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GMO’s and Our Elected Officials…They Vote Wednesday on the TPP

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Whom do your Elected Officials Represent?? Call them today and say VOTE NO!!!!!!!!

Seriously??? We can label pet foods but not OUR food???
Seriously??? We can label pet foods but not OUR food???


Well This Headline surely has to be a HUGE disappointment to those that feel the TPP would cause serious issues with GMO Food Labeling…

“Trade bill clears Senate hurdle, at brink of final passage

Can we be serious for just one second…the label to the left is for DOG FOOD that is where I got the photograph…from a bag of dog food. Eight years ago our President lied to us telling us he would push for proper food labeling because the “American’s have a right to know what they’re buying”


He has yet to do so…Now I have been praising my local representative in Washington DC, Mark Amodei, as he has consistently voted no on measures and legislation that favors Monsanto and their Propaganda Machine. Now this is from an article written this morning….

Another bill, to provide federal aid to workers who lose their jobs because of imports, is also awaiting approval. The rescue plan hatched last week calls for the Senate to pass that measure and the House to follow suit later this week, just before lawmakers begin a July 4 vacation.

This is assist with the damage this TPP legislation is going to cause…Can we TALK???????????????????/

Let us get real for just a minute…Every “trade policy” Washington has come up with that is supposed to benefit the American Citizen in my life time has been nothing but Lip Service and Poppycock.. This TPP??? expect no different.

We have a history of failed trade policies that have cost us nearly 5 million manufacturing jobs at home and led to just under 60,000 factories being shuttered, and with each passing trade deal, more of our liberties are taken from us and more of our protections are compromised as regulations are gutted.

Have we learned nothing since Bill Clinton gave us NAFTA (which, by the way, was also fast-tracked,… Written in secrecy by 600 representatives of corporations and their allies, and shepherded by Michael Froman, our Trade Representative who came to this job straight from Wall Street – has anyone ever heard of a conflict of interest in this administration????

So not only do we have Monsanto Lobbying for the TPP but they control our USDA, FDA, and the EPA with former Monsanto employees. I just do not understand how an attorney for Monsanto can write policy for the organization that is in charge of keeping our food supply safe> CONFLICT OF INTEREST CAN YOU SAY THAT?????????

You are likely referring to Michael R. Taylor, a lawyer who is currently deputy commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration for Foods and Veterinary Medicine. Taylor has spent most of his career of more than 35 years as a public official or college professor, and spent about 16 months working for Monsanto, a biotechnology company.

 Opponents of biotechnology often raise the fact that some former EPA, FDA and USDA employees have gone to work for biotech companies, and some company employees have left to take jobs in the public sector. It is important to note that agricultural biotechnology is a specialized field that requires knowledge in science, risk assessment and public policy, and both the public and private sectors benefit when employers have access to the most competent and experienced people.

 Furthermore, the Obama Administration has issued a policy statement making it clear that political appointees are not to interfere in scientific research.  The policy states:

 “The overriding intent of this policy is that political appointees must not exert undue influence over scientists in the conduct of scientific research. Recognizing that the nature of the scientific inquiry includes formulating and exploring questions, it is to be expected that scientists may have different perspectives and develop multiple approaches in their research. The existence of disputes in research is not inconsistent with scientific integrity or with a policy that political appointees must not exercise undue influence over scientific inquiry.”

 As a former federal regulator, I was honored to serve with individuals from the private sector, who brought to their positions not only the expertise needed to make regulatory decisions based on the actual risk presented, using the best scientific information available, but also a moral center that never confused their duties in their regulatory positions with their roles in jobs they previously held.

Read entire article here

SERIOUSLY???? Someone wants us to believe this???

Here is a glaring example as to why the above is pure BS….

We have known for decades that 2,4-D is harmful to the environment and human health, especially for the farmers and farm workers applying these chemicals to crops,” said Mary Ellen Kustin, senior policy analyst for the Environmental Working Group. “Now that farmers are planting 2,4-D-tolerant GMO crops, this herbicide is slated to explode in use much the way glyphosate did with the first generation of GMO crops. And we know from experience—and basic biology—that weeds will soon grow resistant to these herbicides, making GMO crop growers only more dependent on the next chemical fix.”

See entire article here

So you may be asking yourself right now…HOW??? How does this happen in America? I vote for my representatives and they vote they way I think…Well this article will shed serious light on the subject… These are the people writing policy for the organizations that are supposed to be protecting our food supply. Where do you think their loyalties lie?

Ever looked an United States Supreme Court Decisions that concern Monsanto?? Do the former Monsanto Attorneys recuse themselves??? NO THEY WRITE THE COURTS OPINIONS!!!!

Folks this TPP legislation will set a very dangerous landscape for everyone. and especiaslly our food supply…Make it ILLEGAL for states to make any food labeling laws….on a “take it or leave it but you can’t change it” fast-track to enactment by Tuesday. This so-called “trade” package is made up of 29 parts, with only five actually dealing with trade…

Five of Twenty-nine parts…in a trade bill concern trade….so what is a food labeling issue doing in a trade bill???? especially a Trdae Bill that has been voted down three times!!!!!!!!!

Just how convoluted is our Government???

Get on the phone today…right now tell your Elected Officials they represent you and if they vote in favor of this TPP legislation they lose your vote…

Simple as that…

Have a few minutes…you’ll enjoy this documentary

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