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NAMFS Member AMS: Are You Their Employee??

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Reports of Field Trainer John Wilton and Vendor Manager Brian Christy Forcing Independent Contractors to be Employees…

Be Our Underpaid Employee
Be Our Underpaid Employee


I have been receiving correspondence lately about the ultimatums being given by both John Wilton, a Quality Control inspector and field trainer for Asset Management Specialists , (AMS), a member of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services, (NAMFS). Seems that Mr. Wilton  is making demands about the training and use of brand name products that AMS is demanding the Boots on the Ground purchase without any additional compensation, (AMS is actually charging the BOTG $25 for not using brand name products) the incoming reports claim.

In addition to John Wilton making demands, Operations Department personnel Brian Christy is making demands that the BOTG complete services with out work orders or agreed upon pricing. Seems Mr. Christy refuses to allow the BOTG to perform any services out side the scope of “initial services” regardless of the fact that the properties do not fit into the initial service category.For example Fannie Mae (FNMA) properties  over one acre in size, houses over 2000 sq ft. or debris counts over the 35 yards, all these items take the services required out of the initial service spectrum. In addition it appears that AMS in some places is demanding that you remove hazardous materials as debris, something that is highly illegal to dump with you debris and costs the BOTG higher disposal fees.The word is the Mr. Christy sde-activates you if you question AMS and ask for the proper work orders to be placed prior to starting any work. Firing someone for asking for a work order with correct fees on the definitely crosses into the employee area of the IRS definition of Independent Contractor.

This is becoming a very disturbing trend in the Property Preservation Industry. What makes these claims so atrocious is the fact the AMS is demanding this from Independent Contractors, not their in house crews they have located all over the country that cherry pick the obs and refuse the jobs over 35 yards of debris.

Currently only three contractors have come forward here on the west coast. We are looking for your AMS story.

Are you being treated as and employee? We will be interviewing a couple BOTG in the Northern Nevada and Central California area in regards to these actions by AMS and their employees.

Is this going on in your neck of the woods? Contact us , anonymity can be provided. Are you a victim of the PPI “emplactor” *** Factor???

John "Buy This Brand Or Else" Wilton
John “Buy This Brand Or Else” Wilton


Brian "Do It Or You're Fired" Christy
Brian “Do It Or You’re Fired” Christy

Again a NAMFS member brazenly flaunting the rules and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service with the “Too Big to Fail” mentality. This is the third part of the AMS Sage. Be sure to tune in as this story unfolds.

Do you have a story? Contact us, we’ll help you tell it.

Written by: Aaron Aveiro

Photos Courtesy LinkedIn professional Profiles.

Opinions expressd do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership

*** emplactors are mislabeled Independent Contractors in the Property Preservation Industry and are really employees.