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GMO’s NOT Substantially Equivelant

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This entry is part 15 of 15 in the series Whom do your elected officials represent???
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For years I have been saying what common sense should be telling everyone about the GMO products and the “Substantially Equivalent ” argument that has plagued our food Suol.y fir the past 25 years . Now it appears that some 25 years later ( it is important to understand that number 25 YEARS) the general public might be able to scream loud enough that it will drown out the Monsanto Propaganda Machine.



Whom do Your Elected Officials Represent???

Currently one would have to say Monsanto.  But now that the patients have worn off and Monsanto can no lie get control every aspect of testing their products…well lets just say their ruse is about to come to an end.

One cannot take vital minerals and nutrients it of a plant and call it “substantially equivalent”

Here’s a piece from the Organic Consumers Association.

Asking Mr Trump via Twitter…PLZ get the poison out of our food

One of the biggest scams Monsanto

perpetrated against consumers was getting its GMO crops declared “substantially equivalent” to non-GMO crops—a coup that allowed the biotech industEveto unleash GMOs into the food system with no independent pre-market safety testing.

First, a little history on substantial equivalence: 

The concept of ‘Substantial Equivalence’ was first introduced in 1993 by the Organisation for Economic Development (OECD), an international economic and trade organisation, not a public health body.  The principle states that if a new food is found to be substantially equivalent to an already existing food product, it can be treated the same way as the existing product with respect to safety. This concept has greatly benefited the trade of GM produce, allowing it to effectively bypass regulatory requirements that would apply to novel food and other products including novel chemical compounds, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and food additives, all of which require a range of toxicological tests and can be subject to legal limitations on safe consumption/intake.

Independent (as in not on the biotech industry’s payroll) scientists who have previously argued that GMO foods are not substantially equivalent to non-GMO foods have been dissed and discredited by Monsanto.

Now there’s a new peer-reviewed study led by Dr. Michael Antoniou at King’s College London, that once again suggests that GMO foods—at least a specific variety of Monsanto’s Roundup-Ready GMO corn—are nowhere near to being “equivalent” to non-GMO foods.

And what makes this Roundup-Ready corn “different,” say the authors of the most recent study, has serious implications for your health.

So is our food safe with Substantially Equivelant GMO products???

Read ‘New Study Shows Major Molecular Differences between GMO and Non-GMO Corn’ 

Read the study 

So many of you ask what can we do???? Every day we can use Twitter to communications to our president and ask him to get the poison out of our food…

Would you p.ease join my campaign and ask our President Donald J Trump….PLZ get the poison out of our food

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EPA Admits no Science to Support Substantially Equivalent

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COO at Aladay LLC
Organic Farmer, Property Preservation Specialist and Custom Glass & Wood Worker. Blogger extraordinaire...
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This entry is part 4 of 4 in the series Pecuniary Greed
Whom do Your Elected Officials Represent???
Whom do Your Elected Officials Represent???

A couple of week ago the EPA, our wonderful Environmental Protection Agency, (or is it Economic Proliferation Avenues) admitted there never has been any science to support the “Substantially Equivalent” statement that Micheal Taylor  gave us allowing GMO products into our food supply unchecked. EPA director Gina McCarthy was quoted in regards to Substantially Equivalent and studies being performed with the final solution of Round UP, the product that many gardeners spray in their yard believing it is safe around their pets and children;

“Long term animal studies on the final formulation? No, not that I know of.”

Yet we are consistently told the product is safe.

Now the biggest glaring issue EVERYONE has been complaining about when it comes to these Genetically Modified Organisms or GMO’s and the “Substantially Equivalent” position is not only what is wrong with the GMO’s but the mere fact they have been allowed into our food supply virtually unchecked by those agencies, such as the EPA, that are in place to protect our food supply against issues like the “Substantially Equivalent” Micheal Taylor gave us.

One of the methods that the Monsanto Propaganda Machine uses to create the “disinformation” campaign of Substantially Equivalent Propaganda for this “Substantially Equivalent” argument is to first attack commentaters in discussion threads in a three prong fashion.

First they attack the comment as being stupid, Second they will offer science to attempt to discredit you. Science that has been furnished by one of the organizations with “Science” in their name supplied with Monsanto, Dow, DuPont, et. al. scientists to slant the study in favor of Monsanto. This will actually be the subject matter for the next article I publish. For today I want to talk about our crooked politicians that our getting a free ride on our dime yet pander their services to the highest corporate bidder.

So which is your elected Official??? Stupid or a liar???
So which is your elected Official??? Stupid or a liar???

The third element of the Substantially Equivalent Propaganda Campaign is to attack the science you provide as not being “peer reviewed” and they will go on to say people like Dr. Jane Goodall is a Monkey Doctor and what does she know. All the while they are discrediting the scientist because they are not a “genealogist” they use people like Neil DeGrasse Tyson to offer patented responses to canned question during interviews.  Naturally the rocket scientist must know what he is talking about since his answer to the GMO issue is identical to that of Peen Jillitte, a comedian that claims if one is against the current GMO technology, they have never watched a child starve to death. Me personally I would never admit to watching a child starve to death fear it would destroy what might be left of my Vegas Lounge Act. Yet at the same time they will ignore David Suzuki.

Disrespective Dean Heller
Nevada’s disrespectful Senator Dean Heller. 258,000dollars from agribusiness. Votes against 90% of his constituents.

I would have to say that the most disturbing issue of the Monsanto’s Substantially Equivalent Propaganda Campaign is the fact scientists  are lying to the American People in addition to the world. I have to ask this question. How much is your soul worth? In Senator Diane Feinstein’s case,  $1,645,599.00, that is how much she has taken from Agribusiness, in the case of our own Senator from the Great State of Nevada, Dean Heller, $258,140.00.

Here is what transpired at the EPA a couple weeks ago. Not only has Monsanto and Company become very adapt in infiltrating the masses with their poppycock, they have also become very efficient in purchasing our government, education, and the media. After all the media outlets that “report” articles with headlines like…The Science is in GMO’s are Safe…they do not question the fact that the National Academy of Sciences is a Monsanto put together organization to give credibility to their lies. No they report the information as FACT. When in fact it is a lie.

The following excerpt is from an article published this past July 1st in The Congressional Blog, The Hill.

Decades of EPA deception and Senatorial corruption

On June 14th, with a team of 8 scientists and a farmer, I met with EPA directors of the Pesticide Division and Review Board. After an hour of scientists presenting challenging scientific information, about a myriad of ways in which glyphosate, the declared active ingredient of Roundup, harms life and the soil, I had an opportunity to ask a question. Although I had many questions to ask I chose to ask a very important one.

“Do you have any long term animal studies on the final formulation of Roundup?”

The director looked at his team and one answered, “Well there are hundreds of formulations.”

I was irritated that she was trying to dodge the question.

“On any of them? Do you have long term animal studies on any of the final formulations of Roundup?”

There was an awkward moment.

“Long term animal studies on the final formulation? No, not that I know of.”

Stunning. Even though I knew, from scientist Anthony Samsel’s findings, that they did not have any, it was still stunning to hear them admit it.

“Then, how do you claim that it’s safe?”

I looked at the team incredulously. The tension in the room was thick.

READ the rest of the article here

MARK_AMODIEDECADES…let that sink in for a minute. This is how long our political leaders and the MONSANTO PROPAGANDA MACHINE ALONG WITH MAINSTREAM MEDIA  have been duping the American People. This past week our Senate not only let the American People down they flat our disrespected 90% of their constituents with the garbage they passed S745 calling it a Compromise GMO Mandatory Labeling Bill. Do our Elected Officials really think we are that stupid? Obviously they do as for the past 20 years now We the People have wanted something we still do not have. For the past 20 years We the People tax’s have paid salary’s to people that are supposed to have We the People’s best interests in mind when making decisions in Washington DC.

xxxxApparently the money has created a memory lapse as to whom our elected officials represent as they have been arguing about this PROPER Food labeling Bill for the last 20 years now. That is just about the length of time our senators hold office between elections. However, the controversy over this issue…25 years or more now.

Perhaps it is time We the People started recalling these money grabbing elected officials. Perhaps it is time We the People change the direction this ugly issue course has taken.

So just how much has Monsanto and Company purchased????

The simple fact is that Monsanto and Company have purchased not only our government, but the education and the Biotech industry as well. Let’s be perfectly clear here, when being involved in discussion threads the Pro-GMO folks never address anything presented to them. They actually do nothing but spew drivel in the exact order that members of the Monsanto Propaganda machine instruct their lackeys to do and do nothing but attempt to derail the conversation via name calling with their pompas attitude that you they are better and smarter than everyone else. They will call themselves a  Critical thinker when they can no longer sustain their argument. If they were basing their comments on facts and evidence you would realize that there is a problem in Gotham.

This article contains a list from last week of how much JUST OUR SENATORS have received…so here is “evidence’ if you will as far as the government being bought .

In 2016, grant  programs will be available in 1,326 counties across 40 states, and grants totaling $2.3 million will be awarded. ….here is your education being purchased “evidence…this BTW comes directly from the Monsanto website

Here is a list of Biotech Programs funded by Monsanto

So is it any wonder that all the studies the Monsanto Propaganda Machine folks like Steven Savage reference favor the Monsanto Propaganda Machine Agenda in their convoluted yet very organized Substantially Equivalent Campaign?

Let us place things in perspective here. Round Up ready products like Corn and Soy do one thing; resist Glyphosate. That is it. They do not grow faster. They do not become  more productive producing higher yields. They do not become more nutritious than conventionally grown crops. No they only resist death when slathered with Glyphosate three times per growing season.. Which means this ruse that Monsanto has become so skilled at is to accomplish one thing; sell Glyphosate. Glyphosate is a product that generates Monsanto five BIOLLION dollars per year. That is what this is all about folks, selling a poisonous chemical called Glyphosate.

So as you sit down to your Sunday Morning Breakfast I leave you with this question to ponder this week.

To what extent would you go to protect the sales of a poison that put five BILLION dollars in your pocket every year?