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NAMFS: # TeamRegime…Call to Executive Director Mr. Miller to Address Industry Issues

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Isn’t it Time to Show the BOTG Some Respect???

Eric Miller, Executive Director and Master Puppetier of NAMFS
Eric Miller, Executive Director and Master Puppetier of NAMFS


So when I said the Buzcek Enterprises was to close their doors  I was not incorrect just a little premature. I was given grief by Brian Drain, Jenny Boss-Siemen and some mysterious emailer “Truth Hurts”. I suppose it does sometimes. The reality is that had been for the fact that someone has committed fraud and decided that their needs for secrecy superseded that of an industry, I would have had nothing to write about.

Here it what I find so ironic about all of this. Many of the folks involved in the PPI know that I had a few indiscretions in years past. Something about being in a drug induced stupors and making a rational decision that mixes like drinking and driving. I bring this up as for some unknown reason the Mutt and Jeff torch seems to continue its quest to be picked up, or passed,  for whatever unknown reason people have this passion and continually wish to bring my past into threads as if my indiscretions of 30 plus years ago will justify theirs and others indiscretions today.

Sorry to inform folks like Gary Jones of Eureka Californai  and John Koptyra  of  Los Angles California…maybe it’s something in that California water…However, what is so ironic about all of this, the people whom attempt to discredit me with my past indiscretions fail to realize that what I’m speaking of today is the truth, not only is it the truth about an industry, also  the truth about someone else other than them.

So this makes one wonder if someone is not behind them with some sort of financial compensation or perhaps a lucrative contract for a while? I mean really now for the most part I bang the membership of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services ,(NAMFS), and the fact the Eric Miller will not take a public position on the members that are breaking the law, violating the organizations rules, ethics, or Cannons and Standards. Again I ask, does anyone wonder why the folks that I bang never come after me??? I believe it is called the truth.

By now you have probably figured this is my segway to bang them again, and you’d be correct. This time I have to bang once again Eric Miller, however, I have to also include Terry Platt of Cubic Yard. Now I have spoken to Terry several times, for the most part I have nothing against these folks. However, it is their actions that I have to question… Here is a thread link about outsourcing services; something that I have always felt should be kept in house

Now Mr. Miller made a couple comments here they are

Executive Director at National Association of Mortgage Field Services

I have not read the article but this is a complex and often-times devisive option. It is further complicated by the different services provided in the mortgage field service industry – inspections vs. preservation.

Terry – your comments are absolutely valid regarding the perceived value of the information provided, along with the time consuming nature of data entry, which in some cases is performed twice. That said, performing required due diligence on potential partners to assist in processing is paramount. It is also something that has been considered to address fluctuating volumes or basic services i.e. grass cutting. Order processing in general is more critical even when kept in house. The key is avoiding non-compliance which can be attained by following a living documented process which incorporates industry changes.

Eric Miller

Executive Director at National Association of Mortgage Field Services

Bret – thanks for weighing in and you were at the NAMFS Open Forum so perhaps you can validate what I am about to type. At this meeting a request was made to all present that NAMFS was being asked to provide feedback as to incremental costs that have impacted services during the past several years. The request was not to provide at a per service level but rather at a global level. One of the items discussed at the Forum was related to the Industry Standard Background Check while others that were raised included – technology investments, shorten turnaround times, reduced volumes that impacted coverage on various levels, increased services, evolving regulations (i.e. Maine AG prossibly listing our industry as debt collectors) and finally yet to be defined compliance.

If anyone would like to provide information for inclusion please send it to

Now here I would like to give kudos to Miller for asking for input for outside of NAMFS, even though he did this generous act in a group that has a whopping 250 members and no one else in the universe will ever see his offer, hey at least he made one. Now about three hours (Two days ago) after Millers posts I made this post, which went to moderation, and as of this writing has yet to be posted.

Mr. Miller…I mean no disrespect with this statement…However, it is an issue that is glossed over and NEVER addressed…

Don’t you think before your organization attempts to address the industry issues you should as an organization clean house???? You currently have several decent and respectable member suffering at the hands of a few unscrupulous members. In addition you organization just allowed a company to become a member with 90+ nonpayment complaints against them…

If as an organization NAMFS is unwilling to address these issues how can the organization address the issues plaguing the industry?

After all the reality of the industry’s issues is directly because of NAMFS member’s actions….

Now for those of that follow me and read some of my articles you know that I’ve been very gracious and polite. What I have to wonder here though and I think everyone else must pause here and ask the same. Has a deal been struck between NAMFS with Terry Platt and Cubic Yard in an attempt to direct conversations and subject matter for the SEO cycling of Google Analytics? I mean let’s be real for a minute between myself and the Lunatic in the Bunker in Tennessee we pretty much beat the #opNAMFS, #TeamRegime, NAMFS Regime, Heir Miller, et al: to death with a very big stick. Hell who are we kidding we are using the entire tree!!. So I have to ask Terry Platt why the censorship? Seriously one who is actually involved in the media as I have interviewed on Mr. Platt’s site and Mr. Platt does write for the industry. Even though on some levels he seems to rub some wrong just as I and the Lunatic do every now and then, but why the censorship? Why not allow the question into public forums for discussion?

Does Mr. Miller not have a respectable answer? Does Mr. Miller not truly wants what is best for an industry? Does Mr. Miller need protecting? Something that has been brought to my attention lately is the Cubic Yard has been the only group that Miller is posting in. I have to question that also, as NAMFS is brought up in almost every group. Just without the lovefest for the association that is prevalent in the Cubic yard Group on LinkedIn.

Something that is so disturbing about the NAMFS issue…it has gotten worse since I called them out three years ago on LinkedIn. Now Miller did not chime in at the time as then it was Deana Alfredo.


Here was one of the exchanges between us back in 2012, our cordial exchange I must ad as when I called NAMFS out in a thread things got somewhat pointed;

From Deanna Alfredo
To Aaron Aveiro , Eric Miller
Date Jan 23, 2012

Aaron –

NAMFS is definitely an ideal place for you to be. At our yearly conferences, it’s an excellent networking opporutnity to get in front of national companies and get your name and face out there. I really believe this would be a way for you to open those doors. In addition, there are all facets of our industry there, such as insurance providers, supply providers, etc. NAMFS has truly helped me in my professional world of growing my business over the past 10 years. As its President, I firmly believe in the ogranization and the benefits we provide to our members. Our board of directors is continually working to bring members and programs to NAMFS to help our membership with their day-to-day business operations.

On 01/23/12 7:05 AM, Aaron Aveiro wrote:
Hi Deanna,

Thank you for the information.
Is this organization for everyone in every facet of the mortgage industry?
As a preservation service provider would this be an organization that could help,our business, or because all the mortgage companies have contracts with national preservation companies, would a small company like ours still be “outside looking in”???
Have a good day…
Thank you

On 01/23/12 6:54 AM, Deanna Alfredo wrote:
Aaron –

Thank you for your email. Below is a brief summary of NAMFS. Please visit our website for more detailed information regarding the application process. –

I would be happy to answer any other additional questions that you may have — Have a great day!

In 1988, the National Association of Mortgage Field Services was created by a handful of professionals throughout the mortgage field services industry. The original intent of the Association was to provide its membership with a cohesive voice with investors and others integral to the industry. Since its inception, the Association has expanded upon its initial objectives to include:

•Nurturing the Mortgage Real Estate Field Service system
•Improving and expanding the performance of its members
•Encouraging sound and ethical business practices among its members
•Conducting research in field service techniques that improve the effectiveness of its members
•Informing its members of changes in mortgage laws and practices as well as pending legislation that affects their service
•Sponsoring meetings and educational programs
•Cooperating with public and private agencies in the establishment of sound field service practices

The Association has grown in correlation with the industry to include approximately 450 member companies. There are a variety of membership types available enabling the Association to:

•Provide members with potential service opportunities
•Bridge the divide between National and Regional companies

So Riddle Me this people…if the organization does all this; How do these folks continue to just carry on as if nothing they are doing is wrong, unethical, or extremely disturbing in a business environment?  Make no mistake about this folks, NAMFS, #TEAMREGIME, is an exclusive club for members only according to what they say. The problem I have is that the organization allows its members to screw each other over; it’s natural as one changing socks. In addition there is no regard for the industry other than those of the elite lining their pockets at the expense of the BOTG.

Does anyone think what has happened to Buczek  Enterprises make me and the folks at Foreclosurepedia feel good when we  blasted these people for their egregious lifestyles they have chosen to live at the expense of the Boots on the Ground? Yes those pesky folks that deserve to be paid, sorry Miller, but I have to bring them into this no matter how much you despise them.

Reporting on this actually turns our stomachs because when we report on the NAMFS Team Regime membership activities we actually understand that there are people going without, without food for their children, or the means to put gas in their vehicle to take the kids to school, or even go to the grocery store.

Again I call on Mr. Miller to respond publically about the Ponzie Scheme the members of the National Association of Mortgage Field Services has created and address the true issues of the industry and stop the disingenuous front that everything is OK and that everything wrong with the PPI is the fault of the Boots on the Ground. In addition, I call on the Board of Directors to “Clean House” of the unscrupulous members and stop the fraud by the organizations members upon the Boots on the Ground Contractors.

Do you have a story?? Contact us today, we’ll help you tell it.



Until Next Time

Happy Gardening

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs; Courtesy NAMFS Website, Foreclosurepedia

Opinions expressed do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership


TeamRegime member Berghorst: A Tough Dichotomy for the Industry.

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Organic Farmer, Property Preservation Specialist and Custom Glass & Wood Worker. Blogger extraordinaire...
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Heather to Industry….Business as Usual, Let me Rip You Off

Heather "I got your money It's time to Change my Businesses name" Berghorst.
Heather “I got your money It’s time to Change my Businesses name” Berghorst.

Well today I write from the chicken swap about the very difficult dichotomy that Atlisource has created for themselves, in their quest to continue to line their pockets with their alliance with Berghorst Enterprises. It is my understanding that in order for Berghorst Enterprises to actually do what they have done with this name change thing, a name change to a defunct business I might add, that Berghorst had to have something in the way of assurances to provide a work flow to people. The only way you can claim to be able to provide a work flow to people is to have a contract. Enter Altisource. Of course Altisource is a member of the TeamRegime National Association of Mortgage Filed Services .

I fail to understand how Eric Miller and the rest of the Board of Directors can just sign off on Heather and her company owing millions to people that cannot pay their bills as they have not been paid by Berghorst. How do these people sleep at night? Probably well since they are business as usual and there is not one to stop things. But according to John Koptyra… everyone should shut their mouth and just bow down and do what they are told. Then again what would you expect from someone that has also had financial improprieties of not paying people in the past.

This is what John recently had to say about the PPI

Everyone must read this because it is important. There is nothing wrong with the property preservation industry. That is the news announcement. Everyone needs to stop worrying about what this company did or what that company did and just do your jobs. You are creating a reason to bitch and complain because you are not running businesses. Instead, you are doing favors and extending limitless credit to these companies without ever running a credit check or having a collection procedure in place……stop it!….it’s bullshit. Instead, when you are not paid you need to stop accepting work orders and collect. People say that no laws and regulations exist for the mortgage field services industry and that is a lie. Furthermore, do you want more government oversight? When has that ever been a good thing? The same laws apply to this industry that apply to every other industry. There are mechanism in place to solve any problem that a company in any other industry may have for all of you as well. If everyone just pulled the clients they “service” out from under the microscope than maybe you would figure out that it is YOUR job to make them pay you not the governments. Lets all remember the American way (witch is coming to pass) and deal with each other personally to solve our disputes. Also, debt collectors exist for a reason and you should use one. Most importantly, if you feel like a financial powerhouse that can just extend huge lines of credit to companies you have never heard of you need to do some homework. Grow up, learn the law of commerce, learn how to service an account receivable and stop complaining. Thank you and good bye

I’m baffled totally speechless..well we know that’s a lie, very seldom will an idiot like this cause me to become speechless…here is the reality, John is actually guilty of scamming BOTG in the past himself. He has been a fraudster since 2010 according to some records dug up…

I’m surprised he isn’t a member of the TeamRegime NAMFS!! He should be on the BOD in some capacity… Shut up and do what you’re told, the system is not broke, just shut up and make me money…that is the mantra of the TeamRgime of NAMFS. With the activity of John shut your mouth and do what your told,  With John Koptyra’s  past business activities paralleling Heather’s this week, one has to wonder if they may not be kindred spirits?!!! Just go on and pretend that nothing is wrong. Well I guess there isn’t anything wrong as long there is food on your table.

Here is something that I have to wonder about. Altisource, they are providing the work. Wouldn’t that make them an accessory? That would have to make them some sort of accomplice in this fraud perpetrated on the BOTG. There has to be some sort of way they can be legally linked to the crimes of Fraud in the Inducement that heather and the Buzcek Clan have been committing on the BOTG. In addition Altisource is providing work to a defunct company??  Hey no wonder you have to name Heritage additionally insured. Again, how in the Sam Dickens would that work? If Heritage is defunct then how can they be insured? Maybe I fell of the barstool or bumped my head but I certainly would like Truth Hurts to explain this instead of hiding in anonymity pointing fingers that should be pointed somewhere else.

This has me so baffled that I have had a very difficult find words to express the anger that has built up over the scandalous people that comprise the TeamRegime of NAMFS. The Board of Directors needs to seriously have a conversation with the character looking back in the mirror. In today’s jurisprudence there are district attorney and attorneys general that are just dying to make a name for themselves. Just how long to these scallywags think they can keep up this crap? How many more sound bites can Heir Miller give to the press placing all the ills of the PPI on the BOTG? In addition how do these people have the firggin’ guts to demand background checks from the Boots on the Ground at their expense?

Just as any ponzie scheme sooner or later the house of cards will come tumbling down. Here is what everyone needs to do. Every Emplactor*** needs to start filing complaints with the DA’s and AG’s in their respective locals. Every Emplactor needs to start standing up and being counted. If you are owed monies by any of the companies in the PPI and there is a couple more companies starting to surface that are not paying folks

I certainly hope that people will start paying a little more attention to some of these companies.

Would not this, make everything “pre-meditated”??? If I’m not mistaken “pre-mediated” crimes carry more time than a spur of the moment crime. Perhaps this is something some of these companies need to keep in mind as the continue this long line of Fraud in the Inducement.

What I do not understand is how Heather actually has the nerve to think anyone will actually sign up with Heritage Home Solutions LLC so they can be ripped off and Heather can carry on business as usual. Wouldn’t these repetitive actions make everything “pre-meditated”??? Do you honestly think people are going to jump on another opportunity for you to rip them off?


That’s Rhetorical right???


Written By: Aaron Aveiro

Photographs, LinkedIn Profile page. Foreclosurepedia

***Emplactor is an employee that has been incorrectly classified as an Independent Contractor with specificity to the Property Preservation industry.

Opinions do not reflect those of Aladay LLC Ownership