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Monsanto Trial Update….The Verdict

Press Conference

The sky is sparkly blue this afternoon, and a solid breeze has blown the smoke out of the City. I know this may seem incredibly hokey, but what I just witnessed inside the courtroom makes me see this entire Civic Center with fresh eyes. City Hall is particularly grand on this August 10, 2018, and the mall of flags outside seems especially vibrant and symbolic. What happened today is so much bigger than any of us.

As I walk over to law offices on Van Ness Avenue, I have pride on a national level that this justice system can successfully hold corporations like this accountable. I have even greater pride in what my hometown, home state and fellow citizens have done today. California – home of the “Liberal Moron Zombies” – is nothing if not innovative and creative, and I am overflowing with pride that we can suggest to the world what needs to be done and what can be done to recoup the health that so many of us have lost to the hands of glyphosate.

I am bursting with pride that California looks to IARC as a solid, independent, and highly scientific information source on carcinogens, and that Prop 65 exists to make sure that we correctly heed their warnings. In a state with an enormous agricultural sector, we absolutely must educate our farmworkers and provide them with the protective gear they need, until one day this poison can be banned altogether.

The broadcasting folks have made their way over to the law office, and are filming outside the front doors. Two guys walking up the street are intrigued by the cameras, and I explain that a jury just determined that RoundUp causes cancer. They think I’m kidding. They think I am kidding only because they thought everyone already knew that RoundUp causes cancer and “a whole lot of other sh!t!” And that is why it took us a week to find an unbiased jury panel.

When I enter the office, a backdrop with the law firm’s name has been placed behind a podium. Camera operators fight for a decent filming spot, and hook up their respective microphones. I take a seat in the back of the room. Through some glass doors, I see the whole gang of lawyers beaming with relief and joy, and Lee Johnson still cool, collected, and I think very much relieved.

When 5:30 arrives, the filming lights turn on, and Mark Burton stands with Lee Johnson, Brent Wisner, David Dickens, Bobby Kennedy and Michael Baum.  Burton states: “The truth has come out, RoundUp does cause cancer.” After a classy introduction and welcome, the microphone is handed to Lee.

Lee shows no signs of nerves in delivering a beautiful speech about what this verdict means for him personally, as well as the impact the jury decision will have on everyone else that RoundUp has touched. He graciously thanks the jury and legal team, with a particularly strong shout out to Tim Litzenberg and Mike Miller (who I still haven’t met, due to his injury just before the trial opened). “This case has been very hard. It’s been fought long. It took a lot of time to get here and these guys did a lot of work and I’m very proud of each of you.” He continues: “This case is way bigger than me. Hopefully this thing will start to get the attention it needs.” I desperately want this man to be cured. He has so much more brightness to offer this world.

You read the entire article here.

This has been an emotional ride for those ifs whom know what Monsanto is about.

Thank you GG…for allowing me to post your work and link your site here. Look forward to what is next.

I’ve noticed the Monsanto Propaganda Machine has gone silent across the numerous social media platforms. I wonder how many other voices like mine has been silenced from being ‘banned from commenting” like I have been on Industry Shill Propaganda sites like Genetic Literacy Project. FYI…. I wear the banning as a badge of honor. They will never silence #Truth.

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Monsanto Trial Update….Closing Arguments

Thank you Glyphosategirl Girl.….


It’s an eerie morning. The migrating smoke from wildfires north of San Francisco casts a sinister amber haze. As I drive north to San Francisco, it feels a bit like an ominous warzone. Wildfires are devastating communities in Mendocino and many other towns throughout California. I’m convincing myself that this can’t be any kind of superstitious sign about today’s Closing Statements. Perhaps we will have a metaphoric phoenix-rising situation.

San Francisco has a rather putrid combination of fog and light smoke filling the sky this morning.  The courthouse is surrounded by a long line of people awaiting security screening. At first, I celebrate that word of this case has finally spread, and eagerly scan the crowd for signs and megaphones of protest against Monsanto. I soon realize that the crowd is just there for jury duty and that San Francisco is so much more Silicon Valley 2018 than Haight Ashbury 1968.

The original plan was to move the trial back to the gigantic courtroom in which we heard Opening Statements. However, the trial was mysteriously reassigned back downstairs to the small courtroom. Press get seats and any extras are distributed by lottery. By the time the trial starts, the chairs are all filled by media, friends of friends, actresses, big men, tiny men, hippies, lawyers, moms and activists. One amazing woman is getting the RoundUp out of Berkeley. There are fancy suited people that I have never seen before at the trial – I think they must be Monsanto execs. The attendees who didn’t hit it big in the lottery are watching video streaming of the trial upstairs.

News channels film interviews of the lawyers in the hallways. There is not much blank wall space in the courthouse, so the interviews are filmed in front of a small stretch of white wall near the bathrooms by default.

Today is Brent Wisner’s championship match. He looks particularly handsome and charming, with charismatic eyes and a wide, warm smile. His parents have a prime seat in the audience. Wisner remind kms me of a lot of fraternity guys that I’ve known – smart, fun and ever so slightly disheveled. His distinctive laugh is so boisterous that it can be heard down the hall. Before heading into the courtroom, I briefly chat with Lee Johnson and reaffirm what a warm, creative, and impressively level-headed man he is. This verdict just has to go his way.

It seems impossible to create an argument that could top that of the Plaintiff. Even if I correct for my substantial bias, my opinion is that the limited science that Plaintiff was allowed to present was sufficient to show that Ranger Pro caused Lee Johnson’s cancer.


After lunch, it seems simply an empty exercise for Monsanto to present any further argument. Mr. Lombardi is up, wearing a blue-green tie. As I try to decipher the meaning in the ties, I conclude that attorneys should always wear a muted purple for closing arguments. How they are visually painted matters and purple is warm. It’s a combination of politically loaded blue and red, and a symbol of hope and intelligence.

But today, it’s friendly blue-green for Lombardi and serious executive-gray for Wisner.



You can see replay of jury verdict in @MonsantoCo #Rounduptrial here


$250 in punitive damages for company acting with ‘malice’ in not adequately warning customers of known dangers of its herbicide

Well weather this sticks to wall is yet to be seen….


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