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Need Promotional Assistance???? We Can Help

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Every now and every business can use a little assistance. Promotional Assistance comes in many forms. Printed advertising, audio or radio advertising,  are just a couple of examples that can lend a helping hand to your business. Of course choosing the right advertising platform to assure great promotional assistance can be hit and miss. Remember, good promotion in a concentrated area doesn’t necessarily have to be expansive, however, it should be cost effective. In other words, are you getting the biggest bang out of your buck??

We offer many types of promotional assistance tools for the new entrepreneur. In addition, we offer special pricing to organizations assisting senior or veterans groups, we also provide special pricing for Veteran Owned Businesses on paid advertising on our website we can also assist.

Everyone loves Wilson and I actually enjoy putting the videos together. Keep in mind if you see me at an event going from both to booth I am doing live feeds to assist the vendors and promote the event that is going on. I do this for kicks and well many people feed me and offer beverages for the videos of their booths. In addition I get to meet some wonderful people.

However, I do charge a small stipend should you wish a promotional video for your upcoming event. Send me details including what you would like said and we’ll go from there. I can shoot video with several backgrounds and from various places.


When sending a request please include place, time, date of the   event, your company DBA and a little something about what you sell so the promotional video can be somewhat personalized. My experience, they are a little more effective.

If you’re going to be participating in an event in the Reno area and would like a video if your both give me a call we can figure thing out.

Perhaps you’d like some radio time. America Matters Media has several advertising and promotional assistance packages and I would be mire than happy to assist in finding the right show for your advertising g needs .

So if you’re exploring new avenues for promoting your business. Give us a call. We can help.