not news journalist but entertainment journalist… …………………

Well Terry is correct, I have no Journalism degree, I’m just a blogger. Does that make me entertainer? I do play a little guitar and have a spot on the radio so perhaps I am an entertainer of sorts. But I do relay facts…Now I won’t beat Terry up I believe another of the entertainers has already done a superior job of that.

Chuck Collins Funny, a few months back he was singing the praises of SEAS….

Funny Chuck…six months ago SEAS LLC WAS trying to do the right thing…or have you forgotten the Kim Fatica “warm and fuzzy” movement? Today they are having issues paying the Boots. Please tell us you’re not OK with BOOTS not getting paid?

Now while those questions and statements may seem on the surface to be “Questioning” in nature they are coming from folks that well…you make the conclusion. However, there was a conversation going on about Debris and disposal of such on Facebook the other day.;

Mark Guildoo rarely does he pick a path and stick to it. he should run for a political office.

Not sure if I’d actually make a good politician. After-all I’m sorta of against the backroom deals that cost people monies due to fraud…

Very Entertaining thought though!!!!

Now I have neither malice nor any ill will towards anyone. However, when it comes to delivering a message or bringing information that some can use to assist their business, well hell I see no one else doing such, well not the folks that make these “Better Than You” type of comments in social media thinking that because they are in the privacy of their living-room oh sorry I mean office that the comments go nowhere. Ya know you can say something and it may bite, but being not in writing..well it will go away…put it in print you have something to deal with tomorrow.

Recently there has been a conversation on FB concerning debris disposal. What I found troubling is that one of the Participants stated that Sothern Pacific Field Services, a company operated by women, which I also find a disturbing trend within the ranks of NAMFS, there is definitely an abuse of “minority and women” SBA 8(a). Seems that every company “subbing” work in the rank and file are “women owned” businesses. Not saying that these women are abusing any system. As a matter of fact SPFS is one of the decent and respectable members of NAMFS.

Now here are a couple of the comments in the discussion thread;

Ty Whitaker…Make up a receipt

Luckey Jordan…I do that also!! I think they want one from a landfill

William Law….Go to the trash transfer and give the guy 20 bucks for a blank…..Alot of times if it aint a lot of stuff I will put it with my trash over 2 weeks to save$$$….


Now you must brace yourself as these people give serious pause to the word
“Business Person” as they are not Business Minded folks. No, they are simply the individuals that I have fondly come to call The Emplactors of the industry. Yes, and I’m not sure why but they certainly have become the folks that think they are the cat’s meow

These are not business people these are EMPLACTORS. Furthermore, these are the characters that have given creditability to  a 3 tier “Subber” in Southern Pacific Field Services  (SPFS). In addition they are on Social Media talking about committing fraud. Which in turn would have a direct affect on SPFS.

I have to wonder if Johanna Grandos Owner of SPFS was considering exposing pay rates when declining an interview with me. Not a biggie in itself as I can be pretty caustic and vitriol at times.

However, this past July 10, Johanna did provide this statement;

Thank you. I am all about education. Especially since it’s a felony offense in California to remove toothpaste from a house. Gotta love our state.

I would like to think that the reason we have been off the radar is that we treat all of our team fairly and make sure to pay for all work performed. It makes it difficult when the clients don’t always pay but we keep things above board and fair.

Johanna is correct. In California everything is different. Their laws are so convoluted it is difficult to stay on top of things. I certainly hope that Johanna does not get in a jackpot for these Emplactors actions. These are some decent ladies and don’t deserve to dragged through the mud. However, it is important to note, if your subbing the work, you risk the possibility of the wanna-be’s cutting corners and bringing liability back to you. No wonder Johanna’s company is asking for dump receipts.

There is a secondary underlying issue that many do not think about. Taking the garbage home? For two weeks? Let us imagine for a minute, (those that are industry veterans will completely understand) your neighbor brings some garbage home innocently thinking that Chloridane is harmless. Not knowing that it was banned back in the 80’s by the FDA and the USDA . Your cat just happens to like the fishy smell coming out of the garbage can and jumps in bringing this toxic chemical back home to your 2 year old that is all huggie-body-kissy-face with Puff the Kitty. Two days later you’re trying to figure out why Puff is so lethargic while rushing your 2 year old to the hospital for what you don’t know…but you do know the tremors and convulsions mean there’s something seriously wrong with little Suzie…

But then again, only employees should have to provide “dump receipts” for reimbursement. Business Persons don’t provide receipts. They bill for their services based on their cost of doing business.

The cost of doing business is something that True Business People know about. True business people know how to perform break even analysis on their services and products. True business people understand how a cash flow statement works and how to develop one for their business. True Business People understand a breakeven point and the difference in breakeven point and breakeven analysis. True Business People don’t allow one to dictate to them. True Business People are not afraid to ask for advice and assistance when they need it.

What I find even more disturbing is the fact that many want to bang those that are actually fighting to improve their lot. I as others that have chosen to stand up and speak on the ills of the PPI…well let me just say this…I firmly believe what I’m doing is right. Can others say that??? Has anyone offered solutions? Has anyone offered to place themselves in the line of fire? But hey… what the hay huh?? After all it is easier to be quiet and never say anything about how one is being taken advantage of than to speak up and lose the work supply you’re not being paid to complete. It is so much easier to sit in the spare bedroom converted office with a bottle of Jack and belittle folks that bring attention to the ills of an industry.

Here’s the rub. By not understanding simple/basic business functions you’re at the mercy of those you’re talking too, hoping they will not steer you wrong. I offer a Business 101 package to the new entrepreneur and business owner. I offer this package as a direct result to combat the recruiting process of the PPI. They day I see Safeguard or Cyprexx advertising under “Business Opportunities” I may have to fold my tent. However, until then I will continue to offer assistance for those that need it.

Something everyone needs to start coming to terms with in the PPI. I don’t care what side of the fence you’re on in the industry, change is coming.

Change can be painful or it can be exciting. I vote for the later. I believe that the way to bridge the gap in the PPI is through Accredited Education and Training. I also believe that this can be accomplished when everyone comes and sits at the table.

Time for a discussion boys…Seriously we’ll leave the Grassy Knoll off the tour…


Until Next Time

Happy Gardening


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photograph courtesy Google Images

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership